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It's not easy being green
When it comes to ethanol, it's not easy being greener. (2007-02-16)
Bioenergy from the forest: Can it be made sustainable?
John Stanturf, project leader of the Center for Forest Disturbance Science in Athens, GA, will present (2007-02-16)
AAAS Panel -- Sustainable aquaculture critical to feed the world
A scientific panel revealed today that rising global demand for healthy seafood has exceeded wild capture fisheries' ability to provide all fish meals demanded by consumers. (2007-02-16)
Chemical Society Chicago meeting March 25-29 features sustainability, health, other topics
Amid growing global concerns about energy production and ample food and clean water supplies, the American Chemical Society has chosen sustainability as the central theme of its 233rd National Meeting in Chicago, March 25-29. (2007-02-12)
FEMMSS2: Knowledge that Matters
The Association for Feminist Epistemologies, Methodologies, Metaphysics and Science Studies holds a national conference at Arizona State University February 8-10 to look at how knowledge is produced, distributed and taken up in the context of questions of equality, ethics, sustainability, power, identity, voice and social change. (2007-02-08)
Sustainability, environmental education highlight carnegie mellon presentations at AAAS Meeting
Sustainable engineering, climate change policy and environmental education will be the focus of presentations given by faculty from Carnegie Mellon University during the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting, Feb. (2007-01-31)
Radical innovation needed for more sustainable consumption and production
Outcomes from the Economic and Social Research Council's Sustainable Technologies Program, which investigates the development and adoption of sustainable technologies, will be presented at a conference today at London Canal Museum. (2006-12-04)
Global environmental change scientists seek to improve links with policy and development agendas
Sustainability is a central theme of the ESSP's Open Science Conference, and will be the focus of a plenary session on linking global environmental change research to policy and development agendas, where key sustainability issues from regional and global perspectives will be addressed. (2006-11-10)
Energy science and technology: National advisory panel releases report
A report from a national advisory panel created by the government of Canada calls for an increased focus on energy science and technology to ensure long-term growth and sustainability in the Canadian economy. (2006-10-30)
Shopping still costs the Earth
There is still no such thing as a truly green consumer despite the increase in the range of green and (2006-10-30)
ASU will host conference on sustainability in higher education
Arizona State University will host the inaugural conference of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), October 4-6, 2006. (2006-09-06)
'Senseless' turf battles between health development and relief agencies
Health development agencies are contributing to the status quo of insufficient public health budgets in poor countries, argues Gorick Ooms, executive director of the Belgian section of the medical relief agency Médecins Sans Frontières. (2006-08-14)
NSF grant aids ASU biodiversity exploration in China
Arizona State University ecologists Jianguo (2006-08-01)
Study looks at ways to sustain lobster fishery
In the world of the lobster fishery, less may indeed be more. (2006-07-05)
Pitt trains budding engineers to 'think green'
Dwindling natural resources mean that engineers of the 21st century, more than ever before, must be conscious of environmental constraints. (2006-05-04)
McMaster professor leads search for 'holy grail' of green marketing
Businesses looking to boost their bottom lines should look to green products, a new study from McMaster University has found. (2006-04-17)
RIT receives grant to develop PhD program in sustainability
Rochester Institute of Technology has been awarded a $465,000 grant by the Henry Luce Foundation for the creation of an interdisciplinary PhD program in Sustainability. (2006-04-13)
Agriculture of conservation proves to be best for cereal crops
The application of conservation agriculture techniques to cereal crops in the semiarid zones of Navarre - 57 percent of the surface area given over to crop cultivation in Navarre - is most profitable for conventional agriculture and improves the quality of the soil, apart from contributing to the sustainability of the environment. (2005-11-28)
Making primary health care work: New research
Health reform needs to be championed by health leaders, responsive to community needs and securely funded, to be sustained and benefit the health of Australians according to a new research published in the Medical Journal of Australia. (2005-11-19)
Natural chemistry finds its way to market
Faster reaction rates, a substantially higher yield and a cleaner production process than is currently possible in the chemical industry. (2005-11-11)
Organic, sustainability research discussed at scientific meeting
Several sessions focusing on organic research and sustainability in crop production, including biodiversity, the environment, food security and water quality will be presented in Salt Lake City at the International Annual Meetings of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America, Nov. (2005-10-26)
Carnegie researchers lead a collaborative team to improve engineering education
A collaborative research team led by Carnegie Mellon's Cliff Davidson, David Allen of The University of Texas at Austin and Brad Allenby of Arizona State University plan to revolutionize the way engineering education is taught. (2005-10-06)
Study: Nanotech processing 'greener' than oil refining
Using a method for assessing the premiums that companies pay for insurance, a team of scientists and insurance experts have concluded that the manufacturing processes for five, near-market nanomaterials -- including quantum dots, carbon nanotubes and buckyballs -- present fewer risks to the environment than some common industrial processes like oil refining. (2005-10-04)
Allergy-busting worms, cold water corals and the science of Irishness
The BA Festival of Science will be in Dublin from 3-10 September, bringing over 300 of the UK and Ireland's top scientists and engineers to discuss the latest developments in science with the public. (2005-08-22)
Pitt to teach green building in the tropics
The world's rapidly increasing population is straining natural resources, necessitating a sustainable approach to development. (2005-07-28)
Where China goes, the rest follow in the global neighborhood
Globalization is making it a small world, after all, and the costs of this newfound neighborliness are high. (2005-06-29)
Joint green chemistry meeting in Washington, D.C., features top experts on environment
Leaders in the burgeoning field of green chemistry from across the globe will gather in Washington, D.C., from June 20-24, to place under the microscope the latest processes and products designed to reduce or eliminate substances hazardous to the environment. (2005-06-16)
Bankers could lead the sustainability revolution
Scientists from CSIRO and University of Sydney have made the link through a detailed analysis of Australia's triple bottom line in a revolutionary report on sustainability. (2005-05-25)
Drink less rather than shower less to save water
Balancing Act, a world first that has been developed for the Australia economy by scientists from CSIRO and the University of Sydney, looks across 135 industry sectors of the Australian economy and quantifies the impacts and contributions across ten social, environmental, and financial indicators. (2005-05-25)
CSIRO shines a light on mining's triple bottom line
A new report by CSIRO and University of Sydney has opened up the full production chain for Australian industries to reveal that some industries, like mining, are more sustainable than generally assumed. (2005-05-25)
Nutritional advice improves health of children in developing countries
Improving the quality and coverage of nutritional advice given to families in developing countries could reduce the incidence of stunted growth in infants, suggests a study published online today by The Lancet. (2005-05-09)
Promises made, promises kept?
Steve Morgan comments on the fact that spending on Canadian prescription drugs has surpassed $18-billion in 2004. (2005-05-09)
Wiley forms book publishing partnership with American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Global publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc., and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers today announced that they have signed a multi-year agreement to jointly publish books in chemical engineering and industrial chemistry under a new, co-branded imprint, effective April 2005. (2005-03-21)
Can Vancouver become a zero carbon city?
Zero Carbon City discussion shifts the emphasis to local level initiatives aimed at mitigation, adaptation, and practical measures to reduce carbon emissions. (2005-03-21)
Florida Tech International Sustainability Forum attracts renowned keynote speakers
Florida Tech will gather scientists from around the world Feb. (2005-02-07)
Finland tops environmental scorecard at World Economic Forum in Davos
Finland ranks first in the world in environmental sustainability out of 146 countries according to the latest Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI) produced by a team of environmental experts at Yale and Columbia Universities. (2005-02-04)
National Academy of Engineering announces million-dollar challenge to provide safe drinking water
The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) announced today the establishment of the Grainger Challenge Prize for Sustainability. (2005-02-01)
Europeans join forces for catalysis and sustainable chemistry
The European Commission has granted the ACENET ERA-NET network 2.7 million euros to allow nine European countries to join forces for scientific research in the field of applied catalysis and sustainable chemistry. (2004-11-17)
SAMAB 15th Annual Conference
Southern Appalachia is one of America's unique cultural, biological, and physical landscapes, offering cherished natural beauty and vibrant culture that draws million of visitors and an increasing number of new residents. (2004-10-20)
Energy and nanotechnology workshop to focus on solar energy
Prospects for solar energy in the 21st century will be analyzed by scientists, policy-makers, economists and industry experts meeting at Rice Univesity's Baker Institute for Public Policy in Houston Oct. (2004-10-13)
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