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Latest research hints at predicting autism risk for pregnant mothers
Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute--led by Juergen Hahn, professor and head of biomedical engineering--are continuing to make remarkable progress with their research focused on autism spectrum disorder (ASD). (2018-09-21)
Study of protein 'trafficker' provides insight into autism and other brain disorders
Researchers have discovered that the protein ASTN2 shuttles receptors away from the surface of neurons, a process that facilitates efficient brain activity. (2018-09-21)
Overlapping copy number variations underlie autism and schizophrenia in Japanese patients
Common genetic variants may underlie autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia across human populations, according to a study appearing Sept. (2018-09-11)
Chronic diseases driven by metabolic dysfunction
Progress in treating chronic illness, where the cause of the problem is often unknown, has lagged. (2018-09-07)
New biomarker panel could accelerate autism diagnoses
Investigators at the UC Davis MIND Institute and NeuroPointDX, a division of Stemina Biomarker Discovery, have identified a group of blood metabolites that could help detect some children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). (2018-09-06)
Rapid weight gain during infancy possible risk factor for later obesity in kids with autism
Childhood obesity is a serious public health concern that can have a profound impact on children's health and well-being. (2018-09-06)
Building a Better Brain-in-a-Dish, Faster and Cheaper
Writing in the current online issue of the journal Stem Cells and Development, researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine describe development of a rapid, cost-effective method to create human cortical organoids directly from primary cells. (2018-09-06)
Researchers find disrupted functional connectivity in cerebellum of adults with HF-ASD
A new study using an unbiased, whole-brain data-driven approach to assess the resting-state functional connectome in young adults with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder (HF-ASD) found two clusters of abnormal connectivity in the cerebellum. (2018-09-05)
Study helps children hit the right note in supporting autistic peers
Collaborative music lessons in schools improve the attitudes of pupils towards their peers with autism, a new study in the journal Autism reports. (2018-08-28)
First biomarker evidence of DDT-autism link
A study of more than 1 million pregnancies in Finland reports that elevated levels of a metabolite of the banned insecticide DDT in the blood of pregnant women are linked to increased risk for autism in the offspring. (2018-08-16)
Microbial activity in the mouth may differentiate children with autism spectrum disorder
Research suggests that shifts in bacterial populations within a child's mouth could provide objective biomarkers for identifying autism spectrum disorder (ASD). (2018-08-16)
Study links mothers' pesticide levels with autism in children
A new study from The American Journal of Psychiatry finds that elevated pesticide levels in pregnant women are associated with an increased risk of autism among their children. (2018-08-16)
Discovery of a key protein involved in the development of autism
The protein CPEB4, which coordinates the expression of hundreds of genes required for neuronal activity, is altered in the brains of individuals with autism. (2018-08-16)
Autism linked to egg cells' difficulty creating large proteins
New work from Carnegie's Ethan Greenblatt and Allan Spradling reveals that the genetic factors underlying fragile X syndrome, and potentially from other autism-related disorders, stem from defects in the cell's ability to create unusually large protein structures. (2018-08-16)
Mizzou program significantly reduces delay in autism diagnosis
A new study on the effectiveness of ECHO Autism shows that the program significantly reduces diagnostic wait times for young children at highest risk for autism and saved families an average of 172.7 miles in travel for diagnosis. (2018-08-15)
Study finds Tdap vaccination for pregnant women does not increase risk of autism
A Kaiser Permanente study of more than 80,000 children born over a 4-year period showed that the prenatal Tdap vaccination (tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis) was not associated with increased risk of autism spectrum disorder in children. (2018-08-13)
Potential biomarker for autism
A study of young children with autism spectrum disorder published in JNeurosci reveals altered brain waves compared to typically developing children during a motor control task. (2018-08-13)
Synapses of the reward system at stake in autistic disorders
Autism spectrum disorders are a group of neurodevelopmental disorders, one of the main characteristics of which is impaired social communication. (2018-08-09)
Stanford scientists tie specific brain circuit to sociability in mice
Social behavior in mouse models of autism spectrum disorder normalized when investigators triggered the release of a specific signaling substance, serotonin, in a single part of the animals' brains, according to a study from the Stanford University School of Medicine. (2018-08-08)
Google Glass helps kids with autism read facial expressions, Stanford study finds
Children with autism were able to improve their social skills by using a smartphone app paired with Google Glass to help them understand the emotions conveyed in people's facial expressions, according to a pilot study by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine. (2018-08-02)
Map of a billion brain links reveals clues about how we think
Scientists have created an elaborate map of more than a billion brain cell connections, helping to shed light on how memories are formed and recalled. (2018-08-02)
Women with polycystic ovary syndrome more likely to have a child with autism
Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are more likely than other women to have an autistic child, according to an analysis of NHS data carried out by a team at Cambridge University's Autism Research Centre. (2018-08-01)
Zebrafish interactions offer help in studying social behavior disorders
University of Oregon scientists have identified brain cells vital to how zebrafish socialize. (2018-07-26)
Autism risk determined by health of mom's gut, UVA research reveals
The mother's microbiome, the collection of microscopic organisms that live inside us, determines the risk of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders in her offspring, new research from the UVA School of Medicine shows. (2018-07-18)
Study: Protein found to be key component in irregularly excited brain cells
In a new study in mice, researchers have identified a key protein involved in the irregular brain cell activity seen in autism spectrum disorders and epilepsy. (2018-07-17)
Key social reward circuit in the brain impaired in kids with autism, Stanford study shows
Children with autism have structural and functional abnormalities in the brain circuit that normally makes social interaction feel rewarding, according to a new study from the Stanford University School of Medicine. (2018-07-16)
Autism spectrum disorder linked to shape of brain's cerebellum
Structural differences in the cerebellum may be linked to some aspects of autism spectrum disorder, according to a neuroimaging study from Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC). (2018-07-11)
Neuronal 'barcodes' shape complex networks in the brain
The brain is an enormously complex organ. Understanding how billions of brain cells succeed in making precise connections is a major challenge for neuroscientists. (2018-07-05)
Scientists identify mechanism that may explain why males are more at risk than females for neurodevelopmental disorders
Researchers have recently begun to realize that biological sex plays a key role in disease risk. (2018-07-03)
Assessing antidepressant exposure during pregnancy and Autism-like behavior in mouse pups
Maternal use of the antidepressant fluoxetine (Prozac) can alter the brain circuits in her offspring that control behaviors reminiscent of autism spectrum disorder, suggests a study in mice published in eNeuro. (2018-07-02)
The hidden complexity underlying a common cause of autism
Genes located in a large chromosomal aberration associated with autism interact with each other to modulate the variable symptoms of the disease, according to new research. (2018-06-29)
Strategic classroom intervention can make big difference for autism students
Special training for teachers may mean big results for students with autism spectrum disorder, according to Florida State University and Emory University researchers. (2018-06-28)
Personalized 'deep learning' equips robots for autism therapy
Researchers at the MIT Media Lab have now developed a type of personalized machine learning that helps robots estimate the engagement and interest of each child during these interactions, using data that are unique to that child. (2018-06-27)
Gene editing curbs autism symptoms in mice
UT Health San Antonio researchers slow down exaggerated repetitive behaviors in mice with fragile X syndrome. (2018-06-26)
New insight into how Autism might develop in human brain
In a study published in Stem Cell Reports, a McGill University team of scientists led by Dr. (2018-06-26)
CRISPR editing reduces repetitive behavior in mice with a form of autism
Mice with fragile X syndrome are a common model for autism because the mice exhibit exaggerated repetitive behavior typical of the disorder. (2018-06-25)
Hundreds of thousands of genomes shed light on psychiatric disorders
A massive undertaking by the Brainstorm Consortium to analyze the genomes of nearly 900,000 people has revealed important insights into the genetic overlap among some psychiatric diseases, as well as among personality traits. (2018-06-21)
Scientists solve the case of the missing subplate, with wide implications for brain science
A new study shows that a group of neurons, previously thought to die in the course of development, in fact become incorporated into the brain's cortex. (2018-06-21)
Tackling bullying could help reduce depression in autistic teens
Teenagers with difficulties in social communication, including autism, have higher rates of depressive symptoms, especially if they are being bullied. (2018-06-19)
Success of blood test for autism affirmed
One year after researchers published their work on a physiological test for autism, a follow-up study confirms its exceptional success in assessing whether a child is on the autism spectrum. (2018-06-19)
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