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Mail-in sperm testing system just as reliable in predicting male fertility as tests performed in clinic settings
Keck Medicine of USC study shows that semen can accurately be tested up to 52 hours after being collected, offering men greater flexibility in how they provide sperm specimens (2021-02-11)

Robotic surgery in the COVID-19 era: Urologists take on the challenges
Robotic surgery plays a major role in modern management of prostate cancer, bladder cancer, and other conditions treated by urologists. But it also poses some special challenges as hospitals resume elective surgery amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Problems and solutions facing urologic robotic surgery in the era of COVID-19 are reviewed in Urology Practice®, an Official Journal of the American Urological Association (AUA). The journal is published in the Lippincott portfolio by Wolters Kluwer. (2020-10-06)

Innovative, minimally invasive treatment can help maintain prostate cancer patients' quality of life
Focal HIFU ablation is an effective treatment for prostate cancer while maintaining continence and sexual function, as well as improving recovery time. (2020-09-08)

Study reveals an inherited origin of prostate cancer in families
Vanderbilt researchers have identified haplotypes, ancestral fragments of DNA, that are associated with hereditary prostate cancer (HPC) in a first-of-its-kind genomic study made possible by the study of prostate cancer patients with family histories of the disease. (2020-03-23)

Survey reveals low levels of awareness in men about prostate health and function
Awareness of prostate health is alarmingly low in men over 50, a new survey commissioned by the European Association of Urology (EAU) has revealed, despite the fact that at the age of 60 and over, 40 percent of men suffer from an enlarged prostate. (2019-09-24)

North York General study shows safest method for prostate cancer biopsies
Only one percent of testing for prostate cancer in North America is done using TPBx. North York General Hospital has shown this to be the safest method and can be performed under local anesthetic. (2019-05-09)

Clinical guidelines from specialty societies often biased
Clinical practice guidelines issued by specialty societies in North America often recommend health care services linked to their specialties, in contrast with European guidelines and those from independent organizations, argues a commentary published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). (2019-03-18)

Hormonal treatment may trigger depression in men with prostate cancer
Men who receive anti-hormonal treatment after having their prostate removed are 80 percent more likely to suffer from depression than men who don't receive this treatment. This leads researchers to suggest that patients receiving androgen deprivation therapy should be monitored for post-surgical depression. This is presented at the European Association of Urology congress in Barcelona. (2019-03-17)

Antibiotic overuse is high for common urology procedures
A new study suggests that antibiotics are being overused in up to 60 percent of patients undergoing common urological procedures. The study, led by Daniel Livorsi, M.D., University of Iowa assistant professor of internal medicine, shows that the high rates of overuse were mostly due to extended use of antibiotics following the procedure. The findings were published Dec. 21 in JAMA Network Open. (2018-12-21)

Prostate problems also associated with sleep disorders and depression
Men who suffer from urological problems such as erectile dysfunction, urinary tract and bladder problems or infertility issues often also suffer from depression and sleep disorders. Physicians should therefore be aware of these risks so that they can refer their patients to relevant specialists and provide comprehensive and timely care of male patients. This is according to Arman Walia of the University of California Irvine in the US, in a study in the Springer Nature-branded IJIR: Your Sexual Medicine Journal. (2018-08-31)

Study examines relationship between social disparities and benign prostatic hyperplasia
In an Andrologia study of 100,000 men in Korea, social disparities -- such as low education level and low household income, current or previous use of medical aid health insurance, blue-collar employment or unemployment, divorce, and low social capital of communities -- were all linked with a higher prevalence of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a condition that is characterized by an enlarged prostate due to aging, lower urinary tract blockage, and other factors. (2018-08-22)

Robotic surgery as effective as open surgery for bladder cancer
Robotic surgery is as effective as traditional open surgery in treating bladder cancer, according to a landmark study published in the journal Lancet. Three Loyola Medicine urologists are co-authors of the study. (2018-07-11)

For patients with prostate cancer, dysfunction due to treatment side effects results in increased emotional distress -- and vice versa
A new study published in The Journal of Urology reports that men with prostate cancer who had worse urinary, bowel, and sexual function after surgery or radiotherapy than others experienced more emotional distress. Interestingly, the reverse was also true as experiencing more distress led to worse function. The likelihood of this reciprocal relationship highlights the importance of greater investment in psychosocial care to mitigate treatment side effects in prostate cancer survivors. (2018-05-31)

Research Brief: Older adults often prescribed meds linked to higher side effect risks
Drugs with high-risk anticholinergic properties can lead to risks of developing serious adverse events, such as cognitive impairment, falls, dementia, and even mortality in older adults. Yet, relatively little is known about prescribing trends of high-risk anticholinergic medications in the United States of America. Researchers in the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy conducted a repeated cross-sectional analysis of the 2006-2015 National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey to understand more. (2018-03-27)

Is there an association between number of patients doctor sees and online patient rating?
Lower online patient ratings for urologists in California were associated with practices that saw more patients. (2018-03-21)

Use of Prostate Health Index test reduces unnecessary biopsies
The Prostate Health Index (phi) is a cost-effective tool used by urologists to detect prostate cancer. It reduces the risk of over diagnosis, and cuts down on the need to send men for unnecessary and often uncomfortable biopsies. So says Jay White of Carolina Urology Partners in the US, lead author of a study in the journal Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases, published by Springer Nature. (2017-11-20)

New system proposed for logging physician experience in robotic surgeries
Loyola Medicine physicians have proposed a simple new system to improve the reporting of robotic surgeries performed by surgeons in training. The system, called RoboLog, was successfully piloted on 310 urologic robotic surgeries, according to a study published in the Journal of Surgical Education. (2017-09-26)

Study: Long-term testosterone therapy improves urinary, sexual function and quality of life
A new study shows a significant improvement in both sexual and urinary function as well as quality of life for hypogonadal men who undergo long-term testosterone replacement therapy. (2017-08-15)

Simple post-surgery step significantly reduces bladder cancer recurrence
It's just one step. Flushing the bladder with a common chemotherapy drug after a cancerous tumor is surgically removed reduces the chances of that cancer returning. Canadian and European clinical trials have proven this true and now a major US study has done the same. Results from the SWOG study will be presented at American Urological Association annual meeting held May 12-16 in Boston. (2017-05-15)

Prostate cancer patients would pay $2,000 for more accurate biopsies, Loyola study finds
Prostate cancer patients are willing to pay up to $2,000 of their own money for a new high-tech biopsy technique that significantly improves accuracy, according to a study published in the journal Urology Practice. (2017-04-25)

Noninvasive imaging test shown accurate in ruling out kidney cancers
The latest in a series of studies led by researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine shows that addition of a widely available, noninvasive imaging test called 99mTc-sestamibi SPECT/CT to CT or MRI increases the accuracy of kidney tumor classification. The research team reports that the potential improvement in diagnostic accuracy will spare thousands of patients each year in the United States alone from having to undergo unnecessary surgery. (2017-04-19)

Many new doctors may be posting unprofessional content on Facebook
When researchers searched Facebook for the public accounts of all urologists who graduated from US residency programs in 2015, they found that a substantial proportion of these accounts contained self-authored unprofessional content based on the professionalism guidelines of three physicians' organizations. (2017-04-10)

Biomarker could lead to personalized therapies for prostate cancer
In 2016, more than 181,000 new cases of prostate cancer were reported in the US, according to the American Cancer Society. Multiple factors have resulted in the rise of diagnoses, but a number of high-grade tumors remain underdiagnosed and undertreated. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri have explored how a specific gene/protein status may allow clinicians to better identify prostate cancer progression while helping them to make rational decisions in treating the disease. (2017-04-05)

ASCO and Cancer Care Ontario update guideline on radiation therapy for prostate cancer
The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and Cancer Care Ontario today issued a joint clinical practice guideline update on brachytherapy (internal radiation) for patients with prostate cancer. The update provides evidence-based recommendations for different patient risk groups, and specifies the most effective forms of brachytherapy. (2017-03-28)

Prostate screening often occurs without discussion of benefits, risks
Less than a third of men in a large national survey reported talking with their doctor about both the pros and cons of the PSA blood test for prostate cancer, and the likelihood has decreased further since a national panel recommended against the test. (2017-03-28)

New method to detect ultrasound with light
A tiny, transparent device that fits into a contact lens can determine the speed of blood flow and oxygen metabolic rate at the back of the eye, helping to diagnose diseases such as macular degeneration. (2017-02-13)

Children's National urologist receives NIH R01 grant
Children's National Health System Urologist Michael Hsieh, M.D., was awarded a National Institutes of Health grant to optimize a set of parasite proteins that could alleviate pain in multiple types of bladder inflammation. (2017-02-10)

Sex development center stage in special journal issue
Naveen Uli, M.D., associate professor of pediatrics and Michiko Watanabe, Ph.D., professor of pediatrics at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine served as editors for the special issue of Birth Defects Research Part C: Embryo Today. (2017-02-01)

Robert Flanigan, M.D., receives American Urological Association's highest honor
The American Urological Association has given Robert C. Flanigan, M.D., chair of Loyola Medicine's department of urology, the association's highest honor. (2017-01-30)

How should patients be monitored for prostate cancer after a negative biopsy?
An expert panel of urologists and radiologists from the American Urological Association (AUA) and the Society of Abdominal Radiology (SAR) has published a set of consensus statements in The Journal of Urology® indicating that MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) targeted biopsy, when properly incorporated into clinical practice, can address such issues. (2016-12-06)

Do second opinions matter in prostate cancer care?
A new analysis indicates that many men with prostate cancer obtain second opinions from urologists before starting treatment, but surprisingly, second opinions are not associated with changes in treatment choice or improvements in perceived quality of prostate cancer care. Published early online in CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, the findings also explore motivations for seeking second opinions, and suggest that second opinions may not reduce overtreatment in prostate cancer. (2016-11-07)

Prostate drug offers new relief for kidney stone suffers
A drug used to treat prostate cancer has been shown to also help treat kidney stones. The drug was trialled across several Australian hospitals, with patients who received the treatment passing large kidney stones more often than the placebo group. The outcomes could led to a reduction in patients requiring more complicated treatment, including surgery. (2016-11-02)

Significant decrease seen in prostate biopsy, radical prostatectomy procedures following recommendations
In a study published online by JAMA Surgery, Jim C. Hu, M.D., M.P.H., Joshua A. Halpern, M.D., M.S., of Weill Cornell Medicine, New York, and colleagues examined effects on practice patterns in prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment following the US Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendation against prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening in 2012. (2016-11-02)

Miriam first in New England to do completely laparoscopic robotic-assisted surgery for bladder cancer
The Minimally Invasive Urology Institute at the Miriam Hospital is now performing a completely laparoscopic surgery for the treatment of bladder cancer. (2016-10-12)

Life expectancy in some CKD patients could be improved with nephron-sparing treatment
A nephron-sparing treatment selection for small renal masses based on the nephrometry score may improve life expectancy in patients with mild or moderate CKD, a study in the Aug. 2016 issue of AJR said. (2016-08-17)

The gender divide in urology: Surgeon gender shapes the clinical landscape
Although female certified urologists are still a minority within the specialty, they perform many more procedures on women than their male colleagues, who perform more procedures on men than their female colleagues. As more women opt to specialize in urology, attention needs to be paid to the way gender shapes the clinical landscape, report researchers in The Journal of Urology. (2016-08-17)

Metastatic prostate cancer cases skyrocket
The number of new cases of metastatic prostate cancer climbed 72 percent in the past decade from 2004 to 2013, reports a new study. The report considers whether a recent trend of fewer men being screened may be contributing to the rise, or whether the disease has become more aggressive -- or both. The highest increase is among men ages 55 to 69, who could benefit the most from screening and early treatment. (2016-07-19)

Electronic medical practice environment can lead to physician burnout
The growth and evolution of the electronic environment in health care is taking a toll on US physicians. That's according to a national study of physicians led by Mayo Clinic which shows the use of electronic health records and computerized physician order entry leads to lower physician satisfaction and higher rates of professional burnout. The findings appear in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. (2016-06-27)

In obese prostate cancer patients, robotic surgery reduces risk of blood loss
In obese prostate cancer patients, robotic-assisted surgery to remove the prostate reduces the risk of blood loss and prolonged hospital stays, a Loyola Medicine study has found. (2016-05-20)

Highlights of Mayo Clinic studies at 2016 American Urological Association Annual Meeting
Mayo Clinic physicians will present findings on several studies at the 2016 American Urological Association Annual Meeting, to be held May 6-10 in San Diego. They will be available to discuss their research and findings with reporters covering the conference. (2016-05-10)

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