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Study: Personality traits influence perceived attractiveness
A new study published in Personal Relationships examines the way in which perceptions of physical attractiveness are influenced by personality. The study finds that individuals -- both men and women -- who exhibit positive traits, such as honesty and helpfulness, are perceived as better looking. Those who exhibit negative traits, such as unfairness and rudeness, appear to be less physically attractive to observers. (2007-11-29)

Back in black for singletons trying to find love
Black beats red as the color of choice when it comes to finding new love, according to new research based on the hit TV series 'First Dates,' which shows that single people wear more of the darker hue when meeting a potential partner for the first time. (2018-04-25)

FSU researchers discover an ugly truth about attractiveness
New research from Florida State University finds the attractiveness of a romantic partner can influence a person's desire to diet and seek a slim body, though that motivation contrasts sharply between men and women. (2017-07-14)

Do you really get paid less if you're 'ugly'?
Do beautiful people earn more while those who are not so gorgeous are paid less? It's not as simple as that, according to Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics and Political Science in the UK and Mary Still of the University of Massachusetts in Boston. People's salaries are influenced by more than just physical attractiveness, and individual differences count too. The study is published in Springer's Journal of Business and Psychology. (2017-02-16)

Twins experiment reveals genetic link with mosquito bites
The likelihood of being bitten by mosquitoes could be linked to our genes. (2015-04-22)

You say you don't care about dating a hottie?
Stating that you don't care if you land a partner who is (2012-01-05)

Study finds companies may be wise to share cybersecurity efforts
Research finds that when one company experiences a cybersecurity breach, other companies in the same field also become less attractive to investors. However, companies that are open about their cybersecurity risk management fare significantly better than peers that don't disclose their cybersecurity efforts. (2019-10-29)

Children less likely to trust ugly people
Is beauty only skin deep? Children don't seem to think so, like adults and babies, children think the uglier you are, the less trustworthy you are. (2016-06-13)

Pleasant smells increase facial attractiveness
New research from the Monell Chemical Senses Center reveals that women's faces are rated as more attractive in the presence of pleasant odors. In contrast, odor pleasantness had less effect on the evaluation of age. The findings suggest that the use of scented products such as perfumes may, to some extent, alter how people perceive one another. (2014-05-29)

Barely legal -- new study into whether alcohol affects perceptions of age
A new study led by the University of Leicester has demonstrated that consuming alcohol did not affect how men judged the age of women. This has important legal implications if alcohol is cited as a cause of impairing judgment in cases of unlawful sex with a minor. (2009-04-20)

Do attractive women want it all?
Although many researchers have believed women choose partners based on the kind of relationship they are seeking, a new study from the University of Texas at Austin reveals women's preferences can be influenced by their own attractiveness. (2008-03-20)

Physical beauty involves more than good looks
There is more to beauty than meets the stranger's eye, according to results from three studies examining the influence of non-physical traits on people's perception of physical attractiveness. The results, which show that people perceive physical appeal differently when they look at those they know versus strangers, are published in the recently released March issue of Evolution and Human Behavior. (2004-04-15)

Multiple purchase options? How marketers influence consumer agendas
Making choices is tough, especially in a competitive retail environment. A new study in the Journal of Consumer Research sheds some light on the processes consumers use to make choices among multiple options. (2009-04-20)

Brains or beauty: New study confirms having both leads to higher pay
People looking for a good job at a good salary could find their intelligence may not be the only trait that puts them at the top of the pay scale, according to researchers. A new study finds attractiveness, along with confidence, may help job-seekers stand out to employers. (2009-05-14)

Good-looking birds: Sexual attractiveness in the wild turkey
Why are some individuals more attractive to the opposite sex than others? New research by a team from University College London and Oxford University, published in PLOS Genetics, has shown that in wild turkeys, the essence of male beauty is mainly dependent on the way that males use their genes, rather than differences in the genes themselves. (2013-08-15)

Backed in black: How to get people to buy more produce
Researchers may have figured out the secret to get people to buy more fresh produce: dress veggies up in black. A new study by professors at Brigham Young University and Delft University of Technology looks at how the backgrounds of grocery store displays impact the attractiveness of vegetables. After testing an array of colors and neutral shades, they found the best bet is to go back in black. (2019-07-16)

Some characteristics increase the likelihood of getting married and living together
A team of researchers led by University of Miami health economists investigates the personal traits that influence a person's likelihood of entering into a marriage or cohabitating relationship. (2014-03-10)

Unattainable standards of beauty for today's woman
While the average American woman's waist circumference and dress size has increased over the past 20 years, Victoria's Secret fashion models have become more slender, with a decrease in bust, waist, hips and dress size, though their waist to hip ratio (WHR) has remained constant. (2020-01-02)

Calling Miss Congeniality -- do attractive people have attractive traits and values?
It's difficult to resist the temptation of assuming that a person's outward appearance reflects something meaningful about his or her inner personality. Research shows that people tend to perceive attractive adults as more social, successful, and well-adjusted than less attractive adults, a phenomenon that's been termed the (2012-10-15)

Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder
Men under the influence of alcohol are more likely to see women as sexual objects. This is according to a study which moves beyond the mere anecdotal to investigate some of the circumstances and factors that influence why men objectify women. The research is published in Springer's journal Sex Roles and is led by Abigail Riemer of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the US. (2017-12-20)

At peak fertility, women who desire to maintain body attractiveness report they eat less
Women near peak fertility -- those nearing ovulation -- and who are motivated to manage their body appearance, reported they desire to lose weight and so ate fewer calories. Those are findings from three new independent studies, says lead author Andrea Meltzer, Southern Methodist University, Dallas. Previous ovulation research has attributed reduced eating solely to neuroendocrinological factors. The new findings indicate an additional factor is a woman's concern about her body appearance, say Meltzer and her co-authors. (2015-06-01)

'Ugly' finding: Unattractive workers suffer more
People who are considered unattractive are more likely to be belittled and bullied in the workplace, according to a first-of-its-kind study led by a Michigan State University business scholar. (2013-06-19)

A handsome face could mean lower semen quality
Contrary to what one might expect, facial masculinity was negatively associated with semen quality in a recent Journal of Evolutionary Biology study. As increased levels of testosterone have been demonstrated to impair sperm production, this finding may indicate a trade-off between investments in secondary sexual signaling (i.e. facial masculinity) and fertility. (2014-09-02)

First impressions of beauty may demonstrate why the pretty prosper
We might not be able to resist a pretty face after all, according to a report from the University of Pennsylvania. Experiments in which subjects were given a fraction of a second to judge (2006-01-18)

Survey: Most effective dental braces are least attractive
When it comes to the attractiveness of orthodontic braces, less metal is better, according to a recent survey. The study of the public's attitude about the attractiveness of various styles of braces indicates that the types of dental appliances with no visible metal were considered the most attractive. Braces that combine clear ceramic brackets with thin metal or clear wires were a less desirable option, and braces with metal brackets and metal wires were rated as the least aesthetic combination. (2008-07-09)

Happy guys finish last, says new study on sexual attractiveness
Women find happy guys significantly less sexually attractive than swaggering or brooding men, according to a new University of British Columbia study that helps to explain the enduring allure of (2011-05-24)

Male fruit flies can smell a good mate based on her metabolism
A female fruit fly must balance her energy usage between making eggs now and storing nutrients for later. This balance affects the pheromones that she produces and impacts whether male fruit flies find her attractive, report Tatyana Fedina of the University of Michigan and colleagues, Aug. 17, 2017 in PLOS Genetics. (2017-08-17)

Opposites attract -- unless you're in a relationship
If we are in a relationship we are more likely to be attracted to faces resembling our own, but for single people, opposites attract. Relationship status affects who and what we find attractive, found a study published in Frontiers in Psychology. (2016-07-14)

Enhanced dating site photos have mixed results for men and women
A new study by researchers at the University of Connecticut found that enhanced photos of women viewed by men increased attractiveness but lowered trustworthiness. Women found enhanced photos of men both increased attractiveness and increased trustworthiness. (2015-05-08)

Beautiful people convey personality traits better during first impressions
A new University of British Columbia study has found that people identify the personality traits of people who are physically attractive more accurately than others during short encounters. (2010-12-21)

What we want to see on TV: Handsome politicians
The better the looks of United States Congresspersons, the more television coverage they receive, shows a new study from the University of Haifa recently published in the Political Communication. The reason behind this? Television journalists think their viewers prefer to see physically attractive people. (2011-12-06)

In a bad mood? Head to Facebook and find someone worse off
When people are in a bad mood, they are more likely to actively search social networking sites like Facebook to find friends who are doing even worse than they are, a new study suggests. (2014-10-02)

Predictors for infidelity and divorce highlighted in new research
New research from Florida State University highlights ways to keep love and also identifies clear predictors for failed relationships. (2018-02-12)

Voice appeal
In a study to be presented during the 172nd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the 5th Joint Meeting with Acoustical Society of Japan, a Canadian researcher has new data about the vocal attractiveness of consonants. Vowels are already well studied and there are several acoustic cues intrinsic to vowels -- such as pitch -- that effect listeners' judgments of attractiveness. According to the researchers, consonants are different. (2016-11-28)

Artificial light quality affects herbivore preference for seedlings
Researchers evaluated the preference of adult sweet potato whitefly to cucumber seedlings grown under fluorescent lamps or metal-halide lamps that provided a spectrum similar to that of natural light. They observed significantly fewer whitefly adults on the fluorescent cucumber treated seedlings than on the metal-halide treated seedlings 24 hours after release. The scientists recommended that growers consider light quality when selecting light sources for transplant production. (2011-06-22)

Single women gaze longer
A study by neuroscientist Heather Rupp and her team found that a woman's partner status influenced her interest in the opposite sex. (2009-06-03)

Longer acquaintance levels the romantic playing field
Partners who become romantically involved soon after meeting tend to be more similar in physical attractiveness than partners who get together after knowing each other for a while, according to new findings published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. (2015-06-30)

Young people are overwhelmingly the victims of sexual assaults
Sexual assault has almost as much to do with age as it does with gender, according to Penn State criminologists. (2013-05-30)

Men's preference for certain body types has evolutionary roots
Prehistoric and evolutionary influences appear to shape men's expressed preference for women with a curvy backside. (2015-03-19)

Novel stadium-based research helps us understand group dynamics
New Psychology research led out of New Zealand's University of Otago is backing up the old saying that 'birds of a feather flock together.' The findings emerged after researchers used video cameras on a large covered stadium's roof to track and analyze how strangers formed groups. Individuals were likely to join groups containing members with similar physical traits and attractive women were the most likely to be placed in the physical center of social groups. (2016-03-23)

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