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Study links optimal asthma control with reduced health-care costs
In a study of 736 asthma patients in Singapore, good asthma control resulted in a saving of S$65 (US$48) per physician visit. Compared with an average cost of S$214 (US$158) per visit, this reduction represents a cost saving of 30 percent versus suboptimally controlled asthma. (2016-11-10)

Laughter-induced asthma: It's no joke
More than half of people with asthma report that their symptoms are brought on by laughter, according to a study to be presented at the American Thoracic Society International Conference on May 24 in San Diego. (2005-05-24)

Asthma prevalence and deaths in Australia still high by world standards, despite declining trends
Asthma remains a significant health problem in Australia, with prevalence and death rates that are high by international standards despite declines, according to a report released today by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. (2008-10-20)

Allergens and viruses act together to worsen asthma
Common allergens (such as dust mite and grass pollen) and viruses may act together to exacerbate asthma, concludes a study in this week's BMJ. (2002-03-28)

Asthma in many adolescents is not an allergic disease
New research indicates that asthma in many adolescents is not likely to involve inflammation of the airways and therefore should not be considered an allergic disease. (2016-01-13)

Breastfeeding may help prevent children's asthma exacerbations later in life
In a Pediatric Allergy and Immunology analysis of children with asthma, those who had been breastfed had a 45 percent lower risk of asthma exacerbations later in life compared with children who had not been breastfed. (2017-09-01)

Acetaminophen may be linked to asthma in children and adults
New research shows that the popular pain reliever, acetaminophen, may be tied to asthma in both children and adults. (2009-11-05)

9 key messages about asthma in Australia
Professor Guy Marks, head of epidemiology research, Woolcock Institute said, (2009-03-03)

Study finds differences in immune cells in pediatric asthma patients based on socioeconomic status
There are considerable socioeconomic disparities in asthma control among children, but the molecular origins of these disparities are not well understood. (2018-04-23)

Stepping down inhaled steroids can cut side effects
A 'stepdown' approach to reduce doses of inhaled steroids in patients with chronic asthma can cut the risk of side effects without compromising asthma control, say researchers in this week's BMJ. (2003-05-22)

Risk misdiagnosis for obese patients
The prevalence of physician-diagnosed asthma is increasing partly because of a link between asthma and obesity. Obese patients may be more at risk for asthma misdiagnosis. (2011-08-18)

Study compares treatment and outcomes in asthma patients in 2 countries
In two countries with a Western lifestyle, similar health systems, and similar asthma prevalence, investigators observed differences in asthma management and treatment costs, despite comparable outcomes. (2017-08-09)

Aggressive treatment of childhood eczema could help prevent asthma, says new study
More aggressive treatment of childhood eczema may be an important step in preventing asthma, says a new Australian study. (2008-07-06)

Asthma is 'all in the family' among African males
A new study being presented at the 2012 ACAAI Annual Scientific Meeting finds relationship between genetic ancestry and severe asthma. (2012-11-09)

Bacteria to blame in asthma attacks in children
Doctors have long known that viral infections can bring about asthma attacks and the shortness of breath, coughing, and wheezing associated with them. But while viral infections cannot be treated, scientists at the Danish Paediatric Asthma Centre at the University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen University Hospital have discovered that treatable bacterial infections can also cause asthma attacks. The discovery could revolutionize treatment. (2010-10-07)

Patient view of asthma as a temporary health problem negatively impacts control of disease
Over half of adults with serious asthma believe they only have asthma when they have symptoms and these individuals are significantly less likely to take necessary medications during asymptomatic periods, according to a study in the March issue of Chest. (2006-03-13)

Abolish the term 'asthma'
Asthma is unlikely to be a single disease, so we should abolish the term altogether, states an editorial in this week's issue of the Lancet. (2006-08-24)

Certain red flags indicate an increased need for intensive care among patients with asthma
In patients admitted to the hospital for asthma, illicit drug use and low socioeconomic status were linked with an increased risk of requiring admission to the intensive care unit. Not adhering to asthma prevention medication further increased this risk. (2016-06-29)

Tonsil and adenoid removal reduces asthma symptoms in children
Children with asthma who have their tonsils and adenoids removed may experience fewer asthma symptoms. (2012-10-22)

Region to benefit from asthma research partnership
The Hunter Medical Research Institute and Xstrata Coal will today announce a significant research partnership which will improve the care of people with asthma in the Hunter and beyond. (2008-05-05)

Alcohol can reduce asthma risk
Drinking alcohol in moderate quantities can reduce the risk of asthma, according to Danish researchers. (2011-09-25)

Brigham and Women's doctors research new treatments for severe asthma
Chronic asthma sufferers may have new hope for relief due to two new research studies that are getting underway at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH). Researchers from BWH's Asthma Research Center are exploring whether two new therapies will relieve asthma symptoms. (2012-05-11)

Asthma linked to an increased time to pregnancy
Asthma has been associated with a prolonged time to pregnancy and a decreased birth rate in a new clinical observation study. (2016-02-11)

Diagnosis of adult asthma -- part 2
The second article in CMAJ's series on asthma provides practical guidance for the diagnosis of adult asthma, including occupational asthma. (2009-09-21)

Asthma warning for pregnant women
Asthma is the most common complication of pregnancy in Australia with harmful effects on babies, but many of these could be prevented a University of Adelaide researcher says. (2010-07-11)

Test used to diagnose asthma may not be accurate
A new study urges caution in the use of the mannitol challenge test for asthma in non-clinical settings. The test is considered widely applicable to detect asthma, but its accuracy outside of patients referred for specialized respiratory has not been thoroughly explored before. (2016-12-05)

Twofold increase in adult asthma in 20 years, irrespective of smoking
The level of asthma in adults has increased more than twofold in 20 years, irrespective of smoking, according to a unique study in this week's BMJ. (2000-07-06)

Asthma In American Indian And Alaska Native Children
Authors of a study published in the May/June 1999 issue of Public Health Reports call for further attention to asthma among Indian children after using the latest available data, a 1987 national survey, to estimate the prevalence of asthma in American Indian and Alaska Native children 1-17 years old. With prevalence and severity of asthma increasing, the authors believe (1999-05-02)

One in five asthmatics are highly sensitive to aspirin
One in five asthmatic patients are sensitive to aspirin, yet many are unaware that they are at risk of a potentially life threatening reaction known as aspirin induced asthma, warn researchers in this week's BMJ. (2004-02-19)

Doubling of steroid before severe asthma attack ineffective
Recommendations to double inhaled steroids at the start of asthma attacks are challenged by research findings in this week's issue of THE LANCET. (2004-01-22)

Study finds majority of children playing sports unprepared for asthma attacks
More than three-fourths of children with asthma were unprepared for an exercise-induced bronchospasm (EIB) event, or asthma attack, according to a recent study. Since exercise can be a trigger for asthma attacks and inhalers are the best treatment, the researchers stressed that it's critical inhalers be available during physical activity. (2004-07-08)

Action needed to reduce hospital admission for asthma in south Asian groups
Black and South Asian people with asthma are at increased risk of hospital admission from acute attacks than white patients. Researchers in this week's BMJ find that different ways of coping with asthma among this group may act as barriers to good care, and they suggest ways in which such barriers can be overcome and admission rates reduced. (2001-10-25)

Obesity and smoking increase asthma risk
Extremely overweight people and smokers are more likely to report having asthma than are their thinner, non-smoking counterparts, according to a study presented at the American Thoracic Society International Conference in Atlanta on May 21. (2002-05-21)

Eating some types of fish during pregnancy may protect baby from future asthma
Pregnant women with asthma who eat oily fish, such as salmon or trout, may help protect their children against developing asthma, according to a study presented at the American Thoracic Society International in Orlando. The study also found that children whose mother ate fish sticks during pregnancy might be at increased risk of developing asthma. (2004-05-25)

Potential cancer drug may offer new hope for asthma patients
A drug being tested to treat cancer could also help patients suffering from asthma, research has suggested. Scientists at the University of Edinburgh found that the drug -- R-Roscovitine -- helps to kill certain immune cells which can exacerbate symptoms associated with asthma. (2009-12-09)

Research explores link between asthma and smoking
A new study highlights the association between asthma, smoking and nicotine dependence. (2011-03-30)

Full fat milk and butter may help prevent asthma
Young children who regularly eat products containing milk fat are less likely to develop asthma, concludes a study in Thorax. (2003-06-30)

Genes have a much greater role than environmental factors in asthma
Genes are likely to have a much bigger role than environmental factors in asthma, suggests research on twins in the Archives of Disease in Childhood. The UK, Australia and New Zealand have the highest rates of asthma in the world, with between 17 and 30 per cent of the population affected. (2001-10-21)

Oxygen treatment for severe asthma could save lives
Asthmatic patients are still dying during severe attacks, yet making oxygen available in every general practice to treat patients with a life threatening asthma attack could save lives, concludes a study in this week's BMJ. The authors urge the British Thoracic Society to review this issue when it updates its asthma guidelines. (2001-07-12)

Inhaled steroids may increase pneumonia risk in people with asthma
Use of inhaled corticosteroids was linked with an increased risk of pneumonia in a study of individuals with asthma. (2017-04-20)

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