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Chemotherapy before or after surgery for high-risk bladder cancer improves survival, but is not routinely administered
Contrary to treatment guidelines for high-risk bladder cancer, chemotherapy before or after surgery is not commonly used in routine clinical practice. (2014-04-14)

Lung Cancer Patients Need More Help In Making Treatment Choices
Professor Gerard Silvestri from the Medical University of South Carolina and colleagues report that some patients with lung cancer may not be getting the treatment they would choose if they were fully informed about the benefits and risks of the treatment. (1998-09-18)

High-dose chemotherapy may improve survival for women with advanced breast cancer
More trials are needed to compare high-dose chemotherapy with conventional dose chemotherapy for advanced breast cancer, according to an article in this week's issue of The Lancet. (2005-12-01)

Clear guidelines on oral chemotherapy needed
Current practices around the use of oral chemotherapy in US cancer centers need to be improved, say doctors in an online study. Common malignancies can be treated with oral chemotherapy -- a treatment which is increasingly used across the USA and internationally. (2007-01-11)

Combination treatment saves voice in patients with laryngeal cancer
Patients with cancer of the larynx are likely to retain their voice and avoid surgery if they are treated simultaneously with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, say investigators who have conducted a nationwide study. (2003-06-02)

Unexpected results in cancer drug trial
Research from the University of Southampton has shown a drug, used in combination with chemotherapy to treat advanced colorectal cancer, is not effective in some settings, and indeed may result in more rapid cancer progression. (2014-04-08)

Underutilized treatment for advanced ovarian cancer found to significantly improve survival
According to a study published in the January 5 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, women with Stage III ovarian cancer given a combination of intravenous (IV) and intra-abdominal chemotherapy, following the successful surgical removal of tumors, experienced a median survival time 16 months longer than women who received IV chemotherapy alone. (2006-01-04)

Cannabinoids may prevent chemotherapy related sickness
Cannabinoids (the active substances in cannabis) are more effective than conventional drugs at preventing nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing chemotherapy, and patients prefer them, finds a study in this week's BMJ. However, potentially serious side effects, even when taken short term, are likely to limit their widespread use, conclude the authors. (2001-07-06)

Chemotherapy helps elderly patients with small cell lung cancer
In the Oct. issue of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer's journal, the Journal of Thoracic Oncology, researchers conclude that chemotherapy is associated with a greater than six-month improvement in median survival among elderly patients with SCLC, even in patients over the age of 80 years. (2013-09-04)

Chemotherapy effectiveness and initiation time after lung cancer surgery
A new study suggests patients who recover slowly from non-small-cell lung cancer surgery may still benefit from delayed chemotherapy started up to four months after surgery, according to a new study published online by JAMA Oncology. (2017-01-05)

Breast cancer study predicts better response to chemotherapy
It is known from previous research that the ER-beta estrogen receptor often has a protective effect. A new study from Lund University in Sweden has found that this effect is more pronounced in patients that undergo chemotherapy. (2016-12-15)

Fish oil reduces effectiveness of chemotherapy
The body produces a substance that renders cancer cells insensitive to treatment with widely used chemotherapies. The same substance is also contained in fish oil capsules that are taken by many cancer patients. The Dutch researchers who discovered the substance advise patients undergoing chemotherapy against the use of fish oil and similar products. (2011-09-12)

Home chemotherapy is a viable alternative to hospital treatment
Home chemotherapy is a safe and acceptable alternative to hospital treatment for patients with colorectal cancer that may improve compliance with treatment, according to a study in this week's BMJ. (2001-04-05)

Researchers find chemotherapy, radiation better for patients with locally advanced lung cancer
While researchers have learned that combining chemotherapy with radiation is better than radiation alone for treating non-small cell lung cancer with locally advanced disease - confined to the lungs - finding the right combination of drugs - and the best timing of treatment - has been tricky. A new study led by cancer specialists at Jefferson Medical College adds to growing evidence that giving patients both chemotherapy and radiation in the beginning of treatment may help patients live longer. (2005-09-01)

Combination chemotherapy best option for treating relapsed ovarian cancer
Results of a European study in this week's issue of The Lancet suggest that combination treatment with paclitaxel and platinum-based chemotherapy could result in a modest but important survival benefit for women with relapsing ovarian cancer compared with women treated with platinum-based chemotherapy alone. (2003-06-19)

Lung cancer patients may benefit from delayed chemotherapy after surgery
A new Yale study suggests that patients with a common form of lung cancer may still benefit from delayed chemotherapy started up to four months after surgery, according to the researchers. The study was published online by JAMA Oncology on Jan. 5, 2017. (2017-01-05)

Scientists uncover strategy able to dramatically reduce chemotherapy's side effects
Researchers in Leuven have confirmed their hypothesis that normalizing blood vessels by blocking oxygen sensor PHD2 would make chemotherapy more effective. They also demonstrated for the first time that this strategy would reduce the harmful side effects of chemotherapy on healthy organs. (2012-08-14)

Pre-operative chemotherapy does not increase survival rates for nonsmall cell lung cancer
Neo-adjuvant (pre-operative) chemotherapy does not improve survival chances of patients with resectable nonsmall cell lung cancer compared with surgery alone. The findings are reported early online and in an upcoming edition of the Lancet, timed to coincide with presentation of the paper at the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting in Chicago. (2007-06-02)

Some breast cancer patients may benefit from endocrine therapy alone
The estrogen receptor status of breast cancer may help to predict which patients will benefit from chemotherapy treatment, say researchers at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. (2003-12-04)

Delaying chemotherapy could be best option for certain type of non-hodgkin lymphoma
Delaying chemotherapy until symptoms develop for patients with asymptomatic advanced low-grade non-Hodgkin lymphoma is confirmed as an appropriate strategy authors of a UK study in this week's issue of THE LANCET. (2003-08-14)

High dose chemotherapy effective in patients with recurrent testicular cancer
High-dose chemotherapy followed by stem-cell transplantation offers new hope to testicular cancer patients who experience cancer recurrence. (2000-09-28)

Prolonging first-line chemotherapy improves outcomes for patients with metastatic breast cancer
Contrary to what many oncologists believe, patients with metastatic breast cancer live longer on average if their chemotherapy is continued after their cancer is brought under control, a new meta-analysis shows. (2010-10-10)

MRI better than current standard in assessing neoadjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer
More breast cancer patients with large palpable tumors are now undergoing chemotherapy before surgery in an effort to reduce the size of their tumor, and MRI is the best way to predict if the chemotherapy is working, preliminary results of a study show. If the chemotherapy is successful, then the woman may be able to undergo breast-conservation surgery rather than a mastectomy. (2005-03-03)

Some breast cancer tumors may be resistant to a common chemotherapy treatment
Some breast cancer tumors may be resistant to a common chemotherapy treatment, suggests recent medical research at the University of Alberta. (2012-03-27)

Patient-derived organoids help predict how patients respond to chemotherapy
Researchers have created a test based on tumor organoids -- or 3D tissue cultures -- that can help predict how patients with advanced colorectal cancer (CRC) may respond to chemotherapy treatment. (2019-10-09)

Long-term follow-up shows need for new chemotherapy strategies for rectal cancer
Appearing in Lancet Oncology, long-term results of EORTC trial 22921 with 10.4 years median follow-up show that 5-FU-based adjuvant chemotherapy after preoperative (chemo)-radiotherapy for patients with cT3-resectable T4 M0 rectal cancer does not improve survival or disease-free survival. (2014-01-22)

Study finds older patients benefit as much from chemotherapy after surgery for colon cancer as younger patients
Older patients diagnosed with mid-stage colon cancer benefit as much from chemotherapy after surgery as younger patients with the disease, according to a study led by the North Central Cancer Treatment Group, a clinical trials cooperative group based at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. (2001-10-10)

Delaying adjuvant chemo associated with worse outcomes for patients with triple-negative breast cancer
Patients with triple-negative breast cancer who delayed starting adjuvant chemotherapy for more than 30 days after surgery were at significantly higher risk for disease recurrence and death compared with those who started the treatment in the first 30 days after surgery, according to a retrospective study presented at the 2018 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. (2018-12-05)

Implanted chemotherapy 'pump' as standard treatment for liver metastases presented at the Society of Surgical Oncology Cancer Symposium
The use of an implanted chemotherapy pump to treat cancer that has spread to the liver will be presented at the Society of Surgical Oncology's 53rd Annual Cancer Symposium by Elin R. Sigurdson, M.D., Ph.D. of Fox Chase Cancer Center on Thursday, March 16 in New Orleans, La. (2000-03-12)

Chemotherapy in last months of life associated with increased risk of dying away from home
The use of chemotherapy in terminally-ill cancer patients in the last months of life is associated with increased risk of undergoing resuscitation and dying in an intensive care unit, suggests a paper published on today. (2014-03-04)

Shorter course of chemotherapy beneficial for children with Wilms' tumour
Results of a European study in this week's issue of The Lancet suggest that shorter courses of chemotherapy for children with Wilms' tumour may be as effective as conventional treatment duration, but have the advantage of reduced toxicity and health-care costs. (2004-09-30)

ASCO18: Trial shows how PET scans help tailor therapy for esophageal cancer
Survival results for the CALGB 80303 Trial presented at ASCO18 show that PET scan may determine which esophageal cancer patients should continue first chemotherapy and who should switch. (2018-06-03)

Adjuvant chemotherapy increases markers of molecular aging in the blood of BC survivors
Adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer is 'gerontogenic,' accelerating the pace of physiologic aging, according to a new study published March 28 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. (2014-03-28)

Chemotherapy can cause tumor evolution
Russian scientists have found that neoadjuvant chemotherapy in patients with breast cancer can stimulate evolution of the tumor. The results of the research conducted by Nicholay Litvyakov, D.Sc. at Cancer Research Institute, Head of the Tumor Virology Laboratory, and TSU researcher Marina Ibragimova, were published in 'Siberian Journal of Oncology.' (2015-12-01)

Physical exercise helps women with breast cancer to better tolerate chemotherapy
Women with breast cancer who follow a physical exercise program during their chemotherapy treatment experience less side effects like fatigue, reduced physical fitness, nausea and pain. It is also less often necessary to adjust the dosage of their chemotherapy. This is shown by a study supervised by Dr. Neil Aaronson of the Netherlands Cancer Institute. (2015-04-27)

FLT-PET is more accurate gauge of the success of chemotherapy for breast cancer patients
A study comparing FDG and FLT PET suggests that FLT PET may be a better tool for forecasting the long-term success of breast cancer chemotherapy regimens. A comparison of results for 11 newly diagnosed breast cancer patients consistently revealed that FLT was a more accurate predictor of eventual CA27.29 (the breast cancer antigen) response as well as the ultimate tumor response. (2003-06-23)

Low doses of common cancer drug may promote cancer spread
New research indicates that paclitaxel, which is the most commonly used chemotherapy for breast cancer, suppresses tumors when given at a certain dosage, but at low doses, it actually promotes cancer spread to the liver. (2016-06-22)

Rooting out recurrent breast cancer
In this issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation, researchers led by Carlos Arteaga at Vanderbilt University identified a protein, TGF-β, that is highly expressed in triple negative breast cancer cells after chemotherapy. (2013-02-08)

Annals of Internal Medicine, tip sheet, April 15, 2003
Story ideas include strong quadriceps may not help knee arthritis and chemotherapy use at end of life. (2003-04-14)

Up to 50 percent of women with advanced-stage ovarian cancer could be cured with 1 treatment model
Up to half of women with advanced-stage ovarian cancer might be cured, compared to the current 20 percent survival rate, argues Dr. Steven Narod, senior scientist at Women's College Research Institute, who calls for a new standard of treatment for women with late-stage ovarian cancer. (2016-01-20)

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