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Review examines nutritional issues related to autism spectrum disorder
There is consensus that children with autism have selective eating patterns, food neophobia, limited food repertoire, and sensory issues. There are inconsistent results about the extent and type of nutrient deficiencies. (2015-07-15)

Autism spectrum disorders linked with excess weight gain in children
A recent meta-analysis published in Obesity Reviews revealed that children with autism spectrum disorders had a 41.1% higher risk of developing obesity than matched groups of children, and on average, 22 out of 100 children with autism were found to have obesity. (2019-10-09)

Special Issue JVR focuses on potential of persons with autism
There has been an explosion of new information on the issues and challenges facing children with autism and their families in the past ten years. However, most coverage ignores the fact that these children grow up. A special issue of the Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation focuses on the potential of autistic young adults. (2010-04-22)

American Academy of Pediatrics offers second edition of autism toolkit for clinicians
To help pediatricians in diagnosing and managing autism spectrum disorders in children, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is offering an extensively revised and updated second edition of its autism toolkit, (2012-10-20)

Vitamin D supplements may benefit children with Autism spectrum disorder
Vitamin D supplementation improved symptoms of autism in a recent trial. (2016-11-21)

Study shows that urinary mercury is not correlated with autism
Results suggest that differences in mercury urinary excretion are unlikely to play a direct causal role in autism development, researchers say. (2012-02-15)

Studies provide insights into inherited causes of autism
The most consistent finding of autism research lies in the revelation that the disorders are incredibly complex. Two new studies in the Cell Press journal Neuron that add to the growing appreciation of this complexity focus on identifying inherited genetic mutations linked with autism spectrum disorders. The mutations -- which are distinct from the spontaneous mutations that have been the focus of previous studies -- may provide valuable insights into the causes of autism. (2013-01-23)

Time between pregnancies may affect autism risk
Investigators have found a link between the amount of time between pregnancies and autism spectrum disorder in children. (2017-11-22)

MindSpec develops Autism Quiz app
To spread public knowledge of autism research, MindSpec has created a new Autism Quiz social media app which allows the general public to test autism knowledge and share facts about autism with friends. Available free on iTunes, the Autism Quiz app is also currently under development for Android. Autism Quiz features four types of challenging quizzes: Basic, Advanced, Misconceptions, and In the News. (2012-06-13)

No link between MMR jab and autism spectrum disorders
There is no evidence for a link between the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) jab and autism, finds research published ahead of print in the Archives of Disease in Childhood . (2008-02-04)

Novel mutations linked to autism identified in genes associated with fragile X
A new study, published by Cell Press in the April 26 issue of the journal Neuron, discovers several genes associated with autism and finds evidence for a shared genetic mechanism underlying autism and fragile X syndrome, the most common genetic cause of intellectual disability. (2012-04-25)

A single spray of oxytocin improves brain function in children with autism
A single dose of the hormone oxytocin, delivered via nasal spray, may improve the core social deficits in children with autism by making social interactions with other people more rewarding and more efficiently processed, Yale School of Medicine researchers report in a new study published in the Dec. 2 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (2013-12-02)

Violent video games not linked to aggression in adults with autism
Following the 2012 shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, some in the media and the public speculated a link existed between autism spectrum disorder and violence and, in particular, that violent video games may cause gamers with autism to act violently. Now, a study from the University of Missouri has found evidence to contradict this speculation. It is the first study to test the effects of violent video games on aggression in adults with autism spectrum disorder. (2015-04-14)

New study examines link between pregnancy weight gain, autism spectrum disorders
Previous studies have identified links between women's prepregnancy body mass index (BMI) and pregnancy weight gain to an increased risk for the development of autism spectrum disorders in children. But in the new study from University of Utah, researchers build on prior research by identifying an association between autism spectrum disorder risk and prenatal weight gain, after accounting for important related factors such as a woman's prepregnancy BMI. (2013-10-28)

Infants with autistic siblings may display early social, communication problems
Younger siblings of children with autism spectrum disorders do not perform as well on tests of social and communication development compared with siblings of children without developmental problems at ages as young as 12 months, according to a report in the April issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, a theme issue on autism spectrum disorders. (2007-04-02)

A study connects the genetic background of autistic spectrum disorders with stem cell dysfunction
A recently completed study provides new information on functional changes in the brain connected with autistic spectrum disorders. The findings help identify factors related to the individual manifestation of autistic spectrum disorders and associated diseases. (2018-12-03)

Hopkins researchers release genome data on autism
Researchers at Johns Hopkins' McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine today are releasing newly generated genetic data to help speed autism research. The Hopkins data, coordinated with a similar data release from the Autism Consortium, aims to help uncover the underlying hereditary factors and speed the understanding of autism by encouraging scientific collaboration. These data provide the most detailed look to date at the genetic variation patterns in families with autism. (2007-10-22)

The Lancet Neurology: Autism Series media alert
The Lancet Neurology journal is pleased to announce that the following papers will be published as part of a Series on autism spectrum disorder, ahead of the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology. (2015-04-16)

New autism treatments to be revealed at Queen's
A new treatment for children with autism, which has the potential to significantly improve their learning and academic skills, will be unveiled at Queen's University Belfast today (Friday 30 Nov.). (2012-11-30)

Nursing for autism across the lifespan highlighted in Drexel professor's new book
The growing number of children and adults on the autism spectrum represent a growing need for quality health care that is sensitive to the issues they face. This is the premise and challenge behind a new text, (2012-04-17)

Movement impairments in autism could be reversible
Researchers from Cardiff University have established a link between a genetic mutation and developmental movement impairments in autism. (2019-02-13)

Follow the genes: Yale team finds clues to origin of autism
Finding major new clues to the origins of autism, a Yale-led team of researchers has pinpointed which cell types and regions of the developing human brain are affected by gene mutations linked to autism. (2013-11-21)

Families of children with autism face physical, mental and social burdens
Families of children with autism face high physical, mental and emotional burdens, are sometimes ridiculed and even accused of child abuse, according to a Rutgers study. (2020-01-06)

Children with both autism and ADHD often bully, parents say
Children with both autism and attention deficit or attention deficit hyperactivity disorders are four times more likely to bully than children in the general population, according to a study released today in the journal, Ambulatory Pediatrics. However, the researchers caution against labeling these children simply as bullies. (2007-05-17)

Study finds vulnerability in malaria parasite
An international team of scientists, including researchers at Columbia University Medical Center, has identified a key metabolic enzyme that common malaria parasites require for survival at each stage of infection in humans. The findings raise the possibility of a new approach to combating malaria, one of the world's deadliest diseases. The study was published today in the online edition of the journal Nature. (2013-11-27)

Gastrointestinal symptoms not linked to later autism
Children with autism are no more likely than children without autism to have had gastrointestinal disorders, finds a study in this week's BMJ. (2002-08-22)

Gluten- and casein-free diets found not to affect behavior of autistic children
The study, conducted by the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Granada, involved more than 50 children diagnosed with autism-spectrum disorders (2020-02-05)

MindSpec launches online Autism Reading Room
MindSpec proudly announces the public launch of its new science outreach website, Autism Reading Room. Designed to enhance public understanding of autism research, Autism Reading Room offers easily understandable summaries written by a team of MindSpec scientists, as well as direct access to published scientific articles. It also features interactive tools to explain current scientific knowledge about autism spectrum disorders. (2012-05-29)

Identifying the signs of autism earlier
How early can you diagnose autism? The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends screening children beginning at 18 months, but research suggests subtle warning signs may be apparent even earlier, according to Patricia Manning-Courtney, M.D., FAAP, who delivered a plenary address Tuesday, Oct. 29, at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition in Orlando. (2013-10-29)

Children with autism benefit from early, intensive therapy
University of Missouri researchers found that children with autism spectrum disorders who receive more intensive therapy to combat social-communication impairments, especially at early ages, achieve the best outcomes. (2011-09-28)

Researchers examine social functioning in middle-aged adults with autism spectrum disorders
A new Autism Research report describes the social functioning of 169 adults with autism spectrum disorders in mid-life who were first identified with autism in childhood in the 1980s. (2017-12-20)

Autism eye scan could lead to early detection
A new eye scan could help identify autism in children years earlier than currently possible. The non-invasive eye scan utilises a hand-held device to find a pattern of subtle electrical signals in the retina that are different in children on the autism spectrum, which are directly linked to differences in their brain development. (2020-02-20)

IQ scores fail to predict academic performance in children with autism
New data show that many children with autism spectrum disorders have greater academic abilities than previously thought. In a study by researchers at the University of Washington, 90 percent of high-functioning children with autism spectrum disorders showed a discrepancy between their IQ score and their performance on reading, spelling and math tests. (2010-11-17)

Low birthweight infants five times more likely to have autism
Autism researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing have found a link between low birthweight and children diagnosed with autism, reporting premature infants are five times more likely to have autism than children born at normal weight. (2011-10-17)

Wishing to be another gender: Links to ADHD and autism spectrum disorders
Children and teenagers with an autism spectrum disorder or those who have attention deficit and hyperactivity problems are more likely to wish to be another gender. So says John Strang of the Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., USA, leader of the first study to compare the occurrence of such gender identity issues among children and adolescents with and without specific neurodevelopmental disorders. The paper is published in Springer's journal Archives of Sexual Behavior. (2014-03-12)

Low birthweight infants have five times rate of autism
Autism researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing have found a link between low birthweight and children diagnosed with autism, reporting premature infants are five times more likely to have autism than children born at normal weights. (2011-10-17)

Autism: Lack of evidence for antidepressants
Antidepressants commonly prescribed to people with autistic spectrum disorders cannot be recommended based on current evidence, a new study by Cochrane Researchers concludes. Despite some evidence of benefits in adults diagnosed with autism, they say there is no evidence for any benefits associated with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in children, who may suffer serious adverse effects as a result of taking the drugs. (2010-08-07)

Kids with autism may have gene that causes muscle weakness
Some kids with autism may have a genetic defect that affects the muscles, according to research that will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology 60th Anniversary Annual Meeting in Chicago, April 12-19, 2008. (2008-04-13)

Study finds transgender, non-binary autism link
New research indicates that transgender and non-binary individuals are significantly more likely to have autism or display autistic traits than the wider population -- a finding that has important implications for gender confirmation treatments. (2019-07-16)

Autistic facial characteristics identified
University of Missouri researchers have found distinct differences between the facial characteristics of children with autism compared to those of typically developing children. This knowledge could help researchers understand the origins of autism. (2011-10-19)

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