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Antimalarial treatments less effective in severely malnourished children
Researchers have found that severe malnutrition is associated with lower exposure to the antimalarial drug lumefantrine in children treated with artemether-lumefantrine, the most common treatment for uncomplicated falciparum malaria. (2019-07-24)
Characteristics in older patients associated with inability to return home after operation
The ACS NSQIP Geriatric Surgery Pilot Project has, for the first time, identified four factors in older patients that are associated with an inability to return home after an operation. (2019-07-22)
For malnourished children, new therapeutic food boosts gut microbes, healthy development
A new type of therapeutic food, specifically designed to repair the gut microbiomes of malnourished children, is superior to standard therapy in an initial clinical trial conducted in Bangladesh. (2019-07-11)
Designing a diet to repair the gut after childhood malnutrition
Jeanette Gehrig and colleagues have designed a diet that can help digestive tracts damaged by acute childhood malnutrition develop a mature gut microbial community, necessary for proper growth and functioning. (2019-07-11)
Nutrition is the missing ingredient in home health today, new study shows
For nearly 5 million Americans a year, home healthcare is critical as they recover from illness or injury. (2019-06-24)
Adequate protein intake associates with lower risk of frailty
Adequate intake of protein is associated with a reduced risk of frailty and prefrailty in older women, according to a new study from the University of Eastern Finland and Kuopio University Hospital. (2019-06-18)
Just a phage? How bacteria's predators can shape the gut microbiome
A phage can have a profound impact on the dynamics of the gut microbiome, not only affecting certain species directly but also having a cascading effect on others. (2019-06-06)
Texture-modified foods for people with dysphagia
Eight percent of the population suffer dysphagia or difficulty in swallowing food and this could rise to 80% among the elderly or in cases of neurodegenerative diseases. (2019-05-28)
Study explains why some parasitic worms persist in people
A new study co-led by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln may explain why some people struggle to expel parasitic worms that infect their intestines. (2019-05-21)
Malnourished fruit flies preserve genital size to ensure reproductive success
Researchers report that male 'genital sparing' in fruit flies during times of inadequate nutrition is due to lower levels of a negative growth factor called FOXO in the genitals and that this phenomenon helps preserve reproductive success. (2019-05-16)
Individual nutrition shows benefits in hospital patients
Individualized nutrition not only causes hospital patients to consume more protein and calories, but also improves clinical treatment outcomes. (2019-04-25)
2019 Global Food Policy Report: Crises in rural areas threatens progress in hunger and poverty reduction
IFPRI's 2019 Global Food Policy Report highlights the urgency of rural revitalization to address the crisis in rural areas. (2019-03-27)
African-Americans more likely to be misdiagnosed with schizophrenia, Rutgers study finds
African-Americans with severe depression are more likely to be misdiagnosed as having schizophrenia, according to a new Rutgers study. (2019-03-21)
Lowering lactose and carbs in milk does not help severely malnourished children
Treating hospitalized, severely malnourished children with a lactose-free, reduced-carbohydrate milk formula does not improve clinical outcomes, according to a study published Feb. (2019-02-26)
Hospital patients are leaving their plates half full and it's putting their lives at risk, study shows
The largest analysis to date of US hospital malnutrition prevalence confirms one in three adults are at risk. (2019-01-29)
Nutritional status in adolescent girls
In the current issue of Family Medicine and Community Health, Smitha Malenahalli Chandrashekarappa et al. consider socio-demographic variables that might be contributing to malnutrition in the age group between 16-19 years (late adolescence). (2019-01-04)
Austerity results in 'social murder' according to new research
The consequence of austerity in the social security system -- severe cuts to benefits and the 'ratcheting up' of conditions attached to benefits -- is 'social murder', according to new research by Lancaster University. (2018-12-19)
Malnutrition in children with Crohn's Disease increases risk for post-operative complication
Results of a medical records study of children with Crohn's disease by Johns Hopkins researchers have added substantial evidence for a strong and direct link between malnutrition and increased risk of surgical complications and poor outcomes. (2018-12-17)
Exploring ways to reduce child deaths in low-income countries
In Mozambique, the probability of dying in the first month after hospital discharge is high, particularly for babies under three months of age, shows a study led by ISGlobal. (2018-12-14)
Transforming our food system to ensure a sustainable future
By 2050, the world will have almost 10 billion people. (2018-12-06)
Insufficient nutrition during fetal development may lead to early menopause
Previous studies have demonstrated that fetal malnutrition can lead to adult chronic disorders such as type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease. (2018-12-05)
Tooth loss can indicate malnutrition, Rutgers study says
Older adults are at risk for both impaired oral health and malnutrition, according to a study by Rutgers University researchers. (2018-10-25)
First automated malnutrition screen implemented for hospitalized children
A team of clinicians, dietitians and researchers has created an innovative automated program to screen for malnutrition in hospitalized children, providing daily alerts to healthcare providers so they can quickly intervene with appropriate treatment. (2018-10-09)
Lessons from the 1918 flu pandemic, 100 years on
With flu season nearly upon us, a new study looks at the factors behind the extremely high mortality of the 1918 flu pandemic and how to prepare for future outbreaks. (2018-10-08)
We have more than enough calories, but what about other nutrients?
A new study is the first to quantitatively map the flow of energy, protein, fat, essential amino acids and micronutrients from 'field-to-fork' at a global level and identify hotspots where nutrients are lost. (2018-09-14)
Global nutrition group issues first-ever consensus criteria for diagnosing malnutrition
Despite the serious concern associated with malnutrition's adverse outcomes and cost, no single existing approach to malnutrition diagnosis has achieved broad global acceptance. (2018-09-10)
Marriage protects against malnutrition in old age
More and more elderly people are suffering from malnutrition. People who are unmarried, separated or divorced are most often affected, whilst men and women who are either married or widowed tend to take better care of themselves. (2018-09-05)
The Lancet: Armed conflicts may have contributed to 5 million under-5 deaths in Africa over 20 years, study suggests
New estimates published in The Lancet suggest that armed conflicts across the continent of Africa may have resulted in the deaths of as many as 5 million children aged under 5 years between 1995 and 2015, and claimed the lives of over 3 million infants aged one year or younger -- a burden several times higher than previous estimates. (2018-08-30)
Chronic malnutrition in children: A new gut microbial signature
The Afribiota project, led by the Institut Pasteur in Paris, in Madagascar and in Bangui, in collaboration with the University of British Colombia, Inserm and Coll├Ęge de France, was set up to advance our understanding of the underlying mechanisms of chronic malnutrition. (2018-08-24)
New research proposes using local data in resolving malnutrition
Kwashiorkor, one of the most extreme forms of malnutrition, is estimated to affect more than a hundred thousand children annually. (2018-08-23)
Study shows children with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis can be treated
The results of a large, international systematic review published in the journal PLOS Medicine show that tuberculosis treatment is successful in children with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB). (2018-08-21)
Troubled waters
Research concludes that wealthy nations are responsible for almost all of trackable industrial fishing across the global oceans. (2018-08-01)
New study finds that aging can make it more difficult to swallow
As adults age, they all experience a natural loss of muscle mass and function. (2018-07-26)
War, lack of democracy and urbanisation contribute to double burden of malnutrition in adolescents in developing countries
A new study from the University of Warwick blames macro-level factors for the double burden of malnutrition among adolescents in developing countries. (2018-06-27)
Our intestinal microbiome influences metabolism -- through the immune system
The innate immune system, our first line of defense against bacterial infection, has a side job that's equally important: fine-tuning our metabolism. (2018-06-21)
Non-dairy drinks can be dangerous for infants
A brief report published in Acta Paediatrica points to the dangers of replacing breast milk or infant formula with a non-dairy drink before one year of age. (2018-06-20)
New research shows why nutrition should be back on the table for surgical patients
Implementing a nutrition care program for malnourished surgical patients showed a nearly 50 percent reduction in readmission rates, according to new data from Advocate Health Care and Abbott. (2018-06-20)
Pollution hits the fungi that nourish European trees
Pollution is changing the fungi that provide mineral nutrients to tree roots, which could explain malnutrition trends in Europe's trees. (2018-06-06)
Brain size mediates the association between height and cognitive ability
Several studies have found that height and general cognitive ability, or intelligence, are positively associated. (2018-05-13)
Vitamin D improves weight gain and brain development in malnourished children
High dose vitamin D supplements improve weight gain and the development of language and motor skills in malnourished children, according to a study led by University of the Punjab, Pakistan, and Queen Mary University of London. (2018-05-01)
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