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Duke team finds missing immune cells that could fight lethal brain tumors
Researchers at Duke Cancer Institute have tracked the missing T-cells in glioblastoma patients. (2018-08-13)
Cellular escape artists help explain why some women present with advanced ovarian cancer
In a new study published recently in The Journal of Pathology, BWH investigators conducted an exhaustive analysis of 'normal' fallopian tubes from patients with HGSC. (2018-08-13)
First study on physical properties of giant cancer cells may inform new treatments
Giant cancer cells are much larger and stiffer than other cancer cells and move further, study shows. (2018-08-13)
Researchers create specialized delivery methods to help treat cancer, other disorders
More than 100 years ago, German Nobel laureate Paul Ehrlich popularized the 'magic bullet' concept -- a method that clinicians might one day use to target invading microbes without harming other parts of the body. (2018-08-13)
E-cigarette vapor disables key immune cells in the lung and boosts inflammation
E-cigarette vapor boosts the production of inflammatory chemicals and disables key protective cells in the lung that keep the air spaces clear of potentially harmful particles, reveals a small experimental study, published online in the journal Thorax. (2018-08-13)
Breast cancers enlist the help of normal cells to help them spread and survive
Australian researchers have uncovered a secret communication hotline between breast cancers and the normal cells surrounding them. (2018-08-12)
Drop the C-word to reduce anxiety and overtreatment, say experts
Medical researchers are calling for the word 'cancer' to be dropped from some doctor-patient conversations in a bid to reduce patient anxiety and harm from over treatment. (2018-08-12)
Novel blood test predicts kidney cancer risk and survival five years prior to diagnosis
In a new study published in Clinical Cancer Research, investigators explore whether a blood test can detect higher concentrations of KIM-1 in patients who will go on to develop kidney cancer up to five years later. (2018-08-10)
Arsenic in combination with an existing drug could combat cancer
Investigators have discovered that arsenic in combination with an existing leukemia drug work together to target a master cancer regulator. (2018-08-09)
Finally, a potential new approach against KRAS-driven lung cancer
University of Colorado Cancer Center and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center study shows KRAS-driven lung cancers are also marked by high levels of 'gel-forming mucins,' as seen in some forms of asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cystic fibrosis. (2018-08-09)
Key role found for enzymes in DNA replication and sensitivity to chemotherapeutic drugs
Published in Science Advances, the study shows that the TLK1 and TLK2 enzymes are critical for ensuring the copying of DNA. (2018-08-09)
Melanoma linked with CLL, close monitoring recommended
While studying a large group of individuals with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), a Wilmot Cancer Institute scientific team made an important discovery -- these patients had a sizable 600 percent higher risk of melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer. (2018-08-09)
Scientists identify genetic marker for gastric cancer prognosis
Although immunotherapy is seen as a very promising treatment for cancer, currently only 20 to 30 percent of patients respond positively. (2018-08-09)
New study views cancer treatment as a game to find strategies that improve patient outcomes
Game theory can be utilized to identify potential flaws in current cancer treatment approaches and suggest new strategies to improve outcomes in patients with metastatic cancer, according to a new article published online today by JAMA Oncology. (2018-08-09)
Discovery could lead to better treatment for leukemia
Scientists from the University of Illinois at Chicago report on how a certain mutation helps improve sensitivity to chemotherapy in patients in the journal JCI Insight. (2018-08-09)
Kidney cancer's developmental source revealed
In the first experiment of its kind, scientists have revealed the precise identity of cancer cells of the most common childhood and adult kidney cancers. (2018-08-09)
Anticancer drugs delivered by a new drug delivery system reduce tumor size
A joint group of researchers from Osaka University and Tokyo Institute of Technology created a drug delivery system (DDS) using a poly (ethylene glycol)-poly(lysine) block copolymer-ubenimex conjugate (PEG-b-PLys(Ube)). (2018-08-08)
Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center researchers using big data to predict immunotherapy responses
In the age of Big Data, cancer researchers are discovering new ways to monitor the effectiveness of immunotherapy treatments. (2018-08-08)
Hidden signs in cancer tissue
When scientists at ETH Zurich analysed huge amounts of genetic cancer data, they found previously unresearched molecular changes. (2018-08-08)
Cancer cells send out 'drones' to battle immune system from afar
Checkpoint inhibitor therapies have made metastatic melanoma and other cancers a survivable condition for 20 to 30 percent of treated patients, but clinicians have had very limited ways of knowing which patients will respond. (2018-08-08)
Computational platform optimizes multiple myeloma treatments
Masturah Bte Mohd Abdul Rashid and colleagues have developed a new platform that optimizes drug combinations for the treatment of multiple myeloma (MM), an incurable blood cancer. (2018-08-08)
Key aspects of human cell aging reversed by new compounds
Key aspects of the aging of human cells can be reversed by new compounds developed at the University of Exeter, research shows. (2018-08-07)
Sensor could help doctors select effective cancer therapy
MIT chemical engineers have developed a sensor that lets them see hydrogen peroxide inside cancer cells and determine whether they are responding to drugs that affect redox signaling. (2018-08-07)
Discovery of a new tumor suppressor previously thought to be an oncogene
A gene that has for decades been considered a tumor promoter, the PLK1 gene, can also perform the exact opposite function: halting the development of cancer. (2018-08-07)
Observing the mechanism of metastasis for the first time
The exact mechanisms for how broken cellular function appears in cells far removed from a cancer's primary tumor remain an area of ongoing research. (2018-08-07)
Research identifies new treatment targets in breast cancer
Scientists at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah (U of U), in collaboration with the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, have generated the first single cell resolution atlas of genes that control the formation of breast tissue. (2018-08-07)
Back to the future: breast cancer reprises pathways found in fetal cells
Salk Institute scientists have uncovered a reason for the uncanny likeness between cells in the most malignant cancers and the embryonic cells of the organ in which the cancer originated: cells in human basal-like breast cancers share features with the embryonic mammary (breast) stem cells that are the progenitors of all cell types in the mammary gland (of a mouse). (2018-08-07)
Reducing NOVA1 gene helps prevent tumor growth in most common type of lung cancer
Researchers have identified a gene that when inhibited or reduced, in turn, reduced or prevented human non-small cell lung cancer tumors from growing. (2018-08-06)
Solving its insolubility, researchers discover method to deliver curcumin to cancer cells
Scientists have discovered that curcumin to be an effective agent for killing cancer cells. (2018-08-06)
Mayo research team identifies genes that increase risk for triple-negative breast cancer
A research team led by Fergus Couch, Ph.D., a geneticist at Mayo Clinic, has identified specific genes associated with an increased risk for developing triple-negative breast cancer. (2018-08-06)
What role do inflammatory cytokines play in creating T cell exhaustion in cancer?
A better understanding of the role secreted inflammatory cytokines play in the tumor microenvironment that results in the differentiation of effector T cells into exhausted T cells points to possible approaches to improve the antitumor activity of T cells and to intervene in T cell exhaustion. (2018-08-03)
Key piece identified for slowing a colorectal cancer subtype
Inhibiting the Jagged 1 protein in mice prevents the proliferation and growth of colon and rectal tumours. (2018-08-02)
Mushrooms of the far east hold promise for the anti-cancer therapy
Mushrooms from the Far East area contain the natural chemical compounds, which could be used for the design of the novel drugs with highly specific anti-tumor activities and low-toxicity. (2018-08-02)
New method refines cell sample analysis
Innovation in the field of biomedicine: Researchers at the University of Zurich have developed a novel method which increases more than tenfold the number of proteins that can be visualized per sample, making it possible to generate a comprehensive map of cellular organization across the various cellular states. (2018-08-02)
Medical researchers from MSU suggested a new approach of targeted cancer therapy
A team from the Faculty of Medicine, MSU has analysed a link between the p53 protein, tumor dissemination and 'cell suicide' and discussed possible approaches to predict metastases development and their treatment. (2018-08-01)
Researchers uncover molecular mechanisms of rare skin disease
Scientists describe a group of proteins that protect cells from a subtype of human papilloma virus. (2018-08-01)
Microscopic imaging pierces the 'black box' of cancer bone metastasis
Scientists at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have engineered a system allowing microscopic monitoring and imaging of cancer that has spread to the bone in mice so they can better understand and develop treatment for bone metastasis in humans. (2018-08-01)
Nowhere to hide: Molecular probe illuminates elusive cancer stem cells in live mice
After a primary tumor is treated, cancer stem cells may still lurk in the body, ready to metastasize and cause a recurrence of the cancer in a form that's more aggressive and resistant to treatment. (2018-08-01)
Breast tissue tumor suppressor PTEN: A potential Achilles heel for breast cancer cells
A highly collaborative team of researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina and Ohio State University report in Nature Communications that they have identified a novel pathway for connective tissue PTEN in breast cancer cell response to radiotherapy. (2018-08-01)
Research into cell-to-cell signalling mechanism may lead to new cancer treatments
Pioneering new research into the way in which cells communicate with each other could hold the key to unlocking new, improved treatment for life-threatening diseases, including cancer. (2018-07-31)
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