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NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP sees a disorganized Tropical Depression 3E
The third tropical cyclone of the Eastern Pacific Ocean hurricane season formed on Sunday, June 11 at 5 a.m. (2017-06-12)
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP Tropical Cyclone Merbok Nnaring Hong Kong
Tropical Storm Merbok formed in the South China Sea early on June 11 and NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed overhead as the storm moved toward China on June 12. (2017-06-12)
Scientists unravel the interdecadal variability of the Afro-Asian summer monsoon system
Prof. Yihui Ding from the National Climate Center, China, along with his collaborators, have concluded that the Afro-Asian summer monsoon will continue to enhance and move northwards following the initial stage of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) warm phase since the mid-1990s. (2017-06-12)
Lianas stifle tree fruit and seed production in tropical forests
Vines compete intensely with trees. Their numbers are on the rise in many tropical forests around the world. (2017-06-11)
NASA gets a last look at remnants Tropical Depression Beatriz in Gulf
The Eastern Pacific Ocean's second tropical storm weakened to a remnant low pressure area and moved into the Gulf of Mexico where it dissipated. (2017-06-05)
NASA sees strengthening and weakening of Tropical Depression Beatriz
NASA satellites have been keeping an eye on the tropical depression over southern Mexico that strengthened into a tropical storm for half of a day. (2017-06-02)
NASA sees Tropical Depression 2E moving over Mexican state of Oaxaca
NASA's Aqua satellite analyzed Tropical Depression 2E in infrared, visible and microwave light as it began its landfall on June 1, bringing heavy rains to southern Mexico. (2017-06-01)
NASA sees formation of Tropical Depression Two-E in Eastern Pacific Ocean
The second tropical depression of the Eastern Pacific Ocean hurricane season formed near southwestern Mexico. (2017-05-31)
NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Mora making landfall in Bangladesh
Tropical Cyclone Mora formed in the Bay of Bengal and in just two days it strengthened into a tropical storm and was making landfall in Bangladesh. (2017-05-30)
First results from Juno show cyclones and massive magnetism
On Aug. 27, 2016, the Juno spacecraft made its first close pass around our solar system's largest planet, Jupiter, obtaining insights into its atmosphere and interior that challenge previous assumptions. (2017-05-25)
Atlas of the human planet 2017 -- how exposed are we to natural hazards?
The 2017 edition of the JRC Atlas of the Human Planet looks at the exposure of people and built-up areas to the six major natural hazards, and its evolution over the last 40 years. (2017-05-24)
Dartmouth-led study finds heavier precipitation in the northeast began in 1996
Over the past century, the Northeast has experienced an increase in the number of storms with extreme precipitation. (2017-05-24)
Friends help female vampire bats cope with loss
When a female vampire bat loses a close relative, she may starve, because she depends on her mother and daughters to share blood by regurgitation. (2017-05-23)
Iron deficiency restrains marine microbes
Iron is a critical nutrient in the ocean. Its importance for algae and the nitrogen cycle has already been investigated in detail. (2017-05-19)
Predators are real lowlifes
By deploying green clay caterpillar models across six continents, researchers unmasked an important global pattern. (2017-05-18)
Deaths from Chagas disease under-reported
Chagas disease, affecting millions of people in Central and South America, is classified as one of the 17 most important neglected diseases by the World Health Organization. (2017-05-18)
Measuring the human impact of weather
The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has announced today world records for the highest reported historical death tolls from tropical cyclones, tornadoes, lightning and hailstorms. (2017-05-18)
Responders to recent West Africa Ebola epidemic show little evidence of infection
Responders to the West African Ebola epidemic of 2014-2016 who returned to the UK and Ireland included many who reported possible Ebola virus exposure or Ebola-associated symptoms, according to a new study published in PLOS Medicine. (2017-05-16)
Scientists study atmospheric waves radiating out of hurricanes
Researchers believe they have found a new way to monitor the intensity and location of hurricanes from hundreds of miles away by detecting atmospheric waves radiating from the centers of these powerful storms. (2017-05-15)
Year-round flu vaccinations promote healthier infants in subtropics
Vaccinating pregnant mothers year-round against flu in the resource-challenged region of subtropical Nepal reduced infant flu virus infection rates by an average of 30 percent, increased birth weights by 15 percent and resulted in babies having less influenza, according to a study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases. (2017-05-15)
NASA sees intensifying Tropical Cyclone Ella now heading west
Tropical Cyclone Ella is intensifying and NASA observed heavy rainfall in the storm. (2017-05-12)
NASA analyzed powerful Tropical Cyclone Donna's extreme rainfall
Tropical Cyclone Donna was one of the most powerful out-of-season tropical cyclones ever recorded in the southern hemisphere and generated extreme amounts of rainfall along its path. (2017-05-11)
Tropical Cyclone Ella wrapped in NASA imagery
Tropical Cyclone Ella has large bands of thunderstorms wrapping around the center and from the east of center in imagery from the NASA-NOAA Suomi NPP satellite. (2017-05-11)
NASA caught Tropical Storm Adrian quickly losing steam
The first tropical storm of the Eastern Pacific Ocean season was already losing steam when the Suomi NPP satellite passed overhead the day it formed. (2017-05-11)
Teleconnection between the tropical Pacific and Antarctica
The higher the seawater temperature in the tropical Pacific, the more likely ice breakup will occur in East Antarctica, according to Hokkaido University researchers. (2017-05-11)
NASA spots Eastern Pacific season's earliest first tropical storm in satellite era
The first tropical storm in the Eastern Pacific Ocean has formed west of Costa Rica as NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP Satellite passed overhead. (2017-05-10)
NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Ella affecting American Samoa
NASA's Terra satellite passed over Tropical Cyclone Ella in the Southern Pacific Ocean and visible light imagery on May 9 revealed thick bands of thunderstorms over the islands of American Samoa. (2017-05-10)
NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Donna shearing apart
NASA's Terra satellite captured an infrared image of Tropical Cyclone Donna as it was being sheared apart by winds southeast of New Caledonia. (2017-05-10)
NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Ella form near Fiji
The nineteenth tropical cyclone of the Southern Pacific Ocean season formed and is now threatening Fiji. (2017-05-09)
NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Donna and Ella 'bookend' Fiji
This island of Fiji appears to be (2017-05-09)
Metabolic markers accurately diagnose typhoid fever
Researchers have identified a metabolite 'signature' that can accurately distinguish typhoid from other fever-inducing tropical diseases using patient blood samples. (2017-05-09)
NASA spots powerful Tropical Cyclone between Vanuatu and New Caledonia
Tropical Cyclone Donna continues to move through the South Pacific Ocean as a major hurricane. (2017-05-08)
NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Donna blanket Vanuatu
The 80 plus islands that make up the nation of Vanuatu were blanketed by the clouds of Tropical Cyclone Donna when NASA's Terra satellite passed overhead. (2017-05-05)
NASA measures rainfall rates in Tropical Cyclone Donna
NASA found that Tropical Cyclone Donna is generating heavy rainfall as the storm is forecast to move over Vanuatu in the Southern Pacific Ocean. (2017-05-04)
The Earth sank twice, flooding the Western Amazon
A tiny shark tooth, part of a mantis shrimp and other microscopic marine organisms reveal that as the Andes mountains rose, the Western Amazon sank twice, each time for less than a million years. (2017-05-03)
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP spots formation of Tropical Cyclone Donna
The tropical low pressure area previously known as System 99P organized and developed into tropical cyclone Donna in the South Pacific and now threatens Vanuatu. (2017-05-03)
Propagation research on rare trees expands species recovery potential
When seeds from a rare tree are difficult or impossible to obtain, what's a conservationist to due? (2017-05-01)
NASA eyes intensifying Tropical Cyclone Frances
Two NASA satellites provided forecasters in Australia with visible and rainfall data as Tropical Cyclone Frances strengthened in the western Timor Sea. (2017-04-28)
Long-term fate of tropical forests may not be as dire as believed, says CU Boulder study
Conventional wisdom has held that tropical forest growth will dramatically slow with high levels of rainfall. (2017-04-28)
Blood test predicts kids at risk for dengue shock syndrome
The most serious, life-threatening complication of dengue infection is dengue shock syndrome (DSS), seen primarily in children. (2017-04-27)
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