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Chronic Kidney Disease Current Events, Chronic Kidney Disease News Articles.
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Kidney disease in Canada: 12.5 percent of adults afflicted, yet many unaware
An estimated 12.5 percent of Canadians in Canada have evidence of chronic kidney disease, including people without risk factors such as high blood pressure and diabetes, according to a study published in CMAJ. (2013-05-06)
Prescribing information for kidney disease far too vague
Prescribing information for healthcare professionals treating patients with kidney disease is too vague, concludes the latest issue of Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin (DTB). (2006-12-06)
Periodontitis linked to a higher mortality rate in patients with kidney disease
New findings from the University of Birmingham show that patients with chronic kidney disease patients and periodontitis (severe gum disease) have a higher mortality rate than those with chronic kidney disease alone. (2016-02-18)
Fish oil may help kidney disease sufferers
A new study by the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, is investigating if fish oil can help kidney disease sufferers and decrease the inflammation often associated with dialysis. (2007-04-29)
Urea impairs insulin-producing cells in chronic kidney disease
In this issue of the JCI, researchers at the University of Montreal demonstrated that high levels of urea may compromise the function of insulin-producing pancreas cells and lead to impaired blood sugar regulation in chronic kidney disease. (2016-08-15)
New definition of chronic kidney disease labels 1 in 8 adults as sick
A new definition of chronic kidney disease labels over 1 in 8 adults and around half of people over 70 years of age as having the disease. (2013-07-30)
Diet support helps chronic kidney patients
Regular counseling on diet and lifestyle offers significant benefits to people with chronic kidney disease, according to new Queensland University Technology research. (2007-09-20)
Ovary removal may increase risk of chronic kidney disease
Premenopausal women who have their ovaries surgically removed face an increased risk of developing chronic kidney disease, according to a Mayo Clinic study published on Wednesday, Sept. (2018-09-19)
Chronic kidney disease common in the United States
According to a study lead by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, there is a high prevalence of chronic kidney disease in the United States, which has risen over the past decade. (2007-11-06)
Moderate to severe psoriasis linked to chronic kidney disease, say experts
Moderate to severe psoriasis is associated with an increased risk of chronic kidney disease independent of traditional risk factors, such as diabetes and heart disease, finds a study published on today. (2013-10-15)
Kidney stones linked with small increased risk of later kidney problems
Kidney stones are associated with a small but significant increased risk of developing more serious kidney problems later in life, suggests a study published on today. (2012-08-30)
Chronic kidney disease a warning sign independent of hypertension or diabetes
New research finds the presence of chronic kidney disease can be a strong indicator of the risk of death and end-stage renal disease even in patients without hypertension or diabetes (2012-09-25)
Sleep apnea linked with an increased risk of chronic kidney disease
New research published in Respirology suggests that sleep apnea may increase the risk of developing chronic kidney disease to a similar extent as hypertension. (2016-02-01)
Chronic kidney disease increases risk of death at all ages
A new study finds chronic kidney disease and its complications were associated with a higher risk of death regardless of age. (2012-10-31)
Study finds low statin use among some high-risk kidney disease patients
Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in kidney disease patients who are not on dialysis. (2019-02-18)
Uric acid, gout and kidney disease: The chicken or the egg?
The increasing prevalence of both gout and chronic kidney disease has led to a growing interest in the association between hyperuricemia (an abnormally high level of uric acid in the blood) and kidney disease. (2016-03-28)
Kidney disease patients have higher out-of-pocket costs than stroke and cancer patients
Patients who have chronic kidney disease but are not on dialysis have higher out-of-pocket healthcare expenses than even stroke and cancer patients, according to a Loyola University Chicago study published in BMC Nephrology. (2017-01-17)
Chronic kidney disease increases risk of death for both women and men
A new study from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Chronic Kidney Disease Prognosis Consortium found that in general chronic kidney disease is similarly associated with a higher risk of death and end stage renal disease for both women and men. (2013-01-30)
Study: Kidney cancer patients preserve kidney function with robot-assisted partial nephrectomy
Patients with chronic kidney disease who received robot-assisted partial nephrectomy to treat kidney cancer have minimal loss of kidney function -- a smaller amount even than patients with normal kidney function, according to researchers at Henry Ford Hospital's Vattikuti Urology Institute. (2014-01-13)
Poor sleep hastens progression of kidney disease
People with chronic kidney disease may be especially vulnerable to the deleterious effects of poor sleep, according to a new paper published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. (2017-09-14)
Poor kidney function linked to future heart and brain problems
People with impaired kidney function are at a higher risk of future stroke than people with normal kidney function, concludes a study published on today. (2010-09-30)
Routine screening for pediatric chronic kidney disease is not effective
The routine use of a screening urine dipstick to diagnose chronic kidney disease in healthy children is not a cost-effective test, confirm Penn State College of Medicine researchers, who validated an American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation. (2010-04-15)
High blood pressure and kidney disease increase risk for heart disease and stroke in older Americans
Older Americans with high blood pressure and moderate to severe chronic kidney disease have a greater chance of developing heart disease than people with normal kidney function. (2006-02-06)
Chronic kidney disease patients could be at similar levels of coronary risk to those who have previously had a heart attack
Patients suffering from chronic kidney disease could be at as high a risk of coronary heart disease as patients who have previously had a heart attack, according to an article published Online First in the Lancet. (2012-06-18)
Researchers identify pathway important for kidney function
Boston University researchers, in collaboration with Centers for Therapeutic Innovation at Pfizer Inc., have discovered a novel molecular pathway needed to regulate kidney podocytes -- special octopus-like cells that are critical in maintaining normal kidney function. (2016-11-17)
Chronic kidney disease outcomes can be improved by expanding specialist care
Nearly one in seven Americans has chronic kidney disease, and the condition accounts for about 20 percent of the spending by Medicare. (2018-10-02)
Obesity surgery prevents severe chronic kidney disease and kidney failure
Patients that underwent weight-loss surgery ran a significantly lower risk of developing severe chronic kidney disease and kidney failure, when compared to conventionally treated patients, according to a study published in International Journal of Obesity. (2018-03-22)
Kidney disease: Report assesses mammoth problem for the United States
A sweeping new report assessing chronic kidney disease in the United States offers startling statistics about a condition that affects almost 14 percent of the US population and costs billions in Medicare spending each year. (2016-03-29)
African ancestry contributes to kidney disease risk in Hispanics/Latinos
African ancestry contributes to the risk of chronic kidney disease among some Hispanic/Latino adults, according to a study co-authored by Loyola University Chicago researchers. (2016-10-05)
Reflux medications linked to chronic kidney disease and kidney failure
In an analysis of published studies, individuals who used proton pump inhibitors had a 33 percent increased relative risk of developing chronic kidney disease or kidney failure when compared with non-users. (2017-11-04)
Queensland to be hub of Australasian kidney network
The growing problem of kidney disease will be tackled head on with the formation of a new Queensland-based research network. (2005-07-14)
Early diagnostic imaging to prevent kidney disease
Osaka University researchers, in collaboration with several Japanese companies, translate neuroimaging tools to study renal fibrosis in rat kidney. (2017-08-08)
Revealed: 35 kidney genes linked to chronic kidney disease risk
An international study lead by University of Manchester scientists has discovered the identity of genes that predispose people to chronic kidney disease. (2018-11-22)
Acute critical illness increases risk of kidney complications and death
Acute critical illness in people without previous renal disease puts them at risk of kidney complications as well as death, according to a study in published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). (2018-09-10)
Double cardiovascular benefit for people with chronic kidney disease
New research, published today in the Journal of American Society of Nephrology by the George Institute for International Health in Sydney, has found that lowering blood pressure protects stroke victims with chronic kidney disease from further strokes or heart attacks. (2007-10-04)
Gene therapy method developed to target damaged kidney cells
Research led by Washington University School of Medicine in St. (2018-07-05)
Research connects first-time kidney stone formers and chronic kidney disease
Mayo Clinic nephrologists have uncovered a connection between first-time kidney stone formers and chronic kidney disease. (2016-11-02)
Hispanic and young children with kidney disease likely to be short
Children with chronic kidney disease who are very young and Hispanic have a greater chance of being shorter than other youngsters. (2006-08-22)
Do non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs cause kidney failure in children?
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen and naproxen, are commonly used to treat pain and reduce fever in children. (2013-01-25)
Caffeine consumption may extend life expectancy for people with kidney disease
A new study in Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation indicates that consuming more caffeine may help reduce the risk of death for people with chronic kidney disease. (2018-09-12)
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