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Mindfulness could promote positive body image
Making people more aware of their own internal body signals, such as heartbeat or breathing rate, could promote positive body image, according to new research published in the journal Body Image. (2019-02-28)
Your body image is impacted by those around you
Spending time with people who are not preoccupied with their bodies can improve your own eating habits and body image, according to researchers from the University of Waterloo. (2019-01-30)
Perceptions about body image linked to increased alcohol, tobacco use for teens
Virginia Ramseyer-Winter, assistant professor of social work, found negative body image is associated with increased tobacco and alcohol use, with implications for both young men and women. (2017-06-21)
Teasing young girls about weight has dire results, researchers say
Girls who are teased about their weight -- regardless of how much they weigh -- can develop serious eating disorders, poor body image and distorted eating patterns, according to preliminary results from a University of Toronto study on body-based harassment. (2000-03-27)
3D technology might improve body appreciation for young women
Virginia Ramseyer Winter, assistant professor in the School of Social Work and director of the MU Center for Body Image Research and Policy, is a nationally recognized body image expert. (2019-06-20)
Children who are dissatisfied with their appearance often have problems with their peer group
Being satisfied with one's appearance is one of the most important prerequisites for a positive self image. (2009-03-18)
Eating breakfast with parents is associated with positive body image for teenagers
A new study from the University of Missouri says consistently eating breakfast as a family might promote positive body image for children and adolescents. (2019-03-21)
Women's body talk: Perception stronger than reality?
How women think their friends feel about their bodies influences their own body concerns, according to a new study by Dr. (2012-11-05)
Feeling good is good enough for a man
It doesn't take much to make a man feel satisfied with his body: a look in the mirror and a sense of well-being seem sufficient. (2005-12-06)
Body image isn't just a woman's problem
Body dysmorphic disorder - a severe form of body image disturbance - affects as many men as women, yet it remains underrecognised and underdiagnosed, according to an editorial in this week's BMJ. (2001-11-01)
Muslim headscarf may buffer against negative body image among women
Researchers have found that British Muslim women who wear a hijab generally have more positive body image, are less reliant on media messages about beauty ideals, and place less importance on appearance than those who do not wear a hijab. (2014-09-02)
Study Links Weight Loss By Obese Women To Improved Sex Lives
Obese women may improve their sex lives by losing weight, according to a new study. (1997-07-31)
Want to feel stronger and thinner? Get some exercise
Just one 30-minute bout of exercise makes women feel stronger and thinner, according to a new UBC study. (2017-06-14)
Ideal weight varies across cultures, but body image dissatisfaction pervades
While different cultures celebrate different body types, researchers at Temple University have found that despite their background, school age children who are overweight or obese are still unhappy with their body image. (2007-10-23)
Preschoolers form body images -- but parents are unaware, study says
Preschoolers may express awareness about body-image issues -- but their parents may miss opportunities to promote positive body-image formation in their children because parents believe them to be too young to have these concerns, new research suggests. (2016-10-05)
Self-compassion key to positive body image and coping
Women who accept and tolerate their imperfections appear to have a more positive body image despite their body mass index and are better able to handle personal disappointments and setbacks in their daily lives. (2014-09-29)
Most women undergoing surgery for vulvar cancer maintain healthy body image and sex life
A new study finds that most women who undergo conservative surgery for vulvar cancer experience little to no long-term disruption to sexuality and body image. (2014-01-17)
Nature programmes could put a spring in your step
A new study shows that watching films set in a natural environment boosts body image. (2018-06-18)
How has children's body image changed over time?
Results from a Chinese nationwide survey indicate that the prevalence of childhood overweight/obesity nearly tripled from 6.5 percent to 16.8 percent from 2000-2011, but children's perception of being fat remained at 2 percent. (2018-10-05)
When talking about body size, African-American women and doctors may be speaking different languages
African-American women and their female children have the highest obesity prevalence of any demographic group and are more likely to underestimate their body weight than white women. (2014-09-10)
Eight and nine-year-olds experience poor body image as hormone levels rise
Children as young as eight are vulnerable to poor body image as hormone levels rise with the onset of puberty, a new study has found. (2018-08-14)
Negative body image: New treatment study
Therapies for those with a significant negative body image, which affects an individual's capacity to form close and affectionate friendships and relationships and may be associated with depression, low self-esteem, anxiety and fear, will be the focus of a new ANU study. (2005-10-31)
Smoke from Canadian fires hover over Great Lakes
Canadian wildfires have been raging this summer and some of the smoke from those fires is drifting downward into the US. (2014-07-25)
Writing away the body image blues
Body dissatisfaction among women is widespread and can lead to a number of worrisome outcomes, including eating disorders, depression and anxiety. (2018-06-21)
Too much of a good thing
Temple University study indicates that having an extremely high body image can lead to health problems. (2009-05-07)
UF study: Exercise improves body image for fit and unfit alike
Attention weekend warriors: the simple act of exercise and not fitness itself can convince you that you look better, a new University of Florida study finds. (2009-10-08)
Study: Negative body image, not depression, increases adolescent obesity risk
Negative body image significantly increases the risk of obesity regardless of whether youth have depression, according to researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Public Health. (2015-11-09)
Researchers study why high school boys dodge 'Phys Ed'
As obesity and inactivity among North America's youth becomes a growing concern, new research based at the University of Western Ontario is asking why some high school boys are reluctant to participate in physical education classes. (2008-03-31)
Scientists take a look at the feel-good benefits of belly dance
Belly dancers have fewer hang-ups about their bodies. Most women who participate in this torso-driven dance do so because it is fun and they get to perform interesting moves -- not because they necessarily feel sexier while doing so. (2014-09-08)
Fashion mannequins communicate 'dangerously thin' body ideals
New research from the University of Liverpool shows that the body size of mannequins used to advertise female fashion in the UK are too thin and may be promoting unrealistic body ideals. (2017-05-02)
Whether a fashion model or not, some body image concerns are universal
When researchers from UCLA and the Laureate Institute for Brain Research in Tulsa, Oklahoma, wanted to test an app they created to measure body image perception, they went to the body image experts -- fashion models. (2019-10-29)
Motherhood can deliver body image boost -- new study
New research indicates that perfectionism is related to breast size dissatisfaction, but only in non-mothers -- suggesting that mothers are more comfortable with their bodies. (2019-06-19)
Women up to 10 times more likely to have poor body image than men
Women are up to 10 times as likely to have poor body image as men, even when they are clearly not overweight. (2001-05-09)
Body image relates to sexual risks taken by men and women differently
In a recent Penn State study, sexually active male first-year college students who had a positive view of their appearance had a higher likelihood of having multiple sexual partners and engaging in unprotected sex. (2006-03-13)
Close-up on Cuvier crater ridge
This high-resolution image, taken by the Advanced Moon Imaging Experiment (AMIE) on board ESA's SMART-1 spacecraft, shows the young crater (2006-08-22)
Fires dot the Ukraine countryside
Numerous fires (marked with red dots) are burning in the Ukraine, likely as a result of regional agricultural practices. (2014-10-14)
Scientists design new MRI coil for preclinical studies
Researchers from ITMO University developed and tested an MRI coil providing high-resolution imaging of the whole body of a mouse. (2018-08-07)
Fires in Southern Australia
Today's image of Southern Australia shows a combination of both planned fires and some bushfires. (2013-05-02)
All NASA eyes on Tropical Storm Dolphin
Three NASA satellite instruments took aim at Tropical Storm Dolphin. (2015-05-12)
Increased time on Facebook could lead women to negative body images
The mediated version of what women should look like has always been under scrutiny, particularly looking at actresses and fashion models. (2014-04-10)
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