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SFU Researcher Fools Forest Pest Into 'Barking Up The Wrong Tree'
Simon Fraser University researcher Dezene Huber is investigating the secret scent life of two of British Columbia's most destructive forest insect pests. His goal? To fool the insects -- two species of bark beetles -- into bypassing vulnerable trees, using non-host scents to disguise trees they would normally attack. (1997-11-28)

The beetle's dilemma
Large-headed beetles can readily crush snail shells with their powerful jaws, but cannot insert their oversized heads into the shells. Small-headed beetles can insert their heads into the shells for direct predation on snail bodies, but poorly crush the shells because of their small jaws. The same trade-off shapes the snails. Elongate shells protect against entry attacks and rounded shells protect against crushing attacks. (2007-06-25)

'Loser effect' evolves separate from fighting ability
The 'loser effect' -- which causes animals to shy away from violence after losing a fight -- evolves independently of any change in fighting ability, new research suggests. (2019-05-28)

Small males have more sex appeal, new research shows
Female burying beetles are more attracted to small partners because they are less likely to get into fights, a study by researchers at the University of Exeter has found. (2016-01-08)

Diet during development affects mating habits, insect study shows
An animal's choice of mating partner can be influenced by what it eats during its sexual development, a study of insects has shown. (2019-04-15)

Better beetle sought for salt cedar control
Beetles from Uzbekistan are more prolific salt cedar eaters than beetles from Greece. At least that's what Texas Agricultural Experiment Station researchers hope. Uzbekistan salt cedar beetles being released by the Experiment Station's entomology department are the same species as those released on the salt cedar stands near Lake Meredith. They are just from a different collection point, said Vanessa Carney, Experiment Station entomology research associate. (2006-06-27)

Breakthrough in the fight against spruce bark beetles
For the first time, a research team led by Lund University in Sweden has mapped out exactly what happens when spruce bark beetles use their sense of smell to find trees and partners to reproduce with. The hope is that the results will lead to better pest control and protection of the forest in the future. (2021-02-16)

Arctic beetles may be ideal marker of climate change
McGill researchers believe that Arctic beetles may prove to be ideal markers of climate change, since any changes in climate that affect the soil, plants and animals on which the beetles depend are likely to be quickly reflected in changes in the beetle communities. (2015-04-22)

Predators hunt for a balanced diet
Predators select their prey in order to eat a nutritionally balanced diet and give themselves the best chance of producing healthy offspring. A new study shows for the first time that predatory animals choose their food on the basis of its nutritional value, rather than just overall calorie content. (2012-01-10)

Male competition over females
When a female mates with several males, these will compete over the fertilization her eggs. This is an important evolutionary force that has led to the evolution of a diversity of male sexual organ morphologies. This is revealed in a study of seed beetles published today in the leading scientific journal Current Biology. (2012-10-25)

Dartmouth research offers new control strategies for bipolar bark beetles
Population explosions of destructive pine beetles may be prevented by boosting competitor and predator beetle populations, a new Dartmouth study suggests. The study confirmed, for the first time, that the abundance of an animal species -- in this case the southern pine beetle -- fluctuates innately between extremes, with no middle ground. (2013-01-25)

Slippery bark protects trees from pine beetle attack, according to CU-Boulder study
Trees with smoother bark are better at repelling attacks by mountain pine beetles, which have difficulty gripping the slippery surface, according to a new study by the University of Colorado Boulder. (2013-12-23)

Avocado farmers face unique foe in fungal-farming beetle
Beetles with unusual (2013-07-18)

Beetles play an important role in reducing weeds
Researchers funded by the UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and the French Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique have found that ground beetles reduce the amount of weed seeds in the soil. Weeds reduce crop yields and these findings support the need to conserve farmland biodiversity as it plays an important supporting role to herbicides in controlling weeds and improving food security. (2011-07-25)

Lady beetle diet influences its effectiveness as biocontrol agent
Lady beetles are deployed as biological controls of insect pests like aphids and Colorado potato beetles. By examining what lady beetles eat, USDA scientists are learning more about the movement of these beneficial insects in farm fields -- and whether they'll actively feed on crop pests. (2013-01-11)

The first long-horned beetle giving birth to live young discovered in Borneo
A remarkably high diversity of the wingless long-horned beetles in the mountains of northern Borneo is reported by three Czech researchers. Apart from the three genera new to science and the four new species, the entomologists report the first case of reproduction via live birth in this rarely collected group of beetles. The study was published in the open access journal ZooKeys. (2016-05-11)

Bark beetles control pathogenic fungi
Pathogens can drive the evolution of social behaviour in insects. This is shown by researchers from Bern and W├╝rzburg for ambrosia beetles. (2019-12-20)

Fossilized dung balls reveal secret ecology of lost world
Research published in the journal Palaeontology reveals an intricate ecological system discovered within fossilized balls of dung. (2009-07-15)

UBC researcher says management of pine beetle not working
A method to control the spread of mountain pine beetles -- pheromone baiting -- may actually help the pest's population increase, UBC research shows. he two-year simulation, which included then PhD candidate Shaun Strohm and University of Calgary professor Mary Reid, compared four separate management strategies: no management (monitoring only), pheromone baiting, tree removal, and finally, pheromone baiting combined with tree removal. (2016-11-30)

Dung beetles use wind compass when the sun is high
Researchers have shown for the first time that an animal uses different directional sensors to achieve the highest possible navigational precision in different conditions. When the sun is high, dung beetles navigate using the wind. (2019-06-25)

Older beetle parents 'less flexible'
Older parents are less flexible when it comes to raising their offspring, according to a new study of beetles. (2020-03-06)

52-million-year-old amber preserves 'ant-loving' beetle
Scientists have uncovered the fossil of a 52-million-year old beetle that likely was able to live alongside ants --preying on their eggs and usurping resources -- within the comfort of their nest. The fossil, encased in a piece of amber from India, is the oldest-known example of this kind of social parasitism, known as 'myrmecophily.' The research also shows that the diversification of these stealth beetles, which infiltrate ant nests world-wide today, correlates with the ecological rise of modern ants. (2014-10-02)

Two tiny beetle fossils offer evolution and biogeography clues
Recently, an international team led by Dr. CAI Chenyang, from the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, reported two new and rare species of the extant family Clambidae from Burmese amber: Acalyptomerus thayerae Cai and Lawrence, 2019, and Sphaerothorax uenoi Cai and Lawrence, 2019. They are important for understanding the early evolution and biogeography of the family and even for polyphagan beetles. (2019-01-17)

Spread of fungus-farming beetles is bad news for trees
North Carolina State University researchers have found that a subset of fungus-farming ambrosia beetles may be in the early stages of a global epidemic threatening a number of economically important trees, including avocados, poplars and oaks. (2011-07-13)

AgriLife Research expert: Salt cedar beetle damage widespread after warm summer
Salt cedar along the waterways of the southern and eastern Panhandle is rapidly being defoliated and dying back, and one Texas A&M AgriLife Research entomologist believes he knows why. (2012-09-26)

A kingdom of cave beetles found in Southern China
A team of scientists specializing in cave biodiversity from the South China Agricultural University unearthed a treasure trove of rare blind cave beetles. The description of seven new species of underground Trechinae beetles, published in the open-access journal ZooKeys, attests for the Du'an karst as the most diverse area for these cave dwellers in China. (2014-11-14)

Microbes help beetles defeat plant defenses
Some symbiotic bacteria living inside Colorado potato beetles can trick plants into reacting to a microbial attack rather than that of a chewing herbivore, according to a team of Penn State researchers who found that the beetles with bacteria were healthier and grew better. (2013-09-09)

Master of disguise is new genus and species of cylindrical bark beetle
A resemblance to moss, lichens and fungi made for fantastic cover by a new genus and species of cylindrical bark beetle described by an Oregon State University College of Science researcher. (2021-01-11)

Diet of elusive red widow spider revealed by MU biologist
Beetles: it's what's for breakfast -- at least for the red widow spider of Florida's 'scrub' habitat, according to a study by University of Missouri biologist James Carrel. The study provides a first glimpse at the diet of this mysterious spider, revealing that it primarily preys upon species of scarab beetles common to the scrub habitat. Carrel's findings shed light on red widow spiders' restriction to the Florida scrub habitat and the need for habitat conservation efforts. (2014-03-20)

The dirt on packaged rhino beetles
Bags of commercial potting soil are irresistible to beetles. (2016-12-20)

Parasites dampen beetle's fight or flight response
Beetles infected with parasitic worms put up less of a fight against simulated attacks from predators and rival males, according to a study by Felicia Ebot-Ojong, Andrew Davis and Elizabeth Jurado at the University of Georgia, USA, publishing May 22, 2019 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE. (2019-05-22)

When dung beetles dance, they photograph the firmament
The discovery that dung beetles use the light of the Milky Way to navigate in the world has received much praise. Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have now taken a new step in understanding the existence of these unique beetles: when the beetles dance on top of a ball of dung, they simultaneously take a photograph -- a snapshot -- of how celestial bodies are positioned. (2016-05-12)

Beetles modify emissions of greenhouse gases from cow pats
Cattle contribute to global warming by burping and farting large amounts of greenhouse gases. Some of the same gases are also emitted from cow pats on pastures. But now researchers from the University of Helsinki have found that beetles living in cow pats may reduce emissions of the key greenhouse gas -- methane. (2013-08-22)

Intact mushroom and mycophagous rove beetle in Burmese amber leak early evolution of mushrooms
Recently, a research team led by Professor Huang Diying from Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology reported a diversity of gilled mushrooms and mycophagous rove beetles from Burmese amber, the latter belonging to Oxyporinae, modern members of which exhibit an obligate association with soft-textured mushrooms. Their finding displays an ancient ecological community assembling diverse mushrooms and beetles and established on specialized trophic interaction by this early date. (2017-03-16)

Unraveling the genes for sexual traits in stag beetles
Scientists have built a gene expression database of a stag beetle and identified genes important for sex determination and differentiation. (2016-07-03)

Armed beetles find a mate, whatever their size
One species of armed beetle is proving that size doesn't necessarily matter when it comes to finding a mate. The creature's (2008-03-27)

Leaf beetles: Even a tiny dose of pesticide will impair reproduction
The number of insects in Germany is declining rapidly - in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia alone, it has dropped by three-quarters within only 25 years. In a new study, biologists at Bielefeld University show the effects of pesticides and how even slight traces lead to long-term damage to beetles. (2017-07-31)

Why do males and females of some species look so different?
Why and how do males and females of the same species often look so different? Armin Mocsek (Indiana University) has shown that in a certain group of insects, sex-differences in appearance are not the product of growing structures in a sex-specific manner, as previously assumed, but rather are generated by the sex-specific loss, or removal, of structures initially grown alike by both males and females. (2006-12-04)

Unearthed: A treasure trove of jewel-like beetles
The histerid beetle genus Baconia is distinguishable by the peculiar flat shape and the metallic body coloration ranging between beautiful blue, green and violet tones. A recent article in the open access journal Zookeys provides a pioneering detailed revision of the genus, solving taxonomic puzzles around this enigmatic group of beetles and adding an impressive 85 new species. (2013-10-15)

Montana State researchers find that beetle odor could help tackle tamarisk
The Montana State University team found that a synthetic version of a pheromone produced by northern tamarisk beetles could be used to double the effectiveness of the beetles in controlling the invasive shrub. (2018-03-27)

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