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Leadership and adaptive reserve are not associated with blood pressure control
Primary care leadership and practice resilience can strengthen organizational culture. In small primary care practices, however, practice adaptive reserve and leadership capability are not associated with baseline blood pressure control. (2018-04-09)

Words matter when it comes to apparel for people living with disabilitie
Brands should consider the language they use when marketing products to this group of consumers, according to a new study from the University of Missouri. Researchers say that ''adaptive'' makes the apparel seem separate from the market. (2020-02-06)

Systems that make decisions
In the modern information era, managers must recognize the competitive opportunities represented by decision-support tools. Adaptive business intelligence systems combine prediction and optimization techniques to assist decision makers in complex, rapidly changing environments. These systems address the fundamental questions: What is likely to happen in the future? And what is the best decision right now? (2007-02-09)

Detailed map of natural killer cells in COVID-19 patients expands understanding of innate immune response to SARS-CoV-2
A new study of 27 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 has provided a detailed map of natural killer (NK) cell responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection, revealing that specific characteristics of NK cell activation associate with different levels of disease severity. (2020-08-21)

Local involvement in national lands management: Can it work nationwide?
Having a say in how the government manages nearby federal lands makes sense to both local residents and federal officials. But the devil is in the details of how this local input is gathered. (2006-02-17)

Fas signaling and cardiac hypertrophy
Stimulation of Fas, the founding member of a family of dedicated cell surface (2002-01-30)

Study cites gap between theory and practice in natural resource management
Natural resource agencies have embraced an approach known as adaptive management to adjust and refine their management plans in the face of uncertainties. But a study finds agencies often apply adaptive management in ways that fail to promote learning, an approach the authors call 'AM Lite.' (2015-11-11)

The propagation of admixture-derived evolutionary potential
Adaptive radiation - the rapid evolution of many new species from a single ancestor - is a major focus in evolutionary biology. Adaptive radiations often show remarkable repeatability where lineages have undergone multiple episodes of adaptive radiation in distant places and at various points in time - implying their extraordinary evolutionary potential. (2020-10-07)

Study provides new understanding of spontaneous hybridization
Plant and animal breeders have long used hybridization to transfer useful traits between species. But does the same process happen without human aid? In a new study in the June issue of American Naturalist, researchers from Indiana University and Rice University explore how spontaneous hybridization - known as adaptive trait introgression - has a vital impact on adaptation and evolutionary diversification. (2006-05-10)

Loss of adaptive immunity helps deep sea anglerfish fuse with their mates
The discovery of altered adaptive immunity in anglerfish helps explain how the creatures are able to temporarily or permanently fuse with their mates without experiencing immune rejection. (2020-07-30)

Antibodies are not required for immunity against some viruses
A new study turns the well established theory that antibodies are required for antiviral immunity upside down and reveals that an unexpected partnership between the specific and non-specific divisions of the immune system is critical for fighting some types of viral infections. The research, published online on March 1 in the journal Immunity by Cell Press, may lead to a new understanding of the best way to help protect those exposed to potentially lethal viruses, such as the rabies virus. (2012-03-01)

Nonlinear flight control
A comparison of intelligent, adaptive, and nonlinear flight control laws is the topic of a paper recently published in proceedings of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). (1999-09-09)

Adaptive governance could help build trust in COVID-19 digital contact tracing apps
Adaptive governance could help earn social license of digital contact tracing apps as a way of managing COVID-19, authors say in this Policy Forum. (2020-11-12)

IIASA launches book series in adaptive dynamics
The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis announces initiation of a new book series in collaboration with Cambridge University Press. Edited by IIASA's Adaptive Dynamics Network project, the book extends evolutionary game theory in a way that allows for analyzing the adaptive implications of complex ecological settings. (2000-05-21)

Improving UAVs using holographic adaptive optics
US Air Force Office of Scientific Research-supported holographic, adaptive, optics research may help transform software into computer-free, electronics for unmanned aerial vehicles, high energy lasers and free-space optical communications that will enable each to run faster and more efficiently than before. (2010-05-03)

Adjusting To Climate Shift Better Than Following Typically Advocated Plans
In the face of global warming, the best strategy may be to keep a cool head and learn to adapt, says a researcher at the University of Illinois. (1997-05-02)

Which skills will help patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder?
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a complex psychological condition, and those who suffer from it experience severe reduction in their quality of life. A new study in Springer's journal Cognitive Therapy and Research now shows that OCD sufferers need to adopt adaptive coping skills rather than the maladaptive strategies often used such as repetitive, compulsive actions or creating emotional distance from a situation, in order to effectively manage their condition. (2018-03-16)

Lizards show evolution is predictable
If you could hit the reset button on evolution and start over, would essentially the same species appear? Yes, according to a study of Caribbean lizards. (2013-07-18)

Better together: How ecosystem services and adaptive decision-making can improve land management
An ecosystem services approach combined with adaptive decision-making can aid land and resource managers in administering their regions for the benefit of communities and stakeholders, according to a recent report by the US Geological Survey and Resources for the Future. (2018-05-24)

Diversity in developmental trajectories in kids with autism spectrum disorder
Preschool children with autism spectrum disorder differed from each other in symptom severity and adaptive functioning at the time of diagnosis and some of these differences appeared to increase by age 6, according to a study published online by JAMA Psychiatry. (2015-01-28)

Anemia of chronic disease: an adaptive response?
The anemia of chronic disease may be a beneficial, adaptive response to the underlying disease, rather than a negative effect of the illness, postulates an analysis article in CMAJ. (2008-08-11)

'Stay-at-home' males fueled menopause evolution
The evolution of the menopause was 'kick-started' by a fluke of nature, but then boosted by the tendency for sons and grandsons to remain living close to home, a new study by Liverpool scientists suggests. (2016-02-17)

Socialization relative strength in fragile X longitudinal study
Standard scores measuring 'adaptive behavior' in boys with fragile X syndrome tend to decline during childhood and adolescence, the largest longitudinal study of the inherited disorder to date has found. (2014-07-29)

Metabolic reprogramming of branched-chain amino acid facilitates drug resistance in lung cancer
Research teams led by Dr. Ji Hongbin at the Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Zhou Caicun at the Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine, and Dr. Li Cheng at the School of Life Sciences, Peking University, revealed the important role of epigenetic regulation-mediated metabolic reprogramming in lung cancer's capacity to resist molecular targeted therapy. (2019-07-09)

Astronomers sight an asteroid's moon
Astronomers this week announced their discovery of a moon orbiting an asteroid, in the first images ever obtained of such an object from Earth. Only one satellite orbiting an asteroid had been seen before from space. (1999-10-06)

3D printing offers helping hand to patients with arthritis
3D printing can cut the cost of adaptive aids that help people with hand arthritis. Current products are quite expensive, and more so to create customized versions, but 3D printing drops the cost by an average of 94 percent for 20 different handheld devices. (2018-12-12)

Playing adaptive sports linked to higher employment, economic impact
A new study from the University of Houston Department of Health and Human Performance finds playing an adaptive sport can have dramatic results on the athlete and the economy. (2015-08-25)

Astrophysicists use laser guide star adaptive optics
For the first time, scientists from UC Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore, in conjunction with astrophysicists from the California Institute of Technology, UC Santa Cruz, the National Science Foundation's Center for Adaptive Optics and UC's Lick Observatory, have observed that distant larger stars formed in flattened accretion disks just like the sun. (2004-02-26)

Getting to grips with seizure prediction
A device that could predict when a person with epilepsy might next have a seizure is one step closer to reality thanks to the development of software by researchers in the USA. Details are to be published in a forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics. (2013-11-07)

Zebrafish may offer researchers powerful new tool for studying innate immunity
For the first time, researchers have sequenced all 36 genes of novel receptors that appear to play a critical role in the innate immune protection of zebrafish - an achievement that could lead to a better understanding of infectious diseases and certain cancers. (2004-10-18)

Insight into evolution of adaptive immunity boosted by sea urchin genome sequencing
The latest genome project, sequencing the complete genetic composition of the sea urchin, may reveal important aspects of how our innate and adaptive immune systems interact, a companion paper in the journal Science notes. (2006-11-09)

Discovery in the evolution of the immune system absorbing cells
The UAB has taken part in a research project that has just made a discovery that questions one of the paradigms of vertebrate immunology: that phagocytosis (the ability to (2006-10-04)

Schizophrenia gene's role may be broader, more potent, than thought
UCSF scientists studying nerve cells in fruit flies have uncovered a new function for a gene whose human equivalent may play a critical role in schizophrenia. (2009-11-19)

Study links real-time data to flu vaccine strategies
Adaptive vaccination strategies, based on age patterns of hospitalizations and deaths monitored in real-time during the early stages of a pandemic, outperform seasonal influenza vaccination allocation strategies, according to findings reported Dec. 3 by researchers, including two from Arizona State University, in the online journal PLoS ONE. (2009-12-03)

Adaptive pathways: EMA still leaves open questions unanswered
The current EMA report on the pilot project again documents the perplexity regarding the use of real world data. Neither EMA nor industry seems to have a conclusive concept. (2016-08-09)

Blind beetles show extraordinary signs of sight
University of Adelaide researchers have made a surprising discovery in the aquifers beneath the Western Australian desert, which challenges the traditional Darwinian view of evolution. (2015-01-27)

Optical scientist honored for understanding and improving vision
David R. Williams, William G. Allyn Professor of Medical Optics and director of the University of Rochester's Center for Visual Science, has won the 2007 Alfred W. Bressler Prize in Vision Science, awarded each year by the Jewish Guild for the Blind. (2007-10-23)

Could less deadly therapies be a better way to keep cancer in check?
While many cancer therapies initially can be very successful, tumors often return and spread when remaining cancer cells develop resistance to treatment. To combat this tendency, Frédéric Thomas of the French National Centre for Scientific Research proposes that cancer researchers take a lesson from our own immune system and explore 'natural adaptive therapies.' Such an approach would mimic the immune system's more restrained way of keeping cancer in check by gradually killing off cancerous cells. (2018-10-02)

Adaptive human immunity depends on the factor responsible for the formation of white blood cells
Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF)has a significant regulatory effect not only on innate, but also on adaptive immunity. That's what scientists from the IKBFU and Research Institute of Fundamental and Clinical Immunology have found. (2019-10-31)

Anti-malarial assistant
Creating an effective vaccine against an infectious disease is not as simple as activating an immune response. Immune activation can take many forms, not all of which are effective against all pathogens. An adaptive immune response involving cytotoxic T cells (CTL) has been demonstrated to be necessary to effectively prevent malaria, which is caused by the parasite Plasmodium falciparum in humans. Thus a vaccine that results in CTL activation could presumably be effective in protecting against malarial infection. (2002-03-03)

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