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Finding a needle in the ocean
Xiang-Gen Xia, the Charles Black Evans Professor in UD's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, shares his thoughts on big data in a 'Perspectives' paper published in the January 2017 issue of IEEE Signal Processing Magazine. (2017-01-20)

Elsevier announces the launch of a new journal: Big Data Research
Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, today announced the launch of a new journal: Big Data Research. The first issue is now available for free on ScienceDirect. (2014-11-17)

Advances in big data: Implications for dental research
A symposium titled 'Advances in Big Data: Implications for Dental Research' will take place today at the 45th Annual Meeting & Exhibition of the American Association for Dental Research. (2016-03-18)

New Huffington Post blog exploring big health data launches
Increasingly, health care is an information business. 'Regenstrief on Big Health Data,' a new blog from the Regenstrief Institute and Indiana University provides unique insights into how quality, efficiency, effectiveness and outcomes of care depend on grasping, understanding and using these data. (2015-11-09)

Big data poses great challenges and opportunities for databases
With the advancement and wide adoption of technologies, data have been created at an unprecedented rate. This gives rise to the so-called 3V characteristics of the big data: volume, velocity and variety. The massive data pose many challenges and great opportunities for database research in designing new processing platforms for integrating, managing and analyzing the big data. (2014-04-20)

Big Data methods in biobehavioral health goal of training grant
A National Institutes of Health Big Data to Knowledge Program grant to Donna Coffman, research associate professor in Penn State's College of Health and Human Development and principal investigator at the Methodology Center, targets the development of big data methods for biobehavioral change and maintenance. This training grant is for more than $500,000 over three years. (2014-10-09)

Can big data make sense of climate change?
Big Data analytics are helping to provide answers to many complex problems in science and society, but they have not contributed to a better understanding climate science, despite an abundance of climate data. When it comes to analyzing the climate system, Big Data methods alone are not enough and sound scientific theory must guide data modeling techniques and results interpretation, according to an insightful article in Big Data. (2014-10-14)

QUT professor awarded Australian Laureate Fellowship
A QUT project to help Australia thrive in the Big Data Era has been awarded $2.4 million in a prestigious round of research funding. (2015-06-24)

Even the refugee crisis and rugby get a helping hand from Big Data
At the end of June Eindhoven hosts the European Data Forum 2016. This provides a unique opportunity to hear speakers from the top echelons of industry and science throughout Europe speaking about the topic. Companies like Spotify, the BBC, Renault, Philips and TomTom discuss how they use data science. (2016-06-14)

Industry experts discuss advantages & risks of shifting data analytics to the cloud
Thought leaders in both cloud computing and big data examine the factors driving increasing numbers of companies to move their enterprises to the cloud, explore the synergy between the cloud and notebooks, and debate whether the cloud is able to provide the level of information security needed by enterprises in an insightful Expert Panel Discussion published in Big Data. (2017-04-04)

European consortium develops new approaches for dealing with Big Data
The new BigStorage project, funded by the European Union, will develop new approaches to deal with Big Data concepts over the next three years, from theoretical basic research to the development of complex infrastructures and software packages. As an Innovative Training Network of the European Union, it also plays an important role in the training of researchers and developers in the international context. (2015-08-14)

Meeting the challenges of Big Data
The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology will discuss the challenges, opportunities and social impacts of Big Data at the AAAS 2015 Annual Meeting. (2015-02-11)

Big data collaboration to improve chronic disease management
Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore and Holmusk, a global tele-health platform, have recently announced a collaboration to further the potential of big data in healthcare. Big data refers to very large, unstructured and diverse datasets that cannot be managed using conventional methods. The collaboration will focus on addressing ways to improve care management for diabetes and mental health. (2015-08-03)

Novel tensor mining tool to enable automated modeling described in big data
Tensors and tensor decompositions, a powerful set of new data mining tools that can be used to model and extract knowledge from multidimensional data, can be automated for more widespread use in Big Data applications. The effectiveness of these innovative tools in a variety of data modeling scenarios is demonstrated in an article published in Big Data. (2016-10-06)

Large-scale analytics system for predicting major societal events described in Big Data Journal
EMBERS is a large-scale big data analytics system designed to use publically available data to predict population-level societal events such as civil unrest or disease outbreaks. The usefulness of this predictive artificial intelligence system over the past two years is reviewed in an article in Big Data. (2015-01-28)

Computer scientist to mine electronic medical record data for better healthcare
A UT Arlington computer scientist is leading a new, National Science Foundation project to mine electronic medical records data to help physicians personalize patient treatment, predict health care needs and identify risks that can lead to readmission. (2013-10-23)

Known from flower stalls as 'Big Pink' orchid proved to be an undescribed wild species
As easy as it might seem, seeking new species among cultivated plants could be actually quite tricky. While looking into the undescribed orchid, known at the market as 'Big Pink', Bobby Sulistyo and his team were likely to find yet another man-made hybrid. In reality, they are now describing as 'new' a wild orchid species that has been sitting at the flower stalls since 2013. Their discovery is published in the open access journal PhytoKeys. (2015-10-01)

Bigger (data) is better and can improve decision making
Too much information can be overwhelming, but when it comes to certain types of data that are used to build predictive models to guide decision making there is no such thing as too much data, according to an article in Big Data. (2014-01-21)

Free urban data -- what's it good for?
Cities around the world are increasingly making urban data freely available to the public. But is the content or structure of these vast data sets easy to access and of value? A new study of more than 9,000 data sets from 20 cities presents encouraging results on the quality and volume of the available data and describes the challenges and benefits of analyzing and integrating these expanding data sets, as described in an article in Big Data, the highly innovative. (2014-10-29)

When big isn't better: How the flu bug bit Google
Numbers and data can be critical tools in bringing complex issues into focus. The understanding of diseases, for example, benefits from algorithms that help monitor their spread. But without context, a number may be just a number, or even misleading. Google's data-aggregating tool Google Flu Trend was designed to provide real-time monitoring of flu cases around the world, but it also illustrates where 'big-data' analysis can go wrong. (2014-03-13)

Data overload from personal tracking devices: A waste or an opportunity?
The explosive interest in wearable personal tracking devices is generating huge amounts of so-called 'quantified self' (QS) data, just waiting to be analyzed and used to improve human health. One solution for turning QS data into actionable information and insights that can guide users' decision-making is described in a new study published in Big Data. (2016-02-19)

When is big data too big? Making data-based models comprehensible
Data-driven mathematical modeling is having an enormous impact on the ability to organize and describe very large data sets, and make inferences and predictions about populations and situations based on sampling data. However, as these models become increasingly complex, the ability of users to understand and apply them represents a growing challenge. The article 'A Framework for Considering Comprehensibility in Modeling,' which describes this emerging dilemma and a strategy for developing solutions, is published in Big Data. (2016-07-11)

Do crows have an impact on the population of their prey?
They steal, raid nests, and keep the company of witches, but the unpopular crow may not be as big a menace as people think. A new Ibis study has found that crows -- along with their avian cousins the magpie and the raven -- have surprisingly little impact on the abundance of other bird species. (2014-12-15)

Inaugural issue of Big Data journal launched at Strata Conference, Santa Clara, CA
Big Data, the new groundbreaking, open access, peer-reviewed journal published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers, will launch its inaugural issue at the Strata conference in Santa Clara, CA, Feb. 26-28, 2013. (2013-02-13)

Study reveals evidence that the universe is a hologram
The first observational evidence that the universe could be a hologram has been published in the journal Physical Review Letters. The international study may lead to new beliefs on the Big Bang Theory and on quantum gravity, one of theoretical physics' most profound problems. (2017-01-30)

Real-time visualization tool reveals behavioral patterns in Bitcoin transactions
A novel visualization method for exploring dynamic patterns in real-time Bitcoin transactional data can zoom in on individual transactions in large blocks of data and also detect meaningful associations between large numbers of transactions and recurring patterns such as money laundering. The information and insights made possible by this top-down visualization of Bitcoin cryptocurrency transactions are described in an article in Big Data. (2016-07-05)

Big data invigorates debate over 'good' science
The BioScience Talks podcast features discussions of topical issues related to the biological sciences. (2016-10-13)

New research shows infants understand social dominance
New research from the University of Copenhagen and Harvard University has found that infants less than one year old understand social dominance and use relative size to predict who will prevail when two individuals' goals conflict. (2011-01-27)

Why are data ethics so challenging in a changing world?
We now live largely in a data-driven world, and ethical oversight and constraints are needed to be sure that data ethics can reach an appropriate balance between the risks and benefits of data technology. (2018-09-24)

BGRF to present new data at the second BDSM Congress in Oxford
The Biogerontology Research Foundation, a UK-based charity founded to support aging research and address the challenges of a rapidly aging population, will present new economic longevity research at the second Big Data Science in Medicine congress in Oxford on December 8. The research, (2014-12-05)

IBM and University of Warwick develop Big Data ethics course
A partnership between the University of Warwick and IBM is to offer researchers guidance through the ethical minefield of using big data and real time analytics. (2015-11-13)

Lots of news and lots of contacts at ZPID Twin Conference
The Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID) had organized the two conferences from June 7-12 at its seat in Trier, Germany. (2018-06-18)

Big data saves lives, and patient safeguards are needed
The use of big data to address the opioid epidemic in Massachusetts poses ethical concerns that could undermine its benefits without clear governance guidelines that protect and respect patients and society, a University of Massachusetts Amherst study concludes. (2020-11-30)

DataONE answers the call for new tools to study the Earth in this era of Big Data science
The earth and environmental sciences have become especially data-intensive. As researchers rely on highly calibrated and technologically sophisticated sensors rather than observations to collect data, discovering, integrating and analyzing massive amounts of heterogeneous information become critical to researchers' ability to address complex questions about the environment and the role of human beings in it. (2012-07-24)

Launch of £90 million initiative in big data and drug discovery at Oxford University
The new Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Information and Discovery is supported by a £20 million gift from the Li Ka Shing Foundation, announced today, and £10 million for big data research from the Higher Education Funding Council for England, also newly announced today. (2013-05-03)

Big data reveals we're running out of time to save environment and ourselves
The paper, 'Opportunities for big data in conservation and sustainability', published today in Nature Communications, said increased computing speeds and data storage had grown the volume of big data in the last 40 years, but the planet was still facing serious decline. (2020-04-24)

New model for predicting presidential election results based on television viewership
A comparative study on predicting presidential election outcomes using models built on watch data for thousands of television shows has found that simple 'single-show models' can have high predictive accuracy. Given the recent performance of poll-data-driven models in predicting the 2016 US presidential election and the Brexit vote outcomes, models based on television viewership offer an accurate predictive tool, as reported in Big Data. (2017-05-01)

Can data on TV watching predict presidential election outcomes?
A provocative new study shows that big data-derived models developed and trained based on people's television viewing behavior in 'safe' US states can be used to forecast the presidential election outcomes in 'swing' states. The model design, potential for its use in 2016 and beyond, and implications for the billions of dollars of advertising spent in presidential elections are discussed in an open-access article published in Big Data. (2015-11-17)

Virginia's champion trees make history
Big trees are important to everyone. Not only do they provide useful information about natural history and forest ecology, but they add beauty to our landscape, as well as health, and even economic values. The Virginia Big Tree Program offers recognition to the commonwealth's rich natural heritage. (2002-12-18)

Can social media users prevent use of online information to characterize and target them?
A new study examines how organizations use information people disclose on social network sites (SNS) to predict their personal characteristics and whether SNS users can successfully block certain information (and how much) to better protect their privacy. (2017-11-20)

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