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New journal for astronomy communicators goes live!
In response to an increasing need among the growing community of astronomy communicators, the International Astronomical Union is today announcing the advent of a new journal called 'Communicating Astronomy with the Public Journal.' Subscriptions to print and online versions are free of charge to communicators. (2007-10-26)
'From the First Star to Milkomeda'
Avi Loeb, chair of the Harvard Astronomy Department and director of the Institute for Theory and Computation, has published a new eBook: 'From the First Star to Milkomeda.' (2015-08-27)
The International Year of Astronomy 2009 welcomes the 100th participating country
The organizers of the International Year of Astronomy 2009, the International Astronomical Union and UNESCO, welcomed this week the 100th participating country to the growing ranks of participating countries and organizations for this worldwide astronomy project. (2008-01-18)
The UN declares 2009 the International Year of Astronomy
Early this morning, the United Nations 62nd General Assembly proclaimed 2009 the International Year of Astronomy. (2007-12-20)
The International Year of Astronomy 2009 Opening Ceremony: Save the date
With just six weeks to go before 2009, the International Year of Astronomy project is getting ready for its grand Opening Ceremony. (2008-11-24)
'Encyclopedia of Stars' aimed at anyone who enjoys astronomy
An astronomy expert looking for in-depth research about stars can consult the same new reference book that an undergraduate freshman with a limited knowledge of astronomy might use. (2006-12-11)
Oct. 9 Symposium on International Astronomy
A National Research Council symposium, Beyond the Decade: The Future of International Astronomy, will be held on Friday, Oct. (2009-10-07)
Weird astronomy: Tales of unusual, bizarre and other hard-to-explain observations
When amateur astronomers or scientists study the stars and heavens, they usually know what to expect -- the moon, stars, constellations, and planets. (2010-11-18)
Unravelling our cosmic ancestry
A conference, (2006-08-14)
The International Astronomical Union elects Catherine Cesarsky as new president
The 2006 General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union, meeting in Prague, has elected the ESO Director General, Dr. (2006-08-28)
IAU 25th General Assembly meets July 13-26 in Sydney, Australia
During 13-26 July Sydney will host one of the world's largest astronomy conferences - the 25th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union. (2003-06-05)
University of Hawaii at Manoa Institute for Astronomy director awarded Schwarzschild Prize
Dr. Rolf-Peter Kudritzki, director of the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy, yesterday received the Karl Schwarzschild Prize for 2009, the most prestigious award bestowed upon an astronomer in Germany, from the Astronomische Gesellschaft at its annual meeting in Potsdam, Germany. (2009-09-23)
Asteroseismologists listen to the relics of the Milky Way
Astrophysicists from the University of Birmingham have captured the sounds of some of the oldest stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way, according to research published today in the Royal Astronomical Society journal Monthly Notices. (2016-06-06)
'Celestial Sleuth'
A new book, Celestial Sleuth, recounts intriguing cases in which astronomy has been used as a tool to solve mysteries from art, history and literature. (2013-10-18)
SAGE acquires 2 leading Science History Journals
SAGE a leading independent academic and professional publisher today announced the acquisition of two new Science History Journals. (2014-03-04)
Supernovas help 'clean' galaxies
Recent research, led by Michigan State University astronomers, finds that the black holes located at the cores of galaxies launch fountains of charged particles, which can stir up gas throughout the galaxy and temporarily interrupt star formation. (2015-05-26)
Top high-energy prize awarded to LSU physicist and LIGO scientist Gabriela González
The 2017 Rossi Prize has been awarded to Gabriela González and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration for the first direct detections of gravitational waves, for the discovery of merging black hole binaries and for beginning the new era of gravitational-wave astronomy. (2017-01-25)
IAU and UNESCO sign new agreement
The International Astronomical Union and UNESCO have renewed their Memorandum of Understanding at UNESCO's Headquarters. (2013-05-02)
Palomar Observatory is last stop on 24-hour webcast linking telescopes around the globe and in space
Around the World in 80 Telescopes, part of the International Year of Astronomy's 100 Hours of Astronomy Cornerstone Project of global outreach activities, will begin on April 3. (2009-03-26)
Frontiers of Astronomy With the World's Largest Radio Telescope
Cornell University's National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center will host astronomers from around the world to discuss plans for research -- over a five- to 15-year time frame -- at the Arecibo Observatory in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. (2007-08-20)
Media advisory: Invitation to ESO@50 Science Workshop
Media representatives are invited to attend the ESO@50 scientific workshop, an event organized in celebration of ESO's 50th anniversary. (2012-06-15)
Australian firm to help explore final frontier
West Australian Science and Innovation Minister John Day today announced Fremantle-based company, Poseidon Scientific Instruments had been awarded a $1.3 million contract to help deliver a key radio astronomy project which will gain international recognition. (2012-03-15)
A.I.P. Establishes Broadcast Award
The American Institute of Physics (AIP)is expanding its science writing awards program to include the broadcast media. (1997-12-12)
TheSkyNet launched
A community computing science initiative to help discover the hidden Universe was officially launched yesterday at Curtin University by Western Australia's Minister for Science and Innovation, the Hon. (2011-09-13)
IAU General Assembly finishes with the launch of successor to the International Year of Astronomy
The XXVIIth General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union had its closing ceremony today in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (2009-08-13)
Williams to share in NSF award in support of undergraduate research in astronomy
The National Science Foundation has awarded $200,000 to the Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium (KNAC), of which Williams College is a member. (2004-10-01)
University of Alabama professors help in discovery of potential cosmic ray source
Three professors at The University of Alabama are part of an international team of scientists who found evidence of the source of tiny cosmic particles, known as neutrinos, a discovery that opens the door to using these particles to observe the universe. (2018-07-12)
Even stars get fat
Researchers have discovered evidence that blue stragglers in globular clusters, whose existence has long puzzled astronomers, are the result of (2009-01-14)
Brian May, guitarist for rock band Queen, completes Ph.D. thesis following 30-year hiatus
Brian May, the guitarist and founding member of the legendary rock band Queen, earned his Ph.D. in astronomy last year from Imperial College London. (2008-07-31)
Bulk metallic glasses
This special issue is a representative review of the most important research results of the key research groups in China. (2008-03-11)
Astronomers win protection for key part of spectrum
Astronomers using the millimeter-wave region of the radio spectrum have won crucial protection for their science. (2000-06-14)
Astronomer gets grant to better measure mysterious black holes
Black holes, the high-gravity phenomena of galaxies from which no light can escape, will be better measured thanks to a $862,769 National Science Foundation grant to a Georgia State University astronomer. (2013-03-18)
Galactic 'rain' could be key to star formation
Some of the galaxies in our universe are veritable star nurseries. (2015-03-04)
Why infrared astronomy is a hot topic
ESA's Herschel spacecraft will collect infrared radiation from some of the coldest and most distant objects in the Universe. (2003-09-11)
The She Is An Astronomer project seeks to break down gender issues in science
The highly anticipated International Year of Astronomy 2009 Cornerstone project , She Is An Astronomer, was launched today. (2009-04-21)
Astronomers find 2 large planets, plus possible super-Earth-size one
A team of three University of Florida astronomers contributed to the Kepler spacecraft's discovery of two Saturn-sized planets, plus a possible third planet with a radius just one-and-a-half times that of Earth, orbiting a distant star. (2010-08-26)
Agreement signed for the IAU Office for Astronomy Development
The President of the South African National Research Foundation, Dr. (2010-07-30)
Origin of neutrinos proved by Drexel University astrophysicist, IceCube colleagues
With nine-and-a-half years of data and a South Pole observatory, a Drexel University professor and her colleagues has shown the origin of at least some of the high-energy particles known as 'neutrinos.' (2018-07-12)
Stars of astronomy to shine at Queen's University Belfast
The risk of asteroid impact will be just one of the topics discussed in Belfast next month when Queen's welcomes 650 of the world's leading space scientists and astronomers. (2008-03-12)
Million-star cluster in nearby galaxy reported
A small, bizarre cluster of a million young stars - including more than 4,000 massive (2003-06-05)
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