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Three Abbott chemists honored as Heroes for development of HIV therapy for children
Three research chemists from Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, Ill., have been named Heroes of Chemistry by the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society, for developing Kaletra® (lopinavir/ritonavir), an antiretroviral agent used to treat HIV in adults and children. (2003-08-22)
Chemistry workshops for college faculty
A Center for Workshops in the Chemical Sciences has been established with a grant of $1,853,807 from the National Science Foundation. (2001-06-06)
Berlin chemist wins U.S. award for reaction studies
Chemist Helmut Schwarz of Berlin has been honored by the ACS for fundamental insights into step-by-step processes by which molecules react with each other; he received the 2001 Frank H Field and Joe L. (2001-04-22)
Nanocompasses and quantum dots
Nanosized versions of one of the oldest navigational instruments known -- a magnetite compass needle -- have been built by researchers at UC Davis. (2004-04-01)
New test detects chlamydia in 30 minutes
University of Bath spin-out biotechnology company Atlas Genetics has won approval from the EU to sell a device that detects the sexually transmitted disease chlamydia. (2016-02-16)
How that 'old book smell' could save priceless artifacts (video)
Researchers are using a similar method to sniff out the breakdown of art and artifacts. (2016-09-06)
Chemists and chef report on new food production technologies
Food experts will report on chemistry's role in improving today's food and how these changes are impacting the quality of life and lowering the risk of chronic disease during a special Presidential Symposium at the 218th national meeting in New Orleans of the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society. (1999-08-22)
Explore the science of familiar things -- and discover the 'Joy of Chemistry'
If you're like most people, you probably think chemistry is too difficult to bother with outside of school and too clinical to be fun. (2009-11-16)
WSU chemist applies Google software to webs of the molecular world
The technology that Google uses to analyze trillions of Web pages is being brought to bear on the way molecules are shaped and organized. (2012-02-13)
Salt Lake City researcher receives national award
Joel S. Miller of Salt Lake City, Utah, will be honored on March 28 by the world's largest scientific society for pioneering development of molecule-based magnets. (2000-03-21)
Acidity in the brain could hold the key to stroke treatment
Development of a new technique for detecting brain damage caused by stroke has been boosted up by a £1m grant to scientists at The University of Manchester. (2006-05-15)
Mummies, ghosts and vampires: A 'Spooking' of Chemistry special (video)
Mummies, ghosts and vampires are three Halloween topics that can make your hair stand on end. (2015-10-30)
Berkeley chemist wins national award for innovative research
Robert G. Bergman of Berkeley, Calif., will be honored March 25 by the American Chemical Society for his discoveries about unusual chemical reactions and how they work. (2003-03-04)
New project will study 'deep carbon'
Studying the behavior of carbon -- the essential element in oil and natural gas -- deep within the Earth is the aim of a new initiative co-directed by a UC Davis chemistry professor and funded by a two-year, $1.5 million grant from the Alfred P. (2011-11-15)
Green chemistry: The ethics of sustaining the Earth
Terry Collins, professor of chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, will discuss the role chemistry can play in achieving creative, intellectual and practical solutions in sustaining the Earth's natural resources and how to develop ethical strategic chemical goals to support sustainability. (2001-03-25)
Magic marker monitors malicious movements
German chemical company, Lanxess, have developed a product called Rapidogen, which is invisible to the naked eye, but glows under UV light. (2006-10-01)
Skokie, Ill., chemist Thomas Kucera honored for work with disabled
Thomas J. Kucera, Ph.D., a Skokie, Ill., chemist, will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Chemical Society for his work on behalf of disabled chemists. (2005-08-23)
Bond and bond alike
As with magnets and alternating current, positively charged molecules never aim for one another. (2015-03-13)
Top chemical advances and more from the year 2013
From stretchy electronics to Martian chemistry, the most notable advances in the chemical world in 2013 appear in the year-in-review issue of Chemical & Engineering News, the weekly newsmagazine of the American Chemical Society. (2014-01-08)
How bacteria make it rain (video)
The oceans are covered with a thin film of organic matter and bacteria, many of which launch out of the water and go airborne. (2016-11-10)
Virginia Tech researchers explore surface solubility, polarity
Virginia Tech researchers have demonstrated that a new type of polymer surface modifier will reverse the polarity of the molecules on a surface. (2001-04-02)
Highlights of American Chemical Society meeting in New Orleans
More than 8,500 presentations on cutting-edge scientific research are on the agenda for the 225th national meeting of the American Chemical Society, March 23-27 in New Orleans. (2003-03-11)
Former Washington Post reporter wins top chemistry reporting award
Former Washington Post reporter Curt Suplee has been named the 2002 recipient of the American Chemical Society's James T. (2001-10-01)
Elsevier sponsors launch ceremonies for the International Year of Chemistry
Elsevier, the world-leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical information products and solutions, is a proud co-sponsor of today's launch ceremonies for the International Year of Chemistry. (2011-01-27)
Breaking chemistry's bad rap
AMC's hit show (2011-09-26)
Leading American, German chemists converge to share research, vision
A group of 70 American and German chemists, age 40 or younger, will meet later this month in Durham, N.H. to share scientific ideas and results in leading areas of chemical research. (2002-08-05)
Japanese chemist wins U.S. award for molecular discoveries
Chemist Ryoji Noyori of Nagoya, Japan wins ACS 2001 Roger Adams Award in Organic Chemistry for discovering fundamental ways to build mirror images of molecules. (2001-04-22)
The chemistry of blue jeans, the pants that changed the world (video)
You might have a pair of them on right now, or maybe you have to wait until casual Friday. (2015-02-23)
Helium beer: Prank or possible? (video)
Brewers usually fill their kegs with carbon dioxide or nitrogen. (2016-02-04)
Chemistry life hacks: Food edition (video)
Reactions is back with another round of chemistry life hacks. (2017-06-06)
National Chemistry Week helps families discover polymers, November 7-13
If you picked up a cell phone, put on cotton fabric or Teflon sports gear, changed a disposable diaper or just had lunch today, you've been putting polymers to use - and during this year's National Chemistry Week, November 7-13, families across the U.S. will have a chance to learn more about these everyday results of chemistry. (1999-10-28)
Paul Chirik early career award for synthetic chemistry
Paul J. Chirik, assistant professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Cornell University, is one of this year's recipients of a Faculty Early Career Development Program grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). (2002-12-12)
International conference on bioorganic reactions set for Aug. 15-17 by UB Department of Chemistry
Bioorganic reactions, essentially the reactions that distinguish living systems from nonliving ones, will be the subject of an international symposium to be held at the University at Buffalo on Aug. (2002-08-02)
Salaries, employment down for new chemistry grads but less than for general job market
Although starting salaries and employment are down for new chemistry graduates, the picture is not as dark as it is for the general job market, according to the American Chemical Society's latest starting salary survey. (2003-04-07)
Better beer chemistry: It's all about the yeast (video)
Every beer brewer is locked into a high-maintenance relationship with yeast -- those finicky, alcohol-creating microorganisms. (2015-04-23)
Chemistry as a life science
A biennial conference featuring leading chemistry researchers who address issues central to modern pharmaceutical research, ranging from synthetic organic chemistry to chemistry and biology. (2006-03-14)
Illinois chemist wins national award for high-tech materials
Tobin Marks of Evanston, Ill., will be honored April 3 for his innovative research with materials useful for plastic transistors, display screens, solar cells, light-based telecommunications and other applications. (2001-03-28)
Penn State researcher receives national award: Insights into polymer behavior help products work better
Chemist J. Larry Duda, head of chemical engineering at Pennsylvania State University, will be honored on March 28 by the world's largest scientific society for insights into polymer behavior that help products work better - from making plastic food wrap stickier to purifying a new material for compact discs. (2000-03-20)
Chemical trail on Titan may be key to prebiotic conditions
Cornell scientists have uncovered a chemical trail that suggests prebiotic conditions may exist on Saturn's moon, Titan. (2016-07-06)
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