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Protonation induced high-Tc phases in iron-based superconductors
The research teams led by Dr. Weiqiang Yu at Renmin University of China and Dr. (2018-01-17)
Controlling superconductivity using spin currents
A KAIST research team has discovered a method to flip between superconducting and non-superconducting states within an iron-based superconductor using a type of electron microscopy. (2018-01-09)
Rice U. physicists discover new type of quantum material
US and European physicists searching for an explanation for high-temperature superconductivity were surprised when their theoretical model pointed to the existence of a never-before-seen material in a different realm of physics -- that of topological quantum materials. (2017-12-19)
Russian physicists found the temperature at which carbon nanotubes become superconductors
'Our task was to change the 1D structure in order to increase the temperature of superconductive transition' comments Anatoly Zatsepin, the head of a scientific research laboratory at Institute of Physics and Technology, UrFU. (2017-12-18)
Research dispels misconception of superconductivity in niobium compound
Physics manuals have considered niobium boride to be superconductive for more than six decades. (2017-12-07)
Watching a quantum material lose its stripes
In quantum materials, periodic stripe patterns can be formed by electrons coupled with lattice distortions. (2017-11-29)
Physicists develop faster way to make Bose-Einstein condensates
MIT physicists have invented a new technique to cool atoms into condensates, which is faster than the conventional method and conserves a large fraction of the original atoms. (2017-11-23)
'Perfectly frustrated' metal provides possible path to superconductivity
The US Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory has discovered and described the existence of a unique disordered electron spin state in a metal that may provide a unique pathway to finding and studying frustrated magnets. (2017-11-09)
Japanese researchers discover a novel layered superconductor based on tin and arsenic
Tokyo, Japan - Researchers from the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Metropolitan University have recently discovered a novel layered superconductor (NaSn2As2) containing tin (Sn) and arsenic (As) as its major components. (2017-11-08)
Physicists: The wave properties of particles can manifest in collisions
Physicists has shown that it is possible to observe the wave properties of massive particles at room temperature, in practically any modern physics laboratory, because it is only necessary to focus the beam of particles well. (2017-10-31)
Laser beams for superconductivity
A laser pulse, a special material, an extraordinary property which appears inexplicably. (2017-10-25)
A sea of spinning electrons
Picture two schools of fish swimming in clockwise and counterclockwise circles. (2017-10-02)
Superconductivity found in thin films of titanium oxide
Researchers from Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) have discovered superconductivity in thin films of titanium oxide (Ti4O7) and gamma-phase trititanium pentoxide (γ-Ti3O5). (2017-10-02)
Ultracold atoms point toward an intriguing magnetic behavior
Researchers at Princeton University and collaborators studied the quantum behavior of ultracold atoms and discovered an intriguing magnetic behavior that could help explain how high-temperature superconductivity works. (2017-09-29)
Application of air-sensitive semiconductors in nanoelectronics
Scientists from Russia, Germany, and Venezuela investigated the evolution of the 2-D semiconductor GaSe exposed to air. (2017-09-21)
New approach boosts performance in thermoelectric materials
A team of researchers -- from universities across the United States and China, as well as Oak Ridge National Laboratory -- is reporting a new mechanism to boost the performance of thermoelectric materials through higher carrier mobility, increasing how quickly charge-carrying electrons can move across the material. (2017-09-18)
Physicists find strange state of matter in superconducting crystal
New research published this week shows a rare state of matter in which electrons in a superconducting crystal organize collectively. (2017-08-24)
Superconductivity research reveals potential new state of matter
A potential new state of matter is being reported in the journal Nature, with research showing that among superconducting materials in high magnetic fields, the phenomenon of electronic symmetry breaking is common. (2017-08-16)
Strange electrons break the crystal symmetry of high-temperature superconductors
Scientists have found surprising electron behavior that may help unravel the ever-elusive mechanism behind high-temperature superconductivity -- a phenomenon in which electrical current flows freely without resistance through a material at unusually high temperatures relative to those of conventional superconductors. (2017-07-26)
New chromium-based superconductor has an unusual electronic state
When certain materials are cooled below a critical temperature they become superconductors, with zero electrical resistance. (2017-07-25)
High-temperature superconductivity in B-doped Q-carbon
Researchers at North Carolina State University have significantly increased the temperature at which carbon-based materials act as superconductors, using a novel, boron-doped Q-carbon material. (2017-07-24)
First direct observation and measurement of ultra-fast moving vortices in superconductors
Researchers have made the first direct visual observation and measurement of ultra-fast vortex dynamics in superconductors. (2017-07-20)
Iron secrets behind superconductors unlocked
Due to magnetism iron should -- theoretically -- be a poor superconductor. (2017-07-07)
Electron orbitals may hold key to unifying concept of high-temperature superconductivity
A team of scientists has found evidence for a new type of electron pairing that may broaden the search for new high-temperature superconductors. (2017-07-06)
Scanning the surface of lithium titanate
Researchers have applied advanced scanning methods to visualize the previously unexplored surface of a superconductor: lithium titanate. (2017-07-04)
Physicists demonstrate topological superconductivity on palladium dibismuthides
By combining state-of-the-art molecular beam epitaxy technique and cryogenic scanning tunneling microscopy, topological superconductivity and possible Majorana zero modes have been demonstrated on epitaxial β-Bi2Pd films. (2017-07-02)
Nickel for thought: Compound shows potential for high-temperature superconductivity
Argonne researchers have identified a nickel oxide compound as an unconventional but promising candidate material for high-temperature superconductivity. (2017-06-16)
Novel method to study quantum fluctuations in exotic phases of matter
An Osaka University-led international research team finds link between quantum fluctuations and the effective charge of current carrying particles to understand exotic phases of matter. (2017-05-29)
Researchers report new, more efficient catalyst for water splitting
University of Houston physicists have discovered a catalyst that can split water into hydrogen and oxygen, composed of easily available, low-cost materials and operating far more efficiently than previous catalysts. (2017-05-15)
Looking at light to explore superconductivity in boron-diamond films
More than a decade ago, researchers discovered that when they added boron to the carbon structure of diamond, the combination was superconductive. (2017-05-09)
Laser pulses reveal the superconductors of the future
A new study has revealed that the dream of more efficient energy usage can turn into reality. (2017-05-09)
Mixed valence states in lead perovskites
Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology, the Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology have reported an unusual charge distribution of Pb2+Pb4+3Co2+2Co3+2O12 for a perovskite PbCoO3 synthesized at 12 GPa, with charge orderings in the A and B sites of an ABO3 perovskite. (2017-05-09)
Group works toward devising topological superconductor
A team led by Cornell physics associate professor Eun-Ah Kim has proposed a topological superconductor made from an ultrathin transition metal dichalcogenide that is a step toward quantum computing. (2017-04-11)
Scientists created nanopowders for the synthesis of new aluminum alloys
The research team of Siberian Federal University together with the scientists of the Krasnoyarsk Scientific Center of the SB RAS has developed a method for the synthesis of aluminum alloys, the use of which will allow the creation of new types of products with improved characteristics based on aluminum. (2017-04-06)
Chinese scientists discovered tip induced unconventional superconductivity on Weyl semimetals
By using hard point contact measurement on Weyl semimetal TaAs single crystal, Chinese scientists discovered tip induced unconventional superconductivity around contact region on TaAs, which may have nontrivial topology. (2017-03-26)
Scientists created nanopowders for the synthesis of new aluminum alloys
The research team of Siberian Federal University together with the scientists of the Krasnoyarsk Scientific Center of the SB RAS has developed a method for the synthesis of aluminum alloys, the use of which will allow the creation of new types of products with improved characteristics based on aluminum. (2017-03-20)
UH Physicist launches new journal for materials science
Zhifeng Ren, a University of Houston physicist and a principal investigator with the Texas Center for Superconductivity at UH, has launched a new academic journal, 'Materials Today Physics,' which will focus on new and emerging materials. (2017-03-15)
Discovery in new material raises questions about theoretical models of superconductivity
The US Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory has successfully created the first pure, single-crystal sample of a new iron arsenide superconductor, CaKFe4As4, and studies of this material have called into question some long-standing theoretical models of superconductivity. (2017-03-10)
CIFAR's quantum physicist Louis Taillefer first Canadian to win Simon Prize
Canadian quantum physicist Louis Taillefer, Director of CIFAR's Quantum Materials program, has been named the 2017 Simon Memorial Prize winner. (2017-03-01)
Superconductivity with two-fold symmetry -- new evidence for topological superconductor SrxBi2Se3
Topological superconductivity is the quantum condensate of paired electrons with an odd parity of the pairing function. (2017-02-13)
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