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Experiments Show Difficulties Young Children Have With Symbols
Toddlers, especially those under age 3, probably just don't get it when you expect them to realize that something means something else, say University of Illinois researchers using a (1997-10-31)

Babywalkers Still To Blame For Children's Serious Injuries
After years of warnings that babywalkers present a serious danger to toddlers, the devices are still on store shelves and many parents continue to use them. A new study showed that one in three parents allowed the continued use of babywalkers, even after their child was injured in one. (1997-08-29)

Bilinguals Devote Distinct Areas Of The Brain To Native And Second Languages
In a study that sheds new light on how the brain organizes language, researchers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center report in the July 10 issue of the British journal Nature that the organization of the brain's language- production region in bilingual individuals is directly related to whether they learned a second language as toddlers (simultaneously with their native language) or as young adults. (1997-07-09)

Study: Early Day Care Enhances Language, Thinking Development
Good early child care helps rather than hinders infants' and toddlers' thinking and language development up to age 3 and boosts connections with their mothers, a major new study shows (1997-04-04)

Twin Study May Ease Parents' Concerns About Late Talkers, Underscores Impact Of Environment On Language Development
The number of words toddlers understand is far more important than the number they speak during the second year of life, according to a recent study of twins by Yale University psychologist J. Steven Resnick. (1996-12-02)

Hopkins Shows Iron Supplements Improve Some Teens' Learning
A clinical trial by investigators at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center found that when teenage girls who are not anemic but have iron deficiency took iron supplements, they performed significantly better on verbal learning tests than girls who took a placebo. This finding could help the estimated 25 percent of adolescent females in the United States who are iron deficient. The study appears in the Oct. 12 issue of Lancet (1996-10-11)

Page 13 of 13 | 486 Results
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