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Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference
The Medical Conference will present updates on basic science, clinical, and survivorship issues that relate to the development, treatment, and sequelae of metastatic breast cancer. (2016-08-09)
GICC 2016 will highlight primary therapy of early GI cancer
The 3rd St. Gallen International Gastrointestinal Cancer Conference, #GICC2016, will address primary therapy of early GI cancer with a strong focus on pancreatic and biliary cancer. (2015-12-01)
The environment and cancer
In the fourth article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal series on Environment and Health, Dr. (2000-10-16)
Global Liver Cancer Conference
This event brings international scientists together to fight liver cancer. (2015-03-02)
Cancer in Canada
Mortality rates for most types of cancer in Canada are declining, although rates for some are increasing, states this article on the changing size and nature of cancer in Canada. (2008-11-17)
Many women diagnosed with cancer have sexual health concerns
A new review published in the European Journal of Cancer Care indicates that, in women diagnosed with cancer, concerns pertaining to sexual health are diverse, multiple, and pervade all types and stages of cancer. (2017-08-11)
H. Kim Lyerly appointed to the National Cancer Advisory Board
H. Kim Lyerly, M.D., director of the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center, has been appointed by President Bush to the National Cancer Advisory Board. (2008-06-13)
New Zealand's colorectal cancer rates are on the rise in young adults
A recent analysis found a decrease in the overall incidence of colorectal cancer in New Zealand, but an increased incidence of rectal cancer in those under 50 years of age. (2017-04-05)
Are men with a family history of prostate cancer eligible for active surveillance?
Active surveillance -- careful monitoring to determine if or when a cancer warrants treatment -- is an increasingly prevalent choice for prostate cancer, but it's unclear if the strategy is appropriate for men with a family history of prostate cancer. (2017-04-06)
Media can register now for 24th EORTC-NCI-AACR symposium; Most abstracts published online on Oct. 23
Journalists can register now to attend the 24th EORTC-NCI-AACR cancer symposium in Dublin, Ireland, Nov. (2012-10-08)
Are we there yet? A new tool to measure progress in cancer research
In a new paper published today in ecancermedicalscience, researchers aim to measure progress in cancer research through the use of a new tool that relies on multiple measures to determine the 'progress' and 'value' of research. (2015-01-07)
Saffron-based crocin prevents liver cancer: Preclinical studies and beyond!!
New study lead by UAE University Prof. Amr Amin unravels mechanisms by which saffron-based 'crocin' protects against liver cancer. (2015-12-31)
Common diabetes drug may help treat ovarian cancer
A new study suggests that the common diabetes medication metformin may be considered for use in the prevention or treatment of ovarian cancer. (2012-12-03)
Breast asymmetry predicts breast cancer
Women who go on to develop breast cancer tend to have breasts that are less symmetrical than women who don't develop the cancer. (2006-03-19)
CancerSEEK: Generalized screening for multiple cancer types
Researchers have developed a noninvasive blood test based on combined analysis of DNA and proteins that may allow earlier detection of eight common cancer types. (2018-01-18)
Medical informatics project targets ovarian, breast cancers
Researchers at Indiana University, Ohio State University and the University of Missouri have begun a five-year, $8 million project that will help doctors better understand the damage caused by breast and ovarian cancers. (2004-10-25)
Perceived Risks Of Breast Cancer Are Vastly Overestimated
Recently notices on London's Underground warned that women have a one in 12 risk of developing breast cancer. (1998-11-06)
Do cancer and its treatment affect later pregnancy outcomes?
An International Journal of Cancer study found that female survivors of certain types of cancer have higher risks of poor outcomes in pregnancies conceived after diagnosis than women without cancer. (2017-09-12)
Anti-estrogen medication reduces risk of dying from lung cancer
A new study has found that tamoxifen, an anti-estrogen breast cancer medication, may reduce an individual's risk of death from lung cancer. (2011-01-24)
Educational media workshop unites cancer scientists and journalists
The topic of cancer prevention is covered widely in the mainstream media and is often fraught with apparently conflicting information and complex scientific research that is not easily relatable to the lay public. (2007-11-07)
After breast cancer diagnosis, risk of thyroid cancer goes up
Breast cancer survivors are at increased risk of developing thyroid cancer, especially within five years of their breast cancer diagnosis, according to a new analysis of a large national database. (2015-03-07)
National Lung Cancer Partnership announces winner of 2008 Career Development Award
National Lung Cancer Partnership is pleased to announce that Adam Marcus, Ph.D., of the Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University is the winner of the organization's 2007 Career Development Award. (2008-03-17)
Does selenium prevent cancer? It may depend on which form people take
Scientists are reporting that the controversy surrounding whether selenium can fight cancer in humans might come down to which form of the essential micronutrient people take. (2011-03-16)
Leading breast cancer researchers will present latest findings
A group of internationally renowned scientists and clinicians will discuss recent advances in the science and treatment of breast cancer at the second annual Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium on Friday, Sept. (2000-09-10)
HIV helps explain rise of anal cancer in US males
The increase in anal cancer incidence in the U.S. between 1980 and 2005 was greatly influenced by HIV infections in males, but not females, according to a study published October 5 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. (2012-10-05)
Pitt Researchers Find Marker For Bladder Cancer
University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute researchers are reporting at the annual American Association for Cancer Research meeting in New Orleans that they have found the first specific marker that distinguishes tissues from individuals with bladder cancer from those without disease and that can be easily isolated from urine. (1998-03-31)
University of Hawai'i Cancer Center researcher receives 5-year $2.70 million grant
A five-year $2.70 million grant will allow UH Cancer Center researcher to study how gut bacteria can damage the liver and eventually promote the development of fibrosis and liver cancer. (2015-08-26)
Heart failure is as 'malignant' as some common cancers
A new analysis finds that, despite advances in care, men and women with a diagnosis of heart failure continue to have worse survival rates than patients with certain common cancers. (2017-05-04)
New technique to study the genetics of breast cancer
A new technique to study genetic changes that can lead to breast cancer could be one step closer. (2008-11-11)
Genetics dominant risk factor in common cancers
A study of individuals who have been adopted has identified genetics as the dominant risk factor in 'familial' breast, prostate and colorectal cancers. (2014-06-27)
Particulate air pollution linked to poor survival in liver cancer patients
In a recent study, exposure to particulate air pollution after being diagnosed with liver cancer was significantly associated with an increased risk of premature death. (2017-06-07)
Smoking linked to higher risk of death among colorectal cancer survivors
Colorectal cancer survivors who smoke cigarettes were at more than twice the risk of death than non-smoking survivors, according to a new American Cancer Society study (2015-02-03)
Yale scientists discover new genetic marker of ovarian cancer risk
A team of Yale researchers have identified a genetic marker that can help predict the risk of developing ovarian cancer, a hard to detect and often deadly form of cancer. (2010-07-20)
Smoking linked with increased risk of most common type of breast cancer
Young women who smoke and have been smoking a pack a day for a decade or more have a significantly increased risk of developing the most common type of breast cancer. (2014-02-10)
Wistar Institute To Host Regeneration Symposium (Updated Schedule)
Philadelphia's Wistar Institute will host a symposium on regeneration on May 5- May 6 1999. (1999-04-08)
Size at birth linked with risk of breast cancer in women under 50
A study in the BMJ this week finds an association between size at birth and risk of pre-menopausal breast cancer. (2003-01-30)
New and updated clinical practice guidelines
In 1998, the Canadian Medical Association Journal published a supplement of clinical practice guidelines for breast cancer produced by the Steering Committee for Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Care and Treatment of Breast Cancer. (2001-01-21)
Cancer Cell Metabolism
This symposium will highlight insights into tumor metabolism from leaders in the field and explore how this information is being used to design safe and effective, metabolism-targeted therapies. (2015-05-13)
Scientists discover how breast cancer cells spread from blood vessels
Researchers have identified a protein that controls how breast cancer cells spread around the body. (2016-02-09)
Among colon cancer patients, smokers have worse outcomes than non-smokers
In an analysis of more than 18,000 patients treated for colon cancer, current smokers were 14 percent more likely to die from their colon cancer within five years than patients who had never smoked. (2017-02-08)
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