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Mount Sinai researchers discover how to restore vision using retinal stem cells
Researchers at Mount Sinai have successfully restored vision in mice through activating retinal stem cells, something that has never been done before. (2018-08-15)
The secret behind cell revival revealed
OIST scientists identify essential genes for quiescent cells to switch back to dividing mode using fission yeast that may lead to new cancer therapies. (2018-08-15)
This matrix delivers healing stem cells to injured elderly muscles
Muscles of the elderly and of patients with Duchene muscular dystrophy have trouble regenerating. (2018-08-15)
Chemicals found in vegetables prevent colon cancer in mice
Chemicals produced by vegetables such as kale, cabbage and broccoli could help to maintain a healthy gut and prevent colon cancer, a new study from the Francis Crick Institute shows. (2018-08-14)
Magnetic gene in fish may someday help those with epilepsy, Parkinson's
An aquarium fish that senses the Earth's magnetic field as it swims could help unlock how the human brain works and how diseases such as Parkinson's and other neurological disorders function. (2018-08-14)
Platelet-rich plasma does not promote stem cell-mediated cartilage repair
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is believed to provide pain relief and help improve joint function in degenerative joint disease, but a new study has shown that it does not act by promoting stem cell proliferation or enhance the cartilage formation capabilities of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). (2018-08-13)
When it comes to regrowing tails, neural stem cells are the key
It's a longstanding mystery why salamanders can perfectly regenerate their tails whereas lizard tails grow back all wrong. (2018-08-13)
Breast cancers enlist the help of normal cells to help them spread and survive
Australian researchers have uncovered a secret communication hotline between breast cancers and the normal cells surrounding them. (2018-08-12)
Arsenic in combination with an existing drug could combat cancer
Investigators have discovered that arsenic in combination with an existing leukemia drug work together to target a master cancer regulator. (2018-08-09)
Research brief: New 3D-printed device could help treat spinal cord injuries
Engineers and medical researchers at the University of Minnesota have teamed up to create a groundbreaking 3D-printed device that could someday help patients with long-term spinal cord injuries regain some function. (2018-08-09)
Single transplantation of therapeutic macrophages improves rare lung disease in mice
Hereditary pulmonary alveolar proteinosis (herPAP) is a rare disease characterized by the slow build-up of lipo-protein material in the lungs due to the failure of highly specialized cells called macrophages, which usually eat away this material from the pulmonary air-space. (2018-08-09)
Tbx6 revealed as crucial to heart and skeleton formation from stem cells
In a study of over 50 transcription factors, Tbx6 alone was able to stimulate mesoderm formation in laboratory-grown stem cells, and could cause those stem cells to become cardiovascular or musculoskeletal cells; the University of Tsukuba-led research team found that this essential role of Tbx6 in mesoderm and cardiovascular speci?cation is conserved from lower organisms to mammals. (2018-08-09)
Discovery could lead to better treatment for leukemia
Scientists from the University of Illinois at Chicago report on how a certain mutation helps improve sensitivity to chemotherapy in patients in the journal JCI Insight. (2018-08-09)
Scientists uncover new details in how sense of smell develops
Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have uncovered new details in how the olfactory epithelium develops. (2018-08-09)
Anticancer drugs delivered by a new drug delivery system reduce tumor size
A joint group of researchers from Osaka University and Tokyo Institute of Technology created a drug delivery system (DDS) using a poly (ethylene glycol)-poly(lysine) block copolymer-ubenimex conjugate (PEG-b-PLys(Ube)). (2018-08-08)
Double time limit for embryo research say ethics experts
In countries which already permit embryo research, there are no 'compelling moral arguments' why the time limit for experimentation should not be doubled say ethics experts. (2018-08-07)
Dartmouth lab identifies pulling and braking of 'ancient motor' in cell division
Study adds to the understanding of the mechanisms involved in cell reproduction and sheds light on a cellular-level mystery that has confounded researchers. (2018-08-07)
Back to the future: breast cancer reprises pathways found in fetal cells
Salk Institute scientists have uncovered a reason for the uncanny likeness between cells in the most malignant cancers and the embryonic cells of the organ in which the cancer originated: cells in human basal-like breast cancers share features with the embryonic mammary (breast) stem cells that are the progenitors of all cell types in the mammary gland (of a mouse). (2018-08-07)
The bark side of the force
What forces enable trees to stand upright? To grow straight, plants need a motor system that controls their posture by generating forces to offset gravity. (2018-08-06)
Comprehensive pediatric CAR T guidelines developed by MD Anderson and PALISI
Almost one year after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy for children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and the Pediatric Acute Lung Injury and Sepsis Investigators Network (PALISI) today published treatment guidelines for managing the treatment in the online issue of Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology. (2018-08-06)
Solving its insolubility, researchers discover method to deliver curcumin to cancer cells
Scientists have discovered that curcumin to be an effective agent for killing cancer cells. (2018-08-06)
Created line of spinal cord neural stem cells shows diverse promise
Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine report that they have successfully created spinal cord neural stem cells (NSCs) from human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) that differentiate into a diverse population of cells capable of dispersing throughout the spinal cord and can be maintained for long periods of time. (2018-08-06)
New research opens door to expanding stem cells available for transplants
Researchers from the Stowers Institute for Medical Research and collaborators have identified a way to expand blood-forming, adult stem cells from human umbilical cord blood (hUCB). (2018-08-03)
What role do inflammatory cytokines play in creating T cell exhaustion in cancer?
A better understanding of the role secreted inflammatory cytokines play in the tumor microenvironment that results in the differentiation of effector T cells into exhausted T cells points to possible approaches to improve the antitumor activity of T cells and to intervene in T cell exhaustion. (2018-08-03)
Key piece identified for slowing a colorectal cancer subtype
Inhibiting the Jagged 1 protein in mice prevents the proliferation and growth of colon and rectal tumours. (2018-08-02)
Stem cell research for cystic fibrosis leaps forward
The fight against cystic fibrosis (CF) has taken a major step forward, with pioneering research by University of Adelaide scientists showing that cells causing the debilitating genetic disorder could be successfully replaced with healthy ones. (2018-08-02)
New stem cell model can be used to test treatments for a rare nervous system disorder
A City of Hope researcher has developed a stem cell model to assess possible treatments for a rare nervous system disorder that is in the same disease group as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). (2018-08-02)
Active substance raises hopes of curing hepatitis E
An international team of researchers has now found a possible active substance against the virus in the naturally occurring substance silvestrol. (2018-08-01)
Nowhere to hide: Molecular probe illuminates elusive cancer stem cells in live mice
After a primary tumor is treated, cancer stem cells may still lurk in the body, ready to metastasize and cause a recurrence of the cancer in a form that's more aggressive and resistant to treatment. (2018-08-01)
A breakthrough for understanding GBM: Origin cells for deadly brain tumors identified
A new study by KAIST researchers identified where the mutation causing glioblastoma starts. (2018-08-01)
Aphids manipulate their food
Aphids - who hasn't been bothered by these little insects at one time or another? (2018-07-31)
Why BACE inhibitors may be failing Alzheimer's trials
Completely blocking the activity of an enzyme that produces amyloid plaques observed in Alzheimer's disease (AD) interferes with the regulation of new neurons generated in the adult hippocampus, according to a study of mice published in eNeuro. (2018-07-30)
Luxembourgish researchers predict cell conversion factors
Thanks to a newly developed computational method, Luxembourg researchers can accurately predict how one subpopulation of cells can be converted into another. (2018-07-27)
U of G study is first to find evidence that leopard geckos can make new brain cells
University of Guelph researchers have discovered the type of stem cell allowing geckos to create new brain cells. (2018-07-27)
Mathematical analysis explains transpiration-driven sap flow in coniferous trees
The exact science of tree sap transport has puzzled plant physiologists for many years. (2018-07-26)
Researchers discover system that could reduce neurodegeneration in Huntington's disease
The neuroscientist Dr David Vilchez and his team at CECAD, the University of Cologne's Cluster of Excellence for Aging Research, have made an important step towards understanding the mechanisms that cause the neurodegenerative disorder Huntington's disease. (2018-07-26)
How do jumping genes cause disease, drive evolution?
Carnegie researchers developed new techniques to track the mobilization of jumping genes. (2018-07-26)
Electricity sparks neuronal diversity during brain development
To understand how neuronal circuits emerge during development, researchers from UNIGE investigated what enables neuronal stem cells to generate successive subtypes of neurons as the embryo grows. (2018-07-26)
Can scientists leverage mysterious mossy cells for brain disease treatments?
The scientists, who published their work in Neuron, showed that 'mossy cells' in the hippocampus regulate local stem cells to control their production of new neurons, which is important for normal learning and memory, stress response, and mood regulation. (2018-07-26)
Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde: Study reveals healing mesenchymal cells morph and destroy muscles in models of spinal cord injury, ALS and spinal muscular atrophy
Scientists at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP), in collaboration with the Fondazione Santa Lucia IRCCS in Rome, have discovered a new disease-specific role in FAP cells in the development of muscle tissue wasting, indicating a potential new avenue for treating motor neuron diseases including spinal cord injury, ALS and spinal muscular atrophy. (2018-07-26)
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