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Shedding light on Anderson localization
Waves do not spread in a disordered medium if there is less than one wavelength between two defects. Physicists from the universities of Zurich and Constance have now proved Nobel Prize winner Philip W. Anderson's theory directly for the first time using the diffusion of light in a cloudy medium. (2012-12-20)

Companies restricting shareholder rights selected Arthur Anderson firm
Companies that placed most of the power in the hands of managers as opposed to shareholders were more likely to choose the defunct Arthur Anderson accounting firm as opposed to the other (2007-03-19)

Khalifa Foundation grants MD Anderson $150 million for cancer research
The Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Charity Foundation is granting $150 million to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to support genetic-analysis based research, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. (2011-01-19)

MD Anderson and Enumeral enter into collaborative research and development agreement
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center today announced that it has entered into a collaborative research and development agreement with Enumeral Biomedical Holdings Inc. (2016-01-11)

Candidate voice pitch influences voters, but does not lead to better leaders
Voters may prefer voting for candidates with lower sounding voices but they are not necessarily better leaders, a paper recently published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior by University of Miami Professor Casey Klofstad and Professor Rindy Anderson from Florida Atlantic University has revealed. (2018-03-14)

Virtual reality therapy may ease fear of public speaking
For many people, the mere thought of public speaking makes their palms sweat, heart race and stomach reel. But help may be on the way in the form of virtual reality exposure therapy - computer-generated images and sound delivered through a helmet-like headset. (2005-05-18)

Fiber supplement may substitute for cholesterol-lowering drugs
It may be possible for some patients battling high cholesterol to diminish or even eliminate their need for drug treatment by adding fiber to a healthy diet, according to results of a study by James W. Anderson, M.D., professor of medicine and clinical nutrition at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. (2000-06-01)

Novel anti-cancer drug, ONC201, focus of alliance between Oncoceutics and MD Anderson
Oncoceutics Inc. and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center today announced the initiation of a strategic alliance and research collaboration agreement for the clinical development of ONC201, a novel anti-cancer drug. (2015-01-05)

SFU Research Helps Send Two Bear Poachers To Jail
Two bear poachers are in jail, thanks to Simon Fraser University forensic entomologist Gail Anderson's unique study of bugs. Anderson uses the lifespan of insects found on bodies to determine time of death. Frequently called on to help solve murders, shenow applies her research to poaching. It's the first time in Canada that forensic entomology has helped get a poaching conviction (1997-03-26)

Ethanol mandate not the best option
Many people are willing to pay a premium for ethanol, but not enough to justify the government mandate for the corn-based fuel, a Michigan State University economist argues. (2012-02-13)

New funds for Rice, M.D. Anderson program
The Howard Hughes Medical Institute today committed to a four-year renewal of funds for an innovative biomedical training program between Rice University and the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. The unique translational medicine program, which was founded with an HHMI grant in 2006, capitalizes on the strengths of Rice's top 10-ranked bioengineering program and M.D. Anderson's internationally acclaimed clinical programs. (2009-11-17)

Wilmington chemist wins national award for drug development
Chemist Paul Anderson of Lansdale, Pa., will be honored April 3 for directing development of such drugs as Zocor for high cholesterol, Trusopt for glaucoma, and Crixivan and Sustiva for HIV. He will receive the 2001 Award in Industrial Chemistry from the American Chemical Society at its meeting in San Diego. (2001-03-25)

Bartenders may have role in assisting troubled war veterans
For troubled war veterans, a friendly bartender can be the source of more than just drinks and a sympathetic ear. A pilot study suggests that some bartenders may be in a good position to identify veterans in need of mental health services and help connect them to the appropriate agency. (2011-01-25)

Aspirin may help prevent pancreatic cancer
Researchers at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health have found that aspirin use may decrease the incidence of pancreatic cancer, possibly through its anti-inflammatory effects. (2002-08-06)

M. D. Anderson nurses find empowerment in PACTs
According to nurse-researchers at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, participation among nurses in the institution's unique Professional Action Coordinating Teams has increased 50 percent in one year. (2008-05-15)

Students Can E-Mail Argonne Scientist On Arctic Expedition
This summer, students and teachers from around the world will have the opportunity to communicate via e-mail with a scientific expedition to the arctic. Argonne chemist Ken Anderson will be one of six researchers traveling to Axel Heiberg Island, and will maintain contact via satellite link. (1997-06-27)

Boehringer Ingelheim and MD Anderson join forces to discover new treatment approaches for pancreatic cancer
Boehringer Ingelheim and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center today announced a collaboration focused on developing innovative medicines for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. (2015-12-02)

State-free industries in China attract more foreign investment
Cities in China not dominated by state-run industries are benefiting more from foreign investment than cities with a large number of state-controlled industries, find university researchers. (2004-11-15)

Breaking the cycle: New target for treatment of ovarian cancer
A protein that plays a key role in regulating the onset of cell division has been identified as a potential target for the treatment of ovarian cancer. The research, published by Cell Press in the August issue of the journal Cancer Cell, provides evidence that combination therapies targeting different phases of the cell division cycle are highly desirable for optimal cancer treatment. (2010-08-16)

Platinum is wrong stuff for fuel cells
Fuel cells are inefficient because the catalyst most commonly used to convert chemical energy to electricity is made of the wrong material, a researcher at Case Western Reserve University argues. During the oxygen reduction reaction, intermediate molecules bond too tightly or too loosely to platinum, slowing the reaction and causing a drop in voltage. (2012-07-12)

MD Anderson, Astellas Pharma sign option agreement for monoclonal antibody drug targeting acute myeloid leukemia
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Astellas Pharma Inc. have signed an option agreement to research and develop a new treatment for patients with acute myeloid leukemia. (2015-04-03)

'The Mathematics of Entertainment, the Entertainment of Mathematics' to be presented
Can mathematics be entertaining? Of course! A program called (2002-03-13)

TESARO and MD Anderson announce immuno-oncology collaboration and exclusive license
TESARO, Inc., an oncology focused biopharmaceutical company, and the Institute for Applied Cancer Science at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center today announced an exclusive collaboration to discover and develop small molecule product candidates against undisclosed immuno-oncology targets. (2016-03-29)

MD Anderson, AstraZeneca collaborate to improve patient outcomes in ovarian and gynecologic cancers
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and AstraZeneca today announced a multi-year strategic research collaboration to conduct multiple, parallel clinical and clinically related studies in ovarian and other gynecologic cancers with the aim of improving patient outcomes. (2015-01-29)

Income important in tracking health status
Income is an important variable in the quality of health care that people receive, and should be included in systems that monitor health status, writes Roger T. Anderson, Ph.D., of Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, in a commentary in the October issue of Women's Health Issues. (2003-10-31)

Parents drive kids' car choices
A new study finds children are nearly 40 percent more likely to buy the auto brand their parents did. (2014-10-02)

New drug combination brings 1-2 punch against acute leukemia
Researchers at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center have discovered a drug combination that kills leukemia cells by shutting down their energy source and hastening cell starvation. (2008-05-16)

MD Anderson receives top Chinese science and technology award
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center was presented the People's Republic of China International Science and Technology Cooperation Award at a ceremony held Jan. 9 at Beijing's Great Hall of the People. (2015-01-16)

MD Anderson receives $14 million in CPRIT research funding to recruit top talent
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center was awarded $14 million this week from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) for the recruitment of three cancer scientists. (2016-02-17)

M. D. Anderson launches graduate program in cancer metastasis
A one-of-a-kind graduate program that focuses on the most lethal aspect of cancer will open this fall at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center with support from a highly competitive grant from the University of Texas System. (2009-03-26)

MD Anderson and Amgen announce agreement to develop BiTEĀ® therapies for myelodysplastic syndrome
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Amgen have announced a research collaborative agreement focusing on Amgen's bispecific T cell engager (BiTEĀ®) antibody constructs, an immunotherapy that serves as a 'bridge' between T cells and cancer cells. (2015-01-12)

UAlberta medical researchers discover how immune system kills healthy cells
Medical scientists at the University of Alberta have made a key discovery about how the immune system kills healthy cells while attacking infections. This finding could one day lead to better solutions for cancer and anti-viral treatments. (2013-09-10)

MD Anderson and Memorial Hermann to operate breast screening network across Houston area
Memorial Hermann Health System and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center today announced a new partnership to provide a new level of specialized breast screening at a network of community breast care centers in the greater Houston area. (2014-08-21)

Real angry birds 'flip the bird' before a fight
Male sparrows are capable of fighting to the death. But a new study shows that they often wave their wings wildly first in an attempt to avoid a dangerous brawl. (2013-01-28)

Scientists Trace The Origin Of "Idaho Potatoes"
Were those (1998-06-18)

Respect matters more than money for happiness in life
New research suggests that overall happiness in life is more related to how much you are respected and admired by those around you, not to the status that comes from how much money you have stashed in your bank account. Researchers explore the relationship between different types of status and well-being in a new article published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. (2012-06-20)

Exercise is the best medicine: QUT study
Women would benefit from being prescribed exercise as medicine, according to a QUT study that revealed moderate to high intensity activity is essential to reducing the risk of death in older women. (2014-07-10)

More aid required for chronic conditions in low income countries
Chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and cancer result in more deaths and account for more years of healthy life lost than most communicable diseases, and yet little international aid is focused on preventing or treating these conditions. Cardiovascular disease causes 30 percent of all deaths globally and 27 percent of deaths in low income countries. By comparison, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, combined, account for 10 percent of all deaths globally and 11 percent of death in developing countries. (2007-01-17)

First Lady Laura Bush's Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research extends to Panama
The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center marked the beginning of a collaborative effort to eradicate breast cancer in Panama through the Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research of the Americas today at an event with Laura Bush, the First Lady of the United States, and Vivian Fernandez de Torrijos, the First Lady of Panama. (2008-11-21)

Cancer patients who receive neoadjuvant therapy followed by mastectomy may not need radiation
Early-stage breast cancer patients who exhibit limited lymph node involvement may not require post-surgery radiation therapy when they receive neoadjuvant chemotherapy before a mastectomy, according to researchers from the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. (2008-09-24)

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