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New crop of technology reveals plant health
Green fingered amateur gardeners often talk to their plants; now the plants can talk back. Scientists have developed a system that picks up the subtle cues of plant communication helping plant growers to monitor the crop's state of health and will result in optimal environmentally-friendly growing conditions. (2006-04-05)

Wireless braille keyboard
Robotiker-Tecnalia has designed a wireless Braille keyboard for ONCE (the Spanish National Association for the Blind) which is compact and incorporates bluetooth technology. (2006-04-03)

RFID tags to assist in tracking first responders
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has been around for many years and is widely used to identify, track and communicate information about items, products and even animals. An interdisciplinary team of National Institute of Standards and Technology researchers is studying whether RFID technology can be used as a low cost, reliable means to track firefighters and other first responders inside buildings and help them navigate under hazardous conditions. (2006-03-30)

Rising to the challenge of managing bandwidth
Emerging mobile services are demanding an ever-increasing amount of bandwidth, but the radio spectrum for third generation (3G) and beyond systems is in short supply. Algorithms developed by European researchers are helping operators better manage their precious bandwidth resources. (2006-03-29)

Plotting the road ahead for wireless sensor networks
Wireless sensor networks consisting of multiple objects, each capable of simple sensing, actuation, communication and processing have tremendous potential. To better realise their full capabilities researchers are developing a broad vision of innovative future applications. (2006-03-27)

Attila Technologies is 'Best of FOSE' at DC tech expo
Attila Technologies LLC, a Stevens Institute of Technology Technogenesis® company, has been awarded the Federal Office Systems Exposition (FOSE) 2006 (2006-03-21)

New network architecture delivers super-broadband wired & wireless service simultaneously
Telecommunications researchers have demonstrated a novel communications network design that would provide both ultra-high-speed wireless and wired access services from the same signals carried on a single optical fiber. (2006-03-16)

ECG transmission from ambulance cuts time to direct clot removal
When emergency medical technicians (EMTs) wirelessly transmit eletrocardiograms (ECG) directly to a cardiologist's hand-held device, heart attack patients can potentially receive direct clot removal in half the usual time, according to cardiologists at Duke University Medical Center and NorthEast Medical Center, Concord, N.C. (2006-03-13)

Taking sensor network technology to a smarter level
Barrels of chemicals that 'talk' to each other to improve safety and smart shelves that automatically log inventory changes are just some of the ways businesses stand to benefit from new sensor network technology currently being developed in Europe. (2006-03-07)

Mini robots to undertake major tasks?
From cell manipulation to micro assembly, micro robots devised by an international team of researchers offer a glimpse of the future. (2006-02-24)

Manchester develops wireless 'wear and tear' sensor
Scientists at The University of Manchester are to develop a new type of wireless sensor which will be able to remotely monitor mechanical parts and systems. The aim is to produce a sensor which can be seamlessly fitted inside gearboxes, motors, diesel engines, wheel bearings and door mechanisms, in which faults can occur. (2006-02-22)

NJTC to hold wireless evolution expo at Stevens' Babbio Center
The New Jersey Technology Council will present the (2006-02-21)

The future of mobile phone technology to be tested in historic Georgian Bath, England
The historic city of Bath in England will become the scene of a city-wide wireless computing network as part of a research project that could influence the future of mobile phone technology across the globe. (2006-02-19)

Telecom meeting to focus on emerging networks
Technology in today's fast-moving telecommunications industry is all about convergence. The (2006-02-16)

Stevens professor awarded Office of Naval Research grant
Cristina Comaniciu, an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology, has been awarded an Office of Naval Research (ONR) grant for (2006-01-26)

NJIT's SmartCampus project to create closer connections
The entire campus of New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) will soon be a laboratory for investigating innovative ways in which students can better connect with each other by using cell phones and other compact wireless communications devices. (2006-01-24)

IEEE conference awards 'best student paper' to group from Stevens
The paper, (2006-01-19)

Optical wireless and broadband over power lines: High speed, secure Wi-Fi alternative
Penn State engineers have shown that a white-LED system for lighting and high data-rate indoor wireless communications, coupled with broadband over either medium- or low-voltage power line grids (BPL), can offer transmission capacities that exceed DSL or cable and are more secure than RF. (2006-01-11)

Riding the ultra wideband communications wave
Europe is helping to push forward the boundaries of current radio technology looking at the next generation of radio devices. A whole new Ultra WideBand (UWB) communications industry is emerging and once all phases of a major European research effort into UWB are complete, Europe will be in a stronger position to exploit this new technology. (2005-12-13)

NJIT distinguished professor honored by IEEE for contributions to publications
Yeheskel Bar-Ness, PhD, a distinguished professor at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), was honored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics (IEEE) for his (2005-12-06)

Through Calit2, Ericsson endows UCSD Chair in Wireless Communication
UCSD professor Laurence Milstein will occupy the Ericsson Endowed Chair in Wireless Communication Access Techniques, funded by telecom giant Ericsson. (2005-11-16)

From passive applications to sentient machines
We are close to the point where new types of automated routines and software applications could operate independently of direct human control to carry out prescribed tasks. Helping us arrive, researchers have designed a model that supports the development of applications constructed from mobile sentient objects. (2005-11-10)

Gandalf conjures up faster, seamless Internet technique
As the white wizard of Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings, Gandalf had some astounding abilities. As his modern namesake, the Gandalf project is set to cast a spell over the Internet world by offering unprecedented data transfer rates seamlessly over both fixed-line and wireless. (2005-11-08)

'Smart' buildings to guide future first responders
The best response to a building emergency is a fast and informed one. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is working with the building industry as well as the public safety and information technology communities to achieve both objectives. NIST researchers are studying how (2005-11-04)

Bringing handheld mobile digital video broadcasting to reality
The new standard for broadcasting digital video to future mobile phones, PDAs and laptops, DVB-H, is now almost complete. The next step is to begin testing the technology, and here the INSTINCT project will continue its key role. (2005-10-24)

Advances in wireless biosensor technology
This new technology also makes possible measurements and long-term monitoring, which would be practically impossible using existing technologies. (2005-10-18)

The answer to commuter boredom: Online acccess for buses and trains
Researchers are developing an innovative wireless network system for public transport that aims to give passengers total online access. Called Ocean (On-board Communication Entertainment and Information ), the system will allow users to check their e-mails, browse the Web, play an online game and access business applications. A research team is developing a wireless public transport network protocol which can be embedded in chips on board buses and trains. This allows the vehicles to create a communication network. (2005-10-13)

Broadband access supports tsunami relief efforts
Broadband access terminals from the ESA supported project 'Pacific Skies' are being used in the Aceh region of Indonesia, scene of the devastating 2004 tsunami. The communications needs of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and local people are being met in an area that suffered severe infrastructural damage. (2005-10-04)

Palm Pilots could change how health care is delivered
Personal digital assistants (PDAs) and their increasing integration with information technology in hospitals could change the way health care is delivered in the future, states a review article in this week's issue of THE LANCET. (2005-09-29)

Brazil adopts new digital TV standard
A Yorkshire research centre has won a prestigious contract as specialist consultants on a multi-billion dollar project to roll out interactive digital television across Brazil. (2005-09-27)

Improving security of handheld IT devices
The National Institute of Standards and Technology has recently issued two reports aimed at making it harder for unauthorized users to access information from handheld devices such as personal digital assistants. The reports describe wireless authentication mechanisms and alternatives to standard-size smart cards for restricting access to these devices. (2005-08-30)

Intel helps UCSD teach students about wireless, mobile embedded systems
Intel Corp. has donated over $193,000 worth of advanced development kits to UC San Diego to help launch one of the country's first undergraduate courses in wireless, multimedia embedded systems. (2005-08-26)

SINTEL debuts - a new boost to Stevens' security expertise
Stevens Institute of Technology, in partnership with the US Navy, has announced the debut of a unique research facility, the Secure Infrastructure Technology Laboratory (SINTEL). The lab was established with an initial grant of $6.8 million from the US Office of Naval Research (ONR). An additional $6 million is earmarked for FY 2006. (2005-08-22)

Microwavable chips for wireless communication
A recent EU project designed and developed a new demonstrator microchip that will dramatically cut the cost of producing new wireless products and could mean that a whole range of existing products will be enabled for wireless communication. (2005-08-17)

Optoelectronics to increase the broadband flow
The broadband boom is creating an ever-increasing demand for more capacity and higher rates of data transfer on both fixed-line and wireless networks. Helping to meet that demand, without the need to lay costly new infrastructure, is the LABELS project. (2005-08-03)

Virginia Tech electrical engineers invent wireless Internet connection
A new unlicensed, wireless Internet connection, WiFi, is providing new freedom to the World Wide Web addict. (2005-08-03)

Review & outlook 2005: Research at Stevens hits new highs
The Office of Institute Technology Initiatives at Stevens Institute of Technology reports that FY 2005 research expenditures hit an all-time high at the fast-growing institution: $30.1 million, with a projected growth to $50 million annually by 2009. (2005-08-01)

Chandramouli co-chairs IEEE GLOBECOM workshop
Dr. Rajarathnam Chandramouli, a professor of electrical/computer engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology, will co-chair the Second IEEE International Workshop on Adaptive Wireless Networks (AWiN) during the IEEE GLOBECOM 2005 Conference, November 28, in St. Louis, Mo. (2005-07-27)

Stevens rolls out its latest venture: Attila Technologies
Attila Technologies LLC, a Stevens Institute of Technology Technogenesis® Company, was recently launched by the Vice President of Stevens' Office of Institute Technology Initiatives, Dr. Helena Wisniewski. Attila Technologies LLC is a wireless communications company that provides continuous broadband, on-demand communication devices and services that function despite saturated airways. (2005-07-25)

Lifespan again named among 100 Most Wired and 25 Most Wireless hospitals
Lifespan in Providence, RI has been named among the 100 Most Wired for the fourth year and the 25 Most Wireless for the third year. Lifespan is one of a few hospitals whose physicians enter orders electronically. (2005-07-13)

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