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Nanotech, new burn therapy featured at chemists' meeting in Anaheim, March 28 - April 1
The world's top experts will take a close look at the big picture of nanotechnology in a special presidential symposium at the American Chemical Society's 227th national meeting in Anaheim, March 28 - April 1. Other featured topics include ways to convert greenhouse gases into fuel, a new treatment for severe burns, a view of the L.A.P.D. crime lab, the first in the nation, and the latest developments in gene and stem cell research. (2004-02-10)

Novel PROTAC enhances its intracellular accumulation and protein knockdown
Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine developed an improved type of PROTAC that has enhanced intracellular accumulation and functions, not only as a degrader, but also as an inhibitor of the target protein. (2020-08-26)

DFG presents the 2006 MAK and BAT value list
The focus of the value list is on health protection during pregnancy. (2006-07-19)

Imaging the brain at multiple size scales
MIT researchers have developed a new technique for imaging brain tissue at multiple scales, allowing them to image molecules within cells or take a wider view of the long-range connections between neurons. The technique, magnified analysis of proteome, should help scientists chart the connectivity and functions of neurons in the human brain. (2016-07-26)

Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award recognizes environmentally-conscious business innovation
Small business, large chemical companies and academic researchers in Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania were honored today by the federal government for using (1999-06-28)

The unseen impact - could adult diseases be caused by food and chemicals before birth?
Alcohol, caffeine, raw meats and blue cheese: all foods pregnant women are advised to avoid because of potential risks to their unborn children. But what of foods women consume, or chemicals they come into contact with, where the damage might not become obvious until many years down the line? 300,000 women across Europe are taking part in a project involving Leeds to look at the 'unseen' effects of food and chemicals on the unborn child. (2006-03-28)

American Chemical Society's Weekly PressPac -- Aug. 15, 2007
A special issue of the American Chemical Society News Service Weekly Press Package is a special edition with selections from scientific presentations scheduled for the ACS 234th national meeting in Chicago. (2007-08-22)

Chemical makes blind mice see; compound holds promise for treating humans
UC Berkeley neuroscientists and University of Washington ophthalmologists have synthesized a chemical that, when injected into the eyes of genetically blind mice, makes their retinas light sensitive. The chemical is a photoswitch that binds to potassium channels in normally blind retinal cells and makes them open when illuminated. A newer version of the chemical now undergoing tests has better attributes and holds promise for treating retinitis pigmentosa and other degenerative eye diseases. (2012-07-25)

News tips from the Journal of Neuroscience
The following articles will be featured in the upcoming issue of the Journal of Neuroscience: (2007-03-27)

Hydrogel nanoparticles provide foundation for tunable photonic crystals via controlled de-swelling
Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a family of hydrogel-based nanoparticles that can be used to form photonic crystals whose optical properties can be precisely tuned by thermally adjusting the particles' water content. (2002-04-08)

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