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7 scientific pioneers receive the 2012 Kavli Prizes
Seven pioneering scientists have been named this year's recipients of the Kavli Prizes -- prizes that recognize scientists for their seminal advances in astrophysics, nanoscience and neuroscience, and include a cash award of one million dollars in each field. (2012-05-31)
Chandra spies structure of huge X-ray jets
A new image of the Centaurus A galaxy shows x-ray jets as long as our whole galaxy is wide. (1999-10-25)
Workshop on neutrinos and subterranean science to determine roadmap for the future
Leading experts from around the world will report on the latest developments in subterranean research in a workshop in Washington D.C. funded by the National Science Foundation and organized by the University of Maryland. (2002-09-16)
Radio telescopes could spot stars hidden in the galactic center
The center of our Milky Way galaxy is a mysterious place. (2015-09-22)
Queen's University Belfast lead research milestone in predicting solar flares
An international team of researchers, led by Queen's University Belfast, has devised a high-precision method of examining magnetic fields in the sun's atmosphere, representing a significant leap forward in the investigation of solar flares and potentially catastrophic 'space weather.' (2015-11-16)
Can life emerge on planets around cooling stars?
New research from the University of Washington hints that planets orbiting white and brown dwarfs, even in the habitable zone, face a (2012-11-29)
Sun's loops are displaying an optical illusion
To understand how the corona is heated, some astronomers study coronal loops. (2013-07-09)
Researchers part water
Using an 'electric prism,' scientists have found a new way of separating water molecules that differ only in their nuclear spin states and, under normal conditions, do not part ways. (2014-09-08)
New Kavli Institute announced at the University Of Tokyo
The Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, University of Tokyo, receives a major endowment from the Kavli Foundation, joining the family of Kavli institutes. (2012-02-07)
LSU physicist celebrates expansion of international agreement at Auger Observatory
LSU Physicist James Matthews and an international team of scientists are reconstructing the path of the universe's most energetic cosmic rays, bringing new insights into the origin and nature of this intergalactic phenomenon. (2015-12-15)
Gold star: Seeking the origin of gold in the universe
Michigan State University researchers, working with colleagues from Technical University Darmstadt in Germany, are zeroing in on the answer to one of science's most puzzling questions: where did heavy elements, such as gold, originate? (2016-03-30)
Our galaxy is way smaller than previous estimates, study shows
The Milky Way is smaller than astronomers previously thought, according to new research from the University of Edinburgh. (2014-07-29)
Nearby red dwarves could reveal planet secrets: ANU media release
An accidental find of a collection of young red dwarf stars close to our solar system could give us a rare glimpse of slow-motion planet formation. (2015-09-15)
'Iron-clad' evidence for spinning black hole
Telltale X-rays from iron may reveal if black holes are spinning or not, according to astronomers using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and the European Space Agency's XMM-Newton Observatory. (2003-09-17)
IBS rose to be a new player to watch in Nature Index 2016 Rising Star
The Institute for Basic Science has set itself apart from other performers with its rapidly gaining clout in the research world according to the Nature Index 2016 Rising Star supplement, published on July 28. (2016-07-27)
New Gamma-rays Count Challenges Astronomical Theories
Scientists have discovered recently that there are fewer low-energy photons in the universe than previously thought, an observation that may alter the way astronomers think about how galaxies were formed. (1997-04-19)
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