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Facebook can help college students with lower confidence build relationships
Facebook can help first-semester college students maintain relationships with high school friends and assist them in creating new friendships, according to new research from Binghamton University, State University of New York. (2019-07-23)
Too much screen time for the kids? Grandparents may also be complicit
A new study by Rutgers and other researchers finds that today's grandparents are still true to their traditional fun-loving image -- allowing their grandchildren, while under their supervision, to spend about half of their time on a mobile phone, tablet, computer or TV. (2019-07-08)
Tweeting while watching TV diminishes enjoyment
The most significant impact of two-screen experience was on viewers' ability to 'transport' into the narrative and become immersed in the televised story. (2019-07-02)
Can Facebook improve your mental health?
Contrary to popular belief, using social media and the internet regularly could improve mental health among adults and help fend off serious psychological distress, such as depression and anxiety, finds a new Michigan State University study. (2019-06-26)
Social media use contributing to poor mental health in Indonesia, research finds
Social media use is contributing to poor mental health in Indonesia, research presented in a paper by Sujarwoto Sujarwoto, Gindo Tampubolon and Adi Cilik Pierewan has found. (2019-06-17)
Global atlas of kidney health release on April 12 at World Congress of Nephrology
A global study of the burden of kidney disease will be released at the World Congress of Nephrology on Friday, April 12. (2019-04-07)
The whisper room: Moderates on Twitter are losing their voice
MU researcher finds that partisan users form highly partisan social networks on Twitter, moderate users -- or those less politically engaged -- continue to avoid politics, potentially creating an important void on social media. (2019-04-03)
Digital device overload linked to obesity risk
If your attention gets diverted in different directions by smartphones and other digital devices, take note: Media multitasking has now been linked to obesity. (2019-04-02)
New study highlights the influence social media has on children's food intake
New University of Liverpool research, published in Pediatrics, highlights the negative influence that social media has on children's food intake. (2019-03-04)
Electronic 'word of mouth' useful in detecting, predicting fashion trends
According to new research from the University of Missouri, social media hashtags could be the tool fashion designers use to forecast trends in the industry to better connect with consumers. (2019-02-26)
Negative experiences on social media tied to higher odds of feeling lonely
Positive interactions on social media are not making young adults feel more connected, whereas negative experiences increase the likelihood of them reporting loneliness. (2019-01-22)
Excessive social media use is comparable to drug addiction
Bad decision-making is a trait oftentimes associated with drug addicts and pathological gamblers, but what about people who excessively use social media? (2019-01-10)
Negative social media behaviors may be associated with depression in millennials
Certain social media factors were linked with major depressive disorder (MDD) in a Journal of Applied Biobehavioural Research study of millennials. (2019-01-09)
Adults with cerebral palsy at increased risk of depression, anxiety
While cerebral palsy is considered a pediatric condition because it develops and is diagnosed in early childhood, it is a lifelong condition with the majority of children living into adulthood. (2018-12-28)
Do personality traits of compulsive users of social media overlap with problem drinking?
A study published in the Australian Journal of Psychology found certain similarities and differences in personality traits when comparing compulsive use of social media with problematic or risky alcohol use. (2018-12-19)
Journalists can restore media trust
In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers discovered journalists can increase media trust by speaking out in defense of their profession, while also doing more fact checking. (2018-12-10)
Social media for medical journals operates in 'wild west,' needs more support to succeed
In this first study to examine social media editor roles at medical journals, researchers at Northwestern Medicine found that while medical journals are using social media more to extend the reach of new research, the responsibilities and measures of success for these roles aren't well defined or supported. (2018-10-18)
Going viral: Investors pay more attention to social media stocks
What is the value of a social media firm? Paying attention to what investors tune into keeps a finger on the pulse of market fluctuations. (2018-09-19)
Disparities in geographic distribution of dermatologists
Disparities exist in the geographic distribution of dermatologists across the United States in this study of county-level data from 1995 to 2013. (2018-09-05)
Patient motivations behind cosmetic procedures
What motivates patients to seek minimally invasive cosmetic procedures? Most patients want the procedures to please themselves, not others, and, apart from aesthetic appearance to look younger and fresher, patient motivations ranged from physical health and psychological well-being to looking good at work and increasing self-confidence. (2018-08-15)
Was brief dermatologist intervention associated with patient behavior, satisfaction?
A short intervention by dermatologists to assess patients' risk of sun exposure, discuss their motivations and barriers regarding sun protection, and offer advice on sun protection options was associated with better sun protection behavior reported by patients and more satisfaction communicating with their dermatologist. (2018-08-08)
Is there an association between more frequent use of digital media by teens and symptoms of ADHD?
Frequent use of digital media may be associated with the development of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms in adolescence but more research is needed to know if the association is causal. (2018-07-17)
Is risk for inner ear disorders higher in people with history of migraines?
A study of health insurance claims data from Taiwan suggests there may be increased risk of inner ear disorders, especially ringing in the ears, among patients with a history of migraines than those without. (2018-07-12)
Preoperative opioid use by patients having surgery
Nearly 1 in 4 patients undergoing surgery at an academic medical center reported preoperative opioid use in a study of about 34,000 patients who underwent surgery from 2010-2016. (2018-07-11)
What is association of infant sleep, early introduction of solid foods?
Infants waking during the night is a reason some British mothers introduce solid foods earlier than recommended by the British government, which advises exclusive breastfeeding for about six months. (2018-07-09)
Cost-effectiveness study of risk-based screenings for breast cancer
A cost-effectiveness study used a hypothetical group of women in the United Kingdom to compare risk-based breast cancer screening programs with a standard age-based screening program and no screening. (2018-07-05)
Visual impairment associated with a decline in cognitive function
Worsening vision and declining cognitive function are common conditions among older people. (2018-06-28)
Are portable music players associated with hearing loss in children?
The effect of portable music players on the hearing of children is unclear. (2018-06-14)
Is topical rapamycin effective, safe to treat facial lesions?
Facial angiofibromas are disfiguring growths and these lesions occur in most people with tuberous sclerosis complex, a genetic disorder where growths can appear throughout the body. Current treatments for these facial growths include laser surgery, cryotherapy, dermabrasion and other similar procedures that can be painful and cause scarring but can't prevent recurrence of the lesions.The results of a clinical trial of 179 patients showed improvement in the appearance of these lesions with the use of topical rapamycin. (2018-05-23)
Young toddlers may learn more from interactive than noninteractive media
Preschoolers can learn from educational television, but younger toddlers may learn more from interactive digital media (such as video chats and touchscreen mobile apps) than from TV and videos alone, which don't require them to interact. (2018-05-22)
What effect do new guidelines have on prevalence of high blood pressure in children?
More US children are considered to have elevated blood pressure under new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics. (2018-04-23)
Using artificial intelligence to investigate illegal wildlife trade on social media
Illegal wildlife trade is one of the biggest threats to biodiversity conservation and is currently expanding to social media. (2018-03-12)
World's largest ivory burn delivered a strong message -- but who received it?
Media coverage of the torching of huge caches of ivory presented a strong message against elephant poaching and ivory trade, but many of those who needed to hear it most may not have received it, an international study has found. (2018-03-05)
Social media does not decrease face-to-face interactions, MU study finds
Now, researchers at the University of Missouri and the University of Kansas have found that social media use has no significant negative effect on social interactions or social well-being. (2018-03-01)
Social media and internet not cause of political polarization, (new research suggests)
New Oxford University research suggests that social media and the internet are not the root of today's fragmented society, and echo chambers may not be the threat they are perceived to be. (2018-02-21)
Study: Corporations can benefit from altruism during a crisis
Research finds that altruism -- and social media -- can help corporations cultivate trust with consumers on mobile devices during and after natural disasters, such as hurricanes. (2018-02-20)
Social media to blame for poor grades?
Do teenagers who frequent Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites perform worse academically? (2018-02-19)
Study dispels notion social media displaces human contact
Echoing concerns that grew with the World Wide Web itself a decade earlier, the rise of social media has stoked fears of 'social displacement' -- the alienation of people from friends and family in favor of Facebook and Twitter. (2018-02-15)
Social media use linked to lack of sleep in students
Greater use of social media was associated with a greater likelihood of getting too little sleep in an Acta Paediatrica study of Canadian students aged 11-20 years. (2018-01-24)
Kids and screen time: Signs your child might be addicted
It's a familiar sight in the majority of young families: young children bent over a screen for hours, texting or gaming, lost in a digital world. (2017-12-01)
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