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Human DNA uncovered in caves without bones
In cave sediments lacking skeletal remains, scientists report having found DNA from ancient humans. (2017-04-27)
New test for ancient DNA authenticity throws doubt on Stone Age wheat trade
A new method reliably tests whether DNA shows ancient or modern patterns of biochemical change. (2015-11-03)
New method rescues DNA from contaminated Neandertal bones
Retrieval of ancient DNA molecules is usually performed with special precautions to prevent DNA from researchers or the environment to get mixed in with the DNA from the fossil. (2014-01-27)
Using modern sequencing techniques to study ancient modern humans
DNA that is left in the remains of long-dead plants, animals or humans allows a direct look into the history of evolution. (2009-12-31)
Ancient DNA may provide clues into how past environments affected ancient populations
A new study by anthropologists from The University of Texas at Austin shows for the first time that epigenetic marks on DNA can be detected in a large number of ancient human remains, which may lead to further understanding about the effects of famine and disease in the ancient world. (2015-05-28)
Scientists 'rebuild' giant moa using ancient DNA
Scientists have performed the first DNA-based reconstruction of the giant extinct moa bird, using prehistoric feathers recovered from caves and rock shelters in New Zealand. (2009-07-02)
The final nail in the Jurassic Park coffin: Next generation sequencing reveals absence of DNA in sub-fossilized insects
It is hardly possible to talk about fossil insects in amber without the 1993 movie Jurassic Park entering the debate. (2013-09-11)
Digging ancient signals out of modern human genomes
Trying to find ancient DNA, let alone prove that the ancient DNA is ancestral to a population living today, is extremely challenging. (2019-04-05)
Charting 8,000 years of Iberian genomic history
Using ancient DNA recovered from over 270 Iberians representing an unprecedented timespan, researchers including David Reich have pieced together an 8,000-year-long genetic history of the Iberian Peninsula. (2019-03-14)
Studying DNA of ancient humans from Morocco reveals ancestral surprises
After sequencing DNA in bone matter of several 15,000-year-old humans from North Africa, a region critical for understanding human history but one in which it has been challenging to connect genetic dots, researchers report a notable lack of relatedness to ancient Europeans, in their specimens - a finding that rules out hypotheses of gene flow from southern Europe into northern Africa at a particular time. (2018-03-15)
Preserved in crystal
Scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science recently discovered a new source of well-preserved ancient DNA in fossil bones. (2006-02-02)
DNA analysis of ancient remains to uncover origin mysteries
Griffith University researchers will analyze DNA sequences from ancient human remains, some dating back 45,000 years, to determine the origins of the peoples of Southeast Asia and Australia. (2012-07-17)
What killed off the megafauna?
Rapid phases of warming climate played a greater role in the extinction of megafauna in the Late Pleistocene than did human activity, a new study shows. (2015-07-23)
Treasure trove of ancient genomes helps recalibrate the human evolutionary clock
To improve the modeling and reading of the branches on the human tree of life, authors Francois Balloux et al, compiled the most comprehensive DNA set to date, a new treasure trove of 146 ancient (including Neanderthal and Denisovian) and modern human full mitochondrial genomes (amongst a set of 320 available worldwide). (2014-10-08)
Two genetic stories of human migration into Iceland and the Americas
Two separate studies -- both benefiting from ancient DNA -- paint detailed pictures of the founding, migration, and evolution of human populations in Iceland and the Americas, respectively. (2018-05-31)
Ancient DNA reveals caribou history linked to volcanic eruption
DNA recovered from ancient caribou bones reveals a possible link between several small unique caribou herds and a massive volcanic eruption that blanketed much of the Alaskan Yukon territory in a thick layer of ash 1,000 years ago, reports research published today in Molecular Ecology. (2010-02-22)
'Chicken and chips' theory of Pacific migration
A new study of DNA from ancient and modern chickens has shed light on the controversy about the extent of prehistoric Polynesian contact with the Americas. (2008-07-28)
When farmers migrated to southeast Asia, according to the DNA
By analyzing genome-wide DNA from the remains of ancient Southeast Asian individuals, scientists have shed new light on the past 4,000 years of genetic history from the region. (2018-05-17)
DNA reveals origins of first European farmers
A team of international researchers led by ancient DNA experts from the University of Adelaide has resolved the longstanding issue of the origins of the people who introduced farming to Europe some 8000 years ago. (2010-11-09)
Ancient viral 'fossils' reveal evolutionary mechanisms
Studying DNA fragments left by ancient viruses in their host's genome has shown even non-autonomous viruses could prosper by helping each other. (2017-06-29)
Ancient DNA from Central and South Asia reveals movement of people and language in Eurasia
A genome-wide analysis of ancient DNA from more than 500 individuals from across South and Central Asia sheds light on the complex genetic ancestry of the region's modern people. (2019-09-05)
Ancient DNA traces extinct Caribbean 'Island Murderer' back to the dawn of mammals
From skeletal remains found among ancient owl pellets, a team of scientists has recovered the first ancient DNA of the extinct West Indian mammal Nesophontes, meaning 'island murder.' They traced its evolutionary history back to the dawn of mammals 70 million years ago. (2016-09-13)
OU anthropologists reconstruct mitogenomes from prehistoric dental calculus
Using advanced sequencing technologies, University of Oklahoma anthropologists demonstrate that human DNA can be significantly enriched from dental calculus (calcified dental plaque) enabling the reconstruction of whole mitochondrial genomes for maternal ancestry analysis -- an alternative to skeletal remains in ancient DNA investigations of human ancestry. (2016-03-28)
Ancient Europeans intolerant to lactose for 5,000 years after they adopted agriculture
By analyzing DNA from petrous bones of ancient Europeans, scientists have identified these peoples remained intolerant to lactose (natural sugar in the milk of mammals) for 5,000 years after they adopted agricultural practices. (2014-10-21)
DNA tool allows you to trace your ancient ancestry
Scientists at the University of Sheffield studying ancient DNA have created a tool allowing them to more accurately identify ancient Eurasian populations, which can be used to test an individual's similarity to ancient people who once roamed the earth. (2019-01-14)
Every grain of rice: Ancient rice DNA data provides new view of domestication history
Now, using new data collected samples of ancient, carbonized rice, a team of Japanese and Chinese scientists have successfully determined DNA sequences to make the first comparisons between modern and ancient rice. (2016-07-26)
Ancient wild horses help unlock past
An international team of researchers has used ancient DNA to produce compelling evidence that the lack of genetic diversity in modern stallions is the result of the domestication process. (2011-08-23)
DNA from old insects -- no need to destroy the specimen
In a new study published April 1 in the online, open-access, peer-reviewed journal PLoS ONE, ancient DNA is retrieved from various insect remains without destruction of the specimens. (2009-03-31)
Researchers kick-start ancient DNA
Binghamton University researchers recently revived ancient bacteria trapped for thousands of years in water droplets embedded in salt crystals. (2010-11-22)
New evidence of battle between humans and ancient virus
Human ancestors fought back against an ancient retrovirus with a defense mechanism that our bodies still use today. (2008-07-21)
OU study suggests the bacterial ecology that lives on humans has changed in the last 100 years
A University of Oklahoma-led study has demonstrated that ancient DNA can be used to understand ancient human microbiomes. (2012-12-13)
Ancient DNA: reconstruction of the biological history of Aldaieta necropolis
A research team from the Department of Genetics, Physical Anthropology & Animal Physiology in the Faculty of Science and Technology at the Leioa campus of the University of the Basque Country, and led by Ms. (2008-04-08)
First ancient DNA from mainland Finland reveals origins of Siberian ancestry in region
Researchers from the Max-Planck-Institute for the Science of Human History and the University of Helsinki have analyzed the first ancient DNA from mainland Finland. (2018-11-27)
Mummy's amazing American maize
The far-reaching influence of Spanish and Portuguese colonizers appears not to have extended to South American agriculture, scientists studying a 1,400-year-old Andean mummy have found. (2007-02-14)
The mammoths' swan song revised
Analysis of ancient DNA has shown that Woolly mammoths and prehistoric horses grazed on the North American Plains, for several thousand years longer than hitherto assumed. (2009-12-14)
New DNA research shows true migration route of early farming in Europe 8,000 years ago
New DNA research shows true migration route of early farming in Europe 8,000 years ago, correcting previous theories. (2017-04-06)
22,000-year-old panda from cave in Southern China belongs to distinct, long-lost lineage
Researchers who've analyzed ancient mitochondrial (mt)DNA isolated from a 22,000-year-old panda found in Cizhutuo Cave in the Guangxi Province of China -- a place where no pandas live today -- have revealed a new lineage of giant panda. (2018-06-18)
Biologists Get First Look At DNA-Protein Binding Structure In An Archaeon
Biologists have answered a fundamental how-does-it-work question, involving the binding of DNA and protein, that eventually may lead to the ability to forge DNA into specific shapes for specific purposes. (1998-03-12)
Ancient skeletons change views on origins of farming
Several hunter-gatherer populations independently adopted farming in the Fertile Crescent during the Neolithic period, then went on to sow the seeds of farming far and wide, a new analysis suggests. (2016-07-14)
Ancient DNA, not fossilized bones, shows late survival of Ice Age megafauna
University of Alberta researchers are part of an international team that has used DNA samples from frozen dirt, not fossilized bones, to revise the history of North America's woolly mammoths and ancient horses. (2009-12-14)
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