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East Peak fire burn scar, Colorado
On June 22, 2013, the Operational Land Imager on Landsat 8 captured a false-color image of the East Peak fire burning in southern Colorado near Trinidad. (2013-06-26)

Stopping deforestation: lessons from Colombia
A study of deforestation in Colombia by researchers from The University of Queensland has revealed some valuable insights which could be used to help slow deforestation in areas around the globe. (2020-05-01)

Protected areas help waterbirds adapt to climate change
Climate change pushes species distribution areas northward. However, the expansion of species ranges is not self-evident due to e.g. habitat degradation and unsustainable harvesting caused by human activities. A new study led from the University of Turku, Finland, suggests that protected areas can facilitate wintering waterbird adaptation to climate warming by advancing their range shifts towards north. (2020-10-21)

Humans are creating quite a racket, even in the wilderness
Human-related noise is doubling background sound levels in 63 percent of US protected areas, where manmade disturbances are supposed to be reduced, a new study reveals. (2017-05-04)

Study predicts decreasing brown bear habitat due to climate change
A recent analysis of data related to the brown bear (Ursus arctos) estimates that suitable habitat will be reduced by 11 percent across Central Asia and the Asian Highlands by 2050 due to climate change, predominantly due to the changes in temperature and precipitation. The findings are published in Ecology and Evolution. (2018-11-21)

Young people face increasing risk of suicide in Scotland
Suicide rates for young people have increased dramatically in Scotland's most deprived areas, according to research in this week's BMJ. (2004-12-21)

Patients with multiple conditions receive higher level of care in affluent areas
Patients with multimorbidity -- two or more long-term medical conditions -- have complex health care needs, often requiring higher levels of care than other patients. According to a new study, however, patients with multimorbidity in affluent areas receive longer doctor visits, greater perceived empathy, and more patient-centered care than comparable patients in socioeconomically deprived areas. (2018-03-13)

Study uncovers link between air pollution and intellectual disabilities in children
British children with intellectual disabilities are more likely than their peers to live in areas with high outdoor air pollution, according to a new Journal of Intellectual Disability Research study funded by Public Health England. (2018-11-21)

News tips from the Journal of Neuroscience
Highlights from the upcoming Journal of Neuroscience discuss two distinct glutamate signals in bergmann glia, and forming intracortical projections. (2004-10-13)

Not all marine protected areas are created equal
Europe's impressive network of marine protected areas (MPAs), which now cover 29 percent of territorial waters, is not as effective as has been thought at preserving the marine biodiversity it was created to protect. (2018-12-20)

In rural areas, buprenorphine is provided by primary care clinicians
As the United States undertakes intense efforts to increase the number of prescribers of buprenorphine for opioid use disorder, it is critical to understand who currently provides such treatment and how. (2019-05-14)

Protected areas proven to protect biodiversity
Protected areas conserve biodiversity and more action is needed to ensure safeguards are in place to protect these areas, researchers say. (2014-08-27)

Why does an anesthetic make us lose consciousness?
Neuroscientists at Goethe University Frankfurt and the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization in Göttingen have now discovered that certain areas of the brain generate less information when under anesthesia. (2017-06-13)

Mobile phones could be allowed in some parts of hospitals
The use of mobile phones in hospitals is not as hazardous as believed and they could be allowed in selected areas, say doctors at the John Radcliffe Hospital in this week's BMJ. (2003-02-27)

Fires in Australia pop up in places already burned
Fires that span across the Northern Territory and Western Australia appear to have broken out in areas that have already been burned in previous fires. (2017-09-22)

Sensory Guidance Of Movement
Following the Novartis Foundation Symposium (1998-01-16)

Conservation in Canada
Conservation actions could be more efficient if there is similarity among taxa in the distribution of species. In Ecology Letters, May, an international research team, introduces patterns in the geographic distribution of five taxa used to identify nationally important regions for conservation in Canada. Congruence appeared in geographic distribution of taxa and a measure of the conservation value of areas for taxa. However, few large protected areas exist in the sites of highest conservation value. (2004-05-04)

Deprived areas show greatest increase in teenage pregnancies
From the 1980s to the 1990s rates of teenage pregnancy in Scotland increased more rapidly in areas of greater socioeconomic deprivation, finds a study in this week's BMJ. This finding has implications for allocating resources to achieve government targets in reducing pregnancy rates by 2010. (2001-07-26)

Where you live doesn't matter if you have heart disease, study finds
People living in rural areas are at no greater risk of dying from heart disease than their urban counterparts, according to a new study by researchers at Women's College Hospital and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences. (2014-10-28)

Climate change causing more severe wildfires, larger insect outbreaks in temperate forests
A warmer, drier climate is expected is increase the likelihood of larger-scale forest disturbances such as wildfires, insect outbreaks, disease and drought, according to a new study co-authored by a Portland State University professor (2018-11-07)

Protected areas can 'double' imperilled species populations
A University of Queensland-led research team has revealed that many endangered mammal species are dependent on protected areas, and would likely vanish without them. Professor James Watson, of UQ and the Wildlife Conservation Society, said despite the success of protected areas, their popularity as a go-to conservation tool has started to wane. (2020-09-06)

Poor kids 4 times as likely to be seriously injured on roads as rich kids
Rates of serious injury among child pedestrians in poor areas of England are four times as high as those among children in affluent areas, finds research published ahead of print in the Archives of Disease in Childhood. (2008-03-31)

Advanced breast cancer diagnosis more likely for deprived women
Women living in deprived areas of the United Kingdom tend to have more advanced breast cancer at diagnosis than those living in affluent areas, finds new research on (2004-06-03)

One-third of world's 'protected' areas under intense human pressure
Globally, one-third of protected land is under intense human pressure from processes including road building, grazing, and urbanization, according to a new study. (2018-05-17)

Climate change forces rethinking of conservation biology planning
For more than a decade, governments in countries across the world have made significant progress to expand their protected areas network to conserve the planet's biodiversity. According to a new study published in the journal Global Change Biology, the locations of these protected areas do not take into account the potential long-term effects of climate change in these protected areas. (2021-02-15)

Children benefit from living near conservation zones
Children who live near protected areas designated by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) live in wealthier and healthier households than those who live far away from the conservation zones, say Robin Naidoo and colleagues. Their findings suggest that the practice of setting aside protected zones for wildlife and cultural conservation (2019-04-03)

Wilderness areas halve extinction risk
The global conservation community has been urged to adopt a specific target to protect the world's remaining wilderness areas to prevent large scale loss of at-risk species. (2019-09-18)

Breast-feeding peer support services are lacking in many UK regions
Peer support is recommended by the World Health Organization for the initiation and continuation of breastfeeding, but in a survey of 136 service managers with jobs related to infant feeding across UK NHS Trust and Health Board areas, breastfeeding peer supporters were available in only 56 percent of NHS areas. (2017-07-07)

Hot spots of marine biodiversity most severely impacted by global warming
A new study aimed at identifying areas of highest conservation priority in the world's oceans found six 'hot spots of marine biodiversity' that are severely impacted by climate change and fishing pressures. (2017-02-22)

Global map of roadless areas reveals roads fragmenting majority of land
Roads now fragment land to such an extent that, worldwide, only 7 percent of patches created by roads are greater than 100 square kilometers (38 square miles), a new study reports. The results dramatically highlight the footprint of humans on Earth. (2016-12-15)

Pubs in poorest areas of England most likely to be exempt from smoking ban
Pubs in the poorest areas of England are more likely to be exempt from the smoking ban than those in affluent areas, concludes a study published online by the BMJ today. (2005-08-18)

Ecological significance of tool-use in the woodpecker finch Cactospiza pallida
In a paper soon to appear in Ecology Letters, Tebbich and colleagues present the first study on the ecological relevance of tool-use by a bird species. Woodpecker finches acquire a greater proportion of food with this technique than any other animal hitherto studied. (2002-09-06)

Rural areas have fewer mental health services for young people
Very rural areas in the United States have fewer mental health services for young people, yet that's where the help is most needed, says a study published in JAMA Network Open. Previous studies have shown that the suicide rate among young people in rural areas is higher and growing faster. Yet by one measure, using ZIP codes, only 3.9 percent of rural areas have a mental health facility that serves young people, the study found. (2020-11-02)

Marine protected areas not sufficient to protect global biodiversity
Research undertaken at The University of Auckland, and published in the prestigious USA journal Science, shows that the protection of marine habitats is ineffectively managed worldwide to retain biodiversity, and that many so-called (2006-06-22)

Study: ER computer keyboards and bacteria
Keyboards located in triage and registration areas were found to be more contaminated with bacteria than those in other areas of the emergency department at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, according to a new study conducted by the hospital. Findings will be presented June 5 at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine in Phoenix. (2010-06-03)

Study finds growing public support in the USA and Canada for smokefree outdoor laws
A new study has found increasing support in the United States and Canada for smokefree laws for outdoor areas, especially in playgrounds and school grounds. The collaborative study between the University of Otago, New Zealand and University of Alberta, Canada, provides new and some unexpected insights for health promotion in North America. A key finding is that most residents welcome smokefree laws. Support was strongest for smokefree playgrounds and school grounds, but there was also majority support for a range of other smokefree areas. (2015-09-15)

Women in large urban areas at higher risk of postpartum depression
Women living in large urban centres in Canada with more than 500,000 inhabitants were at higher risk of postpartum depression than women in other areas, according to a study in CMAJ. (2013-08-06)

Access to hospital care for breast cancer is not related to social status
Women with breast cancer receive the same quality of NHS care regardless of whether they live in deprived or affluent areas, shows a study in this week's BMJ. (2000-05-25)

Conserving nature and dollars: Delivering cost-effective biodiversity protection
A more flexible approach to the expansion of protected area systems could ultimately protect much more biodiversity for the same budget according to a new paper in the scientific journal, Nature. (2010-06-30)

PET imaging before radiation not ideal for determining boost radiation doses
Positron emission tomography imaging of nonsmall cell lung cancer prior to receiving radiation therapy should not be the basis for determining areas that may benefit from higher doses of radiation, according to research presented by investigators at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital at the 51st ASTRO Annual Meeting. (2009-11-03)

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