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Food systems planning experts say it's time to reflect on local governments' efforts
Special issue of peer-reviewed journal addresses key questions in food systems planning efforts. (2018-10-18)
Eating with your eyes: Virtual reality can alter taste
Humans not only relish the sweet, savory and saltiness of foods, but they are influenced by the environment in which they eat. (2018-10-15)
Fast, accurate estimation of the Earth's magnetic field for natural disaster detection
Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have applied machine-learning techniques to achieve fast, accurate estimates of local geomagnetic fields using data taken at multiple observation points, potentially allowing detection of changes caused by earthquakes and tsunamis. (2018-10-13)
Wild chimpanzees share food with their friends
Why share food with non-family members when there is no immediate gain? (2018-10-10)
Aussie telescope almost doubles known number of mysterious 'fast radio bursts'
Australian astronomers have nearly doubled the known number of 'fast radio bursts'-- powerful flashes of radio waves from deep space. (2018-10-10)
Study firms up diet and depression link
In an unusual experiment, James Cook University researchers in Australia have found that among Torres Strait Islander people the amount of fish and processed food eaten is related to depression. (2018-10-09)
Unmasking corrosion to design better protective thin films for metals
Corrosion of metals is an age-old problem, but they are normally protected from catastrophic damage by naturally forming, super-thin oxide films. (2018-10-03)
New research shows the multiple factors which determine how quickly diabetes progresses
New research presented at this year's annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) reveals the factors that influence the rate of progression of type 2 diabetes (T2D) which may explain why it varies so much between individuals. (2018-10-02)
Attosecond pulse leads to highest molecular level probe resolution
Devising a source of ultra-fast X-ray pulsating in the attosecond range is no mean feat. (2018-10-01)
Designing a more productive corn able to cope with future climates
An international research team has found they can increase corn productivity by targeting the enzyme in charge of capturing CO2 from the atmosphere. (2018-10-01)
Research brief: A look at 377 metros -- can local food product meet local household demand?
Many US cities have established goals to increase local food self-reliance, suggesting that metropolitan areas do not produce enough food to support local household demand. (2018-10-01)
Despite restaurant pledges, most kids receive unhealthy items with fast-food kids' meals
A new UConn Rudd Center study of parents' fast-food restaurant purchases for their children finds that 74 percent of kids still receive unhealthy drinks and/or side items with their kids' meals when visiting one of the four largest restaurant chains -- McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, and Subway -- despite restaurants' commitments to offer healthier options with kids' meals. (2018-09-27)
Efficient generation of high-density plasma enabled by high magnetic field
An international joint research group led by Osaka University demonstrated that it was possible to efficiently heat plasma by focusing a relativistic electron beam (REB) accelerated by a high-intensity short-pulse laser with the application of a magnetic field of 600 tesla (T), about 600 times greater than the magnetic energy of a neodymium magnet (the strongest permanent magnet). (2018-09-26)
African swine fever: No risk to consumers
The African swine fever (ASF) that is currently rife in Europe does not pose a health hazard to humans. (2018-09-26)
Cocoa: a tasty source of vitamin D?
Many people do not get enough vitamin D. Brittle bones and an increased risk of respiratory diseases can be the result of a vitamin D deficiency. (2018-09-25)
Desert ants have an amazing odor memory
Desert ants can quickly learn many different food odors and remember them for the rest of their lives. (2018-09-24)
Researchers successfully train employees to respond to opioid overdose, administer naloxone
A small study shows that business managers and staff -- such as those running coffee shops and fast-food restaurants -- can be trained to reverse opioid overdoses, which are known to occur in public bathrooms. (2018-09-21)
Basking sharks can jump as high and as fast as great whites
These gentle giants, which can grow up to 10 m in length, have been recorded jumping out of the water as high and as fast as great white sharks. (2018-09-20)
'Gut sense' is hardwired, not hormonal
Searching for a more direct connection between the gut and the brain, Duke researchers were shocked to see that distance spanned by a single synapse, relaying the signal in less than 100 milliseconds, less than the blink of an eye. (2018-09-20)
Chitinase as 'burnt-bridge' Brownian monorail efficiently hydrolyzing recalcitrant biomass
Serratia marcescens Chitinase A (SmChiA) is a molecular motor efficiently hydrolyzing recalcitrant crystalline chitin by moving on the surface processively. (2018-09-19)
Research shows that busy people make healthier choices
A busy mindset can be leveraged to promote better self-control. (2018-09-18)
Soil holds the secret to mitigating climate change
New research from Michigan State University suggests that crop yields and the global food supply chain can be preserved by harnessing the critical, and often overlooked, partner in food supply -- soil. (2018-09-17)
Social class determines how the unemployed talk about food insecurity
'Cherry Blossom,' a 39-year-old woman worked as a hotel breakfast bar hostess around the start of the 'Great Recession.' She lost her job, and three years later she was being interviewed to assess her struggles with her unemployment. (2018-09-13)
Change your diet to save both water and your health
Shifting to a healthy diet is not only good for us, but it also saves a lot of fresh water, according to a new study by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC), published in Nature Sustainability. (2018-09-10)
Artificial intelligence helps track down mysterious cosmic radio bursts
Fast radio bursts are powerful blasts of energy from across the cosmos caused by unknown events, perhaps emissions from a collapsed and highly magnetized neutron star. (2018-09-10)
Burly bird gets the worm
The pecking order of garden birds is determined by their size and weight, new research shows. (2018-09-05)
Fast vs slow water: explaining the fragile-to-strong transition
A Japanese research team led by The University of Tokyo investigated the fragile-to-strong transition of water. (2018-09-04)
New research shows how children want their food served
Getting children to eat their food is a challenge for many parents and new research from Future Consumer Lab at the Department of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen could help. (2018-09-03)
A breakthrough for Australia's fish
A research team from the Threatened Species Recovery Hub has made a breakthrough that could help dwindling numbers of Australian freshwater fish species. (2018-09-02)
WSU Spokane researchers develop potential drugs to help curb smoking
Washington State University researchers have created more than a dozen candidate drugs with the potential to curb smokers' desire for nicotine by slowing how it is broken down in the body. (2018-08-28)
Few people at risk for heart disease understand food labels
An Irish survey of 200 men and women examines awareness, understanding, and use of food labels in preventing lifestyle-related disease in a primary care setting. (2018-08-28)
The more pesticides bees eat, the more they like them
Bumblebees acquire a taste for pesticide-laced food as they become more exposed to it, a behavior showing possible symptoms of addiction. (2018-08-28)
Food insecurity leads to higher mortality risk, a new study finds
A wide array of negative health outcomes have been associated with food insecurity including diabetes, depression, and cardiovascular disease. (2018-08-27)
Fast visible-UV light nanobelt photodetector
Here, we report a fast-response CdSCdSxTe1-x-CdTe core-shell nanobelt photodetector with a rise time of 11 μs, which is the fastest among CdS based photodetectors reported previously. (2018-08-22)
Newly identified structure in lymph nodes was 'hiding in plain sight'
For the first time in decades, researchers have identified a new 'micro-organ' within the immune system -- and they say it's an important step towards understanding how to make better vaccines. (2018-08-22)
Why are young adults wasting so much food? Study looks at perceptions and food behaviors
Researchers at the University of Illinois wanted to get a better idea why 18- to 24-year-olds, especially college students, have a higher tendency to waste food, and how their residence type--on or off campus--plays a role. (2018-08-22)
Parrots' economics
An economic decision-making involves weighing up differently beneficial alternatives to maximise profits. (2018-08-22)
Listeria surveillance: New EU-wide study reveals that most outbreaks remain undetected
More than half of the severe listeriosis cases in the European Union belong to clusters, many of which are not being picked up fast enough by the current surveillance system, suggests a new article published in Eurosurveillance. (2018-08-20)
Research brief: UMN researchers use green gold to rapidly detect and identify harmful bacteria
Researchers from the University of Minnesota (UMN) have developed a method to screen and identify harmful or antibiotic-resistant bacteria within one hour using a portable luminometer. (2018-08-14)
Another step forward on universal quantum computer
Researchers have demonstrated holonomic quantum gates under zero-magnetic field at room temperature, which will enable the realization of fast and fault-tolerant universal quantum computers. (2018-08-13)
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