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For these critically endangered marine turtles, climate change could be a knockout blow
Researchers from FSU's Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science suggest that projected increases in air temperatures, rainfall inundation and blistering solar radiation could significantly reduce hawksbill hatching success at a selection of major nesting beaches. (2018-12-14)
The long dry: why the world's water supply is shrinking
A global study has found a paradox: our water supplies are shrinking at the same time as climate change is generating more intense rain. (2018-12-13)
NASA's GPM observes heavy rainfall in intensifying Tropical Cyclone Owen
As expected, tropical cyclone Owen recently intensified as it moved over the Gulf of Carpentaria and NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's GPM core satellite found very heavy rainfall occurring within the revived storm. (2018-12-13)
Record-wet and record-dry months increased in regions worldwide
More and more rainfall extremes are observed in regions around the globe -- triggering both wet and dry records, a new study shows. (2018-12-12)
Indian ocean may be more disruptive to tropical climate than previously believed
The Indian Ocean played a far greater role in driving climate change during the last ice age than previously believed and may disrupt climate again in the future. (2018-12-12)
NASA measures rainfall from Tropical Cyclone Owen's remnants at Queensland coast
The low pressure area formerly known as Tropical Cyclone Owen continued to organize and cross the southern Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia on Dec. (2018-12-11)
NASA's IMERG measures heavy rainfall in California wildfire areas
Heavy precipitation recently fell in areas of California that were recently devastated by deadly wildfires such as the Camp Fire and the Woolsey fire. (2018-12-04)
NASA catches newborn Tropical Cyclone Owen's rainfall, observed by GPM satellite
Tropical Cyclone Owen formed in the Southern Pacific Ocean's Coral Sea southwest of the Solomon Islands when the GPM core observatory satellite passed above and analyzed its rainfall. (2018-12-03)
NASA's IMERG analyzed Tropical Storm Usagi's rainfall
When Tropical Cyclone 33W, also known as Usagi strengthened to hurricane intensity as it approached Vietnam from the South China Sea it dropped a lot of rain. (2018-11-29)
NASA's GPM shows small area of heavy rain in Tropical Storm Man-yi
Once a typhoon, Man-yi has weakened to a tropical storm as it continues to track through the Northwestern Pacific Ocean, far to the east of Taiwan. (2018-11-26)
Climate change could lead to threefold increase in powerful storms across Europe and North America
Powerful storms that cause extreme weather conditions such as flooding across Europe and North America, with the potential to wreak social and economic havoc, could increase threefold by the end of the 21st century due to climate change. (2018-11-26)
GPM satellite sees light rain occurring in Tropical Depression 33W's eastern side
The Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core satellite is providing data on rain rates within Tropical Cyclone 33W as it moves over the Philippines on Nov. (2018-11-19)
NASA catches Tropical Cyclone Gaja's landfall
Caught in the act of landfall, Tropical Cyclone Gaja was seen by NASA's Aqua satellite as it passed overhead and collected temperature information. (2018-11-16)
Half of the world's annual precipitation falls in just 12 days, new study finds
Currently, half of the world's measured precipitation that falls in a year falls in just 12 days, according to a new analysis of data collected at weather stations across the globe. (2018-11-15)
The first rains in centuries in the Atacama Desert devastate its microbial life
The Atacama Desert, the driest and oldest desert on Earth, located in northern Chile, hides a hyper-arid core in which no rain has been recorded during the past 500 years. (2018-11-14)
Climate control of Earth's critical zone
New research by University of Colorado Boulder geoscientists shines a light on this hidden world from ridgetops to valley floors and shows how rainfall shapes the part of our planet that is just beyond where we can see. (2018-11-14)
Houston's urban sprawl increased rainfall, flooding during Hurricane Harvey
Princeton and University of Iowa researchers found that Houston's urban landscape directly contributed to the torrential rainfall and deadly flooding of Hurricane Harvey in 2017. (2018-11-14)
Climate simulations project wetter, windier hurricanes
New supercomputer simulations by climate scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have shown that climate change intensified the amount of rainfall in recent hurricanes such as Katrina, Irma, and Maria by 5 to 10 percent. (2018-11-14)
NASA analyzed Tropical Cyclone Alcide's rainfall before dissipation
Tropical Cyclone Alcide dissipated over the weekend of Nov. 11 and 12 in the Southern Indian Ocean. (2018-11-13)
Researchers study one million years of precipitation to gain new insights into South Asian monsoon
The force of the South Asian Monsoon -- a weather pattern that affects the lives of several billion people -- is more sensitive to warming in the southern hemisphere than scientists previously thought, according to a new study by an international team of climate researchers. (2018-11-09)
One million years of precipitation history of the monsoon reconstructed
With its wind and precipitation patterns, the South Asian Monsoon influences the lives of several billion people. (2018-11-08)
NASA sees Hurricane Oscar transitioning to extratropical low
Hurricane Oscar has transitioned into an extra-tropical low pressure area in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean. (2018-11-01)
NASA's GPM examines weaker Tropical Storm Yutu's rainfall
Typhoon Yutu produced heavy rainfall as it passed over the island of Luzon in the northern Philippines. (2018-11-01)
NASA's CloudSat gets a slice of Typhoon Yutu's eye
NASA's CloudSat satellite captured a stunning image of Typhoon Yutu as it passed over the eye of the storm. (2018-10-31)
Atlantic's Hurricane Oscar's water vapor measured by NASA's Terra Satellite
When NASA's Terra satellite passed over the Central Atlantic Ocean on Oct. (2018-10-29)
Threatening Typhoon Yutu probed by GPM Satellite
Typhoon Yutu, known as Rosita in the Philippines, is now threatening the Philippine Island of Luzon. (2018-10-29)
NASA's IMERG reveals Hurricane Willa's rainfall
NASA uses satellite data to calculate the amount of rainfall generated from tropical cyclones, and used that capability for the Eastern Pacific Ocean's Hurricane Willa. (2018-10-26)
The incidence of gastrointestinal disease increases with heat and cold
In Spain, hospital admissions related to these infections increase by 21 percent at high temperatures and 7 percent at cold temperatures. (2018-10-25)
OU meteorologist expects severe drought and heavy rain events to worsen globally
A University of Oklahoma meteorologist, Elinor R. Martin, expects severe drought and long-lasting rainfall events to worsen in the future. (2018-10-25)
Climate change: US desert areas to become even drier
Geologists from the University of Innsbruck study rainfall patterns in the distant past to better understand how deserts in the southwest United States will be impacted by future climate change. (2018-10-24)
Satellite sees Supertyphoon Yutu's eye pass over Tinian
On Oct. 24, the National Weather Service or NWS in Tiyan, Guam issued the warning that 'Catastrophic winds for Tinian and Saipan are imminent' as the eye of Super typhoon Yutu neared both islands. (2018-10-24)
NASA eyes powerful Hurricane Willa affecting western Mexico
NASA's Aqua satellite provided an infrared view of Hurricane Willa as it continued moving toward landfall in western Mexico on Oct. (2018-10-23)
Satellite shows post-Tropical Depression Vicente inland
Tropical Storm Vicente made landfall and weakened quickly to a tropical depression on Oct. (2018-10-23)
Dangerous Hurricane Willa probed By NASA and Japan's GPM satellite
Hurricane Willa is a major hurricane threatening western Mexico. Forecasters were able to see the rate of rainfall occurring within the powerful storm when the Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM's core satellite passed overhead and provided that data. (2018-10-22)
NASA catches the scattered remains of former Tropical Storm Tara
NASA's Aqua satellite captured an infrared image of the remnants of former Tropical Storm Tara after it dissipated near the coast of western Mexico's Jalisco state. (2018-10-17)
Tropical Storm Tara's water vapor concentrations seen by NASA's Aqua satellite
When NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the Eastern Pacific Ocean on Oct. (2018-10-16)
Hurricane Michael's heavy rainfall measured by NASA
Some casualties resulted not only from Michael's destructive winds and storm surges but also from the blinding rain that Michael produced as it battered states from Florida northeastward through Virginia. (2018-10-15)
NASA finds remnants of Tropical Cyclone Luban near Yemen/Oman border
Tropical Cyclone Luban made landfall in northern Yemen and imagery from NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite confirmed that the low pressure area has continued to linger near the border of Yemen and Oman. (2018-10-15)
Does climate vary more from century to century when it is warmer?
Century-scale climate variability was enhanced when the Earth was warmer during the Last Interglacial period (129,000-116,000 years ago) compared to the current interglacial (the last 11,700 years), according to a new UCL-led study. (2018-10-12)
NASA sees Sergio's rains sweep into the US Southwest
NASA's Aqua satellite captured an infrared image of Tropical Storm Sergio's clouds and rainfall sweeping into the southwestern US. (2018-10-12)
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