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Wildfires in Siberia
The Aqua satellite provided this satellite image showing a series of hotspots found in the Siberian region of Russia. (2013-05-10)

Agricultural fires in Ecuador Dec. 3, 2013
The fires (outlined in red) in this image of Ecuador taken by the Aqua satellite are most likely agricultural in nature. (2013-12-03)

NASA analyzes Gulf of Mexico's reborn tropical depression soaking potential
Infrared imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite showed that strong storms from a redeveloped tropical cyclone were soaking parts of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Tropical Depression 03L is expected to generate heavy rainfall in the region. (2020-06-02)

NASA satellite spots tornado track near Conway, Ark.
A violent tornado touched down in Arkansas on April 27, 2014, killing as many as 15 people. An image acquired on April 28 by NASA's Aqua satellite, shows what appears to be a tornado track north of Little Rock, Ark. (2014-04-29)

Agricultural fires dot Mexico
In Guerrero, Oaxaca, Michoacan, Colima, and Jalisco regions (as well as others in the Yucatan Peninsula) of Mexico hundreds of fires were detected by the MODIS instrument on the Aqua satellite. (2013-05-03)

Wollemi National Park bushfires in New South Wales, Australia
NASA's Aqua satellite detected many bushfires in Wollemi National Park, located in the Australian state of New South Wales, outside of Sydney. (2013-11-05)

NASA satellites capture 3 days of Hurricane Gordon's Atlantic track
NASA's Terra and Aqua satellite have captured Hurricane Gordon over three days as it neared the Azores Islands in the eastern Atlantic Ocean. Gordon weakened to a tropical storm on Aug. 20. (2012-08-20)

NASA satellite highlights burn scars in British Columbia
This past summer Canada has been plagued with huge forest fires that have spanned most of the provinces. British Columbia has been particularly hard hit with large portions of the landscape being decimated by fire. In these satellite images taken by the NASA'S Aqua satellite, both the natural color and false color burn scars of left by fires can be seen. (2017-09-29)

NASA sees Tropical Storm Trami U-turning
Tropical Storm Trami appears to be a very large storm in infrared data from NASA's Aqua satellite. (2013-08-19)

Alberto now a tropical depression, seen by NASA
Infrared satellite imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite revealed Alberto weakened from a tropical storm to a tropical depression as it appears more disorganized. At 10:30 a.m. EDT on May 21, Tropical Storm Alberto weakened to a tropical depression, and has maintained that status today, May 22. (2012-05-22)

NASA sees the 26th Northwestern Pacific Tropical Depression form
It has been a busy season in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean, tropically speaking. The twenty-sixth tropical depression of the western North Pacific Ocean hurricane season formed and NASA's Aqua satellite saw it come together. (2015-10-22)

Fires in Southeast Asia
Fires purposely set to burn crop residues and get the land ready for the growing season are continuing as evidenced in this image from the MODIS instrument on the Aqua satellite. (2013-04-11)

NASA sees Cyclone Victoria developing an eye
Cyclone Victoria continued to intensify overnight from April 9 to April 10, and imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite showed a tighter storm circulation and a possible eye developing. (2013-04-11)

Infrared NASA imagery shows a weaker Tropical Storm 13W
Infrared satellite imagery from shows how cold cloud top temperatures are in a tropical cyclone, and recent imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite shows the cloud-top temperatures have been warming in Tropical Storm 13W. Warming cloud top temperatures indicate less strength, and Tropical Storm 13W is weakening. (2012-08-07)

NASA's Aqua satellite sees Typhoon Halola elongating
NASA's Aqua satellite flew over Typhoon Halola in the northwestern Pacific Ocean and captured temperature data on the storm. Satellite data showed that wind shear is affecting the stubborn storm. (2015-07-15)

Possible first eastern Pacific tropical depression shaping up on NASA imagery
NASA's Aqua satellite flew over a low pressure system in the Eastern Pacific and captured infrared imagery that show it to be well-defined and organizing. System 91E is shaping up to likely become the Eastern Pacific's first tropical depression of the season. (2011-06-06)

NASA's Aqua Satellite sees Khanun's remnants dissipating over China
NASA's Aqua satellite has been tracking the remnants of Tropical Depression Khanun, and infrared data revealed that it has moved over northeastern China where it is now dissipating. (2012-07-20)

NASA's Aqua Satellite sees Tropical Depression Fami fading fast
Now that Fami has crossed Madagascar, its fading fast. NASA's Aqua satellite captured an infrared satellite image earlier today that showed the storm was elongating and losing its circulation. (2010-02-03)

NASA sees remnants of Tropical Cyclone Hadi in South Pacific
Tropical Cyclone Hadi is now a remnant low pressure area in the Southern Pacific Ocean. NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the storm and captured a visible image of it on March 12. (2014-03-12)

NASA satellite sees Pewa become a typhoon
NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the tropical cyclone known as Pewa after it strengthened into a typhoon in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. (2013-08-19)

NASA imagery indicates a dissipating Kalmaegi  
NASA's Aqua satellite captured an image of Tropical Depression Kalmaegi in the South China Sea as it was dissipating. (2019-11-21)

Smoke from western fires wafts eastward
On August 21, 2015 the Aqua satellite captured this image of the smoke from the fires on the west coast of the United States wafting eastward on the jet stream. In this image the smoke is obscuring parts of Montana, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. (2015-08-24)

NASA sees Tropical Storm Kilo affected by wind shear
Strong vertical wind shear is taking its toll on the now weaker Tropical Storm Kilo in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean. Visible and infrared imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite shows that southwesterly wind shear has been pushing the clouds and storms to the northeast of the storm's center. (2015-09-10)

NASA watching a post-Atlantic hurricane season low
System 90L has developed in the eastern Atlantic Ocean today and NASA's Aqua satellite took an infrared look at the low pressure area to see if it had development potential. (2013-12-05)

NASA's Aqua sees Tropical Storm Vince about to U-turn away from Australia
Building high pressure is expected to make Tropical Storm Vince do a U-turn in the Southern Indian Ocean and take a westward track away from Western Australia. Two instruments on NASA's Aqua satellite looked at Vince's clouds this morning before Vince's forecast U-turn. (2011-01-14)

NASA find Herold a fading ex-tropical cyclone
Former Tropical Cyclone Herold is now a fading area of low-pressure in the Southern Indian Ocean and NASA's Aqua satellite provided forecasters with a visible image. (2020-03-20)

NASA satellite observes Tropical Storm Francisco's formation
Shortly after Tropical Cyclone Francisco formed on Feb. 5, 2020 in the Southern Indian Ocean, NASA's Aqua satellite provided a visible image of the storm. (2020-02-05)

NASA infrared image shows Eugene now a remnant
Former Hurricane Eugene has now weakened to a remnant low pressure area. Infrared imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite revealed that only a small area of convection remains. (2017-07-13)

NASA finds Tropical Depression Yutu fading off China coast
Once a Super Typhoon, now a ghost of its former self, Tropical Depression Yutu was fading off the coast of southeastern China on Nov.2 when NASA's Aqua satellite passed overhead. (2018-11-02)

NASA's Aqua Satellite sees Tropical Depression Kujira at landfall
Tropical Depression Kujira made landfall in northeastern Vietnam early on June 24 as NASA's Aqua satellite passed overhead. (2015-06-24)

NASA's Aqua satellite shows winds shear affecting Tropical Cyclone Riley
Visible from NASA's Aqua satellite revealed the effects of wind shear on Tropical Cyclone Riley in the Southern Indian Ocean. (2019-01-29)

Fires in eastern China
NASA's Aqua satellite captured multiple plumes of smoke from agricultural fires and industrial pollution in China. The smoke and haze stretches from Inner Mongolia, located north of Beijing, south and west including the provinces of Hebei, Shedong, Henan, Shanxi, Hubai, Hunan, and Chongqing. (2013-06-04)

Fires in Eastern Russia
Fires in eastern Russia are commonplace at this time of year. Both wildfires and those deliberately set for agricultural purposes are often seen in the Amur region of Russia. This image from the Aqua satellite shows a plethora of fires burning in Eastern Russia on May 3, 2013. (2013-05-03)

Cyclone Phyan raining on Tibet after breaking a record in India
Cyclone Phyan broke a 43 year record when it made landfall north of the city of Mumbai, India during the evening hours on Nov. 11. NASA's Aqua satellite captured Phyan's landfall with one instrument, and a day later, another of Aqua's instruments show the storm's remnants raining Tibet as Phyan continues to dissipate. (2009-11-13)

NASA finds Tropical Storm Calvinia moving away from Mauritius
Visible imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite on Dec. 31, 2019 revealed that Tropical Cyclone Calvinia had moved south of the island of Mauritius in the Southern Indian Ocean. (2019-12-31)

NASA satellite finds strong storms circling Lekima's center
NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the Northwestern Pacific Ocean and captured a visible image of strengthening Tropical Storm Lekima. (2019-08-06)

NASA spots center of Typhoon Kalmaegi over Hainan Island, headed for Vietnam
NASA's Aqua satellite saw Typhoon Kalmaegi's center near northern Hainan Island, China when it passed overhead on Sept. 16 at 06:00 UTC (2 a.m. EDT). Hours later, the storm crossed the Gulf of Tonkin, the body of water that separates Hainan Island from Vietnam, and was making landfall there at 11:30 a.m. EDT. (2014-09-16)

NASA finds Hurricane Norman hammered by wind shear
NASA's Aqua satellite obtained a visible image of Hurricane Norman northeast of the Hawaiian Islands and found the storm weakening and battling wind shear. (2018-09-07)

NASA satellite sees Tropical Depression 10P Strengthening in south Pacific
NASA's Aqua satellite is keeping an eye on the tenth tropical depression to form in the southern Pacific Ocean. Tropical Depression 10P has formed overnight and is expected to continue strengthening. (2010-01-27)

NASA saw Tropical Storm Murjan making landfall on the Horn of Africa
NASA's Aqua satellite watched from space as Somalia in the Horn of Africa experienced a landfalling tropical cyclone on Oct. 25. (2012-10-25)

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