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Immune cells in the brain have surprising influence on sexual behavior
Immune cells usually ignored by neuroscientists appear to play an important role in determining whether an animal's sexual behavior will be more typical of a male or female. (2018-08-14)
Scientists pinpoint brain networks responsible for naming objects
Scientists at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) have identified the brain networks that allow you to think of an object name and then verbalize that thought. (2018-08-14)
Brain scan checklist set to boost care for stroke survivors
People who suffer a stroke caused by bleeding in the brain could be helped by four simple checks of their brain scans, research led by the University of Edinburgh suggests. (2018-08-14)
Study: Brain proteins, patterns reveal clues to understanding epilepsy
A team of UNLV, Tufts University, and international researchers has identified which brain proteins might be most influential in controlling neural activity associated with epilepsy and anxiety, paving the way for better prevention and treatments someday. (2018-08-09)
Learning while sleeping? Our learning capabilities are limited
Using magnetoencephalography (MEG), researchers showed that while our brain is still able to perceive sounds during sleep, it is unable to group these sounds according to their organisation in a sequence (2018-08-06)
Map of a billion brain links reveals clues about how we think
Scientists have created an elaborate map of more than a billion brain cell connections, helping to shed light on how memories are formed and recalled. (2018-08-02)
Case study: Child's lobectomy reveals brain's ability to reorganize its visual system
Published in Cell Reports, the researchers report on three years of behavioral and brain imaging tests on a nearly seven year-old boy -- 'UD' -- who had a third of the right hemisphere of his brain removed in an attempt to control seizures. (2018-07-31)
Brain game doesn't offer brain gain
A new study led by a team of Western University neuroscientists has debunked claims that getting better at a brain training game can translate to improved performance in other, untrained cognitive tasks. (2018-07-30)
U of G study is first to find evidence that leopard geckos can make new brain cells
University of Guelph researchers have discovered the type of stem cell allowing geckos to create new brain cells. (2018-07-27)
Traumatic brain injury: Discovery of two molecules could lead to new drug treatments
After 10 years of research, a Rutgers-led team of scientists has identified two molecules that protect nerve cells after a traumatic brain injury and could lead to new drug treatments. (2018-07-26)
Researchers develop model on how brain reward response may impact anorexia nervosa
Researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus have found that the brain's response to taste stimuli is linked to high anxiety and a drive for thinness that could play a role in driving anorexia nervosa. (2018-07-26)
Study supports blood test to help diagnose brain injury
For the first time in the US, a blood test will be available to help doctors determine if people who've experienced a blow to the head could have a traumatic brain injury such as brain bleeding. (2018-07-24)
Study shows how the brain controls food cravings
A newly published study from the University of Waterloo shows that when activity in a specific part of the brain is suppressed, our desire for high-calorie foods increases. (2018-07-23)
Mother's touch supports pup's brain development
A mother's presence may have immediate and long-term effects on her child's developing brain by modulating the serotonin system, suggests a study of rat moms and their pups published in eNeuro. (2018-07-23)
Treating dementia with the healing waves of sound
Ultrasound applied to the brain could help treat patients with dementia. (2018-07-19)
UMBC researchers develop nanoparticles to reduce internal bleeding caused by blast trauma
Currently, there are no treatments available to address internal bleeding in the field but early intervention is key or survival and better outcomes. (2018-07-13)
Every person has a unique brain anatomy
Like with fingerprints, no two people have the same brain anatomy, a study by researchers of the University of Zurich has shown. (2018-07-10)
Brain metastases common and difficult to treat in ROS1 lung cancer
Brain metastases were found to be fairly common in stage IV ROS1-positive cancers and in 47 percent of ROS1 patients, the brain was the first and only site of progression. (2018-07-10)
Study finds new brain pathway for escaping predators
How the zebrafish brain perceives and reacts to predators has been determined by researchers at the University of Queensland. (2018-07-05)
Neuronal 'barcodes' shape complex networks in the brain
The brain is an enormously complex organ. Understanding how billions of brain cells succeed in making precise connections is a major challenge for neuroscientists. (2018-07-05)
Oxygen therapy could help combat dementia in individuals with lung disease
Breathing in additional oxygen improves the function of blood vessels in the brain of people with breathing difficulties caused by lung conditions, according to new research published in Experimental Physiology. (2018-07-05)
Brain study paves way for therapy for common cause of dementia
Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have uncovered a potential approach to treat one of the commonest causes of dementia and stroke in older people. (2018-07-04)
Feeling young could mean your brain is aging more slowly
While some people are young at heart, others feel older than their age -- and a recent study finds that this 'subjective age' may reflect brain aging. (2018-07-03)
Neuroscientists uncover secret to intelligence in parrots
University of Alberta neuroscientists have identified the neural circuit that may underlay intelligence in birds, according to a new study. (2018-07-03)
Mechanism leading to cortical malformation from brain-only mutations identified
A Korean research team led by Professor Jeong Ho Lee at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has recently investigated the molecular mechanism of defective neuronal migration in FMCDs. (2018-07-02)
What articulation-relevant brain regions do when we listen
With an exceptional research design, Freiburg scientists have solved a research question that has been debated for decades. (2018-07-02)
Your brain with a migraine
When migraine sufferers see the tell-tale squiggly lines, light flashes and blind spots of a migraine aura, they prepare for a migraine. (2018-06-27)
This curious animal grew larger over time -- but its brain didn't quite keep up
Study finds that the ancestor of the modern day mountain beaver had a larger relative brain size, offering a rare example of brain size decrease over time. (2018-06-27)
Nicotine alters neurotransmission in habit-forming brain region
A study of rat brain slices published in JNeurosci demonstrates how nicotine interacts with cells that regulate the output of a brain region involved in habit formation. (2018-06-25)
Striking differences in brain morphology between wild and domestic rabbits
The most characteristic feature of domestic animals is their tame behaviour. (2018-06-25)
In melanoma, radiosurgery may combine well with immunotherapy, especially PD-1 inhibitors
Of 38 melanoma patients treated with immunotherapy and radiosurgery between 2012 and 2017, median overall survival was not reached. (2018-06-25)
Planned movements and spontaneous reactions are processed differently in the brain
Scientists from the German Primate Center - Leibniz Institute for Primate Research (DPZ) have been able to show in their recently published study of two rhesus monkeys that planned and spontaneous gripping movements have the same brain activity during the movement but that the preceded brain activity differs. (2018-06-20)
Rare in-vivo study shows weak brain nodes have strong influence on memory network
The majority of existing simulation studies show that the parts of the brain with high connectivity, the so-called 'hubs', are most important when it comes to several different cognitive tasks. (2018-06-20)
Neuroscientists map brain's response to cold touch
Carnegie Mellon neuroscientists have mapped the feeling of cool touch to the brain's insula in a mouse model. (2018-06-18)
Brain matures faster due to childhood stress
Stress in early childhood leads to faster maturation of certain brain regions during adolescence. (2018-06-15)
New discovery about the brain's water system may prove beneficial in stroke
Water is transported from the blood into the brain via an ion transporter, a new study on mice conducted at the University of Copenhagen reveals. (2018-06-14)
Human and artificial intelligence join forces to study complexity of the brain
A team of scientists lead by prof. Stein Aerts (VIB-KU Leuven) is the first to map the gene expression of each individual brain cell during aging, though they started small: with the brain of a fruit fly. (2018-06-14)
'Gut instinct' may have been the GPS of human ancestors
A University of Southern California study reveals that the nerve connecting the gut to the brain is key for remembering where food is (2018-06-13)
Reversible changes to neural proteins may explain sleep need
Sleep need accumulates over long periods awake, and sleep refreshes the brain. (2018-06-13)
Scientists unravel molecular mechanisms of Parkinson's disease
Detailed brain cell analysis has helped researchers uncover new mechanisms thought to underlie Parkinson's disease. (2018-06-12)
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