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Industrial biotechnology and bioprocessing meeting set for April 21-23
The first world congress on biotechnology and bioprocessing will be held April 21-23 in Orlando, Fla. Organized by the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society, the Biotechnology Industry Organization and the National Agriculture Biotechnology Council, the meeting will examine the connection between biotechnology, chemistry and agriculture. It also will focus on novel applications of industrial biotechnology. (2004-04-15)

Agricultural biotechnology meeting June 12-14
The 18th annual National Agricultural Biotechnology Council meets on June 12-14 in Ithaca and Geneva, N.Y. (2006-06-06)

BIO to host educational seminar on industrial biotechnology
The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) will be hosting an educational scientific seminar at the New York Academy of Sciences on Thursday, January 23rd to discuss the third wave of Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology. (2003-01-16)

Workshops on biotechnology and water for science journalists
There are still some places available on two international workshops for science journalists that the Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) is organizing at the start of 2008. The topics are (2007-11-29)

Biotech, food and the future
Better Living Through Science: A discussion on plant biotechnology -- how biotech crops could feed the world's growing population and how the development of gluten-free wheat might bring hope to Celiac disease sufferers --- at the German Center for Research and Innovation on Sept. 13, 2011. (2011-08-30)

Plant health scientists issue statement in support of biotechnology
The American Phytopathological Society (APS), the world's largest organization of plant health scientists, has issued a formal statement in support of biotechnology. Citing the enormous potential benefits to humanity possible through biotechnology, while advocating responsible and science-based oversight and regulation, the APS members hope to call attention to the importance of biotechnology in their work. (2001-10-12)

Wiley signs collaboration agreement with the Asian Federation of Biotechnology
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., has announced the signing of a new collaboration agreement between Biotechnology Journal and the Asian Federation of Biotechnology (AFOB). From 2013 the Federation will contribute two special issues to the journal annually, while representatives from the AFOB will join the editorial board. (2012-09-18)

Bioterrorism, biotechnology in agriculture, medicine biotech 2002 topics
Bioterrorism, the promise of biotechnology to help feed the world, and vaccines created through biotechnology are among topics that will be presented during the 7th Biotechnology Educators' Conference at Virginia Tech July 17 to 20. (2002-05-15)

Biotech text connects science with society for non-biologists
A new biotechnology text from ASM Press not only explains the science but helps to put it into the context of modern society. (2005-07-19)

Biotechnology taught as a tool for teaching
The global threat of Ebola Virus, biologically-inspired materials development at NASA, and work toward enhancing the nutrient value of foods through transgenics are among topics to be discussed at the 8th Biotechnology Educators' Conference at Virginia Tech July 16 to 19. (2003-06-09)

Biotechnology has failed to live up to its promises
Promises of cheaper and better drugs using biotechnologies have not been met, say researchers in this week's BMJ. (2005-10-13)

China releases first report on biotechnology in developing countries
The first report on biotechnology in developing countries revealing an overall picture of their biotechnology growth and competitiveness was released on Nov. 15 on the 27th TWAS General Meeting held in Kigali, Rwanda. (2016-11-15)

Ag Biotech and E-Commerce hot topics at ASTA Annual Convention
How will e-commerce and modern biotechnology affect the U.S. seed industry and international seed trade? How can genetically enhanced seed benefit agricultural production worldwide? The American Seed Trade Association's 117th Annual Convention, (2000-05-25)

Wiley presents its 2004 Gaden Award to Jeffrey A. Hubbell
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., today announced that the recipient of the 2004 Gaden Award is Jeffrey A. Hubbell for his article (2005-02-01)

Manchester leads green chemical training push
The University of Manchester is leading a £3.7 ($5.8) million project to train the next generation of biotechnologists to make chemical processes greener. (2011-01-20)

Northwestern Hosts Public Forum On Future Of Biotechnology
A four-day (1998-07-09)

Fukuyama addresses biotechnology's impact on society at AAAS
In this age of advanced biotechnology, no one can accurately predict the cultural impacts of cloning and genetic modification on human society. Should government regulations be applied to these advances? The consequences of the biotechnology revolution will be the focus of a public seminar 11 June at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). (2002-06-04)

Biotechnology: A growing field in the developing world
A detailed new report surveys a broad cross-section of biotechnology work across developing countries, revealing steady growth in fields tied to human well-being worldwide. (2016-11-15)

Microalgae -- a promising future resource?
New technological developments allow for a significant decrease in the resources necessary for microalgae production. This could lead to an increase in the use of microalgae in a wide range of applications -- from food production to medical applications and nutrient recovery. (2016-07-13)

UM professor co-authors report on the use of biotechnology in forests
University of Montana Professor Diana Six is one of 12 authors of a new report that addresses the potential for biotechnology to provide solutions for protecting forest trees from insect and pathogen outbreaks, which are increasing because of climate change and expanded global trade. (2019-01-15)

Americans support FDA food biotech policies
This week, several activist groups again raised questions about food biotechnology. A recent survey indicates most consumers still remain in favor of food biotechnology and the current U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) policies for safety and labeling of these foods. (2000-07-20)

CHF and BIO to present Biotechnology Heritage Award to William J. Rutter
The Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) and the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) will present the 2003 Biotechnology Heritage Award to William J. Rutter. A biotechnology pioneer, Rutter cofounded Chiron Corporation and directed the Hormone Research Institute at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), for nearly a decade. (2002-12-30)

American Society for Microbiology honors David J. Lipman
The 2008 American Society for Microbiology Promega Biotechnology Research Award is being presented to David J. Lipman, director, National Center for Biotechnology Information, National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Md. This award recognizes outstanding contributions to the application of biotechnology through fundamental microbiological research and development. (2008-07-14)

Cancer, bio-engineering, AIDS among topics at Biotech 2001 conference
Nationally recognized experts discussing recent developments will cap the East Coast's premier biotechnology conference for teachers, which also features hands-on workshops. (2001-07-10)

Transgenic rice for human benefit: a religious perspective
A paper to be published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by A. K. Garg and R. J. Wu, (2002-11-25)

Chemical Heritage Foundation and BIO give Biotechnology Heritage Award to William Rutter
The Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) and the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) presented the 2003 Biotechnology Heritage Award to William J. Rutter at a Plenary Lunch Session of BIO Conference in Washington DC on Tuesday, June 24. A biotechnology pioneer, Rutter cofounded Chiron Corporation and directed the Hormone Research Institute at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), for nearly a decade. (2003-06-25)

ESIB -- European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology 2016
'Design' will be the guiding thread of the 2½ days ESIB 2016 which will cover trends in biotech science and industry, cascade design and metabolic engineering, designing nature (e.g. proteins for competitive bioprocesses), in-silico approaches in modern industrial biotechnology, networking opportunities and much more. (2016-05-23)

Symposium discusses risks, benefits of plant biotechnology
A daylong symposium on plant biotechnology will be held at the 221st national meeting of the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society, to discuss questions like: Why have farmers adopted biotech crops so readily? Could transferred genes escape into wild plants? What are the implications for developing countries? (2001-03-25)

CRDF presents on Russian biotechnology at Biotechnology Industry Organization's annual meeting
The U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation is presenting two seminars at the Biotechnology Industry Organization's annual meeting. The seminars will feature U.S., Russian, and Israeli companies and government representatives with experience building biotechnology business partnerships. Representatives from leading Russian biotechnology companies and scientific institutions will showcase their capabilities and products in drug discovery, compounds, adjuvants, anti-TB vaccines, biotech software and more. (2003-06-17)

Biotech Firms Develop Where Star Scientists Worked, Study Shows
The study identified the top researchers in the biotechnology field in 1980 and the location of leading biotech firms in 1990. The findings showed that the firms were clustered around the universities and institutes where the scientists worked 10 years earlier. (1998-03-27)

Cytoskeletons shaking hands
For the fist time it is shown that specific contractile actin filament structures called arcs functionally interact with cytoplasmic intermediate filaments. (2015-06-03)

ExonHit, UMBI announce RNA splicing symposium
The University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute will host an international symposium on RNA splicing a rapidly growing branch of biotechnology. The co-organizer and sponsor is ExonHit Therapeutics, the alternative splicing-based drug discovery company, based in France. (2002-09-16)

Joint European strategy for industrial biotechnology
Sixteen research organisations from twelve European countries have joined forces in the area of industrial biotechnology. The recent award made by the European Union to the network ERA Industrial Biotechnology (ERA-IB), is an essential contribution to improving Europe's competitive position. ERA-IB was launched in Brussels on May 30 and 31, 2006. (2006-06-09)

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News unveils 'Biotech Boulevard'
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News has launched a unique microsite called Biotech Boulevard. (2012-08-07)

Training grant in putting plants to work
Building expertise in putting plants to work is the aim of a new training program run by UC-Davis with Tuskegee University in Alabama. (2007-09-12)

Werner Siemens Foundation fosters synthetic biotechnology
With its donation of 11.5 million euro, the Werner Siemens Foundation has facilitated the launch of the teaching and research domain Synthetic Biotechnology at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). This gives the new TUM School of Bioengineering (MSB) a strong accent as an Integrative Research Center. The foundation contract was signed yesterday in Munich. (2016-05-04)

Engineered tobacco plants have more potential as a biofuel
Researchers from the Biotechnology Foundation Laboratories at Thomas Jefferson University have identified a way to increase the oil in tobacco plant leaves, which may be the next step in using the plants for biofuel. Their paper was published online in Plant Biotechnology Journal. (2009-12-30)

DBI News: Plant microbe interactions and nutrient use to be explored Nov. 16 at UD
Understanding how plants interact with microbes to facilitate the uptake of nutrients, such as nitrogen, will be the focus of a Nov. 16 presentation by Janine Sherrier of the Delaware Biotechnology Institute and the University of Delaware. The research could potentially reduce the amount of fertilizer that is necessary for use on soil. (1999-11-15)

Fighting GM crop vandalism with a government-protected research site
Genetically modified (GM) crops have been a source of great controversy -- particularly in Europe -- but acts of vandalism and associated security costs have made scientific evidence about the health and ecological impacts of those crops hard to come by. A Swiss government-protected field site dedicated for use in GM crop studies could serve as an example to other European countries interested in pursuing crop biotechnology, according to an article published in Trends in Biotechnology. (2013-02-28)

Women's bioethics project receives grant from Ford Foundation
The Women's Bioethics Project today announced it has received a grant from the Ford Foundation. The funding will support a mid-March planning meeting in Washington, DC, to organize the first-ever Bioethics Seminar for Women State Legislative Leaders. Developed in partnership with the Center for Women Policy Studies, the goal of the bioethics seminar is to prepare women state legislators to take leadership positions on emerging bioethics issues in health and biotechnology. (2006-03-13)

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