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Lowering The Temperature On The SOx NOx Rox Box
Penn State researchers have bench and pilot tested a low temperature nitrogen oxide reduction catalyst with an eye to eventual use in small production boiler systems. (1997-08-28)

Gold-DNA Combination May Lead To New Ways To Detect Diseases
An innovative method of combining gold and DNA may eventually lead to new techniques for detecting many types of diseases, according to Northwestern University researchers. (1997-08-22)

Garlic And Onions Better Than Leeks In Blocking Carcinogens
In laboratory tests, garlic and onions block the formation of a potent carcinogen better than their milder cousin, the leek, a Penn State study has found. (1997-07-01)

Possibility Of Venus Harboring Life May Not Be So Far-Fetched, Says Prof
Despite recent reports of possible fossils in Martian meteorites, Venus, not Mars, may hold the most promise for harboring life elsewhere in our solar system, according to a University of Colorado at Boulder professor. (1997-06-09)

Fruits And Vegetables Contain Plant Chemicals That Lower Cholesterol, Says American Heart Association
Some plants appear to contain cholesterol-lowering substances that may give Americans another reason to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables (1997-06-03)

Vitamin Supplements May Help Asthmatics Cope With Air Pollution
Simply taking antioxidant vitamins could help asthmatics exposed to polluted air breathe easier. Preliminary results of a study conducted at the University of Washington School of Public Health were presented Tuesday, May 20, at the American Lung Association/American Thoracic Society International Conference (1997-05-20)

Neutron Technique May Help Coal, Cement Industries
A nonintrusive inspection technique, developed by DOE's Oak Ridg National Laboratory and Western Kentucky University researchers, can analyze the content of coal and cement and detect explosives and drugs (1996-10-17)

Researchers Use Hydrated Lime To Reduce Toxic Selenium Emissions
Researchers are using hydrated lime to reduce the amount of selenium emitted by fossil-fuel combusters and incinerators. Selenium,a volatile and toxic byproduct produced by coal- fired power plants, is essential for humans and other animals. Large quantities of selenium can cause infertility and damage to the liver, kidneys and lungs (1996-07-11)

Page 24 of 24 | 928 Results
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