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Your Voice, Whose Choice?
A free public debate, (2006-11-06)

From ancient rocks to new knowledge of the universe
Thirty technical geoscience sessions will generate discussions around new earth-science research at the 62nd annual meeting of the Geological Society of America's Rocky Mountain Section, held in association with the Western South Dakota Hydrology Conference. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology is hosting the meeting, which is expected to draw more than 350 geoscientists to Rapid City, S.D., this week. Oral sessions and posters will cover a variety of subjects. (2010-04-20)

New process by Temple grad student can place loose fossils back into the strata or determine fakes
A Temple University geology graduate student has developed a new geochemical process to assist palentologists in placing loose fossils back into the earth's strata or determine the validity of the fossil. (2002-03-25)

Pitt data on oil and gas leases gauges local Marcellus Shale activity since 2003
Responding to increased Marcellus Shale activity, a Pitt database and interactive map indicates all the land in Allegheny County under an oil-and-gas lease since 2003. (2010-08-16)

July 2011 Geology highlights -- articles posted ahead of print May 24
Locations studied include Alligator Point, Cat Island, Bahamas; Rice Lake, Ontario, Canada; Liverpool Land, east Greenland; Mount Rainier, Washington, USA; the Yangtze Gorges area, South China; the Moresby Seamount detachment, Woodlark Basin (east of Papua New Guinea); Hilo Ridge, Hawaii, USA; the Isua supracrustal belt, southern West Greenland; the northern Bohemian Massif; the Lonar crater, Deccan traps, India; the Rhone Glacier; and the Mersa/Wadi Gawasis along the Egyptian Red Sea coast. (2011-05-26)

Ancient food webs developed modern structure soon after mass extinction
Analysis of a highly detailed picture of feeding relationships among 700 species from a 48 million year old ecosystem provides the most compelling evidence to date that ancient food webs were organized much like modern food webs. (2014-03-19)

The physics of earthquake forecasting
One year on from the magnitude 9.0 earthquake that unleashed a devastating tsunami and caused a partial meltdown of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, this month's special issue of Physics World, on the theme of (2012-02-29)

Modeling to save a rare plant
Researchers use satellite imagery and elevation data to better understand where an endangered plant grows, saving time, labor and money. They can also identify potential new habitats. (2016-03-23)

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