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Global integration package welcome news
Research Australia has welcomed the federal government's new $1.4 billion industry package (2007-05-03)

Study reveals high relationship quality in same-sex couples
A new Family Relations study provides robust evidence against deep-rooted social perceptions of same-sex relationships being conflictual, unhappy, and dysfunctional. (2017-12-13)

Bushfires in north of Western Australia
Since Australia is heading into their winter as the northern climates head into summer, the north of Western Australia is ripe for bushfires. Many have already begun as evidenced from this satellite pass by NASA's Aqua satellite which acquired this image with the Moderatete Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer instrument aboard it. (2013-06-15)

NASA IMERG sees Australia's bicoastal rainfall
The rainfall accumulation analysis above was computed from data generated by the Integrated Multi-satellite Retrievals for GPM (IMERG) during the period from April 28 to May 3, 2015. During this period IMERG algorithms continuously merged and interpolated satellite passive microwave precipitation estimates and microwave-calibrated infrared satellite estimates over the entire globe. (2015-05-05)

Is Australia prepared for Ebola?
Australia needs to be proactive about potential disease outbreaks like Ebola and establish a national center for disease control. In an editorial in the October issue of Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, Allen Cheng from Monash University and Heath Kelly from the Australian National University question Australia's preparation for public health crises. (2014-10-01)

Government's preparation for bird flu outbreak welcome
The priority the Federal Government is placing upon preparation for the possibility of a bird flu outbreak is critical and timely, Medicines Australia said today. (2005-12-14)

NASA sees the end of Tropical Cyclone Stan over Western Australia
NASA's Terra satellite captured an image of Tropical Cyclone Stan on Jan 31 as it moved south through Western Australia and weakened to a remnant low pressure area. (2016-02-01)

Working together for better health outcomes
In what is believed to be a world first, a Guide launched today by the Minister for Health and Ageing, Tony Abbott, will help ensure a more open approach between health consumer organisations and pharmaceutical companies embarking on relationships. (2005-11-27)

Is teledermoscopy cost-effective in Australia for skin cancer referrals?
An analysis estimates using teledermoscopy (dermatologic care that uses information and communications technology and digital dermoscopic images) in Australia for skin cancer referrals would cost extra per case but could achieve clinical resolution faster. (2018-05-09)

ACCC authorizes Medicines Australia Code of Conduct
Medicines Australia welcomes today's decision by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to authorize the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct. (2006-07-27)

Plymouth University to investigate medical revalidation in Australia
The Medical Board of Australia, with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, has commissioned the Collaboration for the Advancement of Medical Education, Research and Assessment at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry to investigate the evidence and options for the introduction of medical revalidation to Australia. (2015-03-23)

EMBL expands to Australia
Today, delegates representing the 19 member states of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory offered Australia associate membership in EMBL's international community. The membership is planned to start officially in January 2008, and will initially last for seven years. (2007-07-11)

Another great boost to medical research
Medicines Australia welcomed today's announcement by the Minister for Health and Ageing, Tony Abbott, of $5 million in grants to 21 of Australia's leading medical research teams. (2006-05-31)

Stem cell research
Medicines Australia welcomes today's announcement by the Federal Government that it will invest $22 million over four years towards establishing a National Adult Stem Cell Research Centre. (2006-05-03)

Medibank Private sale to boost medical research for all Australians
Research Australia Chief Executive Officer Dr Christine Bennett today welcomed the Federal Government's decision to increase funding for health and medical research in the 2006-07 Federal Budget anticipated in today's joint announcement by The Minister for Health and Ageing and Minister for Finance and Administration. (2006-04-26)

Laurence made landfall in Western Australia
Tropical Cyclone Laurence made landfall in northwestern Australia this morning (Eastern Time) Dec. 15, 2009. NASA's Aqua satellite captured a visible image of Laurence just before the center of the storm made landfall at 0503 UTC (12:03 a.m. ET). The Moderate Resolution Image Spectroradiometer instrument on Aqua captured the image. (2009-12-15)

Medical research poll cannot be ignored
Australians consider medical research to be a more important priority for funding and resources than tax cuts and border protection, a new poll has found. (2005-09-09)

NASA's Terra satellite captures cyclone Magda's Australian landfall
When Cyclone Magda made landfall from Collier Bay at around 5 a.m. local time on Jan. 22 in northern Australia, NASA's Terra satellite captured an image of the storm. Magda is now dissipating rapidly over land in northern West Australia. (2010-01-22)

Pharmaceutical industry welcomes Labor Party's Innovation Blueprint
Medicines Australia has welcomed today's release of the Labor Party's Innovation Blueprint -- Turning Aussie Brilliance into Dollars. (2006-07-10)

High Risk Home Births Are Inadvisable
Hilda Bastian, a consumer advocate along with researchers from Australia's National Perinatal Statistics Unit, are concerned about the current trend in some places for women at high risk to give birth at home. The authors found that for planned home births in Australia the death rate was higher than for comparable hospital births and much higher than home births in other countries. (1998-08-07)

Fires in South Australia Jan. 16, 2014
According to ABC News Channel 24 in Australia: (2014-01-16)

Australia's potential to fuel Asia's growing steel market
Australia's significant magnetite resources could hold the key to further expansion of Australian iron ore production and potentially help supply Asia's current and emerging steel markets. Despite accelerating sales and increasing demand for iron ore - primarily from China - Australia's magnetite resources, and their international market potential, remain largely untapped, according to Dr Ralph Holmes, Iron Ore Program Manager at CSIRO Minerals. (2004-11-16)

Public support for science and innovation: Productivity Commission report
In welcoming today's announcement of a Productivity Commission study into science and innovation, Medicines Australia can point to many examples where spending on innovation provides long-term rewards to the nation's economy and well-being. (2006-03-13)

'Barcoding blitz' on Australian moths and butterflies
In just 10 weeks a team of Canadian researchers has succeeded in (2011-05-16)

Quentin Bryce receives first Alliance honorary doctorate
The former Australian Governor-General the Honourable Quentin Bryce AD CVO has received the first joint honorary doctorate from the Monash Warwick Alliance. The honorary degree of Doctor of Laws honoris causa, conferred by the Alliance yesterday, recognizes Ms. Bryce's contribution to advancing human rights and equality, the rights of women and children, and the welfare of the family. (2014-08-28)

Asthma prevalence and deaths in Australia still high by world standards, despite declining trends
Asthma remains a significant health problem in Australia, with prevalence and death rates that are high by international standards despite declines, according to a report released today by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. (2008-10-20)

Hurry up and wait
Although the time taken to approve new drugs in Canada has decreased considerably since the early 1990s, approval continues to take longer than in countries that take comparable approaches. The authors compare approval times in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Australia. (2000-02-21)

Federal Budget boosts Australian health and medical research
Research Australia has welcomed tonight's Federal Budget announcement of $486 million for medical research infrastructure. (2007-05-08)

Medicines Australia committed to Code of Conduct will appeal the condition imposed by ACCC
Medicines Australia today said it was committed to its Code of Conduct, one of the toughest of any industry in Australia, and would work closely with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) on future versions of the Code. (2006-08-16)

No leg to stand on for Australia's flamingos
The sweeping pink salt lakes across Australia's interior are all that remain of the lush green places three species of pink flamingos once thrived the outback. Some much larger than flamingos now found in Africa and other parts of the world, Australian flamingos enjoyed a range of freshwater habitats for about 25 million years, Flinders University researchers say. (2020-06-26)

Boeing's Phantom Works arrives in Australia
CSIRO welcomes Boeing's announcement today that a branch of its advanced research and development organization, Phantom Works, which specializes in aerospace solutions, will be established in Australia. (2008-03-25)

We're lazy but Chinese want to be just like us
Australians are lazy, scruffy and rude and speak an incomprehensible brand of English says a new survey of intending Chinese immigrants to Australia. But they also want to call Australia home. They aspire to a more relaxed lifestyle in a country they see as free, tolerant, multicultural and democratic says Karin Maeder, a UNSW masters student who will reveal her research findings at the International Geographical Union conference in Brisbane. (2006-07-05)

Australian researchers win $2 million
Two young researchers have each been awarded $1 million in funding for biomedical research in Australia. The Pfizer Australia Research Fellowships were presented by Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Christopher Pyne, and Nobel Laureate, Dr. Robin Warren, in Sydney on Wednesday. (2006-11-27)

Research Australia welcomes NEMIC shift to community-driven health and medical research
Research Australia welcomes the changes announced by NHMRC to its strategy and structure and supports the organisation's overall goal of a better fit between community needs and national health priorities. (2005-09-13)

Embryonic heart exhibits impressive regenerative capacity
A new study demonstrates that the embryonic mouse heart has an astounding capacity to regenerate, a phenomenon previously observed only in non-mammalian species. The research, published by Cell Press in the Oct. 14 issue of the journal Developmental Cell, describes the previously unrecognized potential of the embryonic heart to replace diseased tissue through compensatory proliferation of healthy cells. (2008-10-13)

Centre for Eye Research Australia wins Minister's Award for Excellence
Predicting the risk of cardio-vascular disease has won Professor Tien Wong of the Centre for Eye Research Australia the Minister's Award for Excellence in Health and Medical Research for 2006 presented at the Australian Society for Medical Research annual dinner last night. (2006-06-09)

Fires in Australia pop up in places already burned
Fires that span across the Northern Territory and Western Australia appear to have broken out in areas that have already been burned in previous fires. (2017-09-22)

Progress made on youth drowning in Aust, NZ, Canada - but more work required
Ten years of data from Australia, New Zealand and Canada reveals a drop in drowning deaths among people under 20 - but a large increase in drowning for adolescent females and First Nations peoples. (2021-01-11)

Researchers flush out worrying trend of designer drug use
In a sign that designer drugs are becoming more prevalent in Australia, synthetic cathinones -- commonly known as 'bath salts' -- have been detected in the nation's wastewater in the largest study of its kind in the country. (2020-06-15)

PC report on health workforce deserves close attention
The worrying shortage of health professionals across Australia demands the close consideration of more preventative action to reduce the burden on hospitals and doctors, Medicines Australia said today. (2006-01-19)

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