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AAP counsels pediatricians to focus on clusters of cardiometabolic risk factors to help obese kids
Since frameworks used to identify adults at heightened risk for such complications are a poor fit for kids, the American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that pediatricians instead focus on clusters of cardiometabolic risk factors that are associated with obesity. (2017-07-24)

Study: Count your bites; count down the pounds
A new health study found people who counted bites over a month's time lost roughly four pounds -- just about what the CDC recommends for 'healthy' weight loss. Those in the pilot test counted the number of bites they took each day and then committed to taking 20 to 30 percent less bites over the next four weeks. Participants who stuck with the task saw results despite changing nothing else about their routine. (2015-10-29)

More infants and toddlers being positioned correctly in car safety seats
New research suggests child passenger safety education programs are a success, with more infants and toddlers riding in the rear-facing position than ever before. The study abstract, 'Trends in Child Passenger Safety Practices in Indiana From 2009-2015,' will be presented Monday, Sept. 18 at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & Exhibition in Chicago. (2017-09-15)

UCSF study finds shortage of California dentists in rural, poor, minority communities
A shortage of dentists in many communities may contribute to poor access to dental care for many California rural, low-income, and minority residents, according to a new study by UCSF researchers at the Center for the Health Professions. (2001-09-25)

Mental health intervention urged for heart patients
Heart patients are particularly vulnerable to depression and should be screened, and if necessary treated, to improve their recovery and overall health, according to a scientific advisory issued Monday by the American Heart Association and co-authored by a Yale School of Public Health researcher. (2008-09-29)

Baseline PSA predicts risk of death from prostate cancer
Men who have a baseline PSA value of 10 or higher the first time they are tested are up to 11 times more likely to die from prostate cancer than are men with lower initial values, according to Duke University Medical Center researchers. (2010-07-08)

Research critically needed for manned space exploration
If the nation is serious about the manned exploration and development of space, then more attention must be focused now on research to study how weightlessness and reduced gravity would affect everything from power production to plumbing, says a recently published report funded by NASA. (2000-07-19)

Page 16 of 16 | 607 Results
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