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NASA sees Post-Tropical Cyclone Helene affecting Ireland, United Kingdom
Post-tropical cyclone Helene developed off the west coast of Africa and moved north then northeast where it is now raining on parts of Ireland and the United Kingdom. (2018-09-17)
NASA data shows Florence brings torrential rains and record flooding to the Carolinas
NASA estimated the precipitation generated by Hurricane Florence from Sept. (2018-09-17)
Warnings were up for Hong Kong for Typhoon Mangkhut after landfall
On Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018, Typhoon Mangkhut had made landfall in southern China and Hurricane signal #10 was still in force. (2018-09-17)
NASA-NOAA satellite sees land-falling Hurricane Florence
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed over the eye of Hurricane Florence the morning of landfall. (2018-09-14)
NASA-NOAA satellite find wind shear affecting Helene, Azores warnings up
Tropical Storm Helene may be battling wind shear but it's caused a Tropical Storm Warning for all of the Azores Islands on Sept. (2018-09-14)
NASA-NOAA satellite finds wind shear pushing on Tropical Storm Isaac's center
Wind shear seems to be affecting several storms in the Atlantic Ocean today, Sept. (2018-09-13)
NASA sees Tropical Depression Olivia's strength waning
NASA's Aqua satellite provided an infrared look at a weakening and now tropical depression Olivia in the Central Pacific Ocean. (2018-09-13)
NASA satellite analyzes powerful super Typhoon Mangkhut
NASA's Aqua satellite provided an infrared look at powerful Super Typhoon Mangkhut early on Sept. (2018-09-13)
In drought and heavy rains, ecosystems function like information communication networks
How is a telecommunications network like an ecosystem? Tree canopies and the running streams below, or coral reefs and the ocean waters that flow around them, are interconnected components of a larger whole: an ecosystem. (2018-09-12)
NASA-NOAA satellite analyzes rainmaker Hurricane Florence
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed over the eye of powerful Category 4 Hurricane Florence and found the storm over 400 miles in diameter and the capability to generate very heavy rainfall. (2018-09-12)
NASA/JAXA satellite finds heavy rainfall in Tropical Storm Isaac
Tropical Cyclones generate a lot of rainfall and the Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM satellite and constellation of satellites gather that data and share it with forecasters. (2018-09-12)
NASA sees Paul become a remnant low pressure area
Former Tropical Storm Paul lost its strength and appeared as a swirl of clouds on infrared imagery from NASA. (2018-09-12)
NASA Sees Hawaii facing Tropical Storm Olivia
While the US East Coast prepares for Hurricane Florence, the US state of Hawaii is feeling the effects of Tropical Storm Olivia. (2018-09-12)
NASA finds wind shear pushing on Tropical Storm Isaac's center
NASA's Aqua satellite provided an infrared look at Tropical Storm Isaac that revealed its circulation center was displaced from the bulk of clouds and precipitation. (2018-09-11)
NASA sees Tropical Depression Paul's strength sapped
NASA's Aqua satellite provided an infrared look at Tropical Depression Paul and found its center pushed away from strongest storms. (2018-09-11)
Tropical Depression Gordon still lingering over Arkansas
Tropical Depression Gordon just doesn't want to give up. Gordon is meandering in the southern US and satellites pinpointed its center over Arkansas on Friday, Sept. (2018-09-07)
Hurricane Olivia's eye obvious from NASA's Aqua satellite
Hurricane Olivia's eye was clear in infrared imagery taken by NASA's Aqua satellite from its orbit in space. (2018-09-07)
Satellites tracking the rainfall from Tropical Depression Gordon
Gordon is still considered a tropical depression as it makes its way into the south central US NOAA's GOES-East satellite provided an infrared look at clouds associated with Gordon and found its center over Mississippi. (2018-09-06)
NASA adds up heavy rains from Typhoon Jebi
Typhoon Jebi brought flooding to Japan and NASA's IMERG estimated rainfall over the country and the surrounding region for a one-week period. (2018-09-06)
NASA's GPM finds heavy rain rings category 3 Hurricane Olivia's Eye
The Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM satellite passed over Hurricane Olivia and found heaviest rain in a tight ring around the eye. (2018-09-06)
Large wind and solar farms in the Sahara would increase heat, rain, vegetation
Wind and solar farms are known to have local effects on heat, humidity and other factors that may be beneficial -- or detrimental -- to the regions in which they are situated. (2018-09-06)
Wind and solar farms offer an unexpected benefit to the Sahara Desert: More water
Wind and solar farms appear to enhance local rainfall and also vegetation cover in the Sahara Desert, a new study reveals. (2018-09-06)
When it rains, snake bites soar
Rattlesnakes and other venomous reptiles may bite more people during rainy years than in seasons wracked by drought, a new study shows. (2018-09-05)
NASA finds strong rain potential in Tropical Storm Gordon
NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the Gulf of Mexico and collected temperature information on Tropical Storm Gordon's clouds as it moved toward landfall and after landfall. (2018-09-05)
Episodic and intense rain caused by ancient global warming
A new study by scientists at the University of Bristol has shown that ancient global warming was associated with intense rainfall events that had a profound impact on the land and coastal seas. (2018-09-04)
Global warming, El NiƱo could cause wetter winters, drier conditions in other months
UC Riverside Earth Sciences Professor Robert Allen's research indicates that what future precipitation California gets will be pretty much limited to the winter months -- think deluge-type rainfall rather than snow -- and non-winter months will be even dryer than usual, with little or no rain at all. (2018-09-04)
NASA sees landfall of Tropical Storm Jebi
When NASA's Aqua satellite passed over Tropical Storm Jebi on Sept. (2018-09-04)
NASA sees post-Tropical Cyclone Lane come to an end
The once hurricane that dropped record-setting rainfall on the Hawaiian Islands has come to an end in the Central Pacific Ocean and NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite captured a visible image of its final hours. (2018-08-29)
NASA's GPM finds heavy rain in a band wrapping into Tropical Storm Miriam
NASA found heavy rainfall occurring in Tropical Storm Miriam as it continued moving through the Eastern Pacific Ocean. (2018-08-29)
Amazonian rainfall increases in wet season
Amazonian precipitation in wet season is foun to have largely increased during the past three decades (1979-2015). (2018-08-28)
NASA observes Tropical Storm Miriam's formation
Tropical cyclones continue to regularly develop in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. (2018-08-27)
Connectivity explains ecosystem responses to rainfall, drought
In a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers reveal techniques -- inspired by the study of information theory -- to track how changes in precipitation alter interactions between the atmosphere, vegetation and soil at two National Science Foundation Critical Zone Observatory sites in the western United States. (2018-08-27)
NASA looks at heavy rainmaker in Hurricane Lane
Cloud top temperatures provide scientists with an understanding of the power of a tropical cyclone. (2018-08-24)
Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo caused in part by Indonesian volcanic eruption
Electrically charged volcanic ash short-circuited Earth's atmosphere in 1815, causing global poor weather and Napoleon's defeat, says new research. (2018-08-22)
NASA stares major Hurricane Lane in the eye
While passing over the Central Pacific Ocean, NASA's Terra satellite stared Hurricane Lane in the eye. (2018-08-21)
NASA captures monsoon rains bringing flooding to India
NASA provided estimates monsoon rainfall that affected India from Aug. (2018-08-21)
NASA's GPM satellite finds heavy rainfall in powerful Hurricane Lane
Hurricane Lane had moved westward into the central Pacific Ocean far southeast of the Hawaiian Islands when NASA's GPM core observatory satellite passed above and looked it the heavy rainfall it was generating. (2018-08-20)
NASA analyzes Typhoon Soulik's water vapor
NASA's Terra satellite looked at water vapor and cloud top temperatures when it passed over the recently strengthened Typhoon Soulik in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean. (2018-08-17)
NASA's GPM analyzes Atlantic Tropical Storm Ernesto's rainfall
NASA found light to moderate rainfall occurring in Tropical Storm Ernesto as it continued on an eastern trek toward Ireland and the United Kingdom. (2018-08-17)
Intensifying Hurricane Lane examined by GPM satellite
Heavy rainfall and towering cloud heights were the findings when Hurricane Lane was scanned by the Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core observatory satellite on Aug. (2018-08-17)
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