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FSU research: Strong storms generating earthquake-like seismic activity
A Florida State University researcher has uncovered a new geophysical phenomenon where a hurricane or other strong storm can spark seismic events in the nearby ocean as strong as a 3.5 magnitude earthquake. (2019-10-15)
Hurricane Dorian marching slowly across Atlantic
The National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami reports that an Air Force plane is finding Dorian a 'little stronger' as of the 8:00 a.m. (2019-08-30)
NASA sees a transitioned, merging Extra-Tropical Storm Erin off US east coast
Former tropical depression Erin has made the transition into an extra-tropical system off the eastern coast of the US Infrared imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite provided temperature data on storms associated with Erin and the weather system it is merging with. (2019-08-29)
NASA tracks Tropical Storm Podul's landfall approach to Vietnam
NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the South China Sea and provided forecasters with a visible image of Tropical Storm Podul as it moved closer to the coast of north and central Vietnam where it is expected to make landfall on Aug. (2019-08-29)
NASA finds wind shear affecting Tropical Depression Erin
Visible and infrared imagery from NASA's Terra satellite revealed that strong wind shear was adversely affecting Tropical Depression Erin, located about 200 miles off the Carolina coast. (2019-08-28)
Novel therapy studied for inherited breast cancer
Adding back a tiny molecule, microRNA 223-3p, to BRCA1-mutant cancer cells forces the cancer to die, researchers at UT Health San Antonio discovered. (2019-08-27)
NASA analyzes Tropical Storm Dorian day and night
Tropical Storm Dorian was approaching the Leeward Islands when NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed overhead from space and snapped a visible image of the storm. (2019-08-27)
NASA-NOAA satellite finds heavy rainmaking ability in tropical storm Dorian
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed over Tropical Storm Dorian as it triggered warnings and watches for the  islands of the Eastern Caribbean Sea. (2019-08-26)
Study finds that teens are using a highly potent form of marijuana
Nearly one in four Arizona teens have used a highly potent form of marijuana known as marijuana concentrate, according to a new study by Arizona State University researchers. (2019-08-26)
Satellite sees Eastern Pacific Depression 10E form
Tropical Depression 10E has formed in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and the GOES-West satellite caught its formation far from the Baja Peninsula. (2019-08-22)
NASA sees a lopsided Atlantic Tropical Storm Chantal form
NASA's Aqua satellite provided a view of newly formed Tropical Storm Chantal in the North Atlantic Ocean. (2019-08-22)
NASA finds Tropical Depression Bailu forms east of Philippines
NASA's Terra satellite passed over the Northwestern Pacific Ocean and captured an image of newly developed Tropical Depression Bailu, east of the Philippines. (2019-08-22)
Satellite view of tropical storm Krosa transition in sea of Japan
Tropical Storm Krosa continued to erode after it moved into the Sea of Japan and satellite data showed it as a ragged and shapeless storm on August 16, 2019. (2019-08-16)
NASA sees wide center in Tropical Storm Krosa
NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the Northwestern Pacific Ocean and captured a good shot of the wide, ragged center of circulation in Tropical Storm Krosa. (2019-08-13)
NASA-NOAA satellite views massive Tropical Storm Krosa
Tropical Storm Krosa is a large tropical cyclone. When NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed over the Northwestern Pacific Ocean, it captured a visible image of the massive storm. (2019-08-12)
NASA finds deadly Lekima's remnants over China
NASA's Terra satellite passed over the Northwestern Pacific Ocean and captured a visible picture of the remnant clouds of deadly former Typhoon Lekima over eastern China. (2019-08-12)
NASA measures rain rate in tiny Tropical Storm Henriette
Tiny Tropical Storm Henriette is the newest addition to the tropical cyclone line-up in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. (2019-08-12)
NASA gives Typhoon Lekima a twice-over with the Aqua satellite
NASA's Aqua satellite provided infrared and visible views of Typhoon Lekima as it was approaching landfall in China. (2019-08-09)
NASA's Aqua Satellite finds a large ragged eye in Typhoon Krosa
Typhoon Krosa is a large storm moving through the Northwestern Pacific Ocean and infrared imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite revealed that the large typhoon also has a large eye. (2019-08-09)
Typhoon Krosa follows leader Supertyphoon Lekima
NOAA-NASA's Suomi NPP satellite captured this image using NASA's Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) Worldview application on Aug. (2019-08-08)
Tropical Storm Krosa gets a comma shape
Tropical Storm Krosa continued on its journey northward in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean when NOAA's NOAA-20 polar orbiting satellite passed overhead and captured a visible image of the strengthening storm in a classic tropical cyclone shape. (2019-08-07)
Philippines on alert with Typhoon Lekima
Lekima is now a typhoon and has triggered warnings in the Philippines. (2019-08-07)
NASA finds tropical storm Francisco in the Korea strait
NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the Korea Strait and found the center of Tropical Storm Francisco in the middle of it. (2019-08-06)
NASA satellite finds strong storms circling Lekima's center
NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the Northwestern Pacific Ocean and captured a visible image of strengthening Tropical Storm Lekima. (2019-08-06)
NASA sees Flossie now a remnant low pressure area
Former Hurricane Flossie was nothing more than a remnant low pressure area early on Tuesday, August 6, 2019. (2019-08-06)
NASA Catches tropical storm Francisco's approach to landfall in southern Japan
Infrared imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite shows that Tropical Storm Francisco had powerful thunderstorms with heavy rain capabilities around the center of circulation as it moves toward landfall in southern Japan. (2019-08-05)
Short-lived Tropical Storm Gil gives a kick on NASA imagery
Tropical Storm Gil was a two day tropical cyclone in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. (2019-08-05)
NASA gazes into Tropical Storm Lekima in Philippine Sea
NASA's Aqua satellite gazed into Tropical Storm Lekima as it moved through the Philippine Sea on August 5 and the AIRS instrument aboard took the temperature of its cloud tops to estimate storm strength. (2019-08-05)
New wood membrane provides sustainable alternative for water filtration
Inspired by the intricate system of water circulating in a tree, a team of researchers led by Princeton University, have figured out how to use a thin slice of wood as a membrane through which water vapor can evaporate, leaving behind salt or other contaminants. (2019-08-02)
NASA satellite finds Tropical Storm Wipha blankets the Gulf of Tonkin
Visible satellite imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite showed the clouds from Tropical Storm Wipha blanketing the Gulf of Tonkin. (2019-08-02)
Research details response of sagebrush to 2017 solar eclipse
The short period of darkness caused a significant reduction in photosynthesis and transpiration in the desert shrub, but not quite to the levels of nighttime, according to some of the most detailed research on plant response to solar eclipses ever reported. (2019-06-20)
Risk gene for alzheimer may aggravate neurological effects of air pollution in children
There is growing evidence that exposure to air pollution adversely affects cognitive and behavioural development in children. (2018-09-06)
NASA Finds a less elongated potential Tropical Cyclone Six
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite captured an infrared image of Potential Tropical Cyclone Six that shows the storm is not as 'stretched out' as it was the previous day. (2018-08-31)
NASA finds very cold storm tops circling Hurricane Norman's center
When NASA's Aqua satellite passed over Hurricane Norman on Aug. (2018-08-30)
NASA sees Hurricane Miriam tracking over the open Central Pacific
When NASA's Aqua satellite passed over Hurricane Miriam, it was moving to the northwest and was no threat to land areas in the Central Pacific Ocean. (2018-08-30)
NASA sees Typhoon Jebi moving through Northwestern Pacific
NASA's Aqua satellite passed over Typhoon Jebi in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean and saw a well-organized typhoon with a small eye. (2018-08-30)
NASA finds some strong storms in Atlantic's potential tropical cyclone 6 
The Northern Atlantic Ocean has only seen five storms so far this hurricane season and satellite data indicates a potential sixth tropical cyclone is forming in the far eastern Atlantic Ocean. (2018-08-30)
Scientists take big step toward finding non-addictive painkiller
With the support of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, scientists at Wake Forest School of Medicine have been working to find a safe, non-addictive pain killer to help fight the current opioid crisis in this country. (2018-08-29)
NASA sees post-Tropical Cyclone Lane come to an end
The once hurricane that dropped record-setting rainfall on the Hawaiian Islands has come to an end in the Central Pacific Ocean and NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite captured a visible image of its final hours. (2018-08-29)
NASA's GPM finds heavy rain in a band wrapping into Tropical Storm Miriam
NASA found heavy rainfall occurring in Tropical Storm Miriam as it continued moving through the Eastern Pacific Ocean. (2018-08-29)
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