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Scientists move closer to pinpointing gene involved in bowel cancer spread
Scientists may be on the cusp of pinpointing a gene that is involved in the progression and spread of bowel cancer, indicates research published ahead of print in the Journal of Medical Genetics. (2010-06-02)

NHS cash crisis will delay national bowel screening programme, warns expert
The NHS financial crisis will delay the government's bowel cancer screening programme, which is due to begin this week, warns a senior doctor in this week's BMJ. (2006-03-30)

Very overweight teens may double their risk of bowel cancer in middle age
Being very overweight in your teens may double the risk of developing bowel cancer by the time you are middle aged, suggests research published online in the journal Gut. (2015-05-25)

Even very low dose of regular aspirin wards off bowel cancer
Even the lowest possible dose of aspirin (75 mg) can ward off bowel cancer, if taken regularly, finds research published online in the journal Gut. (2010-09-15)

Researcher finds key to drug resistant bowel cancer
Blocking a molecule could bypass bowel cancer's defence against the drug cetuximab, according to new research. (2016-11-08)

Bowel cancer screening halves emergency admissions and cuts deaths
Bowel cancer screening halves emergency admissions for the disease and significantly cuts death rates, reveal the fifth year results from one of the first UK pilot sites. The figures, published ahead of print in the journal Gut, refer to tests carried out in Coventry and Warwickshire in the Midlands. (2007-11-30)

Low folate levels may cut bowel cancer risk
Low levels of folate, a B vitamin found in fruits and leafy green vegetables, may cut the risk of bowel cancer, suggests research published ahead of print in the journal Gut. (2006-04-24)

One-off bowel scope cuts cancer risk for at least 17 years
A one-off bowel screening test reduces the risk of developing bowel cancer by more than one-third and could save thousands of lives. (2017-02-21)

Sunshine vitamin ups bowel cancer survival odds, study finds
Bowel cancer patients with high levels of vitamin D in their blood are more likely to survive the disease, a University of Edinburgh study shows. (2014-07-09)

Here's proof that bowel cancer screening reduces deaths
New research led by the University of South Australia shows just how effective bowel cancer screening is in helping to reduce the number of bowel cancer deaths by up to 45%. (2019-09-19)

A new, streamlined approach to diagnosing and treating bowel cancer
Researchers at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) and the University of Adelaide have discovered a faster, more cost-effective way to determine which DNA mutations cause human bowel cancer. (2018-04-17)

Inflammatory bowel disease linked to prostate cancer
Men with inflammatory bowel disease have four to five times higher risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer. This is the first report to show these men have higher than average PSA values and a significantly higher risk of potentially dangerous prostate cancer. They need to be screened more carefully for prostate cancer. About 1 million men have inflammatory bowel disease in the U.S., a common chronic condition that includes Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. (2018-12-07)

How our DNA may prevent bowel cancer
A new study published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association suggests the link between aspirin and colon cancer prevention may depend on a person's individual genetics. (2015-03-23)

Dramatic increase in bowel cancer in young adults in England
There has been a dramatic increase in the incidence of bowel cancer in adults under the age of 50, according to new research from the University of Bristol, UWE Bristol and University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust (UH Bristol). (2020-03-10)

Groundbreaking cancer research receives massive funding boost
Research into a ground-breaking treatment for bowel cancer at Queen's University Belfast has received a massive funding boost from Cancer Research UK. (2012-01-11)

Screening for bowel cancer must include general population, not just those at risk
If screening for bowel cancer is to get the go-ahead in the UK, it must include everyone, not just those with a family history, who are known to be at increased risk. The government is considering a nationwide programme for which pilot studies are under way. (2001-07-03)

High levels of 'good' cholesterol may cut bowel cancer risk
High levels of (2011-03-07)

Gene find raises hopes of new treatment for bowel cancer
A significant breakthrough by scientists at Cardiff University and the University of Edinburgh will enable new drugs to be developed, which could prevent bowel cancer. (2003-05-04)

Resistant starch may offer potential to help protect against bowel cancer
Consumption of resistant starch leads to positive changes in the bowel and could protect against genetic damage implicated in bowel cancer. (2012-04-25)

Male bowel cancer patients need more information about erectile dysfunction
Male bowel cancer patients are very likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction after treatment and yet the majority are not receiving adequate information about the condition, according to a study published on today. (2011-10-18)

Dogs can accurately sniff out early stage bowel cancer
Dogs can sniff out bowel cancer in breath and stool samples, with a very high degree of accuracy -- even in the early stages of the disease -- reveals research published online in the journal Gut. (2011-01-31)

MDCT accurately locates bowel perforation avoiding need for exploratory surgery
Multidetector CT (MDCT) without the use of contrast media can show the precise site of a bowel perforation, avoiding the need for surgeons to do exploratory surgery of the patient's gastrointestinal tract to locate the problem, a new study shows. (2007-01-24)

Bowel cancer diagnosis delayed by other illness
A new study revealed that additional serious long-term health conditions, such as heart disease, can push a bowel cancer diagnosis back by up to twenty six days. The latest figures suggest that around 70% of people have at least one of these potentially serious long-term health conditions at the time they are diagnosed with cancer. (2017-07-05)

New potential for personalized treatments in bowel cancer
Scientists have found that genetic changes in bowel tumors are linked to the way the body's immune system responds to the cancer. (2015-03-22)

Antibiotic use linked to heightened bowel cancer risk
Antibiotic use (pills/capsules) is linked to a heightened risk of bowel (colon) cancer, but a lower risk of rectal cancer, and depends, to some extent, on the type and class of drug prescribed, suggests research published online in the journal Gut. (2019-08-20)

Publicity about bowel cancer screening leads to reassurance not alarm
Publicity about cancer screening does not produce widespread alarm say researchers from the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in this week's BMJ. (1999-10-15)

Scientists discover why bowel cancer sometimes outsmarts treatment
A new study that challenges the prevailing view of how bowel cancer develops in the large intestine is published today in Nature Medicine. (2014-12-01)

Emergency hospital visits more common among most deprived bowel cancer patients
Bowel cancer patients living in the most deprived areas have up to 13 percent higher proportions of emergency hospital admissions before a diagnosis than patients living in the least deprived areas, according to a study funded by Cancer Research UK. (2018-08-15)

High calorie diet seems to increase chances of surviving bowel cancer for longer
A high calorie diet seems to lengthen survival time after a diagnosis of bowel cancer. (2003-05-12)

Cryptic clues drive new theory of bowel cancer development
Melbourne researchers have challenged conventional thinking on how the bowel lining develops and, in the process, suggested a new mechanism for how bowel cancer starts. The researchers produced evidence that stem cells are responsible for maintaining and regenerating the 'crypts' that are a feature of the bowel lining, and believe these stem cells are involved in bowel cancer development, a controversial finding as scientists are still divided on the stem cells' existence. (2014-10-15)

Bid to boost uptake of bowel cancer screening amongst Scots men
Academics are to look at ways to encourage Scots to take part in a new national screening programme for bowel cancer, a leading cause of cancer deaths in Western nations. The research team, led by the University of Edinburgh, wants to overcome resistance to the scheme from some higher risk Scots, as early screening for the disease has already proved effective in reducing death rates from bowel cancer. (2005-10-31)

Fear of insurance rejection deters potentially life saving genetic tests for bowel cancer
An Australian study of families with genetic risk of bowel cancer has found that 50 percent of participants declined genetic testing when informed of insurance implications. (2009-09-05)

Genetic test for cancer patients could be cost-effective and prevent further cases
Screening for a genetic condition in younger people who are diagnosed with bowel cancer would be cost-effective for the British National Health Service and prevent new cases in them and their relatives, new research has concluded. (2014-09-30)

Patients with irritable bowel syndrome not more likely to develop polyps, colon cancer
Patients with irritable bowel syndrome are at no greater risk of having polyps, colon cancer or inflammatory bowel diseases than healthy people undergoing colonoscopies. (2010-03-09)

Eighty percent of bowel cancers halted with existing medicines
An international team of scientists has shown that more than 80 percent of bowel cancers could be treated with existing drugs. The study found that medicines called 'JAK inhibitors' halted tumor growth in bowel cancers with a genetic mutation that is present in more than 80 per cent of bowel cancers. Multiple JAK inhibitors are currently used, or are in clinical trials, for diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, blood cancers and myeloproliferative disorders. (2014-10-01)

Existing medicines show promise for treating stomach and bowel cancer
Stomach and bowel cancer, two of the most common cancers worldwide, could be treated with a class of medicines that are currently used to treat a blood disorder, a Melbourne research team has discovered. (2014-02-04)

Following lifestyle tips could prevent almost a quarter of bowel cancer cases
Almost a quarter of colorectal (bowel) cancer cases could be prevented if people followed healthy lifestyle advice in five areas including diet and exercise, says a new study published on today. (2010-10-26)

Backing from their GP could lead thousands more to take bowel cancer test
Almost 40,000 more people might take a bowel cancer test in England each year if the letter inviting them to do so was endorsed by their GP. (2016-02-02)

Capsule with microscopic camera provides better look
A new capsule that contains a microscopic camera and transmitter can create better pictures of the small bowel than standard x-ray procedures can, a new study shows. The capsule is easily swallowed by the patient, and there is no need for the patient to drink barium before the procedure. (2003-05-06)

New gene discovery linked to heightened risk of bowel cancer recurrence and shorter survival
Scientists have discovered a new gene linked to an increased risk of bowel cancer recurrence and shortened survival, reveals research in the journal Gut. (2015-10-15)

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