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Discovery presents treatment hope for Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases
There is new hope for the treatment of Alzheimer's and other neurological diseases following a ground-breaking discovery made by an Australian-Chinese research collaboration. (2018-08-09)
Cellular self-destruction at 30 micrometers per minute
Like a wildfire spreading through a dry field, for cells, death comes in an unrelenting wave. (2018-08-09)
In apoptosis, cell death spreads through perpetuating waves, Stanford study finds
In a cell, death is akin to falling dominoes: One death-inducing molecule activates another, and so on, until the entire cell is shut down, a new Stanford study finds. (2018-08-09)
UToledo chemists discover how blue light speeds blindness
Blue light from digital devices and the sun transforms vital molecules in the eye's retina into cell killers, according to optical chemistry research at The University of Toledo. (2018-08-08)
Potential indicator for the early detection of dementias
Researchers at the University of Basel have discovered a factor that could support the early detection of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. (2018-08-07)
Enzyme helps build motor that drives neuron death
The process, discovered in the axons of neurons, is implicated in Alzheimer's, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, traumatic brain injury and other diseases or injuries to the nervous system. (2018-08-06)
New analysis estimates much higher death toll from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico
Due to differences in methods, there have been various estimates of the number of deaths in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria, which hit the island on Sept. (2018-08-02)
Death toll from Hurricane Maria estimated to be larger than previously thought
The number of people who died as a result of Hurricane Maria -- which hit Puerto Rico on Sept. (2018-08-02)
Researchers estimate higher death toll from Hurricane Maria than previously thought
The number of people who died as a result of Hurricane Maria -- which hit Puerto Rico on Sept. (2018-08-02)
Medical researchers from MSU suggested a new approach of targeted cancer therapy
A team from the Faculty of Medicine, MSU has analysed a link between the p53 protein, tumor dissemination and 'cell suicide' and discussed possible approaches to predict metastases development and their treatment. (2018-08-01)
Study: Alzheimer's drug may stop disease if used before symptoms develop
Biologists have gained new understanding of how Alzheimer's disease begins, and how it might be halted using a current medication. (2018-08-01)
How chronic infections can outsmart the immune system
Second leading cause of death by parasitic infection, visceral leishmaniasis takes advantage of a mechanism to sustain the infection. (2018-07-31)
A reliable, easy-to-use mouse model for investigating bone metastasis
Researchers at Tokyo Tech propose an improved mouse model that could revolutionize bone metastasis research. (2018-07-30)
Risk of later death after donor blood, marrow transplant in childhood
Patients who had donor blood or marrow transplants during childhood continue to be at increased risk of premature death even years after the procedure compared with the general population, although the rate of later death among these transplant patients has decreased over the last three decades. (2018-07-26)
Study show PD-1 role in maintaining stem cell function
At the 96th General Session of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR), held in conjunction with the IADR Pan European Regional (PER) Congress, Yao Liu, China Medical University, Taiwan, Province of China gave an oral presentation titled 'PD-1 is Required to Dental Pulp Stem Cell Properties.' (2018-07-25)
Abnormal gene copying seen in tauopathy fruit fly models
A phenomenon by which genes clone themselves and paste their copies into other parts of DNA is drawing the attention of Alzheimer's disease researchers at UT Health San Antonio. (2018-07-23)
Aggressive immune cells aggravate Parkinson's disease
Parkinson's disease, formerly also referred to as shaking palsy, is one of the most frequent disorders affecting movement and the nervous system. (2018-07-19)
Study offers strategies to prevent death by suicide in patients with cancer
In addition to focusing on curing or prolonging the life of patients with cancer, it is important to also address mental health aspects of cancer care, especially because there is an elevated incidence of death by suicide in this patient population. (2018-07-18)
Traumatic brain injury biomarker shows promise to support rapid damage evaluation and predict outcomes
A new study in The American Journal of Pathology found that a brain lipid molecule, lysophosphatidic acid (LPA), was significantly increased after traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a preclinical animal model. (2018-07-16)
High-stakes cellular process critical to small intestine development
A new study examining how the developing small intestine grows in mice found a surprising sequence of cellular events akin to a death-defying, high-wire circus performance in order for the organ to reach a proper length. (2018-07-16)
'Invisible' stool blood linked to heightened risk of death from all causes
'Invisible' blood detected in the stools is linked to a heightened risk of death from all causes, as well as from bowel cancer, reveals research published online in the journal Gut. (2018-07-16)
UMBC researchers develop nanoparticles to reduce internal bleeding caused by blast trauma
Currently, there are no treatments available to address internal bleeding in the field but early intervention is key or survival and better outcomes. (2018-07-13)
How Mycobacterium tuberculosis escapes death in macrophages
The bacteria that cause the devastating disease tuberculosis have the ability to escape destruction and grow after they are engulfed by lung macrophages, the immune cells that are supposed to destroy pathogens. (2018-07-10)
Stem cells restore function in primate heart-failure study
Human stem cells have been successfully used to restore heart function in monkeys with heart failure. (2018-07-02)
Nanoaggregation on command
A combination of natural microtubules and synthetic macrocyclic receptors allows for the light-controlled, reversible aggregation of the microtubules into larger nanostructures. (2018-06-28)
Far 'over-the-hill' lies the plateau of human mortality
Above age 105, the rise in risk of death by age slows -- and even plateaus -- according to a new study, one that provides valuable insight into one of the most fundamental questions of human aging; Is there a fixed maximum lifespan for humans? (2018-06-28)
CAR-T immunotherapies may have a new player
Emerging CAR-T immunotherapies leverage modified versions of patient's T-cells to target and kill cancer cells. (2018-06-28)
Seeing the same doctor is a matter of life and death
The first ever systematic review of the relationship between death rates and continuity of care concludes that seeing the same doctor over time is lined to lower mortality rates. (2018-06-28)
What does fitness in midlife mean for depression, cardiovascular disease later in life?
A high level of fitness in midlife was associated with a lower risk of depression after age 65 and a lower risk of cardiovascular death, including after a diagnosis of depression. (2018-06-27)
Men with aggressive prostate cancer may get new powerful drug option
A double-blind, randomized phase III trial shows a drug currently used to treat men with metastatic, advanced prostate cancer significantly lowered the risk of metastasis or death when used in men with non-metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer and a rising PSA level. (2018-06-27)
Zika in high resolution
The highest-resolution image yet of the Zika virus, or any enveloped virus thus far, appears June 26 in the journal Structure. (2018-06-26)
A new link between cancer and aging
Human lung cancer cells resist dying by controlling parts of the aging process, according to findings published online May 10th in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. (2018-06-26)
T-cell leukaemia: Cancer cells take advantage of 'survival protein'
Cancer researchers at KU Leuven have shown that some patients with T-cell leukaemia produce too much of the BCL-2 protein. (2018-06-25)
Novel therapy makes oxidative stress deadly to cancer
Oxidative stress can help tumors thrive, but one way novel cancer treatments work is by pushing levels to the point where it instead helps them die, scientists report. (2018-06-21)
Human immune 'trigger' map paves way for better treatments
A discovery about how human cells are 'triggered' to undergo an inflammatory type of cell death could have implications for treating cancer, stroke and tissue injury, and immune disorders. (2018-06-21)
Opening up a drug delivery route -- Discovery of a new vehicle peptide
The bottleneck of cationic antimicrobial peptides as anticancer therapeutics is their limited ability to penetrate cell membranes. (2018-06-21)
DNA enzyme shuffles cell membranes a thousand times faster than its natural counterpart
A new synthetic enzyme, crafted from DNA rather than protein, flips lipid molecules within the cell membrane, triggering a signal pathway that could be harnessed to induce cell death in cancer cells. (2018-06-21)
Causes of subsequent death for patients after nonfatal opioid overdose
Adults who survive an opioid overdose are at high risk of dying during the year after the incident of substance use-associated diseases, suicide and other medical conditions. (2018-06-20)
Scientists show that drugs targeting tumor metabolism will not stop Natural Killer cells
The scientists discovered that while glutamine is a key fuel for many tumors, it is not so for natural killer cells. (2018-06-14)
Discovery shines light on the mystery of cell death in MS
Researchers at the University of Alberta have discovered a unique process of brain cell death that affects the cells that are most vulnerable in multiple sclerosis (MS). (2018-06-12)
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