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Acid rain likely stunts US forests
A recent international scientific study on Russian soils raises concerns that acid rain may have serious implications for forest growth in the US, particularly in eastern areas such as the Adirondack and Catskill regions of New York according to the US Geological Survey. (2005-03-11)
EARTH: Neutralizing the rain
In the 1980s, acid rain was a big topic of conversation. (2012-06-21)
Recovery from acid rain 'much slower than expected'
Studies in Scotland and Wales show that streams still have high levels of acidity from pollution in the 1970s and 1980s, despite efforts to clean them. (2007-09-28)
Signs of recovery in Adirondack lakes apparent, say researchers
Over the years acid deposition, commonly referred to as (2002-02-11)
Climate change setback for acidified rivers
Climate change is hampering the long-term recovery of rivers from the effects of acid rain, with wet weather offsetting improvements, according to a new study by Cardiff University. (2008-12-02)
Improving China's acid rain control strategy
Scientists are reporting the first evidence that China's sharp focus on reducing widespread damage to soil by acid rain by restricting sulfur dioxide air pollution may have an unexpected consequence: Gains from that pollution control program will be largely offset by increases in nitrogen emissions, which the country's current policy largely overlooks. (2009-10-14)
Scientists find acid rain an unlikely ally in the battle against a greenhouse gas
Depending on how you look at it, something good can always come out of something bad. (2004-11-04)
Trees Need Calcium Too
Calcium levels in forest soils have decreased at locations in 10 states in the eastern United States, according to a new report by the U.S. (1999-03-29)
Got calcium? Mineral is key to restoring acid rain-damaged forests
Scientists have reversed the decline of a New Hampshire watershed by gradually adding calcium back into the soil over 15 years. (2013-09-19)
Long-term study shows acid pollution in rain decreased with emissions
Emissions regulations do have an environmental impact, according to a long-term study of acidic rainfall by researchers at the University of Illinois. (2011-11-16)
Acid rain causing decline in sugar maples, say researchers
Acid rain created by burning fossil fuels has altered soils and has caused fewer sugar maples to grow in the Northeast, according to a new study led by Cornell researchers. (2006-06-01)
Chemicals that eased one environmental problem may worsen another
Chemicals that helped solve a global environmental crisis in the 1990s -- the hole in Earth's protective ozone layer -- may be making another problem -- acid rain -- worse, scientists are reporting. (2010-06-16)
On Wikipedia, politically controversial science topics vulnerable to information sabotage
'As society turns to Wikipedia for answers, students, educators, and citizens should understand its limitations when researching scientific topics that are politically charged. (2015-08-14)
Clean Air Act Reduces Acid Rain In Eastern U.S.
Acid rain levels have decreased as much as 20 percent over a large region of the Eastern U.S. thanks to the Clean Air Act of 1990, according to a Penn State researcher. (1998-09-23)
Environmental cooperation in 1970s helped ease Cold War tensions
Scientific cooperation to address concerns about the environment helped to foster détente between the United States and the Soviet Union in the 1970s, NYU's Rachel Rothschild concludes in a newly published paper. (2016-11-17)
Hot volcanic eruptions could lead to a cooler Earth
Volcanic eruptions may be an agent of rapid and long-term climate change, according to new research. (2005-06-10)
Wisconsin lake study shows persistence of acid rain effects
Wisconsin's Little Rock Lake, the site of a landmark study on the effects of acid rain, has been taken to chemical hell and back, and seemingly recovered from the trip. (2000-08-10)
Water quality in Adirondack lakes responding to acid rain regulations
After years of bombardment with acid rain, lakes in the Adirondack region of New York are finally showing signs of recovery. (2003-04-14)
UD's long-term monitoring shows 60 percent reduction in acidity of Delaware rain
Several decades ago, precipitation in Delaware was among the most acidic in the country. (2012-05-02)
Queen's researchers link crayfish decline in Algonquin Park lakes to lack of calcium
Researchers from Queen's University have linked the localized near-extinction of a native crayfish species in four lakes in Algonquin Park to declining calcium levels. (2015-10-28)
Plants' management of nutrient suggests environmental remedies
A new understanding of how plants manage their internal calcium levels could potentially lead to genetically engineering plants to avoid damage from acid rain, which robs soil of much of its calcium. (2007-03-08)
Rock-eating fungi helps trees
With the help of rock-eating fungi, some types of trees are able to (2002-06-12)
Rain as acidic as lemon juice may have contributed to ancient mass extinction
Rain as acidic as undiluted lemon juice may have played a part in killing off plants and organisms around the world during the most severe mass extinction in Earth's history. (2013-11-25)
Acid rain study reaches milestone, confirms soil nutrient depletion
Researchers studying the environmental consequences of acid rain have reached an important milestone, adding evidence for a theory that has been the focus of much scientific debate. (2004-03-26)
Urbana chemist wins national award for contributions to cleaner fuels
Thomas B. Rauchfuss of Urbana, Ill., will be honored April 9 by the world's largest scientific society for developing environmentally beneficial techniques such as molecular (2002-04-04)
Changing river chemistry affects Eastern US water supplies
Human activity is changing the basic chemistry of large rivers in the Eastern US, with potentially major consequences for urban water supplies and aquatic ecosystems, a University of Maryland-led study has found. (2013-08-26)
Songbird population declines linked to acid rain
The first large-scale study to provide a clear link between acid rain and widespread declines across the breeding range of a songbird, the wood thrush, points to calcium depletion as a possible cause, Cornell University ecologists say. (2002-08-15)
Acid rain threatens forests in more ways than previously thought
UC Riverside Earth Scientist Martin Kennedy and colleagues report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that acid rain, by leaching essential metal nutrients (such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium) from topsoil, may pose a far graver threat to forests than has been previously estimated. (2002-07-08)
Clean air act reduces acid rain: UMaine research shows recovery in New England elusive
The federal Clean Air Act of 1990 appears to be successful in reducing two major types of air pollutants that contribute to acid rain, and signs of recovery are beginning to occur in lakes and streams in the Midwest and East, according to a report from the U.S. (2003-01-29)
'The Secret Life of a Lake: The Ecology of Northern Lakes and Their Stewardship'
As you canoe over the placid surface of your favorite lake, have you ever wondered what lies beneath you? (2013-11-25)
NHAES research: New England lakes recovering rapidly from acid rain
For more than 40 years, policy makers have been working to reduce acid rain, a serious environmental problem that can devastate lakes, streams, and forests and the plants and animals that live in these ecosystems. (2014-06-09)
Drop in acid rain altering Appalachian stream water
Appalachian hardwood forests may be getting a respite from acid rain but data from a long-term ecological study of stream chemistry suggests that the drop in acid rain may be changing biological activity in the ecosystem and hiking dissolved carbon dioxide in forest streams. (2006-12-12)
Damage from acid rain pollution is far worse than previously believed
Researchers now compare the effects of acid rain to the HIV virus -- it suppresses the equivalent of plants' immune systems. (2002-07-16)
NASA's TRMM satellite sees heavy rainfall in Choi-Wan
NASA and the Japanese Space Agency's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission satellite flew over the center of Super Typhoon Choi-Wan at 2:34 a.m. (2009-09-17)
Typhoon Noul beginning to strengthen in the West Pacific
Since its formation as a tropical depression three days ago, Typhoon Noul has taken on a general westward motion while steadily working its way across the central-west Pacific. (2015-05-07)
Scientist recognized for contributions to the sustainability of the Adirondacks
The Wildlife Conservation Society announced that WCS Ecologist Jerry Jenkins has received the Adirondack Achievement Award -- given to those demonstrating leadership in making significant contributions to the long-term sustainability of the Adirondack Park. (2011-05-23)
ChemisTREE Earth Day celebration in the nation's capital
The American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society, will begin Earth Day celebrations on Monday, April 21, 2003, 11 a.m.- 1 p.m., as part of the Capital Children's Museum annual Earth Day program. (2003-04-17)
Eastern US water supplies threatened by a legacy of acid rain
Noted ecologist Gene Likens, founding director of the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies and a co-discoverer of acid rain, was among the study's authors. (2013-08-26)
Developing tropical storm triggers deadly landslides in Sri Lanka
System 91B (which turned into Cyclone 01B) has been responsible for dumping heavy rains in and around Sri Lanka and southern Indian over the past few days as it tried to organize itself in the southwestern Bay of Bengal. (2016-05-18)
Database shows effects of acid rain on microorganisms in Adirondack Lakes
Researchers have long known that acid rain can severely decrease the diversity of plant and animal communities in fresh water lakes and ponds. (2008-06-23)
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