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UCR scientists report a new organic bistable material
Scientists at the Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering at the University of California, Riverside report in the 24 May 2002 issue of the journal Science a new bistable material that is likely to be of enormous interest and benefit to the electronic industry as well as to the computer storage industry. The material, as yet without a popular name, simultaneously exhibits bistability in three physical channels: optical, electrical, and magnetic. (2002-05-23)

Semiconducting material may have the right stuff to develop spintronic devices
A team of researchers led by University at Buffalo physicists reported today that they have created semiconducting materials that exhibit the key properties that are essential to the development of semiconductor spintronic devices. (2002-05-16)

Researchers discover how to control electron spin electrically
Researchers at the University of California at Santa Barbara report in the Dec. 6 issue of Nature the first demonstration of continuous electrical tunability of spin coherence in semiconductor nanostructures. Heretofore, magnetic fields have been used as a switch or gate to control the aligned spins of electrons. This demonstration of electrical control of aligned spins represents a substantial advancement towards making whole new spin-based technologies, including quantum computing, an everyday reality. (2001-12-05)

New magnetic semiconductor material spins hope for quantum computing
While the future of quantum computing offers the potential for substantially greater data storage and faster processing speeds, its advancement has been limited by the absence of certain critically important materials-in particular, a semiconductor that is magnetic at room temperature. Now, scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have created a semiconductor material that has superior magnetic properties at room temperature and may propel research closer to realizing the potential of quantum computing. (2001-07-30)

Spin moves with unexpected ease from one semiconductor to another
Researchers report in June 14 Nature experiments showing spin transfer through interfaces between two semiconductors. This research demonstrates the conceptual feasibility of a whole new technology of spintronics using electron spin the way electronic devices use charge--and that means spin transistors to come, and transistors are technology's building blocks. (2001-06-13)

UB Heads $10 million DARPA research project to develop new materials for field of 'spintronics'
The University at Buffalo is the lead institution in a $10 million project to develop specific ferromagnetic materials for use in 'spintronics,' the emerging research field in physics focused on spin-dependent phenomena applied to electronic devices. (2000-09-12)

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