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Arthritis may be a major driver of poverty
Developing arthritis increases the risk of falling into poverty, especially for women, new research shows. (2015-09-08)

Rheumatoid arthritis linked to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes
A recent analysis of a US commercial insurance database found that adults with rheumatoid arthritis had a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes than other individuals, including those with other types of arthritis. (2020-08-05)

Recent generations are experiencing higher rates of arthritis
In an analysis of the Canadian population born between the 1930s and 1960s, each succeeding generation had a higher prevalence of arthritis. (2017-03-08)

How effective is total knee replacement in patients with rheumatoid arthritis?
Studies that have assessed the effects of total knee replacement on quality of life are scarce and have been almost exclusively limited to patients with osteoarthritis, even though rheumatoid arthritis is the most common inflammatory arthritis for which the surgery is indicated. (2015-07-20)

Genes are of little importance in rheumatoid arthritis
Researchers in Denmark surveyed over 37,000 twins about rheumatic diseases. Twin studies are one of the simplest ways to unravel the relative importance of genetic and environmental effects of a disease. Twins who reported that they had rheumatoid arthritis were invited to have a clinical examination. (2002-01-31)

Lung diseases linked to higher rheumatoid arthritis risk
Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) were each associated with increased risk for developing rheumatoid arthritis in a study published in Arthritis & Rheumatology. (2020-03-04)

Oral contraceptives may impact aspects of arthritis in women
New research indicates that use of oral contraceptives may provide benefits for women with inflammatory arthritis. (2015-08-18)

Life expectancy and healthcare costs for patients with rheumatoid arthritis
A new study published in Arthritis & Rheumatology suggests that recent advances in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis have prolonged patients' lives but also increased healthcare costs. (2020-12-09)

CAN Annual Conference 2000
Researchers, industry, venture capital, health care providers and members of associated organizations are invited to attend a forum designed to inform you about the latest developments in arthritis research and activities of the Canadian Arthritis Network and our Partners, from bench to bedside. (2000-05-03)

Do arthritis treatments provide mental health benefits?
Drugs used to treat rheumatoid arthritis may impact mental health by improving pain and stiffness and by targeting inflammatory processes common to arthritis and depression; however, a recent review of published studies demonstrates that relying on rheumatoid arthritis therapies alone may not meaningfully improve patients' mental health. (2018-06-06)

Childhood abuse linked to increased arthritis risk in adulthood
In a survey-based study of 21,889 adults in Canada, severe and/or frequent physical abuse during childhood and frequent childhood exposure to intimate partner violence were linked with higher risks or arthritis during adulthood arthritis, even after controlling for a range of factors. (2018-10-17)

Life expectancy for people with rheumatoid arthritis has not improved in four decades
Patients with rheumatoid arthritis have not shared in the general improvement in life expectancy over the last four decades, a Mayo Clinic study reports. (2000-02-07)

Gene therapy promising for rheumatoid arthritis
Northwestern University researchers have reported the first successful use of interleukin-13 (IL-13) cytokine gene therapy to treat and prevent rheumatoid arthritis in an animal model (2002-02-11)

CAN hosts national conference on arthritis research
Many of Canada's leading arthritis researchers and practitioners will be speaking at the Canadian Arthritis Network's (CAN) Annual Conference in Toronto from Saturday, June 17, to Tuesday, June 20, at the Courtyard by the Marriott, 475 Yonge Street. (2000-06-12)

Genetic analysis links obesity to higher rheumatoid arthritis risk
An analysis of genetic data collected from more than 850,000 individuals of European ancestry has found a link between obesity-related genes and rheumatoid arthritis. (2020-09-23)

Exercise and arthritis: Move it or lose it
Nearly everyone knows that exercise has numerous health benefits for people of all ages and physical conditions. But for one group in particular, people with arthritis, exercise is crucial. Sound strange? After all, arthritis can cause extreme pain and stiffness. Who can exercise in that condition? (2000-11-29)

Link between periodontitis and cardiovascular disease in individuals with rheumatoid arthritis
Rates of both periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease are elevated in individuals with rheumatoid arthritis. New research published in Arthritis & Rheumatology suggests that immune responses to certain bacteria that cause periodontal disease may play a role in patients' higher cardiovascular disease risk. (2020-11-18)

Pedometers increase activity and decrease fatigue in rheumatoid arthritis patients
Providing pedometers, with and without providing step targets, to individuals with rheumatoid arthritis increased activity levels and decreased fatigue in a recent study. (2017-04-05)

Young arthritis patients have unique concerns about treatment
A new study funded by Arthritis Research UK indicates that teens and young adults with inflammatory arthritis see treatment as presenting both an opportunity and a threat to their desire to lead a 'normal' life. (2016-04-07)

Study examines opioid use in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
A new analysis indicates that the use of opioid pain medications in older US rheumatoid arthritis patients peaked in 2010 and is now declining slightly. (2017-06-21)

Birth weight may be linked to arthritis in later life
The cause of rheumatoid arthritis is unknown, but researchers in this week's BMJ suggest that some factors relating to the period shortly before and after birth (perinatal factors) may be implicated in the development of the disease in later life. (2003-05-15)

Eating fish may reduce arthritis symptoms
In a recent study, individuals with rheumatoid arthritis who consumed fish 2 times/week had lower disease activity (swollen/tender joint counts along with other assessments) than those who ate fish never to <1/month. (2017-06-21)

Scientists identify new marker of arthritis in mice
Researchers have discovered a new marker of arthritis in mice that can be used noninvasively to both identify joints with established arthritis and to predict subsequent joint swelling. (2017-11-22)

Women who breastfeed for more than a year halve their risk of rheumatoid arthritis
Women who breast feed for longer have a smaller chance of getting rheumatoid arthritis, suggests a study published online ahead of print in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. (2008-05-12)

Obesity may influence rheumatoid arthritis blood tests
New research reveals that in women, obesity may influence blood tests used to diagnose and monitor rheumatoid arthritis. The findings, which appear in Arthritis Care & Research, indicate that physicians need to take obesity into account when using these tests. (2017-04-10)

Immunosuppressive Treatment Is Important For Sufferers Of Rheumatoid Arthritis
Dr. Eva Baecklund et al from the University Hospital in Uppsala in Sweden argue for the use of potent immunosuppressive treatments to reduce disease activity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, not only to prevent joint damage but possibly also to protect against lymphoma. (1998-07-17)

Canada's leading arthritis investigators and practitioners meeting to discuss latest developments in arthritis research
The latest developments in Canadian arthritis research as well as reports on initiatives to speed up arthritis research, drug testing and drug approval will be discussed at The Canadian Arthritis Network (CAN)'s Annual Conference 2000. (2000-06-16)

Methotrexate treatment for rheumatoid arthritis effective the second time
A second course of methotrexate, the most commonly used drug to treat rheumatoid arthritis, is effective in nearly half of studied patients for whom a previous treatment with the drug was ineffective. These are the results of a study published today in Arthritis Research and Therapy, which also shows that a second treatment with methotrexate is particularly effective in patients who were given low dose methotrexate in their first treatment. (2006-02-23)

Just keep moving, ladies
Women in their 70s who keep active could be dodging painful arthritis symptoms, according to research published today in Arthritis Research & Therapy. The study is the first to show that the more you exercise, the better your chances of preventing the onset of stiff and painful joints. (2007-03-28)

Rheumatoid arthritis linked to irregular heart rhythm
People with rheumatoid arthritis are at a greater risk of irregular heart rhythm (known as atrial fibrillation) and stroke compared with the general population, finds a study published on today. (2012-03-08)

Weight loss may increase risk of premature death in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
In contrast to the general population, low body mass index has been associated with premature death in patients with rheumatoid arthritis -- a situation known as the 'obesity paradox.' A new Arthritis & Rheumatology study shows that weight loss, as opposed to low body mass index per se, is a strong predictor of mortality in these patients. (2015-05-04)

Poor neighborhoods suffer higher incidence of arthritis
People living in poor neighborhoods have a higher rate and risk of arthritis - one of the most common causes of disability in the developed world. (2012-01-31)

Should patients in remission stop taking expensive Rheumatoid Arthritis drugs?
Stopping expensive biological drugs used to treat rheumatoid arthritis in patients who are in remission or who have low disease activity can save considerable costs, but it results in a small loss of quality-adjusted life years, according to a recent Arthritis & Rheumatology study. (2018-05-11)

New trial results question standard treatment plan for rheumatoid arthritis
In a clinical trial of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, treatment with a drug called upadacitinib provided greater benefits than methotrexate, the most commonly used initial therapy for rheumatoid arthritis. (2020-07-08)

Comparison between major types of arthritis based on diagnostic ultrasonography
Ultrasound is a non-invasive and relatively inexpensive means of diagnosing a number of medical conditions. This review presents an analysis of the diagnostic value of ultrasound to draw comparison between different types of arthritic conditions. (2019-08-09)

Inflammatory arthritis may negatively affect intimate relationships and sexual function
A systematic review and analysis of published studies found consistent links between inflammatory arthritis and impacts on intimacy and sexual function for both men and women. The Arthritis Care & Research analysis included 55 studies. (2019-04-03)

Contrast-enhanced MRI could play a key role in differentiating between common types of arthritis
Contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging may help physicians differentiate between rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis in the hand and wrist enabling more targeted therapies unique to each condition, according to a study in the March issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology. Contrast-enhanced MRI uses contrast media to improve the visibility of internal bodily structures. (2010-02-19)

Gum disease 4 times as common in rheumatoid arthritis patients
Gum disease is not only four times as common among patients with the autoimmune disease rheumatoid arthritis as it is among their healthy peers, but it also tends to be more severe, indicates a small study published online in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. (2012-08-08)

A possible new phase for rheumatoid arthritis treatment
The pathology of rheumatoid arthritis within the first few months after symptom onset is distinct from that of the early phases of other inflammatory joint diseases and also of established rheumatoid arthritis. New research published today in Arthritis Research & Therapy found that very early rheumatoid arthritis is characterised by a distinct profile of T cell, macrophage and stromal cell related cytokines in synovial fluid. (2005-04-06)

Certain factors predict smoking cessation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Smoking doubles the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis and continuing to smoke after being diagnosed has negative effects on patients. In an Arthritis Care & Research study of patients with rheumatoid arthritis who smoked, certain healthcare factors were linked with a higher likelihood that patients would quit smoking. (2020-03-04)

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