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London asthma sufferers get space-based help
The city of London has launched an innovative service, funded by ESA, which delivers air pollution alerts and health advice via SMS text messages to those who suffer from asthma and other conditions vulnerable to poor air quality. (2007-03-29)
Planning the urban future particularly important in poor, polluted cities
The capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, is not only one of the fastest growing cities in the world, it is also extremely polluted. (2011-06-07)
Improved air quality linked to fewer pediatric ear infections
A new study by researchers at UCLA and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston suggests that improvements in air quality over the past decade have resulted in fewer cases of ear infections in children. (2010-01-28)
Largest-ever air quality study poised to begin in seacoast N.H.
Hundreds of government and university scientists from across the country and in western Europe will be sampling the quality of the air this summer in the largest air quality and climate study to date as part of the International Consortium for Atmospheric Research on Transport and Transformation. (2004-06-29)
Study celebrates the success of EU air quality policy amidst Brexit uncertainty
A study has found that about 80,000 deaths are prevented each year due to the introduction of EU policies and new technologies to reduce air pollution. (2016-02-29)
Drexel University survey finds broad misperceptions about impact of cleaner indoor air
Do you know how easy it is to improve the quality of the air you breathe every day? (2015-12-07)
NCAR explores link between climate change and air quality
The National Center for Atmospheric Research and other institutions are launching a far-reaching project this month to help the government keep polluted areas in compliance with Clean Air Act standards in the event of rising global temperatures. (2003-10-09)
URI researcher: China can't fully fix air quality problem for Olympics
The outlook for air quality in Beijing during the Olympics is borderline, and there's little that the Chinese government can do to improve it. (2008-07-14)
Seat belts offer more protection than air bags
Driver air bags offer relatively little benefit in road vehicle crashes compared with seat belts, finds a study in this week's BMJ. (2002-05-09)
Exercise can outweigh harmful effects of air pollution
New research from the University of Copenhagen has found that the beneficial effects of exercise are more important for our health than the negative effects of air pollution, in relation to the risk of premature mortality. (2015-03-30)
Night games in sports stadiums and street lighting can cause spike in daytime ozone air pollution
Brightly-lit Cowboys Stadium during Sunday's Super Bowl XLV may symbolize one of the hottest new pieces of scientific intelligence about air pollution: Researchers have discovered that the bright light from sports stadiums and urban street lights may boost daytime levels of ozone, a key air pollutant in many heavily populated areas. (2011-02-09)
State of Nuevo León first to benefit from improved nationwide air quality information system
Today, the Nuevo Leon state ministry of sustainable development, with support from the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, launched a revamped air quality information management system in Monterrey, Mexico, using AirNow-International. (2012-11-13)
Even low levels of air pollution appear to affect a child's lungs
Dramatic improvements in air quality in US cities since the 1990s may not be enough to ensure normal lung function in children, according to new research published in the April 15 American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care, a journal of the American Thoracic Society. (2016-04-11)
New invention saves energy, health, climate
A new Danish invention could cut energy use in buildings by 25 percent by creating a better indoor climate. (2010-09-29)
EPA Could Make Costly Mistake With Proposed Air Quaility Standards To Be Issued By July 19
EPA will issue new standards for ground level ozone and particulate matter by July 19, but enactment of these standards could be a costly mistake, according to the Center for Study of American Business. (1997-06-19)
Worldwide increase of air pollution
Atmospheric model calculates changes in air quality over the coming decades. (2012-08-01)
Plan to reduce air pollution chokes in Mexico City
In 2008, Mexico City added driving restrictions on Saturdays in hopes of moving the needle on improving air quality but according to new research by Lucas W. (2017-02-02)
New England forests at greater risk from air pollution
When it comes to forests, air pollution is not an equal opportunity hazard. (2004-08-01)
Better air quality standards in China could save 3 million early deaths each year
Adopting and enforcing tighter air quality standards in China could save three million premature deaths each year and may bring about tremendous public health benefits, say experts in The BMJ today. (2017-03-14)
Meeting global air quality guidelines could prevent 2.1 million deaths per year
A team of environmental engineering and public health researchers developed a global model that demonstrates how much cleaner different parts of the world would need to be in order to substantially reduce death from outdoor air pollution. (2015-06-16)
Traffic congestion charges: Prices are more effective than restrictions
The citizens of Gothenburg, Sweden will vote soon on whether to continue the already up-and-running congestion charge. (2013-06-26)
Air quality in nursing homes affecting lung health of residents
The indoor air quality in nursing homes has a serious effect on the lung health of elderly residents, according to the findings of a new study. (2015-03-11)
Delhi air quality regulations improve respiratory health
New research by Brown University economist Andrew Foster is among the first to use remote sensing imagery to look directly at the effects of air quality on health. (2011-04-11)
Stagnant air pollution increases risk of death from breathing problems
Air pollution that sits over a city without being blown away by the wind increases the risk of death from breathing problems, according to a study presented at the American Thoracic Society International Conference. (2003-05-19)
New NASA images highlight US air quality improvement
Anyone living in a major US city for the past decade may have noticed a change in the air. (2014-06-26)
UT Austin, Environmental Defense Fund, Google and Aclima unveil new hyper-local air pollution map
Engineering researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have developed the most detailed and extensive local map of air pollution ever produced for an urban area, using specially equipped Google Street View cars to measure air quality on a block-by-block basis. (2017-06-05)
Photocatalytic Air Cleaning System Promises To Help Allergy Sufferers
Allergy and asthma sufferers soon may have a new weapon in their fight against airborne enemies: an indoor-air cleaning system that uses light and simple chemicals to destroy the dust mites and mold spores that cause many allergies. (1997-10-10)
Atmospheric aerosols impact on smog formation being reassessed
Researchers studying the photochemical characteristics of air pollution report that air quality models must be adjusted to better account for how the concentration of aerosols in the atmosphere affects the formation of smog. (2001-02-05)
Is your home harming you? New research highlights deadly effects of indoor pollution
New research in the journal Science of the Total Environment has highlighted the dangerous effects of indoor pollution on human health, and has called for policies to ensure closer monitoring of air quality. (2016-04-19)
South Carolina, Maryland chemists receive award for improving quality, shelf life of foods
Chemists Drew Speer, Ph.D., William P. Roberts, Ph.D., and Charles R. (2001-09-24)
Summit fire in Southern California
According to the CBS affiliate in Los Angeles, (2013-05-02)
Poor overall environmental quality linked to elevated cancer rates
Nationwide, counties with the poorest quality across five domains -- air, water, land, the built environment and sociodemographic -- had the highest incidence of cancer, according to a new study published in the journal Cancer. (2017-05-08)
Air pollution especially harmful to lungs of obese children
Obese children are more susceptible than normal-weight children to the harmful effects of air pollution, according to a study presented at the American Thoracic Society International Conference on May 24. (2004-05-24)
Forest fires near James Bay, Quebec
At present the forest fires plaguing the area near James Bay in Quebec are causing air quality problems in the area and as far away as Maine. (2013-07-03)
Could switchgrass help China's air quality?
Researchers from the United States and China have proposed an idea that could improve China's air quality, but they're not atmospheric scientists. (2017-09-05)
Benefits of new air quality rules greatly outweigh costs
A report by researchers at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health provides an expanded review of six new air quality regulations by the EPA. (2011-12-21)
Temperature inversion brings ultra-clean air between layers of pollution
The atmosphere often is highly layered, particularly when a temperature inversion blocks intruding air from above and below. (2002-02-20)
Electrostatic surface cleaning
The smallest particles often make a huge difference. If they accumulate on the surface of a product during manufacturing, the quality of the goods may be impaired. (2009-10-07)
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