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Geologist Finds Hidden Patterns Of Diversification In Ordovician Radiation
University of Cincinnati geology professor Arnold Miller has found that the overall pattern of global diversity during the Ordovician radiation bears little resemblance to the local patterns of diversification. Miller found spikes of diversification occurring at different times on different paleo-continents. In contrast, the global pattern shows a steady, gradual increase in diversity. Miller presented his findings Monday, Oct. 20 at the Geological Society of America meeting in Salt Lake City. (1997-10-20)

Engineering Animation, Inc. Uses 3D Technology To Visualize Geological Wonders For Smithsonian National Museum Of Natural History
Visitors to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History can learn about geology--from crystalline structures and volcanic eruptions, to asteroid impacts and plate techtonics--with 3D interactive multimedia stations infused throughout the museum's new Geology, Gems and Minerals exhibit which opens to the public Saturday, September 20th. (1997-09-19)

Alaska Volcano Could Trigger Tsunami; Scientists Model Impact Of 1883 Wave On Coastal Communities
Scientists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks recently completed a computer visualization model that depicts how a landslide-generated tsunami may impact coastal Alaska communities. Elena Troshina will present the model May 30 at the American Geophysical Union session on coastal hazards in Baltimore, Maryland. The model recreates a tsunami that occurred in 1883 following the eruption and landslide on Mount Saint Augustine, in Alaska's lower Cook Inlet. (1997-05-29)

Portland, Ore., Rail Tunnel Serves As Science Lab
A light-rail tunnel under construction in Portland, Ore., is doing double duty as a site to help scientists learn more about earthquake hazards in the area, according to one of the scientists who worked on the project (1997-05-20)

Lethal Italian Carbon Dioxide Springs Key To Atmospheric CO2 Levels
The often lethal carbon dioxide springs that dot central and south-central Italy, may hold the key to understanding current and ancient levels of this greenhouse gas, according to Penn State geoscientists. (1996-12-18)

Six-Year Drilling Project to Uncover One Million Years of Earth History
Scientists will drill as much as a million years into the geologic history of the Earth to study the evolution of Hawaii's Mauna Kea volcano, under a grant awarded by the National Science Foundation. (1996-10-18)

Researchers Seek Seismic Secrets In Hawaii
An experiment designed to help researchers find out more about the earthquakes that occur when volcanoes erupt was set up near Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano this winter. More than $1.5 million worth of equipment, including 116 seismic stations, was deployed in a unique array around the volcano by an international team of scientists from Japan, Italy, Hawaii, California, and the Geophysical Institute (1996-10-10)

Eruption Spotted By Satellite
A Geophysical Institute researcher spotted an eruption of Bezymianny Volcano from 2000 miles away using satellite imagery. After the discovery, the scientist activiated PUFF, a computerized ash-plume tracking model. PUFF forecast the ash cloud would drift eastward into the air traffic corridor between Tokyo and Anchorage, Alaska (1996-10-10)

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