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Gene editing technology may improve accuracy of predicting individuals' heart disease risk
Gene-editing technology may help scientists discern whether genetic variations with undetermined effects are harmless or dangerous. (2018-06-18)
Heart disease sufferers not exercizing enough
Evidence shows that people with existing heart problems or who are at risk of developing them, are ignoring medical advice and not taking enough exercise. (2018-06-18)
Study: Patients maintain muscle mass five years after surgically-induced weight loss
Newly-published research provides important evidence supporting the long-term safety and viability of bariatric surgery. (2018-06-14)
The molecules that energize babies' hearts
A metabolic process that provides heart muscle with energy fails to mature in newborns with thickened heart walls, according to a Japan-Canada research team. (2018-06-14)
Girls with high level of vitamin D have stronger muscles
Girls are stronger with higher levels of vitamin D, but the association was not found in boys. (2018-06-14)
Novel microplate 3D bioprinting platform for muscle & tendon tissue engineering
New research describes the development of a novel screening platform with automated production of 3D muscle- and tendon-like tissues using 3D bioprinting. (2018-06-13)
Getting to the heart of congenital cardiac defects
Heart defects are the most common type of birth defect, and can be caused by mutations in the gene CHD4. (2018-06-12)
'Therepi' device attaches to heart
A team of researchers is hoping to halt the progression from heart attack to heart failure with a small device called 'Therepi.' The device contains a reservoir that attaches directly to the damaged heart tissue. (2018-06-11)
Implantable device delivers drugs straight to the heart
A refillable, implantable device, sits directly on the heart and delivers drugs and other therapies to treat the after-effects of a heart attack. (2018-06-11)
New target for treating heart failure identified by Penn Medicine researchers
Changes in cellular struts called microtubules (MT) can affect the stiffness of diseased human heart muscle cells, and reversing these modifications can lessen the stiffness and improve the beating strength of these cells isolated from transplant patients with heart failure. (2018-06-11)
A hydrogel restores breathing after spinal cord injury in animal models
Lab tests demonstrate that a hydrogel could help repair damaged spinal nerves that control breathing, an advance that could eventually be developed into new patient treatment. (2018-06-11)
The surgical management of Ebstein anomaly
In the current issue of Cardiovascular Innovations and Applications (Volume3, Number 1, 2018, pp. pp. (2018-06-10)
Left ventricular systolic function after pulmonary valve replacement
In the current issue of Cardiovascular Innovations and Applications (Volume 3, Number 1, 2018, pp. pp. (2018-06-10)
Heart transplantation for adult CHD: Overview and special considerations
In the current issue of Cardiovascular Innovations and Applications (Volume 3, Number 1, 2018, pp. pp. (2018-06-10)
Loneliness is bad for the heart
Loneliness is bad for the heart and a strong predictor of premature death, according to a study presented today at EuroHeartCare 2018, the European Society of Cardiology's annual nursing congress. (2018-06-09)
Increased safety in diagnosing cardiac infarction with more sensitive analytical method
Five percent more cardiac infarctions detected and 11 percent fewer patients suffering a relapse. (2018-06-08)
Scientists ID source of damaging inflammation after heart attack
Scientists have zeroed in on a culprit that spurs damaging inflammation in the heart following a heart attack. (2018-06-07)
FASEB Journal: Caloric intake and muscle mass at high altitude
New research in The FASEB Journal explored why a group of young, healthy adults residing at high altitude lost muscle mass while severely underfed and consuming the same high-protein diet that preserved muscle during weight loss at sea level. (2018-06-07)
Synthetic cannabis ('spice', 'k2') use may boost stroke risk in young users
Synthetic cannabis, also popularly known as 'spice' or 'k2,' may boost the risk of a stroke in young users, warn US doctors writing in the journal BMJ Case Reports. (2018-06-07)
Cockpit protection (halo) to boost racing driver safety may affect steering accuracy
The cockpit protection system fitted to racing cars, known as halo, may affect the driver's head position and motion, possibly compromising steering accuracy, suggest the results of a simulation test, using a similar structure, and published in the journal BMJ Case Reports. (2018-06-07)
Children from older mothers more likely to have heart risks
New research published in The Journal of Physiology demonstrates that adult offspring born to older mothers are more susceptible to heart risks in later life. (2018-06-07)
Excess zinc in muscles contributes to wasting syndrome in cancer
A new study from Columbia University suggests that an overload of zinc in muscle leads to a debilitating wasting syndrome in cancer patients. (2018-06-06)
Major heart attacks are more deadly during colder months
Heart attacks are more likely to kill you in the winter than in the summer, according to new research presented at the British Cardiovascular Society Conference in Manchester today. (2018-06-05)
Polarized cells give the heart its fully developed form
When it first starts to develop, the heart is a simple tube. (2018-06-04)
Upgrading the toolbox for Duchenne muscular dystrophy research with a new rabbit model
Research to improve our understanding of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), and the development of new therapies, has previously relied on mouse models. (2018-06-04)
High-sensitivity troponin test reduces risk of future heart attack
The newer high-sensitivity troponin test discovers smaller amounts of heart-specific proteins, troponins, than the older troponin test and thus identifies more myocardial infarction patients than before. (2018-06-04)
Inflammatory signals in heart muscle cells linked to atrial fibrillation
Interfering with inflammatory signals produced by heart muscle cells might someday provide novel therapeutic strategies for atrial fibrillation, according to an international team of researchers. (2018-06-04)
Heart attack blood test sensitive enough to be used in portable device
A new blood test being developed to diagnose heart attacks could one day be carried out on a simple handheld device, giving a rapid diagnosis in A&E departments without the need for samples to be sent to a lab, according to new research presented today at the British Cardiovascular Society Conference in Manchester. (2018-06-04)
Regular exercise may be more beneficial for men than post-menopausal women
The blood vessels of middle-aged men and women adapt differently to regular exercise according to new research being presented today at the British Cardiovascular Society conference in Manchester. (2018-06-04)
'Multiomics' and the newborn mouse heart
The heart of a neonatal mouse is capable of self-repair after tissue damage. (2018-06-01)
The link between handgrip strength and healthy lungs in older women
Research has linked handgrip strength to other health problems in older adults. (2018-05-31)
Green tea molecule could prevent heart attacks
Scientists from Lancaster University and the University of Leeds have discovered that a compound found in green tea, currently being studied for its ability to reduce amyloid plaques in the brain in Alzheimer's disease, also breaks up and dissolves potentially dangerous protein plaques found in the blood vessels. (2018-05-31)
The brain is able to anticipate painful movements following injury
When people are injured, how does the brain adapt the body's movements to help avoid pain? (2018-05-31)
High protein diet slightly increases heart failure risk in middle-aged men
For middle-aged men, eating higher amounts of protein was associated with a slightly elevated risk for heart failure than those who ate less protein, according to new research from the University of Eastern Finland. (2018-05-30)
New review highlights benefits of plant-based diets for heart health
A new review study published in Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases finds that vegetarian, especially vegan diets, are associated with better cardiovascular health. (2018-05-30)
Cometh the cyborg: improved integration of living muscles into robots
Researchers at the University of Tokyo Institute of Industrial Science developed a novel method of growing whole muscles from hydrogel sheets impregnated with myoblasts. (2018-05-30)
Surgical technique improves sensation, control of prosthetic limb
An MIT study describes first human implementation of a surgical technique that improves a patient's sensation and control of a prosthetic limb. (2018-05-30)
High protein diet associated with small increased heart failure risk in middle-aged men
For middle-aged men, eating higher amounts of protein was associated with a slightly elevated risk for heart failure than those who ate less protein. (2018-05-29)
'Second brain' neurons keep colon moving
Millions of neurons in the gastrointestinal tract coordinate their activity to generate the muscle contractions that propel waste through the last leg of the digestive system, according to a study of isolated mouse colons published in the Journal of Neuroscience. (2018-05-29)
High-risk, undertreated mystery heart attacks occurring more commonly in women
A mysterious type of heart attack known as MINOCA is more common and poses a higher risk than previously thought, especially for women, according to a new University of Alberta study. (2018-05-29)
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