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Trust a large factor in the emotional process of family business succession
In the United States alone there are an estimated 10.8 million family businesses. Only 30 percent of businesses stay in the family from the first to the second generation. A new study from Family Process shows that passing down a family business is an emotional process, and key factors need to be in place in order for the transition to prove successful. (2011-05-12)

Personal relations critical to successful business negotiations
What role does cultural distance play in international business negotiations? And what factors are the most critical to successful business relations in a globalized world? Ellinor Torsein, a researcher at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg, set out to find the answers to these questions in her recently presented doctoral thesis. Torsein interviewed Swedish business negotiators regarding their work with Norwegian and Spanish counterparts, and found that the differences between the two countries are smaller than expected. (2010-06-28)

Five Catalan universities form Europe's first inter-university network of business angels
The UAB participates in the UniBA network, the first inter-university network of its kind in Europe. This network will bring private investment to business initiatives that emerge from under the umbrella of Catalan universities. UniBA is linked to the North American Keiretsu Forum. (2006-10-09)

Research shows correlation between values and salary preferences of business executives
Executives who downplay ethics and values in their decision making may also be the ones who prefer extraordinarily high salaries for themselves. (2004-10-11)

Honor among businesses: Corporations are becoming more ethical
Study suggests that the ethical environment of corporate America is improving. (2006-03-23)

Black business owners denied credit twice as often as similarly qualified whites
Widespread discrimination within the business credit industry is the most formidable hurdle facing black small-business owners, according to a new study led by Dartmouth College economist David Blanchflower. The study, published in the November issue of the Review of Economics and Statistics, found that black small-business owners are denied credit at a rate roughly twice that experienced by white business owners of similar creditworthiness. (2003-11-17)

Development of trust in B2B relationships calls for common goals
The development of trust in business-to-business relationships calls for goal congruence, according to a recent University of Eastern Finland and Cranfield University study shedding new light on power symmetry in business-to-business relationships. However, power does not play as key a role in the development of trust as previously thought. (2015-09-25)

Systems that make decisions
In the modern information era, managers must recognize the competitive opportunities represented by decision-support tools. Adaptive business intelligence systems combine prediction and optimization techniques to assist decision makers in complex, rapidly changing environments. These systems address the fundamental questions: What is likely to happen in the future? And what is the best decision right now? (2007-02-09)

New study sheds light on the darker side of business travel
A new study from the University of Surrey finds that regular business travelers either flourish or flounder in their role. (2017-03-06)

For small business owners, consultation means fewer missteps
New research from the University of Cincinnati emphasizes that consultation with outside advisors mitigates small business owners' mistakes. (2011-05-04)

Small business owners not always worried about being treated fairly, researcher finds
Fairness is not always the most important priority for small retailers. In an international study, University of Missouri researchers found that some small retailers are less concerned about whether they are treated fairly by business suppliers than other factors, such as cash flow and company survival. (2014-04-24)

Build it and they will come? Think again
When it comes to economic development in American cities, the trusted old theory (2011-01-24)

Moore School of Business to host leading international scholars at 'Frontiers' conference
Global business experts, including economists, sociologists and political scientists, from the world's leading business schools and universities will convene in Charleston, S.C., Dec. 3-5 to discuss a range of issues related to the current global economic crisis and the dramatic changes in the international marketplace. The interdisciplinary conference will be hosted by the University of South Carolina's Darla Moore School of Business and sponsored by the Academy of International Business and the Center for International Business Education and Research. (2009-12-02)

Ethical business practice can flourish in nations with serious corruption problems
Ethical business practice can flourish even in countries with widespread corporate corruption problems, research shows. (2017-05-08)

Entrepreneurs need to balance risk of persisting with payoff of succeeding
In a new business, sometimes the better part of wisdom is knowing when to quit, a new study concludes. Even though persistence is a key to business success, entrepreneurs might be more successful if they not only knew when to start a business and take risks, but also knew when to abandon it and find something that provides a greater opportunity, researchers said. (2013-05-20)

Lack of credit forces many small business owners to finance with personal assets
Tansel Yilmazer, assistant professor in the personal financial planning department in the College of Human Environmental Sciences at the University of Missouri, says that lack of available credit has forced many small business owners to use their household savings or other personal assets to support their businesses, putting their personal assets at risk. (2011-03-01)

Media invited to ACS Webinar on financing tips for start-ups and small businesses
News media covering chemical sciences, small business and entrepreneurships are invited to join an American Chemical Society Small & Medium Business Webinar on opportunities for creating small business ventures for professionals, scientists and entrepreneurs. (2009-07-14)

SFU Business Scholar Wins U.S. Award For Competition Research
The American Society for Competitiveness (ASC) has presented its prestigious 1997 Award for Advanced Global Competitiveness Research to international business scholar Rosalie Tung of Simon Fraser University. Tung has gained worldwide recognition for her research on international human resource management and cross-cultural management. (1997-11-28)

How to get a man to enjoy a chick flick
Is there any way to get a man to savour a melodramatic, so-called (2007-11-27)

Corporate philanthropy can have a positive impact on employees
Corporate philanthropy benefits organizations in many ways: Giving enhances a business's reputation and strengthens a business's efforts toward corporate social responsibility. But does corporate philanthropy do anything to benefit a business's employees? (2016-01-27)

From law to business and back
Two Quebec universities have launched a new exchange program to provide graduate business education to law students and graduate law courses to business students. Concordia University's John Molson School of Business and the University of Montreal's Faculty of Law have signed a partnership to encourage interdisciplinary studies and to foster inter-institutional collaborations. (2011-03-30)

What Aristotle could teach your business
Public scandals, such as the Enron affair, the sub-prime mortgage problem, and the ensuing global credit crunch have led to dwindling confidence in the business world. A transatlantic study to be published in the International Journal of Business Excellence, an Inderscience publication, suggests that relearning the ancient notion of virtue could help bring business and society closer. (2008-04-15)

Entrepreneurial women must extend their networks beyond family
Women who dream of being entrepreneurs need to expand their informal business discussion networks beyond family members, new research suggests. A study of would-be entrepreneurs found that business people who had a higher proportion of family in their networks were less likely than others to actually start a business. (2001-03-14)

NREL Industry Growth Forum attracts clean energy entrepreneurs and investors
Thirty clean energy companies will present their business cases to a panel of investors and industry experts Oct. 28-29 in Denver, as the Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory hosts its annual Industry Growth Forum. (2014-09-23)

Community colleges more globally focused
Community colleges in the United States have made huge strides since 2008 in cultivating a global workforce, according to a first-of-its-kind study co-led by a Michigan State University researcher. (2012-10-29)

A winning personality might play a major role in China's apparel industry
In China, business relationships rely on the long-lasting culture of guanxi, a mixture of personal and public relationships that affect all individuals and organizations. Now, researchers from the University of Missouri have found that personality traits associated with guanxi might contribute to the overall performance of new business ventures in the Chinese apparel industry. (2018-02-21)

Department of Energy recognizes Jefferson Lab's tech transfer program
The Department of Energy selected Jefferson Lab as having the best Small Business Technology Transfer program for 2001. The technology transfer award recognizes a DOE prime contractor that has excelled in its efforts to transfer its scientific technology to small businesses in developing practical applications for the commercial market. Jefferson Lab's technology transfer program was specifically cited for encouraging small businesses, woman-owned businesses, and small disadvantaged businesses to participate in cooperative research and development agreements. (2002-08-12)

Calhoun to discuss business models at London conference
George M. Calhoun, Executive-in-Residence at Stevens Institute of Technology's Wesley J. Howe School of Technology Management, will be the opening speaker at the December 8 conference, (2006-12-07)

Finding working capital is key to small businesses efforts as reopening accelerates
Small businesses are suffering affer a long pandemic shutdown and they are worried about what will be needed as they begin to reopen. Interviews with a select group of small business owners found that access to working capital is key to reopening, as well as clear guidance from government or trade organizations about how to reopen safely during the pandemic. (2020-05-27)

UC research shows entrepreneurial differences between the sexes
Data reveals men are most likely to start businesses for the money, women for social value. (2012-04-03)

New computer security guide can help safeguard your small business
Just in time for October's Cyber Security Awareness Month, NIST has published a guide to help small businesses and organizations understand how to provide basic security for their information, systems and networks. (2009-10-06)

Business and ethics -- mutually exclusive?
Corporations are under fire. Hardly a day goes by that executive conduct doesn't appear as a topic in the media. This leads to increased public pressure on corporations, many of whom are reacting and publicly assuming their corporate responsibility. The notion that business and ethics are mutually exclusive refuses to die. As the satirist Karl Kraus allegedly responded to a student: (2007-06-26)

In-memory data management: An inflection point for enterprise applications
In the last 50 years, the world has been completely transformed through the use of IT. Today, it is seeing a new inflection point: In a newly published book titled (2011-02-28)

UT study finds business school research raises students' salaries
A study by Russell Crook, assistant professor of management in the College of Business Administration at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, finds that scholarly research conducted by business professors seems to have an impact on the salaries of their students after graduation. (2011-01-24)

Professor Oded Netzer of Columbia Business School receives the 2012 George S. Eccles Research Award
Oded Netzer, the Philip H. Geier Jr. Associate Professor at Columbia Business School, has received the 2012 George S. Eccles Research Award. The Award is given to a junior faculty member of Columbia Business School whose research is outstanding in quality and insight and emphasizes the bridging of theory to business practice. (2012-04-24)

Study: Sleep is essential for business leaders seeking next successful venture
The secret ingredient for coming up with great business ideas that can take off, may be something we can all tap into -- a good night's sleep. According to a new study, sleep plays an especially important role in not only identifying a good business idea, but in evaluating it and believing it is viable. (2019-08-05)

Stevens Howe School professors receive Bright Ideas Awards
Four professors from Stevens Institute of Technology's School of Technology Management have received the Bright Ideas Award from the New Jersey Policy Research Organization and the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University. Sherwat Ibrahim, M. Hosein Fallah and Richard R. Reilly received the Bright Ideas Award for Innovation, and Christine Bullen received the award for Information Technology. (2007-11-19)

2015 Sundance Film Festival bolstered Utah's economy, research shows
A new University of Utah report examines spending during the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, held from Jan. 22 to Feb 1. (2015-05-14)

Businesses spent $341 billion on R&D performed in US in 2014
Businesses spent $341 billion on research and development (R&D) performed in the United States in 2014, a 5.6 percent increase over the previous year, according to a new report from the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES). (2016-08-25)

Bath awarded £3.4 million ($5 million) to help business benefit from its research
The University of Bath has been awarded £3.4 million to help take research into business. (2009-04-03)

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