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AIDS is not a problem for Africa alone
An Editorial in this week's issue of The Lancet comments that (2005-07-07)
Study finds US policies could have negative implications for Africa
A new study finds that while the current United States administration's policies in Africa may appear undeveloped, there are distinct trends and tendencies that have the potential to negatively impact Africa's economic growth. (2019-11-19)
NASAC statement on the occasion of the G8+5 Summit in L'Aquila, Italy
NASAC, a group of 13 merit-based science academies in Africa, will issue a statement that encourages the G8+5 countries to help Africa stem the scientific brain drain. (2009-06-15)
The power of poison: Study examines pesticide poisoning of Africa's wildlife
Poisons are silent, effective and cheap, making them especially dangerous in Africa where they are used for both pest control and illegal poaching. (2014-03-19)
Chipped stones and cut bones show early hominin presence in North Africa
Ancient stone tools and cut-marked animal bones discovered in Algeria suggest that modern humans' ancestors called northern Africa home much earlier than archaeologists once thought, a new study reports. (2018-11-29)
'Secrecy and silence' clouds truth of AIDS related deaths among doctors in South Africa
A culture of 'secrecy and silence' clouds the true picture of AIDS related deaths among doctors in South Africa, says Dr Dan Ncayiyana, editor of the South African Medical Journal, in this week's BMJ. (2004-09-09)
Younger people, men and those without children more likely to drop out of HIV care in South Africa
Analysis carried out by an academic at Royal Holloway, University of London has revealed that younger people, men and those without children are more likely to stop attending clinics for HIV treatment in South Africa. (2014-02-20)
A step towards palliative care policy in Africa
ecancer's latest Special Issue provides an update on rapidly evolving developments in palliative cancer care in Africa. (2016-07-07)
Hope for a rabies eradication strategy in Africa
Most rabies virus in dogs in western/central Africa comes from a common ancestor introduced around 200 years ago, probably by European colonialists. (2009-01-21)
WHO's HIV initiative at risk of failing
Lack of financial resources, staff, and commitment from key countries, may hamper Who's goal to provide life-long antiretroviral therapy to 3 million people with HIV/AIDS in developing countries by the end of 2005 (3 by 5), states an editorial in this week's issue of The Lancet. (2005-05-05)
Discovery of variations in resistance to sulfadoxine across Africa
Researchers have discovered that malaria parasites in east and west Africa carry different resistance mutations, which suggests that the effectiveness of sulfadoxine as an antimalarial drug may vary across Africa. (2009-04-14)
ESMO Summit Africa 2017 starts tomorrow
ESMO Summit Africa 2017, starting tomorrow in Cape Town, South Africa, is a three-day educational event with presentations focused on several key disease sites, created for oncology professionals in Africa by international and local key opinion leaders. (2017-02-09)
Cheap drugs won't stop scourge of AIDS in South Africa
In this issue of the CMAJ, Dr. Daniel Ncayiyana, editor of the South African Medical Journal, comments on the state of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in his country. (2001-06-25)
Scientists discover new bat species in West Africa
An international team of scientists, including biologists from, the University of York, has discovered five new species of bats in West Africa. (2013-09-03)
Study reveals global disparities in cervical cancer rates among women with HIV
A new International Journal of Cancer study indicates that rates of invasive cervical cancer (ICC) are particularly high in women living with HIV in South Africa or Latin America. (2019-06-19)
'Footprints' of early human migration left in DNA
New research published in BMC Genetics examines 'footprints' left in mitochondrial DNA leading to the conclusion that after humans migrated out of Africa to Western Asia around sixty-to-seventy thousand years ago, subsequent migrations from Western Asia resulted in the populating of Europe and Northern Africa. (2001-08-24)
Why are so few HIV/AIDS trials conducted in Africa?
People in sub-Saharan Africa carry the heaviest burden of HIV and AIDS, yet very few trials have been conducted on the African continent over the past two decades, say researchers in this week's BMJ. (2005-09-29)
Pay-backs to Africa from the Paris Agreement's temperature targets
Scientsits investigate potential benefits to Africa of limiting global warming to 1.5°C instead of 2°C. (2018-05-16)
Passenger screening advised to cut risk of importing drug-resistant malaria to Africa
Imported resistance has rendered ineffective the two affordable malaria drugs which have been the mainstay of malaria treatment in Africa for forty years, according to experts writing today in the journal Science. (2004-08-19)
South Africa's land reforms discriminate against women
Since the end of apartheid, land reforms have been one way of righting the wrongs to which the black South African majority was previously subjected. (2010-02-22)
Proportion of high-risk HPV infections preventable by a HPV16/18 vaccine may vary by region
Vaccines currently being developed against two types of virus that cause cervical cancer--HPV16 or HPV18--may prevent a larger proportion of high-risk HPV infections in Europe than sub-Saharan Africa, suggests a study being published online by The Lancet. (2005-08-15)
Launch of the African Centre for Obesity Prevention
Members of the media are invited to attend the breakfast launch of African Centre for Obesity Prevention on Nov. (2015-11-13)
Study examines conflict between farmers and livestock predators
A new Journal of Wildlife Management study conducted in South Africa has found that black-backed jackals, a similar species to coyotes and dingoes, prefer to eat livestock rather than similar-sized wild prey, which has important consequences for livestock husbandry and the management of predators. (2017-12-20)
Human ancestors more primitive that once thought
A team of researchers, including Herman Pontzer, Ph.D., assistant professor of physical anthropology at Washington University in St. (2007-09-20)
Exploring Africa's heartbeat
Research on the origins of the continent. (2008-02-06)
Better regulation needed for ethical research in Africa
Better regulation is needed to ensure that research carried out in Africa and other developing countries is ethical, says an expert in this week's BMJ. (2006-04-06)
Ancient African exodus mostly involved men, geneticists find
Modern humans left Africa over 60,000 years ago in a migration that many believe was responsible for nearly all of the human population that exist outside Africa today. (2008-12-21)
New research proves single origin of humans in Africa
New research published in the journal Nature July 19 has proved the single origin of humans theory by combining studies of global genetic variations in humans with skull measurements across the world. (2007-07-18)
Cooperation agreement for satellite navigation in Africa
ESA and the Agency for Security of Air Navigation in Africa and Madagascar have signed a cooperation agreement with the objective of using satellite navigation to improve air traffic safety over the African continent. (2007-06-28)
Schizophrenia genetics analyzed in South African Xhosa
Schizophrenia genetics was studied in the Xhosa population because Africa is the birthplace of all humans, yet ancestral African populations are rarely part of genetics research. (2020-01-30)
Clear-Cutting In Central Africa
The U.S. must play a key role in saving central Africa's tropical forests, now in sudden peril due to an unprecedented land rush by high-volume logging companies, according to Michael Fay, a conservation biologist with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) headquartered at the Bronx Zoo. (1997-03-21)
Prevalence of drug-resistant gonorrhoea increasing in South Africa
The antibiotic ciprofloxacin should not remain the first-line treatment for gonorrhoea in Durban, South Africa, because of increasing resistance to the drug, according to a correspondence letter in this week's issue of THE LANCET. (2005-09-29)
Migration back to Africa took place during the Paleolithic
The UPV/EHU's Human Evolutionary Biology group has managed to retrieve the mitochondrial genome of a fossil 35,000 years old found in the Pestera Muierii cave in Romania. (2016-05-26)
Erratum to 2015 Science paper on ancient Ethiopian genome
Science is publishing an Erratum to the Report 'Ancient Ethiopian genome reveals extensive Eurasian admixture throughout the African continent' published online on Oct. (2016-02-18)
Access to energy in sub-Saharan Africa is theme of sixth annual ASADI Conference
The sixth annual conference of the African Science Academy Development Initiative will be hosted by the Academy of Science of South Africa on Nov. (2010-10-21)
Crocs and fish the key to human evolution
Almost 2 million years ago, early humans began eating food such as crocodiles, turtles and fish -- a diet that could have played an important role in the evolution of human brains and our footsteps out of Africa, according to new research. (2010-06-16)
New insights into chimpanzees, tools, and termites from the Congo basin
From six-months of remote video surveillance at termite nests, we provide the first descriptions of the form and function of two distinct tool sets used by chimpanzees in preying upon termites in central Africa. (2004-11-09)
TWAS 11th General Conference
TWAS, the academy of sciences for the developing world, will hold its 11th General Conference and 20th General Meeting in Durban, South Africa, on Oct. (2009-09-08)
Why are the best malaria drugs not being used in Africa?
Despite changes in policy in many African countries, most cases of malaria are still treated with old drugs that often fail, say researchers in this week's BMJ. (2005-09-29)
Following genetic footprints out of Africa
A new study, using genetic analysis to look for clues about human migration over sixty thousand years ago, suggests that the first modern humans settled in Arabia on their way from the Horn of Africa to the rest of the world. (2012-01-26)
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