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'Mindful' teaching combats classroom burn-out
Overcoming classroom pressures calls for (2009-10-30)
UAB earns $2.1 million grant to boost math teacher readiness
The Greater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership, a partnership between the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham-Southern College and area school districts, has earned a $2.1 million National Science Foundation grant to provide professional development programs for middle-school math teachers and research the impact of the programs. (2009-10-30)
Gossip in the workplace: A weapon or gift, new research from IU
Gossip in the workplace can be a weapon in reputational warfare or a gift and can offer clues to power and influence not found on organizational charts. (2009-10-28)
Musical sensibility can help shape teaching, research education
Education professor Liora Bresler says the underlying similarities between teaching, research and music can be a powerful metaphor for education and qualitative inquiry. (2009-10-28)
BU School of Medicine CityLab program awarded grant from NIH Center for Research Resources
Boston University School of Medicine's CityLab program has received a five year, $1.3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health National Center for Research Resources. (2009-10-27)
Teacher talk strains voices, especially for women
Teachers tend to spend more time speaking than most professionals, putting them at a greater risk for hurting their voices -- they're 32 times more likely to experience voice problems, according to one study. (2009-10-26)
Grant brings real-world science to Boston classrooms
A science curriculum will introduce students from Boston Public Schools to diseases that threaten global health. (2009-10-23)
Study: Teachers' unions don't provide more pay
Teachers' unions have little impact on a school district's allocation of money, including teacher pay and spending per student, according to a study published this month in the Journal of Labor Economics. (2009-10-20)
Science study: Teacher participation in Columbia program improves student achievement in science
Research assembled over the last decade -- now published in the Oct. (2009-10-16)
Fighting flu: Stricter hand hygiene in schools only a short-term measure
Increased hand hygiene in primary schools is only a short-term measure in preventing infections such as H1N1 from spreading. (2009-10-14)
Small classes give extra boost to low-achieving students
Small classes in early grades improve test scores in later grades for students of all achievement levels, but low achievers get an extra boost. (2009-10-14)
Race to the Top education reforms should be evaluated
The Race to the Top initiative -- a $4.35 billion grant program included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to encourage state-level education reforms -- should require rigorous evaluations of the reform efforts it funds, says a new report from the National Research Council. (2009-10-07)
Louisiana Tech receives DOE grant for cyberspace education programs
The US Department of Education has awarded Louisiana Tech University a $951,000 grant to support interdisciplinary cyberspace and science education programs throughout northern Louisiana. (2009-10-06)
Georgia Tech broadens, diversifies computing education
Georgia Computes!, a statewide program aimed at expanding the pipeline of computer science students and teachers at all education levels in Georgia, received a $1.4 million grant from the National Science Foundation to extend the program for two more years. (2009-10-06)
NIH funds new phase of high school-university research partnership
A five-year-old Virginia Tech outreach program, which has more than 12,000 high school students doing research and providing results that scientists can use, has received a $1.3 million Science Education Partnership Award and a $200,000 administrative supplement to expand benefits to more students and more high schools. (2009-10-05)
UAB professor's book promises solution for teaching evolution without conflict
University of Alabama at Birmingham Associate Professor Lee Meadows, Ph.D., is author of a new book, (2009-09-30)
Students, teachers need to be transculturally literate, expert says
To adequately prepare today's students for tomorrow's global economy, teacher education expert Mark Dressman favors (2009-09-24)
Classroom behavior: Why it's hard to be good
Being seen as either well behaved or naughty at school is never entirely in the hands of the individual child, this study funded by the Economic and Social Research Council shows. (2009-09-20)
Georgia Tech to transform unemployed technology workers into high school computing teachers
Through a recent $2.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation, the Georgia Tech College of Computing will mitigate the stress of joblessness for unemployed information technology professionals over the next three years. (2009-09-17)
Teacher support is key to self-esteem for Chinese and US youth
A study of 1,500 urban middle school students in China and the US shows that -- for both populations -- students who felt more supported by their teachers were more likely to have high self-esteem, while students who didn't feel supported by their fellow students were more likely to be depressed. (2009-09-15)
War, genocide 'difficult knowledge' to teach younger students
University of Illinois education professor Brenda M. Trofanenko says the study of genocide and (2009-09-08)
Montana State math researchers receive $3.5 million grant to study instructional coaching
Montana State University faculty members have received a five-year, $3.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation to study mathematics instructional coaches and determine what these coaches need to know about coaching and math to do their jobs well. (2009-09-04)
NSF grants LSU $5 million to develop Louisiana math and science teacher institute
NSF,has awarded $5 million to LSU to support and develop the Louisiana Math and Science Teacher Institute, or LAMSTI, which gives science and math teachers from grades seven through 12 the opportunity to earn a specialized Master of Natural Sciences, or MNS, degree specifically designed to meet the needs of teachers. (2009-09-04)
UB education expert urges schools to help their students feel more involved
New research from a University at Buffalo expert on classroom education has identified six factors that affect whether elementary, middle and high school students will engage in the activities of their schools or feel alienated. (2009-09-01)
Removing the barriers of autism
Autism can build a wall of poor communication between those struggling with the condition and their families. (2009-08-31)
Oct. 8-10, UAB to host conference on diversity, gender equity in education
The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Education will host the Research on Women and Education 35th annual fall conference Oct. (2009-08-27)
K-State chemist gets grant for research aiding in development of artificial photovoltaic devices
A Kansas State University professor has a grant to study an area of physical chemistry that could help in the development of devices that more efficiently convert solar energy into electricity. (2009-08-24)
UAB wins NSF grant
The University of Alabama at Birmingham has won a two-year grant of nearly $1 million from the National Science Foundation to help Birmingham City School teachers incorporate XO laptop computers into the math and science curriculum. (2009-08-20)
How schools, parents can work together for successful kids
It is widely understood that, ideally, schools and parents should work together to ensure that children can succeed as students and citizens. (2009-08-18)
Carnegie's Toby Horn to receive Alberts Science Education Award
Scientist, teacher, and co-director of the Carnegie Academy for Science Education, Toby Horn, will receive the 2009 Bruce Alberts Award for Excellence in Science Education from the American Society for Cell Biology at their December meeting. (2009-08-13)
Epidemic of student cheating can be cured with changes in classroom goals
Schools have the ability to drastically reduce cheating among their students -- all they need to do is follow the relatively simple and inexpensive solutions suggested by research. (2009-08-08)
A double-threat to teen health
Researchers in the department of public health and psychology at Temple University have found that teens who are smokers are also more likely to binge drink. (2009-08-08)
Teaching resilience, sense of purpose in schools can prevent depression and improve grades
Teaching children how to be more resilient along with regular classroom instruction can improve children's outlook on life, curb depression and boost grades, according to a researcher who spoke at the American Psychological Association's convention Saturday. (2009-08-07)
Overconfidence among teenage students can stunt crucial reading skills
Too much confidence among teenage students can be harmful. In a study that reinforces the danger of indiscriminately bolstering a child's self-esteem -- whether the child earns that distinction or not -- the results show a clear connection between overconfident students and low reading comprehension, and suggest recommendations for parents and teachers. (2009-07-29)
New science of learning offers preview of tomorrow's classroom
Of all the qualities that distinguish humans from other species, how we learn is one of the most significant. (2009-07-16)
UM Rosenstiel School's Aplysia summer research program heats up
Scientists at the National Resource for Aplysia, on the campus of University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science received an ARRA grant from the National Center for Research Resources of the NIH. (2009-07-15)
The most effective teachers are in a class of their own
Knowledgeable, innovative, skilful, fun-loving, caring, supportive, task and pupil centered -- it's official -- the most effective teachers are in a class of their own. (2009-07-08)
Relationships improve student success
When students are underachieving, school policymakers often examine class size, curriculum and funding, but University of Missouri researchers suggest establishing relationships may be a powerful and less expensive way to improve students' success. (2009-06-30)
Placebo effects in caregivers may change behavior of children with ADHD
Stimulant medications, such as Ritalin and Adderall, are the accepted treatment to stem hyperactivity in children with attention deficit-hyperactive disorder and improve their behavior. (2009-06-29)
AIAA presenting 'Passport to the Future' teacher workshop
The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics will present a (2009-06-25)
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