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SAGE acquires primary sources publisher Adam Matthew
SAGE, one of the world's leading independent academic and professional publisher, announced the purchase of primary sources publisher Adam Matthew at the Frankfurt Book Fair today. (2012-10-11)

Major World's Fairs archive to be digitized
Digital primary sources publisher, Adam Matthew, today announced the digitization of one of the largest World's Fairs collections in the world: the Donald G. Larson Collection at the Henry Madden Library, California State University, Fresno. (2014-04-29)

Adam Matthew launches vitally important research collection on early American history
Award-winning digital publisher Adam Matthew has today announced the launch of 'Colonial America' -- the complete CO5 files from The National Archives, UK, 1606-1822. (2015-09-09)

Darwin convinced the world, but was he the first to describe evolution?
A new review of the ideas and work of Patrick Matthew, a little-known antecedent of Charles Darwin, argues that Matthew is under-appreciated even though he described the idea of large-scale evolution by natural selection decades before Darwin did. Some of his ideas were different from Darwin's but are equally valid. (2015-04-20)

ADAM-12 gene could hold key to cancer, arthritis and cardiac treatments
ADAM-12 is not only the name of a 1970s television police drama -- it's also the gene that University of Missouri researchers believe could be an important element in the fight against cancer, arthritis, and cardiac hypertrophy, or thickening of the heart's walls. (2011-03-08)

Moving pictures: Optical entertainments and the advent of cinema
Primary sources publisher, Adam Matthew, has announced the release of the fourth section of its highly renowned Victorian Popular Culture Portal. (2012-12-13)

Major collection documenting the US Civil Rights movement announced
Adam Matthew has today announced an agreement to digitally publish a wealth of documents from the 'Race Relations Department of the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries, 1943-1970' held by the Amistad Research Center. (2015-07-21)

Digitization of the Church Mission Society periodicals
Adam Matthew today announced the signing of an agreement with the Church Mission Society to digitize hundreds of thousands of pages of periodicals covering 1841 to 2009. (2014-05-14)

Cancer cell communication exposed
The discovery, by scientists at Monash University and the Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York, of how communication between cancer cells is controlled has promised new treatment options for malignant tumours. (2005-10-28)

A mathematical recipe for the best possible divorce
Divorcing couples wrangling over possessions could benefit from a mathematical recipe that guarantees fair shares for both sides. Academics in the US have been granted the first- ever patent for a method they have shown is the best way to divide anything from homes to companies. (1999-07-14)

A robot and software make it easier to create advanced materials
A Rutgers-led team of engineers has developed an automated way to produce polymers, making it much easier to create advanced materials aimed at improving human health. The innovation is a critical step in pushing the limits for researchers who want to explore large libraries of polymers, including plastics and fibers, for chemical and biological applications such as drugs and regenerative medicine through tissue engineering. (2019-12-05)

NASA sees Hurricane Matthew regain Category 4 status
Satellite imagery showed Hurricane Matthew's clouds already streaming over Florida on Oct. 6 as it regained Category 4 status. (2016-10-06)

Scientists could save thousands of pounds with student's DIY microscope
Expensive tests for measuring everything from sperm motility to cancer diagnosis have just been made hundreds of thousands of pounds cheaper by a Ph.D. student from Brunel University London who hacked his own microscope. (2014-11-25)

Free access to 'the history of America in 100 documents'
From July 1-31, Adam Matthew will enable free access to 'American History in 100 Documents': 100 hand-picked documents and associated analysis of their importance from 'American History, 1493-1945,' sourced exclusively from the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History in New York. (2015-07-07)

Darwin, Wallace, and the overlooked third man
The horticulturist who came up with the concept of 'evolution by natural selection' 27 years before Charles Darwin did should be more widely acknowledged for his contribution, states a new paper by a King's College London geneticist. (2015-04-20)

Needle-in-a-haystack search identifies potential brain disease drug
Scientists who examined more than 10,000 chemical compounds during the last year in search of potential new drugs for a group of untreatable brain diseases, are reporting that one substance shows unusual promise. The early positive signs for so-called prion diseases come from research in laboratory mice and cell cultures, they say in a report in ACS' Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. (2011-02-23)

NASA sees Nicole dwarfed by Hurricane Matthew
Satellite imagery shows that Tropical Storm Nicole is less than half the size of powerful Hurricane Matthew. Matthew is moving through the Bahamas, while Nicole, positioned east of Matthew, is holding steady just below hurricane strength as it crawls toward Bermuda. (2016-10-06)

Cultural reactions to anger expression can affect negotiation outcomes
Getting angry might help you get your way if you're negotiating with European-Americans, but watch out -- in negotiations with East Asians, getting angry may actually hurt your cause. That's the conclusion of a new study on how people from different cultures react to anger in negotiations. (2010-07-20)

Signs of early settlement in the Nordic region date back to the cradle of civilization
The discovery of the world's oldest storage of fermented fish in southern Sweden could rewrite the Nordic prehistory with findings indicating a far more complex society than previously thought. The unique discovery by osteologist Adam Boethius from Lund University was made when excavating a 9,200 year-old settlement at what was once a lake in Blekinge, Sweden. (2016-02-08)

NASA satellites see Tropical Storm Matthew grow quickly, warnings up in Central America
An instrument on NASA's Aqua satellite noticed increasing colder cloud top temperatures of tropical depression 15 in the south-central Caribbean just before it strengthened into Tropical Storm Matthew late on Sept. 23. The TRMM satellite also spotted heavy rainfall within the system. Matthew is now headed to the western Caribbean and watches and warnings are in place as Matthew may continue to strengthen. (2010-09-24)

New invention saves energy, health, climate
A new Danish invention could cut energy use in buildings by 25 percent by creating a better indoor climate. The (2010-09-29)

Estrogen protects female mice from ischemic injury after kidney transplants
In this month's issue of the JCI, research led by Matthew Levine at the University of Pennsylvania linked female resilience to renal ischemia with protective effects of estrogen. (2016-04-18)

Researchers identify early warning signs for meningococcal disease in children
Researchers have identified a number of early symptoms for meningococcal disease in children that could substantially speed up diagnosis, reporting their findings online in The Lancet today (Wednesday January 11, 2005). (2006-01-11)

Quicker detection and treatment of severe sepsis
Sepsis is the name of an infection that causes a series of reactions in the body, which in the worst case can prove fatal. The problem for both patients and doctors is that the early symptoms are difficult to distinguish from less dangerous infections such as a severe flu or winter vomiting disease. A researcher at Lund University in Sweden has now discovered a substance in the blood which shows both whether a patient has sepsis and how serious the case is. (2011-05-23)

Ancient chimpanzee 'Adam' lived over 1 million years ago, research reveals
University of Leicester researchers compare human male- and female-line genealogies with those of our closest animal relatives. (2016-02-25)

Discrimination during adolescence has lasting effect on body
In both blacks and whites, everyday feelings of discrimination can mess with the body's levels of the primary stress hormone, cortisol, new research suggests. In African-Americans, however, the negative effects of perceived discrimination on cortisol are stronger than in whites, according to the study, one of the first to look at the biological response to the cumulative impact of prejudicial treatment. (2015-09-09)

NASA sees Hurricane Matthew develop concentric eyewalls
Matthew developed concentric eyewalls which is common in intense hurricanes. The Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core satellite captured an image of those double eyewalls. (2016-10-07)

Satellites see Hurricane Matthew's center near coastal South Carolina
Hurricane Matthew's center was near the coast of South Carolina during the morning of Oct. 8, 2016, when NASA-NOAA satellites passed overhead. (2016-10-08)

USC study implicates flavored e-cigs in the teen vaping epidemic
Teens who vape candy- or fruit-flavored e-cigarettes are more likely to stick with the habit and vape more heavily. (2019-10-28)

University of Utah researchers receive NIH Director's New Innovator Award
Adam Frost, M.D., Ph.D., a professor of biochemistry, and Ryan O'Connell, Ph.D., an assistant professor of pathology, were selected to receive the NIH Director's New Innovator Award from a competitive, national field of researchers. (2013-09-30)

Sea traffic pollutes our lungs more than previously thought
New data presented by researchers at Lund University and others in the journal Oceanologia show that the air along the coasts is full of hazardous nanoparticles from sea traffic. Almost half of the measured particles stem from sea traffic emissions, while the rest is deemed to be mainly from cars but also biomass combustion, industries and natural particles from the sea. (2015-11-20)

New in Ethics & Human Research, May-June 2019
Parent experiences when approached for research in a pediatric intensive care unit, the role of inclusion benefits in ethics committee assessment of research, and more in the current issue. (2019-05-23)

More than a knee injury: ACL tears cause harmful changes in our brain structure
It's known that some joint function is often permanently lost after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, and re-injury is common even with intensive physical therapy, but it's unclear why. (2020-01-28)

Unwrapping the brewing secrets of barley
University of Adelaide researchers have uncovered fundamental new information about the malting characteristics of barley grains. They say their finding could pave the way to more stable brewing processes or new malts for craft brewers. (2018-07-23)

Millions of novel genetic variants found in 1000 Swedish individuals
An extensive exercise to map genetic variation in Sweden has found 33 million genetic variants, 10 million of which are novel. Large-scale DNA sequencing methods were used to analyse the whole genome of 1000 individuals from different parts of the country. The study was led by researchers at Uppsala University, who have published their findings in the European Journal of Human Genetics. (2017-08-25)

NASA sees Hurricane Matthew producing dangerous rainfall
The Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core observatory satellite passed above major Hurricane Matthew and found very heavy rainfall that is expected to affect Hispaniola. (2016-10-03)

Adults who go to bed lonely get stress hormone boost next morning
A study that takes a rare look at the physiological, social and emotional dynamics of day-to-day experiences in real-life settings shows that when older adults go to bed lonely, sad or overwhelmed, they have elevated levels of cortisol shortly after waking the next morning. This cues the body on a day-to-day basis that it is time to rev up to deal with loneliness and other negative experiences, according to the Northwestern University researcher who led the study. (2006-10-30)

Darwin's theory of gradual evolution not supported by geological history, NYU scientist concludes
Charles Darwin's theory of gradual evolution is not supported by geological history, New York University geologist Michael Rampino concludes in an essay in the journal Historical Biology. (2010-11-09)

NASA sees Hurricane Matthew making landfall in Haiti
Hurricane Matthew made landfall in western Haiti during the morning hours of Oct. 4. (2016-10-04)

NASA sees Hurricane Matthew heading for the Bahamas
Satellites from NASA and NOAA have been tracking and analyzing powerful Hurricane Matthew since its birth just east of the Leeward Islands on Sept. 28. (2016-10-05)

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